Samsung patents granted on 20 May 2014

172 US patents granted on 20 May 2014 and assigned to Samsung

1 D705,507 Panel for washing machine
2 D705,506 Panel for washing machine
3 D705,433 Probe for ultrasound diagnostic apparatus
4 D705,349 Developing apparatus for printer
5 D705,254 Portable electronic device displaying GI and GUI
6 D705,237 Display screen or a portion thereof with graphical user interface
7 D705,221 Notebook computer
8 D705,218 Notebook computer
9 D705,217 Notebook computer
10 D705,216 Notebook computer
11 D705,215 Notebook computer
12 D705,214 Notebook computer
13 D705,208 Case for electronic device
14 D705,207 Case for electronic device
15 D705,204 Electronic device
16 D705,203 Handheld terminal
17 D705,200 Television stand
18 D705,194 Speaker
19 D705,187 Handheld terminal
20 D705,009 Oven burner panel
21 D705,008 Microwave oven
22 D704,983 Microwave oven
23 D704,978 Oven
24 8,732,842 Method and apparatus for managing contents in mobile device
25 8,732,783 Apparatus and method for providing additional information using extension subtitles file
26 8,732,759 Method of browsing recorded news program and browsing apparatus for performing the method
27 8,732,733 Optical disc driving device having shaft upwardly protruding from chucking mechanism
28 8,732,730 Management apparatus and method of managing device driver of management apparatus
29 8,732,728 System and method to allow multiple plug-in applications real-time access to a camera application in a mobile device
30 8,732,691 Method for installing application in portable terminal
31 8,732,589 Apparatus and method for dynamically creating a community space in a virtual space
32 8,732,565 Method and apparatus for parallel processing in a gigabit LDPC decoder
33 8,732,563 Method for mapping and de-mapping of non-binary symbols in data communication systems
34 8,732,558 MPE-FEC system capable of selecting an FEC mode, a forward error correcting method performed in the MPE-FEC system, and an FEC mode selecting method performed in the MPE-FEC system
35 8,732,540 Semiconductor device having input/output wrappers, and a method of controlling the wrappers
36 8,732,535 Method of detection of erroneous memory usage
37 8,732,446 Selectively compressing blocks of a bootable snapshot image during booting
38 8,732,434 Memory device, computer system including the same, and operating methods thereof
39 8,732,425 Electronic apparatus
40 8,732,413 Method and system for preloading page using control flow
41 8,732,203 Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
42 8,732,154 Method and system for providing sponsored information on electronic devices
43 8,732,144 Printing method and apparatus, print control method, and multimedia apparatus
44 8,731,915 Method and apparatus to remove noise from an input signal in a noisy environment, and method and apparatus to enhance an audio signal in a noisy environment
45 8,731,834 Apparatus and method for providing user’s route information in mobile communication system
46 8,731,715 Mobile device and method and computer-readable medium controlling same for using with sound localization
47 8,731,697 Job assignment apparatus of automatic material-handling system and method thereof
48 8,731,621 Method for executing application during call and mobile terminal supporting the same
49 8,731,614 Device and method for providing application for external accessory in wireless terminal
50 8,731,610 Method for adaptive user interface in mobile devices
51 8,731,608 Communication method and apparatus of dual standby mode terminal
52 8,731,596 LTE-A system and uplink power control method thereof
53 8,731,592 Method for transmitting/receiving service availability information of multimedia broadcasting/multicast service
54 8,731,553 Cooperative communication methods and a device for a target terminal and a cooperative terminal
55 8,731,534 Mobile terminal and method for displaying image according to call therein
56 8,731,406 Apparatus and method for generating high resolution frames for dimming and visibility support in visible light communication
57 8,731,330 Apparatus and method for composing images in an image processing device
58 8,731,326 Object recognition system and method
59 8,731,217 Method and apparatus for controlling audio signal output level of portable audio device
60 8,731,154 Image forming apparatus and notification method of receiving data by fax
61 8,731,114 LLR combining method and apparatus for HARQ in wireless communication system
62 8,731,108 Communication system for recognizing type of noise source
63 8,731,075 Baseband processor and wireless device
