Samsung patents granted on 20 August 2013

155 US patents granted on 20 August 2013 and assigned to Samsung

1 D688,387 Prefabricated house
2 D688,291 Digital camera
3 D688,290 Digital camera
4 D688,271 Display screen portion with icon
5 D688,270 Display screen portion with icon
6 D688,269 Display screen portion with icon
7 D688,268 Display screen portion with icon
8 D688,267 Display screen portion with icon
9 D688,266 Display screen portion with icon
10 D688,265 Display screen portion with icon
11 D688,236 Netbook computer
12 D688,224 Mobile terminal
13 D688,223 Mobile terminal
14 D688,220 Mobile communication terminal
15 D688,218 Mobile terminal
16 D688,217 Mobile communication terminal
17 D688,047 Synthetic resin sheet
18 8,516,598 Method and apparatus for editing digital rights management contents in portable terminal
19 8,516,589 Apparatus and method for preventing virus code execution
20 8,516,557 User terminal with security function and security-control method
21 8,516,555 Method and system for authenticating pay-per-use service using EAP
22 8,516,394 Apparatus and method for adjusting characteristics of a multimedia item
23 8,516,369 Method for providing GUI using pointer with sensuous effect that pointer is moved by gravity and electronic apparatus thereof
24 8,516,287 Computer system for interrupting a communication function and control method thereof
25 8,516,286 Host apparatus connected to image forming apparatus and power save mode control method thereof
26 8,516,278 Power consumption control method and apparatus for a portable terminal
27 8,516,276 Apparatus and method for controlling power supplied to fixing unit
28 8,516,252 Method and apparatus for authenticating a sensor node in a sensor network
29 8,516,231 Interrupt handling apparatus and method for equal-model processor and processor including the interrupt handling apparatus
30 8,516,183 Method of estimating read level for a memory device, memory controller therefor, and recording medium
31 8,516,168 Apparatus and method for preventing queue overflow for hard disk drive protection in computer system
32 8,516,127 Method and system for maintaining connections between a terminal and servers in a communication system
33 8,516,088 Host apparatus, image forming apparatus and method to setup folder share service
34 8,516,078 System and method for file transfer in universal plug and play telephony service
35 8,516,061 Spam control method and apparatus for VoIP service
36 8,516,036 Method and apparatus to manage files for a portable device
37 8,515,978 Method of interactive video blogging
38 8,515,706 Method for controlling driving of test device and analytic device for performing the same
39 8,515,501 Portable communication device having a touch-screen locking unit
40 8,515,471 System and method for wireless communication network using beamforming and having a multi-cast capacity
41 8,515,455 Method and apparatus for location update in mobile communication system
42 8,515,443 Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving channel quality information in a communication system
43 8,515,369 Apparatus and method for selecting transmission mode in multi-antenna system
44 8,515,357 Cognitive radio communication system recognizing interference based on known signal
45 8,515,321 Toner supply roller for electrophotographic imaging apparatus and method of preparing the same
46 8,515,271 Imaging device, method of selecting imaging mode, and recording medium configured to store computer program
47 8,515,265 Method and apparatus for providing trick play service
48 8,515,206 Apparatus and method to generate image
49 8,515,190 Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding image by using large transformation unit
50 8,515,169 Apparatus and method for removing red-eye in a two-dimensional (2D) image
51 8,515,166 Method of compressing a block-based binary image
52 8,515,165 Method of detecting an object using a camera
53 8,515,074 User key allocation method for broadcast encryption
54 8,515,073 Method and system for secure communication in near field communication network
55 8,515,056 Portable terminal with built-in antenna
56 8,514,981 Digital broadcasting transmission/reception devices capable of improving a receiving performance and signal processing method thereof
57 8,514,946 Video MP3 system with apparatus and method for generating and restoring reduced video data
58 8,514,943 Method and apparatus for enhancing performance of entropy coding, video coding method and apparatus using the method
