Samsung patents granted on 20 December 2016

173 US patents granted on 20 December 2016 and assigned to Samsung

1 D774,717 Robot cleaner
2 D774,716 Washing machine
3 D774,715 Washing machine
4 D774,714 Washing machine
5 D774,712 Wine glass hanger
6 D774,711 Wine glass hanger
7 D774,632 Air conditioner
8 D774,592 Cartridge for printer
9 D774,543 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
10 D774,537 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
11 D774,525 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
12 D774,520 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
13 D774,519 Display screen or portion thereof with transitional graphical user interface
14 D774,515 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
15 D774,503 Audio device
16 D774,497 Cover for electronic communications device
17 D774,496 Cover for electronic communications device
18 D774,481 TV receiver
19 D774,455 Wireless charger
20 D774,454 Wireless charging pad
21 D774,406 Medical device
22 9,526,177 Printed circuit board including electronic component embedded therein and method for manufacturing the same
23 9,526,174 Multilayer ceramic electronic component and board having the same mounted thereon
24 9,526,169 Printed circuit board and method for manufacturing the same
25 9,526,166 Bezel structure for a display device and display device having the same
26 9,526,164 Printed circuit board and manufacturing method thereof
27 9,526,162 Board assembly
28 9,526,146 Mask assembly fabrication apparatus and mask assembly fabrication method using the same
29 9,526,124 Wireless communication method and apparatus
30 9,526,106 Method and apparatus for transmitting data in wireless communication system
31 9,526,077 Method and apparatus for reporting power headroom information in mobile communication system supporting carrier aggregation
32 9,526,071 Method and apparatus for operating wake on WLAN
33 9,526,064 Discovery signal transmission/reception method and apparatus for use in mobile communication system
34 9,526,053 Apparatus and method for using memory device
35 9,526,041 Apparatus and method for supporting handover to CSG cell or hybrid cell
36 9,526,025 Terminal and method for managing cell information in terminal
37 9,526,016 Computing system with feedback mechanism and method of operation thereof
38 9,525,988 Method and apparatus for performing call switching
39 9,525,951 Speaker-oriented hearing aid function provision method and apparatus
40 9,525,948 Electro-acoustic transducer
41 9,525,942 Mobile apparatus and control method thereof
42 9,525,941 Earjack and electronic device including the same
43 9,525,910 Display apparatus and channel map managing method thereof
44 9,525,904 Display apparatus, remote controller and method for controlling applied thereto
45 9,525,891 Method and apparatus for entropy coding video and method and apparatus for entropy decoding video
46 9,525,889 Method and apparatus for encoding video signal and method and apparatus for decoding video signal
47 9,525,882 Video encoding method using offset adjustment according to classification of pixels by maximum encoding units and apparatus thereof, and video decoding method and apparatus thereof
48 9,525,864 Display apparatus and multi view providing method thereof
49 9,525,844 Mobile terminal and method for transmitting image therein
50 9,525,833 Imaging device for phase difference detection
51 9,525,828 Group recording method, machine-readable storage medium, and electronic device
52 9,525,824 Method and apparatus for processing image according to image conditions
53 9,525,817 System and method of controlling imaging direction and angle of view of camera
54 9,525,788 Method and apparatus to input workflow steps and parameters
55 9,525,762 Mobile terminal having antenna
56 9,525,545 Phase locked loop for preventing harmonic lock, method of operating the same, and devices including the same
57 9,525,521 Method and apparatus for scheduling CoMP user equipment
58 9,525,519 Method and system of transferring data in a carrier aggregation environment
59 9,525,513 Methods and apparatus to improve performance and enable fast decoding of transmissions with multiple code blocks
60 9,525,445 Method and apparatus of uplink interference suppression and cancellation for advanced wireless communication systems
61 9,525,437 Transmitter and repetition method thereof
62 9,525,433 Method and apparatus for channel encoding and decoding in a communication system using a low-density parity check code
