Samsung patents granted on 19 October 2010

127 US patents granted on 19 October 2010 and assigned to Samsung

1 RE41,844 System and method for flexibly configuring length of neighbor base station information in broadband wireless access communication system
2 RE41,842 Methods of forming electrical interconnects on integrated circuit substrates using selective slurries
3 D625,890 Drum-type washing machine
4 D625,889 Drum-type washing machine
5 D625,755 Toner cartridge
6 D625,698 Mobile phone
7 7,818,697 Method for improving yield of a layout and recording medium having the layout
8 7,818,650 Channel encoding apparatus and method
9 7,818,590 Apparatus and method for controlling supply voltage using hierarchical performance monitors
10 7,818,527 Wrapper circuit and method for interfacing between non-muxed type memory controller and muxed type memory
11 7,818,488 Memory module with registers
12 7,818,405 Method and system for providing device-initiated software upgrades
13 7,818,368 System and method for downloading content
14 7,818,169 Formant frequency estimation method, apparatus, and medium in speech recognition
15 7,818,167 Method, medium, and system for music retrieval using modulation spectrum
16 7,817,920 Short-distance communication method and apparatus using visible light
17 7,817,902 Apparatus and method of generating video-reproducing clock signal from 480p signal
18 7,817,846 Method of correcting bonding coordinates using reference bond pads
19 7,817,737 Method of generating multi-channel local oscillation frequencies
20 7,817,724 Apparatus and method for synchronizing transport packet in ground wave digital multimedia broadcasting
21 7,817,707 Apparatus and method for generating ranging pseudo noise code
22 7,817,663 Method and apparatus for generating packet data to support multiple services in a wireless packet data communication system
23 7,817,617 Request routing mechanism for distributed multi-participant service application servers in an internet protocol multimedia subsystem network
24 7,817,616 Time synchronization method in wireless sensor network
25 7,817,614 Method and apparatus for setting, transmitting and receiving data for virtual carrier sensing in wireless network communication
26 7,817,600 Method and apparatus for performing handover in a digital broadcasting system
27 7,817,592 Method of operating a TDD/virtual FDD hierarchical cellular telecommunication system
28 7,817,566 Wired MIMO link tester
29 7,817,529 Optical recording medium
30 7,817,506 Method of transferring data with respect to an optical information storage medium having different track pitches
31 7,817,505 Optical pickup actuator and optical recording and/or reproducing apparatus and method for the same
32 7,817,494 Integrated circuit memory devices having internal command generators therein that support extended command sets using independent and dependent commands
33 7,817,489 Power supplying circuit and phase-change random access memory including the same
34 7,817,479 Nonvolatile memory device using a variable resistive element and associated operating method
35 7,817,473 Flash memory device with split string selection line structure
36 7,817,471 Flash memory device and programming method
37 7,817,465 Phase change random access memory
38 7,817,464 Phase change memory cell employing a GeBiTe layer as a phase change material layer, phase change memory device including the same, electronic system including the same and method of fabricating the same
39 7,817,461 Data storage device using magnetic domain wall movement and method of operating the same
40 7,817,449 Power supply apparatus for attenuating noise
41 7,817,429 Printed circuit board assembly and liquid crystal display having the same
42 7,817,425 Dissipating apparatus for integrated circuit chip and display module including the same
43 7,817,373 Cover assembly of a hard disk drive
44 7,817,343 Electrowetting lens
45 7,817,311 Scanning apparatus adapted to receive a plurality of different light source parts
46 7,817,253 Distance measurement method, medium, and apparatus for measuring distance between the distance measurement apparatus and target object
47 7,817,236 Liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing the same
48 7,817,235 Display device and panel therefor
49 7,817,228 Manufacturing method of an LCD comprising a mold and a mask
50 7,817,227 Array substrate, display panel having the same and method of manufacturing the same
51 7,817,220 LCD including backlight unit and receiving member having a reinforcing tab extended from a base plate and bent to be in contact with an opening in a mold frame
52 7,817,216 Flat panel display and method for fabricating the same
53 7,817,214 Liquid crystal display device
54 7,817,212 Laser video projector having multi-channel acousto-optic modulator, and method and circuit for driving the same
55 7,817,198 Active pixel array of CMOS image sensor
56 7,817,181 Method, medium, and apparatus for 3-dimensional encoding and/or decoding of video
57 7,817,175 Laser induced thermal imaging apparatus and fabricating method of organic light emitting diode using the same
58 7,817,143 Method of inputting function into portable terminal and button input apparatus of portable terminal using the same
59 7,817,132 Column driver and flat panel display having the same
60 7,817,124 Liquid crystal display panel, method for driving the same, and liquid crystal display apparatus using the same
61 7,817,123 Liquid crystal display and driving method thereof
62 7,817,111 Plasma display device
63 7,817,104 Augmented reality apparatus and method
