Samsung patents granted on 20 March 2012

110 US patents granted on 20 March 2012 and assigned to Samsung

1 D656,128 Bluetooth earset
2 D656,126 Remote controller
3 D656,117 Television receiver
4 D656,116 Television receiver
5 D656,115 Television receiver
6 8,141,079 Dynamic application scheduler in a polling system
7 8,140,955 Image communication portable terminal and method for carrying out image communication using the same
8 8,140,935 ECC controller for use in flash memory device and memory system including the same
9 8,140,929 Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving the Hybrid-ARQ ACK/NACK signal in mobile communication system
10 8,140,896 System and method for downloading system program
11 8,140,891 Method of determining defects in information storage medium, recording/reproducing apparatus using the same, and information storage medium
12 8,140,838 Computer system and control method of the same
13 8,140,827 System and method for efficient data transmission in a multi-processor environment
14 8,140,783 Memory system for selectively transmitting command and address signals
15 8,140,334 Apparatus and method for recognizing voice
16 8,140,333 Probability density function compensation method for hidden markov model and speech recognition method and apparatus using the same
17 8,140,133 Slim portable terminal
18 8,140,122 Apparatus and method for changing communication mode in multi-antenna system considering channel environment
19 8,140,120 Apparatus and method for providing network service in a portable communication system
20 8,140,084 Apparatus and method for allocating Channel Quality Information (CQI) channel in wireless communication system
21 8,140,071 Apparatus and method for displaying status of supplementary service of mobile equipment
22 8,140,055 Method for performing digital broadcasting service in a dual-hinge type mobile terminal
23 8,140,054 Method for authenticating subscriber station, method for configuring protocol thereof, and apparatus thereof in wireless portable internet system
24 8,140,020 Radio frequency calibration apparatus and method for multi-antenna mobile communication system
25 8,140,008 Service relay device, service receiver for receiving the relayed service signal, and methods thereof
26 8,140,006 Signal combining apparatus satisfying maximum transmission capacity in cellular system employing distributed antennas and resource allocation method using the same
27 8,140,002 Apparatus and method for controlling radio frequency in portable communication system
28 8,139,988 Developing device of image forming apparatus
29 8,139,970 Image fixing control system and method to increase quality of fixed image
30 8,139,949 Electrical signal transmission module, method of transmitting electric signals and electrical inspection apparatus having the same
31 8,139,946 Apparatus and method for transmitting data in wireless visible light communication system
32 8,139,879 Method and apparatus for encoding image by exponential Golomb binarization using optimal threshold, and method and apparatus for decoding image by exponential Golomb binarization using optimal threshold
33 8,139,855 Illuminant estimation method, medium, and system
34 8,139,854 Method and apparatus for performing conversion of skin color into preference color by applying face detection and skin area detection
35 8,139,806 Earphone for placement in an ear
36 8,139,604 Processing session initiation protocol signaling in voice/data integrated switching system
37 8,139,582 Method and apparatus for making transport frame and method and apparatus for processing transport frame
38 8,139,561 Method for wireless internet communication in mobile communication terminal
39 8,139,556 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving downlink synchronization channel in a cellular communication system
40 8,139,550 Apparatus and method for transmitting ACK/NACK messages in a wireless communication system
41 8,139,548 Method and apparatus for removing interference from uplink signal in Time Division Duplex (TDD) system
42 8,139,539 System and method for handoff using hybrid network
43 8,139,458 Recording medium for storing write protection information and write protection method thereof
44 8,139,455 Information storage medium and method and apparatus for recording/reproducing data on/from the same
45 8,139,432 Variable resistance memory device and system thereof
46 8,139,417 Flash memory device and read method
47 8,139,413 Flash memory device
48 8,139,406 Non-volatile memory system and programming method of the same
49 8,139,387 Method of erasing a memory device including complementary nonvolatile memory devices
50 8,139,365 Flat panel display module
51 8,139,363 Memory card and method of manufacturing the same
52 8,139,308 Hard disk drive, method of controlling flying height of magnetic head thereof, and recording medium containing computer program thereon
53 8,139,307 Hard disk drive apparatus, method of controlling flying height of magnetic head thereof, and recording medium to contain computer program therefor