64 8,731,055 Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding an image based on plurality of reference pictures
65 8,730,998 Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving control information in broadcast communication system
66 8,730,988 Method of allocating logical channels in wireless sensor network
67 8,730,880 Apparatus and method for resource allocation in mobile communication system
68 8,730,797 Method for forwarding direct message in partial function OFDMA relay system
69 8,730,781 Light detecting element, and optical pick-up device and optical disc drive including the light detecting element
70 8,730,751 Semiconductor memory device for controlling operation of delay-locked loop circuit
71 8,730,738 Nonvolatile memory devices and methods of operating nonvolatile memory devices
72 8,730,732 Semiconductor memory device and method of fabrication and operation
73 8,730,731 Semiconductor memory device for compensating for operating voltage difference between near cell and far cell in consideration of cell position, and memory card and memory system including the same
74 8,730,712 SRAM including write assist circuit and method of operating same
75 8,730,710 Semiconductor memory device having stacked structure including resistor-switched based logic circuit and method of manufacturing the same
76 8,730,697 Method and apparatus for wireless power transmission using power receiver
77 8,730,692 Switching mode power supply and method of controlling the same
78 8,730,655 Side key connection device of mobile terminal
79 8,730,654 Uninterruptible power supply module unit and uninterruptible power supply including the same
80 8,730,561 Electrophoretic display device and driving method thereof
81 8,730,539 Image reading apparatus having auto document feeder
82 8,730,526 Printing control device, image forming apparatus, and image forming method
83 8,730,492 Printing apparatus comprising series-models supporting firmware and series-models supporting method
84 8,730,475 Method of aligning a substrate
85 8,730,440 Method of forming a vertical alignment layer, a method of manufacturing a display apparatus using the same, and a display apparatus made with the manufacturing method
86 8,730,438 Liquid crystal display panel with multi-domain unit pixels and an optical mask for manufacturing the same
87 8,730,427 Flat panel display apparatus
88 8,730,422 Liquid crystal display
89 8,730,420 Liquid crystal display
90 8,730,418 Array substrate and method for manufacturing the same
91 8,730,402 Analog front end for DTV, DTV system having the same, and operation methods thereof
92 8,730,385 Method of economizing power in image pickup system and image pickup system using the method
93 8,730,368 Light transmittance adjusting device, image apparatus including the same, and method of fabricating the light transmittance adjusting device
94 8,730,344 Digital photographing apparatus and method of controlling the same for setting a white balance
95 8,730,331 Display apparatus and calibration method therefor
96 8,730,307 Local multi-view image display apparatus and method
97 8,730,305 Digital photographing apparatus having common angle of view display function, method of controlling the digital photographing apparatus, and medium for recording the method
98 8,730,282 2D/3D switchable backlight unit and image display device
99 8,730,280 Display device and method of driving the same
100 8,730,271 Method and device for controlling power of active matrix organic light-emitting diode
101 8,730,227 Driving device, liquid crystal display having the same, and method of driving the liquid crystal display
102 8,730,225 Electro-wetting display device
103 8,730,223 Source driver and display device having the same
104 8,730,206 Display device including a touch sensor
105 8,730,198 Display device and driving method thereof
106 8,730,191 Touch screen panel protected against failure due to static electricity
107 8,730,163 Flat panel display
108 8,730,151 Apparatus for writing image on electronic paper
109 8,730,148 Method of driving a light source, light source apparatus for performing the method and display apparatus having the light source apparatus
110 8,730,147 Backlight control circuit, backlight device, and liquid crystal display including the same
111 8,730,146 Drive voltage generating circuit and liquid crystal display including the same
112 8,730,144 Driving circuit for display apparatus
113 8,730,132 Organic light emitting display device and method of operating the same
114 8,729,999 Multi-layered chip electronic component
115 8,729,972 Phase-shift keying demodulators and smart cards including the same