59 8,514,926 Method and system for encryption/decryption of scalable video bitstream for conditional access control based on multidimensional scalability in scalable video coding
60 8,514,892 Digital broadcasting system and method
61 8,514,835 Hierarchical multicast protocol in a mobile ad-hoc network
62 8,514,831 Method for requesting resource based on timer in mobile telecommunication systems
63 8,514,811 Method and apparatus of performing handover in wireless communication system
64 8,514,806 Apparatus and method for automatically setting a configuration of a home base station
65 8,514,805 Method and apparatus of performing handover using subnet information
66 8,514,804 Method and system for managing communication in wireless communication network
67 8,514,800 Method for transmitting and receiving ethernet data between digital unit and RF unit and apparatus thereof
68 8,514,792 Mobile station, base station, and method for uplink service
69 8,514,759 Power saving method of portable terminal and portable terminal supporting the same
70 8,514,751 Apparatus and method for simultaneous transmission scheduling in a multi-hop cellular system
71 8,514,737 Method for estimating carrier-to-noise ratio and base station apparatus using the same in a wireless access system
72 8,514,699 Apparatus and method for admission control considering multiple service providers in a broadband wireless communication system
73 8,514,677 Method of recording temporary defect list on write-once recording medium, method of reproducing the temporary defect list, recording and/or reproducing apparatus, and the write-once recording medium
74 8,514,653 Multi-layered memory devices
75 8,514,648 Anti-fuse, anti-fuse circuit including the same, and method of fabricating the anti-fuse
76 8,514,625 Programming methods for three-dimensional memory devices having multi-bit programming, and three-dimensional memory devices programmed thereby
77 8,514,621 Flash memory device and system with program sequencer, and programming method
78 8,514,619 Magnetic memory devices and methods of operating the same
79 8,514,610 Semiconductor memory cell array including dummy bit-line and word-line and semiconductor memory device having the same
80 8,514,599 Apparatus and method for controlling switch of flyback converter for solar generating system
81 8,514,480 Display apparatus using dielectrophoresis and method of manufacturing the display apparatus
82 8,514,479 Electro-wetting display
83 8,514,448 Image revising method, image forming apparatus and method for revising image spreading
84 8,514,437 Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
85 8,514,363 Liquid crystal display panel
86 8,514,357 Alignment material, alignment layer, liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method thereof
87 8,514,338 Thin film transistor array panel, liquid crystal display, and method to repair the same
88 8,514,336 Broadcasting signal receiving apparatus, remote controller and pairing method thereof
89 8,514,321 Wavelength detecting apparatus and focus detecting apparatus having the same
90 8,514,306 Correlated double sampling circuit, image sensor including the same, and image processing system including the image sensor
91 8,514,292 Digital photographing apparatus, method of controlling the same, and recording medium storing program to execute the method
92 8,514,289 Method and apparatus for estimating point spread function
93 8,514,270 Liquid crystal display
94 8,514,254 Apparatus and method for processing digital images
95 8,514,241 Method and apparatus for bit resolution extension
96 8,514,231 Display apparatus for determining error in display identification data and control method of the same
97 8,514,211 Display panel
98 8,514,163 Display apparatus including a gate driving part having a transferring stage and an output stage and method for driving the same
99 8,514,162 Display apparatus including voltage compensator to compensate common voltage
100 8,514,152 Display device with improved luminance uniformity among pixels and driving method thereof
101 8,514,135 Protective circuit module and secondary battery pack including the same
102 8,514,027 Method of multi-stage substrate etching and terahertz oscillator manufactured using the same method
103 8,514,004 Clock management unit and method of managing a clock signal
104 8,513,922 Battery pack and method of controlling charging of battery pack
105 8,513,884 Flat panel display apparatus and organic light-emitting display apparatus
106 8,513,856 Power transmitting mechanism assembly