63 9,525,410 Power management chips and power management devices including the same
64 9,525,394 Band pass filter
65 9,525,384 Method and apparatus for supplying power to a radio frequency power amplifier
66 9,525,211 Antenna and communication system including the antenna
67 9,525,175 Negative electrode for secondary lithium battery, and secondary lithium battery
68 9,525,170 Negative active material and lithium battery including negative active material
69 9,525,165 Electrode for rechargeable lithium battery and rechargeable lithium battery including the same
70 9,525,163 Secondary battery and secondary battery module
71 9,525,162 Secondary battery
72 9,525,161 Rechargeable battery
73 9,525,156 Deposition apparatus, deposition method using the same, and manufacturing method of organic light-emitting display apparatus
74 9,525,155 Gas and moisture permeation barriers
75 9,525,153 Organic light emitting display apparatus and manufacturing method thereof
76 9,525,145 Silicon-based compound and organic light emitting diode comprising the same
77 9,525,144 Organic light-emitting diode
78 9,525,142 Compound and organic light-emitting device comprising the same
79 9,525,141 Organic light emitting device
80 9,525,138 Organic light-emitting diode, method of manufacturing the same, and method of forming material layer
81 9,525,128 Semiconductor devices and methods of manufacturing the same
82 9,525,106 Semiconductor light emitting device
83 9,525,102 Method for manufacturing nanostructure semiconductor light emitting device
84 9,525,100 Nano-structured light-emitting devices
85 9,525,076 Memory device using graphene as charge-trap layer and method of operating the same
86 9,525,074 Display substrates, methods of manufacturing the same and display devices including the same
87 9,525,065 Semiconductor devices including a channel pad, and methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices including a channel pad
88 9,525,053 Integrated circuit devices including strained channel regions and methods of forming the same
89 9,525,047 Thin-film transistor substrate, method of manufacturing same, and organic light-emitting display apparatus including thin-film transistor substrate
90 9,525,042 Semiconductor devices and methods for fabricating the same
91 9,525,036 Semiconductor device having gate electrode with spacers on fin structure and silicide layer filling the recess
92 9,525,016 Organic light emitting display devices and methods of manufacturing organic light emitting display devices
93 9,525,014 Organic light emitting display device
94 9,525,006 Stacked type image sensor including color separation element and image pickup apparatus including the stacked type image sensor
95 9,524,995 Image sensors including conductive pixel separation structures
96 9,524,992 Thin film transistor array panel and manufacturing method thereof
97 9,524,990 Display device
98 9,524,983 Vertical memory devices
99 9,524,937 Semiconductor devices and methods of fabricating the same
100 9,524,929 Semiconductor module package and method of manufacturing the same
101 9,524,922 Integrated circuit having main route and detour route for signal transmission and integrated circuit package including the same
102 9,524,921 Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
103 9,524,891 Apparatus for fixing metal mask
104 9,524,887 Etching apparatus for substrate and method of etching using the same
105 9,524,884 Method of fabricating a semiconductor package
106 9,524,879 Method for fabricating semiconductor device horizontally shifted contact plug pattern
107 9,524,864 Manufacturing method and fluid supply system for treating substrate
108 9,524,828 Multilayered ceramic capacitor and mounting the same
109 9,524,827 Multilayer ceramic capacitor and circuit board for mounting the same
110 9,524,826 Multilayer ceramic capacitor and method of manufacturing the same
111 9,524,825 Multilayer ceramic capacitor and board for mounting thereof
112 9,524,817 Metal magnetic powder and method for forming the same, and inductor manufactured using the metal magnetic powder
113 9,524,795 One-time programmable (OTP) memory cell and OTP memory device for multi-bit program
114 9,524,782 Nonvolatile memory device and method of writing data in nonvolatile memory device
115 9,524,781 Nonvolatile memory device and operating method thereof
116 9,524,772 Memory device of a single-ended bitline structure including reference voltage generator
117 9,524,770 Semiconductor memory devices including redundancy memory cells