54 8,139,274 Method and apparatus for printing converted image using predefined data and color characteristics
55 8,139,265 Color space conversion apparatus and method for controlling the same
56 8,139,251 Method and apparatus for connecting image forming apparatus with multiple host devices
57 8,139,176 Display substrate, a method of manufacturing the display substrate and a display apparatus having the display substrate
58 8,139,168 Display device using LCD panel and a method of executing timing control options thereof
59 8,139,163 Television link infrared modulation circuit
60 8,139,146 Camera module, method of focusing the same, and device for focusing the same
61 8,139,145 Camera module
62 8,139,096 Multi-color image forming apparatus and method of controlling the same
63 8,139,057 Supply voltage removal detecting circuit, display device and method for removing latent image
64 8,139,056 Plural power generating units for use in a liquid crystal display and control thereof
65 8,139,021 Histogram-based dynamic backlight control systems and methods
66 8,139,019 Brightness adjusting device and liquid crystal display having the same
67 8,139,014 Skew adjustment circuit and a method thereof
68 8,139,006 Power source, display including the same, and associated method
69 8,138,997 Pixel, organic light emitting display using the same, and associated methods
70 8,138,994 Plasma display and driving method thereof
71 8,138,792 Gate drive circuit, display substrate having the same, and method thereof
72 8,138,741 High voltage generator in semiconductor memory
73 8,138,721 Battery pack and charging method for the same
74 8,138,674 Phosphor layer and plasma display panel using the same
75 8,138,669 Double-emission organic light emitting diode display device
76 8,138,639 Linear vibrator
77 8,138,568 Transparent carbon nanotube electrode using conductive dispersant and production method thereof
78 8,138,530 CMOS image sensor having a crosstalk prevention structure
79 8,138,510 Gallium nitride light emitting devices and methods of manufacturing the same
80 8,138,503 Display substrate having a protruding barrier pattern
81 8,138,490 Variable resistance non-volatile memory cells and methods of fabricating same
82 8,138,483 Method of measuring phase of phase shift mask
83 8,138,467 Color filter array including color filters only of first type and second type, method of fabricating the same, and image pickup device including the same
84 8,138,422 Printed circuit board with conductive ink/paste, having plating layers, and method for manufacturing the same
85 8,138,416 Solar cell and method for manufacturing the same
86 8,138,414 Surface-modified semiconductor electrode, dye-sensitized solar cell, method of manufacturing the solar cell, and polymer composition used for the method
87 8,138,408 Music composition method and system for portable device having touchscreen
88 8,138,057 Metal oxide alloy layer, method of forming the metal oxide alloy layer, and methods of manufacturing a gate structure and a capacitor including the metal oxide alloy layer
89 8,138,009 Method of fabricating thin film solar cell and apparatus for fabricating thin film solar cell
90 8,137,885 Hybrid toner and method of preparing the same
91 8,137,881 Electrophotographic toner
92 8,137,877 Electrophotographic photoreceptor having excellent stability in terms of electrical properties and interlayer adhesion strength and electrophotographic imaging apparatus employing the same
93 8,137,870 Method of manufacturing photomask
94 8,137,859 Membrane-electrode assembly for fuel cell, method for manufacturing the same, and fuel cell system including the same
95 8,137,850 Gas-liquid separator and fuel cell system having the same
96 8,137,845 Negative active material for rechargeable lithium battery, method of preparing the same, and rechargeable lithium battery including the same
97 8,137,836 Lithium rechargeable battery with resin molding part and outer covers
98 8,137,585 Phosphor composition and display device including the same
99 8,137,523 Apparatus for and method of separating polarizable analyte using dielectrophoresis
100 8,137,496 Method of fabricating wire grid polarizer
101 8,137,492 Apparatus and method for laminating tape on electrode of rechargeable battery
102 8,137,470 Inner plate and crucible assembly for deposition having the same
103 8,137,466 Thin film deposition apparatus and method of manufacturing organic light-emitting display device by using the same
104 8,137,204 Torque limiter
105 8,137,059 Fan guard and outdoor unit for air conditioner having the same
106 8,136,953 Flat panel display apparatus
107 8,136,926 Ink-jet head and manufacturing method thereof
108 8,136,904 Apparatus to control color registration and image density
109 8,136,550 Elastic valve and microfluidic device including the same
110 8,136,477 Apparatus for and method of dispensing chemical solution in spin-coating equipment