Samsung patents granted on 20 May 2008

93 US patents granted on 20 May 2008 and assigned to Samsung

1 D569,397 Refrigerator
2 D569,387 Video image display for portable phone
3 D569,386 Video image display for portable phone
4 D569,385 Video image display for portable phone
5 D569,384 Graphic user interface for a cellular phone
6 D569,383 Generated image for display on a personal digital assistant
7 D569,374 Portable mobile computer
8 D569,373 Portable personal computer
9 D569,364 Cellular phone
10 D569,363 Portable telephone
11 D569,359 Portable phone
12 7,376,861 Recording medium for storing start position information for each zone and method and apparatus of managing data using the information
13 7,376,825 System and method for accessing vital data from memory
14 7,376,822 Method of initializing multiple devices using job scheduler
15 7,376,773 Multi-standard protocol storage devices and methods of operating the same
16 7,376,543 Simulation method and system for design of aperture in exposure apparatus and recording medium in which the simulation method is recorded
17 7,376,481 Methods and control systems for controlling semiconductor device manufacturing processes
18 7,376,373 Image forming apparatus having a power transmitting device to selectively operate developing units thereof
19 7,376,367 Method of controlling fusing speed of image forming apparatus
20 7,376,338 Information storage medium containing multi-language markup document information, apparatus for and method of reproducing the same
21 7,376,333 Information storage medium including markup document and AV data, recording and reproducing method, and reproducing apparatus therefore
22 7,376,210 Apparatus and method for performing adaptive channel estimation in a mobile communication system
23 7,376,194 Method and apparatus for compensating for residual frequency offset in an OFDM system
24 7,376,137 Method and system for communication between coordinator-based wireless networks
25 7,376,136 GTC frame structure and method for transmission of ONT management control information in GPON
26 7,376,124 Voice over internet protocol gateway and a method for controlling the same
27 7,376,103 Method for processing a handoff in a mobile communication terminal
28 7,376,095 Apparatus and method for measuring a received signal to interference ratio in a mobile communication system
29 7,376,094 Pattern forming method and device for an adaptive antenna array of a base station
30 7,376,074 Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving side information of a partial transmit sequence in an OFDM communication system
31 7,376,071 Optical disc having uniform structure
32 7,376,064 Method and apparatus for recording data on optical recording medium
33 7,376,060 Write-once recording medium preserving data-recording status, method of preserving data-recording status of a write-once recording medium, medium including computer readable code for the same, and recording and/or reproducing apparatus therefor
34 7,376,059 Method of obtaining optimal recording condition with respect to information storage medium having storage layer with optical power control area
35 7,376,044 Burst read circuit in semiconductor memory device and burst data read method thereof
36 7,376,041 Semiconductor memory device and data read and write method of the same
37 7,376,039 Circuit and method for preserving data in sleep mode of semiconductor device using test scan chain
38 7,376,029 Semiconductor memory devices including precharge circuit and methods for precharging
39 7,376,021 Data output circuit and method in DDR synchronous semiconductor device
40 7,376,017 Flash memory device and program method thereof
41 7,376,004 Increased magnetic memory array sizes and operating margins
42 7,375,998 Ferroelectric random access memory circuits for guarding against operation with out-of-range voltages and methods of operating same
43 7,375,969 Plasma display device
44 7,375,928 Disk drive actuator latch apparatus and method
45 7,375,921 Air razor and disk limiter for a hard disk drive
46 7,375,868 Image scanning apparatus
47 7,375,859 Method and apparatus for correcting scanning error in flatbed scanner
48 7,375,790 Upper substrate, liquid crystal display apparatus having the same and method of fabricating the same
49 7,375,779 Optical member, method of fabricating the same and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
50 7,375,775 Liquid crystal display apparatus
51 7,375,767 Method of converting resolution of video signals and apparatus using the same
52 7,375,723 Display device and method of compensating primary image data to increase a response speed of the display
53 7,375,717 Display panel driving device, display apparatus and method of driving the same
54 7,375,703 Driving device and method for plasma display panel
55 7,375,700 Wideband monopole antenna
56 7,375,694 Antenna capable of micro-tuning and macro tuning for wireless terminal
57 7,375,669 Digital/analog converter
58 7,375,596 Quadrature voltage controlled oscillator
59 7,375,564 Time delay compensation circuit comprising delay cells having various unit time delays
60 7,375,557 Phase-locked loop and method thereof and a phase-frequency detector and method thereof
61 7,375,512 Rotary input apparatus including a permanent magnet ring, an electromagnet, a driving and control means
62 7,375,511 Rotary input apparatus including a wheel and a center key with securing grooves to prevent rotation
63 7,375,468 Plasma display panel having scan electrode closer to address electrode
64 7,375,467 Plasma display panel having stepped electrode structure
65 7,375,466 Address electrode design in a plasma display panel
66 7,375,464 Full-color organic light emitting display having red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, and yellow color modulation layers
67 7,375,462 Organic electroluminescent display device comprising ultraviolet light stabilizer
68 7,375,457 Plasma display apparatus having cover members for signal transmission members
69 7,375,426 Semiconductor package
70 7,375,396 Thin film transistor and method of fabricating the same
71 7,375,391 Semiconductor device with split gate electrode structure and method for manufacturing the semiconductor device
72 7,375,390 Semiconductor memory device having high electrical performance and mask and photolithography friendliness
73 7,375,389 Semiconductor device having a capacitor-under-bitline structure and method of manufacturing the same
74 7,375,373 Thin film transistor array panel
75 7,375,210 PCR primer set for detecting severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)-Coronavirus, method and kit for detecting SARS-Coronavirus using the same
76 7,375,025 Method for forming a metal silicide layer in a semiconductor device
77 7,375,003 Methods of manufacturing a semiconductor device
78 7,374,994 Bismuth titanium silicon oxide, bismuth titanium silicon oxide thin film, and method for forming the thin film
79 7,374,991 SONOS memory device having side gate stacks and method of manufacturing the same
80 7,374,986 Method of fabricating field effect transistor (FET) having wire channels
81 7,374,979 Thin film transistor and method of fabricating the same
82 7,374,972 Micro-package, multi-stack micro-package, and manufacturing method therefor
83 7,374,969 Semiconductor package with conductive molding compound and manufacturing method thereof
84 7,374,966 Apparatus for stacking semiconductor chips, method for manufacturing semiconductor package using the same and semiconductor package manufactured thereby
85 7,374,959 Two-wavelength semiconductor laser device and method of manufacturing the same
86 7,374,953 Ferroelectric random access memories (FRAMS) having lower electrodes respectively self-aligned to node conductive layer patterns and methods of forming the same
87 7,374,852 Liquid toner composition and preparation method of the same
88 7,374,820 Siloxane-based resin containing germanium and an interlayer insulating film for a semiconductor device using the same
89 7,374,798 Method and apparatus of forming alignment film
90 7,374,701 Organometallic precursor composition and method of forming metal film or pattern using the same
91 7,374,467 Fabrication method of field emitter electrode and field emission device produced by using the same
92 7,374,342 Hydrodynamic fluid film bearing and bearing housing with cooling capacity
93 7,374,100 Mobile terminal having smart card coupled with RFID tag and method for performing RFID function in such mobile terminal