Samsung patents granted on 20 December 2011

49 US patents granted on 20 December 2011 and assigned to Samsung

1 D650,835 Developing device for a laser printer
2 D650,773 Wireless headset
3 D650,766 Mobile phone
4 8,082,503 Method and apparatus for generating moving picture clip and/or displaying content file list, and recording medium storing program for executing the method
5 8,082,370 Apparatus, method, and system for controlling communication between host device and USB device
6 8,082,122 Mobile device having a motion detector
7 8,081,960 Device and method for processing data resource changing events in a mobile terminal
8 8,081,900 Developing apparatus and image forming apparatus having the same
9 8,081,889 Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
10 8,081,835 Multiprimary color sub-pixel rendering with metameric filtering
11 8,081,754 Key update method and apparatus thereof
12 8,081,724 Wireless network and wireless access terminals using SYNC.sub.–ID having increased granularity
13 8,081,697 Detection complexity reducing apparatus and method in multiple input multiple output (MIMO) antenna system
14 8,081,577 Method of calculating soft value and method of detecting transmission signal
15 8,081,547 Method of and apparatus for managing disc defects in disc, and disc on which defects are managed
16 8,081,509 Non-volatile memory device and method of operation therefor
17 8,081,508 Flash memory device and memory system including the same
18 8,081,501 Multi-level nonvolatile memory device using variable resistive element
19 8,081,416 Multilayer chip capacitor
20 8,081,374 Display device
21 8,081,299 Distance measuring apparatus
22 8,081,282 Liquid crystal display device
23 8,081,279 Liquid crystal display apparatus
24 8,081,273 Liquid crystal display
25 8,081,263 Display apparatus and driving method thereof
26 8,081,256 Method and system for edge directed deinterlacing in video image processing
27 8,081,228 Apparatus and method for processing image data
28 8,081,193 Color management method and apparatus thereof
29 8,081,167 Touch sensitive display device, and driving method thereof
30 8,081,157 Apparatus and method of scrolling screen in portable device and recording medium storing program for performing the method
31 8,081,150 Output buffer of a source driver in a liquid crystal display having a high slew rate and a method of controlling the output buffer
32 8,081,098 Integrator, delta-sigma modulator, analog-to-digital converter and applications thereof
33 8,081,052 Electromagnetic bandgap structure and printed circuit board
34 8,080,945 Multiple lamp driving device comprising balance transformer
35 8,080,938 Organic light emitting display device and method for manufacturing the same
36 8,080,926 Multi-display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
37 8,080,886 Integrated circuit semiconductor device with overlay key and alignment key and method of fabricating the same
38 8,080,871 Carbon nanotube-based structures and methods for removing heat from solid-state devices
39 8,080,843 Nonvolatile memory devices and methods of forming the same
40 8,080,842 Nonvolatile memory device
41 8,080,839 Electro-mechanical transistor
42 8,080,741 Printed circuit board
43 8,080,737 Ceramic substrate, method of manufacturing the same, and electrical device using the same
44 8,080,480 Method of forming fine patterns and manufacturing semiconductor light emitting device using the same
45 8,080,345 High capacity micro fuel cell system
46 8,080,343 Fuel cell having hydrogen storage tank and hydrogen generator with alkaline solution
47 8,079,943 Developing roller including carbon nanotubes for electrophotographic device and method for fabricating the developing roller
48 8,079,859 Lamp socket for a backlight assembly
49 8,079,272 Tactile sensor