118 9,524,769 Smart in-module refresh for DRAM
119 9,524,761 Semiconductor device including latch controller for preventing DC current from flowing between differential signals and method of operating same
120 9,524,721 Apparatus and method for concealing frame erasure and voice decoding apparatus and method using the same
121 9,524,714 Speech recognition apparatus and method thereof
122 9,524,703 Method of operating an electronic device providing a bioeffect image
123 9,524,701 Display apparatus and method for processing image thereof
124 9,524,699 Wearable electronic device and peripheral device control method for using the same
125 9,524,695 Apparatus and method for displaying screen according to intensity of brightness of ambient light
126 9,524,690 Gate driving circuit and display apparatus including the same
127 9,524,687 Method of driving a display panel, display panel driving apparatus for performing the method and display apparatus having the display panel driving apparatus
128 9,524,677 Display panel driver, method of driving display panel using the same and display apparatus having the same
129 9,524,674 Scan driver including stage circuit for reducing leakage current
130 9,524,670 Display apparatus including dummy pixels and repair lines
131 9,524,667 Pixel and organic light emitting diode display device using the same
132 9,524,663 Color calibration device, color calibration method thereof, display apparatus and display system having the same
133 9,524,662 Apparatus and methods for displaying on flexible display
134 9,524,660 Display apparatus
135 9,524,533 Methods and systems on chip for updating frames based on an indication signal for a display system
136 9,524,489 Computing system with task transfer mechanism and method of operation thereof
137 9,524,420 User authentication method and apparatus
138 9,524,413 Apparatus and method for recognizing fingerprint
139 9,524,402 Display apparatus and control method thereof
140 9,524,391 Apparatus and method of portable terminal for application data protection
141 9,524,386 Method and apparatus for processing document in touch-sensitive device
142 9,524,332 Method and apparatus for integratedly managing contents in portable terminal
143 9,524,266 Latency management system and method for multiprocessor system
144 9,524,253 Method of selecting air interface at ambient connectivity and hub using said method
145 9,524,208 Memory controller operating method and memory controller
146 9,524,076 Web page management method and apparatus and storage medium thereof
147 9,524,049 Flexible display device and method for controlling the same
148 9,524,040 Image editing apparatus and method for selecting area of interest
149 9,524,023 Display apparatus and control method thereof
150 9,523,953 Image forming apparatus and image forming method
151 9,523,894 Display device and method of manufacturing the same
152 9,523,886 Backlight unit having reflective/transmissive lens and display device having the same
153 9,523,882 Film for backlight unit and backlight unit and liquid crystal display including same
154 9,523,881 Liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method thereof
155 9,523,879 Liquid crystal display and method for fabricating the same
156 9,523,877 Liquid crystal display and manufacturing method thereof
157 9,523,876 Display device with antistatic layer
158 9,523,839 Imaging lens unit
159 9,523,754 Image processing method and medical imaging apparatus employing the method
160 9,523,705 Acceleration sensor and angular velocity sensor
161 9,523,533 Refrigerator
162 9,523,531 Refrigerator
163 9,523,171 Balancer and washing machine having the same
164 9,523,118 Method of detecting nucleic acids containing a genetic variation
165 9,522,994 Vinyl copolymer having high heat resistance and low-gloss, and thermoplastic resin comprising the same
166 9,522,961 Protein complexes and methods of manufacturing bispecific antibodies using the protein complexes
167 9,522,952 Polypeptide binding to annexin A1 and use thereof
168 9,522,825 Method of converting carbon dioxide, and method of capturing and converting carbon dioxide
169 9,522,796 Scanning device and image forming apparatus to convey a document
170 9,522,764 Packaging apparatus for deposition masks
171 9,522,410 Apparatus and method for depositing thin film
172 9,521,983 X-ray apparatus
173 9,521,980 Method for registering medical images, apparatus performing the method, and computer readable media including the method