107 8,513,802 Multi-chip package having semiconductor chips of different thicknesses from each other and related device
108 8,513,793 Stacked semiconductor package and method of fabricating the same
109 8,513,781 Device for removing electromagnetic interference and semiconductor package including the same
110 8,513,740 Complementary metal oxide semiconductor device having metal gate stack structure and method of manufacturing the same
111 8,513,731 Vertical type semiconductor device
112 8,513,729 Vertical structure nonvolatile memory devices
113 8,513,709 Photo detecting apparatus and unit pixel thereof
114 8,513,705 Power electronic devices, methods of manufacturing the same, and integrated circuit modules including the same
115 8,513,689 Organic light emitting diode lighting apparatus
116 8,513,680 Semiconductor package and method of manufacturing the same
117 8,513,677 Display device having an aluminum complex oxide on metal layer for improving corrosion resistance
118 8,513,671 Display device and method of manufacturing the same
119 8,513,669 Thin film transistor including metal or metal silicide structure in contact with semiconductor layer and organic light emitting diode display device having the thin film transistor
120 8,513,667 Thin film transistor array panel and manufacturing method thereof
121 8,513,665 Display device with dummy data lines
122 8,513,653 Electronic device using a two-dimensional sheet material, transparent display and methods of fabricating the same
123 8,513,652 Organic light emitting display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
124 8,513,641 Core-shell nanowire comprising silicon rich oxide core and silica shell
125 8,513,634 Nonvolatile data storage, semicoductor memory device including nonvolatile data storage and method of forming the same
126 8,513,136 Memory devices and method of manufacturing the same
127 8,513,101 Method of synthesizing nanowires
128 8,513,071 Method of fabricating a TFT substrate including a data insulating layer with a contact hole overlapping a channel region
129 8,513,070 Methods of manufacturing wire, TFT, and flat panel display device
130 8,513,065 Method for manufacturing display device
131 8,513,056 Semiconductor memory device and method of fabricating the same
132 8,513,051 Methods of forming phase-changeable memory devices including an adiabatic layer
133 8,512,915 Catalyst composite material fuel cell, method for preparing the same, membrane-electrode assembly comprising the same, and fuel cell system comprising the same
134 8,512,914 Phosphorus containing benzoxazine-based monomer, polymer thereof, electrode for fuel cell including the polymer, electrolyte membrane for fuel cell including the polymer, and fuel cell using the electrode
135 8,512,913 Electrode for fuel cell and fuel cell employing the same
136 8,512,910 Solid oxide electrolyte, solid oxide fuel cell containing the solid oxide electrolyte, and method of preparing the solid oxide electrolyte
137 8,512,909 Laminated electrolyte membrane, method of preparing the same, and membrane electrode assembly and fuel cell including the laminated electrolyte membrane
138 8,512,905 Catalyst slurry, electrode prepared by using the catalyst slurry, and fuel cell including the electrode
139 8,512,904 Fuel cell system for promptly increasing temperature of fuel cell stack during start up operation of the fuel cell system and method of managing the fuel cell system
140 8,512,896 Organic electrolytic solution with surfactant and lithium battery employing the same
141 8,512,895 Secondary battery having an electrode terminal penetrating through and electrically insulated from a cap plate
142 8,512,894 Rechargeable battery having a protective case
143 8,512,889 Battery module
144 8,512,881 Organic material and organic light emitting device including the same
145 8,512,869 Silicon composition and organic light emitting device including the same
146 8,512,596 Composition for producing a board and printed circuit board using the same
147 8,512,530 Sputtering apparatus
148 8,512,527 Magnet transportation system, sputtering apparatus including the same and sputtering method
149 8,512,503 Method of manufacturing sealing device and display device using the same
150 8,512,473 Substrate centering device and organic material deposition system
151 8,512,455 Electric precipitator
152 8,511,915 Housing assembly and surveillance camera apparatus including the same
153 8,511,857 Planar light source and backlight unit having the same
154 8,511,107 Refrigerator
155 8,510,906 Upright type vacuum cleaner