64 7,816,980 Audio power amplifier using virtual ground and method of processing signal in the audio power amplifier
65 7,816,970 Low voltage mixer with improved gain and linearity
66 7,816,964 Pulse operated flip-flop circuit having test-input function and associated method
67 7,816,939 Liquid crystal display panel and testing and manufacturing methods thereof
68 7,816,937 Apparatus for testing a semiconductor package
69 7,816,889 Method of charging rechargeable battery and protection circuit for rechargeable battery
70 7,816,861 Display device and manufacturing method therefor
71 7,816,858 Display device and method of fabricating the same
72 7,816,857 Flat panel display with high efficiency and method of fabricating the same
73 7,816,855 LED device having diffuse reflective surface
74 7,816,854 Light emission device and spacers therefor
75 7,816,852 Electron emission display device with anode terminal
76 7,816,851 Planar light source device and liquid crystal display device having the same
77 7,816,776 Stacked semiconductor device and method of forming serial path thereof
78 7,816,735 Integrated circuit devices including a transcription-preventing pattern
79 7,816,734 Field-effect transistor including localized halo ion regions, and semiconductor memory, memory card, and system including the same
80 7,816,725 Semiconductor devices and methods of fabricating the same
81 7,816,713 CMOS image sensor having thiophene derivatives
82 7,816,712 Thin film transistor array and method of manufacturing the same
83 7,816,692 Organic light emitting display (OLED) having a gas vent groove to decrease edge open failures
84 7,816,687 Driving transistor and organic light emitting diode display having the same
85 7,816,684 Light emitting display device and method of fabricating the same
86 7,816,683 Array substrate and display apparatus having the same
87 7,816,680 Oxide semiconductors and thin film transistors comprising the same
88 7,816,678 Organic light emitting display with single crystalline silicon TFT and method of fabricating the same
89 7,816,677 Organic light emitting device
90 7,816,673 Heteroacene compound, organic thin film comprising the compound, and electronic device comprising the thin film
91 7,816,671 Organic thin film transistor comprising phosphate-based self-assembled monolayer and method of manufacturing the same
92 7,816,670 Organic memory device and fabrication method thereof
93 7,816,667 Silsesquioxane-based compound and organic light-emitting device including the same
94 7,816,666 Preventing substrate deformation
95 7,816,662 RF nanoswitch
96 7,816,649 Laser patterning apparatus
97 7,816,416 Polymer membrane for fuel cell, method of preparing the same, membrane-electrode assembly including the same, and fuel cell system including the same
98 7,816,315 Method of isolating a nucleic acid using a material containing an amino group and a carboxyl group and positively charged at a first pH and a solid material for nucleic acid isolation used for the method
99 7,816,284 Method of forming pattern on group III nitride semiconductor substrate and method of manufacturing group III nitride semiconductor light emitting device
100 7,816,271 Methods for forming contacts for dual stress liner CMOS semiconductor devices
101 7,816,270 Method of forming minute patterns in semiconductor device using double patterning
102 7,816,257 Methods of fabricating semiconductor devices including contact plugs having laterally extending portions
103 7,816,255 Methods of forming a semiconductor device including a diffusion barrier film
104 7,816,245 Method of forming semiconductor devices in which a cell gate pattern and a resistor pattern are formed of a same material
105 7,816,228 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
106 7,816,179 Method and apparatus for flip-chip bonding
107 7,816,175 Nano-elastic memory device and method of manufacturing the same
108 7,816,156 Light emitting diode package and fabrication method thereof
109 7,816,052 Portion conductive electrolyte, method of preparing the same, electrode for fuel cell, method of manufacturing the electrode, and fuel cell including the same
110 7,816,051 Fuel cell system
111 7,816,049 Direct liquid feed fuel cell
112 7,816,021 Carbazole-based compound and organic light-emitting device including organic layer including the carbazole-based compound
113 7,816,010 Black matrix for color filter and its method of manufacture
114 7,815,979 Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display including same
115 7,815,860 Biosensor, biosensor system and method of using thereof
116 7,815,734 Thin film transistor and method of fabricating the same
117 7,815,496 Polishing pad of a chemical mechanical polishing apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
118 7,815,481 Plasma display panel, method of manufacturing electrode burying dielectric wall of display panel and method of manufacturing electrode burying dielectric wall of the plasma display panel
119 7,815,479 Luminance improved organic electroluminescent device
120 7,815,380 Method and apparatus for creating new folder in built-in storage of image forming apparatus, and method and apparatus for storing data using the same
121 7,815,330 Backlight assembly and display device having the same
122 7,815,304 Print medium stacking unit and image forming apparatus with the same
123 7,815,154 Supporting device for display unit
124 7,815,110 Methods for controlling access to data stored in smart cards and related devices
125 7,814,933 Apparatus and method for stabilizing concentration of aerosol
126 7,814,769 Drum type washing machine
127 7,814,614 Suction brush for vacuum cleaner