116 8,729,948 High frequency switch
117 8,729,937 Coarse lock detector
118 8,729,797 Organic light emitting diode display and manufacturing method thereof
119 8,729,796 Organic light emitting display device including a gap to improve image quality and method of fabricating the same
120 8,729,793 Organic light-emitting display apparatus
121 8,729,792 Sign board
122 8,729,759 Spindle motor
123 8,729,757 Spindle motor
124 8,729,753 Stator assembly for motor and motor including the same
125 8,729,744 Inverter
126 8,729,692 Power module package
127 8,729,684 Interposer chip, multi-chip package including the interposer chip, and method of manufacturing the same
128 8,729,683 Power module package and method for fabricating the same
129 8,729,678 Image sensor for stabilizing a black level
130 8,729,675 Semiconductor device having line-type trench to define active region and method of forming the same
131 8,729,658 Integrated circuit devices having buried interconnect structures therein that increase interconnect density
132 8,729,647 Thermally stable magnetic tunnel junction cell and memory device including the same
133 8,729,622 Three dimensional semiconductor memory devices and methods of fabricating the same
134 8,729,615 Non-volatile memory device with high speed operation and lower power consumption
135 8,729,570 Mask frame assembly for thin film deposition, organic light-emitting display device using the same, and method of manufacturing the organic light-emitting display device
136 8,729,553 Thin film transistor including catalyst layer, method of fabricating the same, and organic light emitting diode display device having the TFT
137 8,729,552 Backplane for flat panel display apparatus, flat panel display apparatus including the same, and method of manufacturing backplane for flat panel display apparatus
138 8,729,551 Flat panel display
139 8,729,468 Microelectronic substrate inspection equipment using helium ion microscopy
140 8,729,449 Pixel, method of manufacturing the same, and image processing devices including the same
141 8,729,439 Microwave oven with door change device
142 8,729,406 Method of fabricating a printed circuit board
143 8,729,395 Wire bonding joint structure of joint pad, and method for preparing the same
144 8,729,222 Organic thin-film transistors
145 8,728,893 Method of fabricating a three-dimentional semiconductor memory device
146 8,728,889 Contact structure and manufacturing method thereof
147 8,728,882 Manufacturing method for thin film transistor array panel
148 8,728,880 Graphene electronic device and method of fabricating the same
149 8,728,862 Thin film transistor, method of manufacturing the same and flat panel display device having the same
150 8,728,850 Photodetector structure and method of manufacturing the same
151 8,728,841 Method of manufacturing ESD resistant nitride semiconductor light emitting device with enhanced light extraction efficiency
152 8,728,704 Donor substrates, laser induced thermal imaging methods using donor substrates and methods of manufacturing organic light emitting display devices using donor substrates
153 8,728,664 Anode for lithium secondary battery and lithium secondary battery using the anode
154 8,728,655 Secondary battery
155 8,728,644 Rechargeable battery
156 8,728,643 Fuse unit for rechargeable battery with supporting member
157 8,728,640 Battery pack and method of fabricating the same
158 8,728,350 Method for producing metal nanoparticles, ink composition using the same and method for producing the same
159 8,728,222 Wet type dust collector for vacuum cleaner
160 8,728,188 Dust-collecting apparatus with a packing member
161 8,728,186 Vacuum cleaner and dust separating apparatus thereof
162 8,727,999 Pulse measurement device, method and medium controlling sensor according to exercise activity level
163 8,727,994 Cell and channel of ultrasonic transducer, and ultrasonic transducer including the same
164 8,727,990 Providing an ultrasound spatial compound image in an ultrasound system
165 8,727,826 Donor substrate, method of manufacturing a donor substrate and a method of manufacturing an organic light emitting display device using a donor substrate
166 8,727,623 Spindle motor
167 8,727,600 Backlight unit
168 8,727,502 Inkjet print head with flow-path micro-pattern and manufacturing method thereof
169 8,727,170 Cover locking device for portable terminal
170 8,727,116 Protection cover for portable terminal
171 8,726,689 Refrigerator with cold storage unit
172 8,726,685 Water tank for refrigerator, manufacturing method of water tank for refrigerator, and refrigerator having water tank for refrigerator