Samsung patents granted on 20 November 2007

94 US patents granted on 20 November 2007 and assigned to Samsung

2 D555,694 Digital camera
3 D555,689 Digital camera
4 D555,688 Digital camera
5 D555,687 Digital camera
6 D555,665 MP3 player
7 D555,661 Mobile phone display panel with menus
8 D555,629 Portable phone
9 D555,628 Portable phone
10 D555,627 Mobile phone
11 D555,626 Portable phone
12 D555,625 Portable phone
13 D555,623 Mobile phone
14 D555,622 Mobile phone
15 D555,620 Portable phone
16 D555,619 Portable phone
17 D555,617 Mobile phone
18 7,299,393 Microprocessor with trace module
19 7,299,340 Data processing device having selective data cache architecture and computer system including the same
20 7,299,323 Memory controller having a read-modify-write function
21 7,299,305 Apparatus and method for indicating connection state of input/output cable
22 7,299,178 Continuous speech recognition method and system using inter-word phonetic information
23 7,299,065 Method for transmitting HSDPA service information in a CDMA mobile communication system
24 7,299,052 System and method for reallocating a traffic channel in soft handoff state
25 7,299,048 System and method for performing soft handover in broadband wireless access communication system
26 7,299,039 Method and system for providing data service in interworking wireless public and private networks
27 7,299,030 System and method of charging for user traffic except signaling a wireless communication system
28 7,299,010 Apparatus and method for estimating a velocity of a mobile terminal in a mobile communication system
29 7,298,986 Image forming apparatus having a movable operation panel
30 7,298,976 Bi-directional optical cross-connect device
31 7,298,937 TO-can type optical module
32 7,298,931 Image retrieval method and apparatus using iterative matching
33 7,298,887 System for and method of analyzing surface condition of PCB using RGB colors
34 7,298,804 Receiving apparatus in a radio communication system using at least three transmitter antennas
35 7,298,797 Transmitter and receiver provided in wireless communication system using four transmitting antennas
36 7,298,773 Apparatus and method for reporting service load to mobile station in mobile telecommunication system
37 7,298,766 Laser diode driver and driving method for controlling auto laser power, optical pickup device, and optical recording/reproducing apparatus using the same
38 7,298,732 Method for initializing internet protocol phone in internet protocol telephony system
39 7,298,727 Power control method and apparatus using control information in mobile communication system
40 7,298,689 Optical disc having a plurality of recording layers, and recording method and reproducing method therefor
41 7,298,688 Light emitting module and optical pickup apparatus and method employing the same
42 7,298,676 Optical pickup apparatus having optical detection area for compensating for tracking error offset
43 7,298,675 Multilayer recording medium and optical pickup for recording and/or reproducing the same
44 7,298,667 Latency control circuit and method of latency control
45 7,298,655 Isolation control circuit and method for a memory device
46 7,298,654 Non-volatile memory device and associated method of erasure
47 7,298,648 Page buffer and multi-state nonvolatile memory device including the same
48 7,298,609 Computer
49 7,298,592 Actuator with dynamic characteristic and a four section VCM coil and disk drive having the same
50 7,298,556 Illuminating optical system, image display apparatus using same and image display method
51 7,298,554 Hybrid achromatic optical lens and method for manufacturing the same
52 7,298,544 Method for patterning self-assembled colloidal photonic crystals and method for fabricating 3-dimensional photonic crystal waveguides of an inverted-opal structure using the patterning method
53 7,298,432 Liquid crystal display apparatus
54 7,298,424 Display apparatus and method of controlling the same
55 7,298,410 Automatically ejectable viewfinder of photographing apparatus and photographing apparatus having the same
56 7,298,379 Luminance preserving color conversion from YUV to RGB
57 7,298,337 Antenna device for a mobile phone
58 7,298,323 Apparatus and method for locating user equipment using global positioning system and dead reckoning
59 7,298,227 Local oscillator for multi-band wireless communication
60 7,298,213 Input impedance matching circuit for low noise amplifier
61 7,298,200 Voltage generation circuits for supplying an internal voltage to an internal circuit and related methods
62 7,298,199 Substrate bias voltage generating circuit for use in a semiconductor memory device
63 7,298,190 Phase locked loop having enhanced locking characteristics
64 7,298,160 Method of measuring gate capacitance by correcting dissipation factor error
65 7,298,083 Organic electroluminescence device employing multi-layered pixel electrode and method of fabricating the same
66 7,298,082 Organic electroluminescent display device with projecting structure layer
67 7,298,033 Stack type ball grid array package and method for manufacturing the same
68 7,298,032 Semiconductor multi-chip package and fabrication method
69 7,298,003 Nonvolatile memory device having STI structure
70 7,297,998 Semiconductor devices having a buried and enlarged contact hole and methods of fabricating the same
71 7,297,997 Semiconductor memory device with dual storage node and fabricating and operating methods thereof
72 7,297,988 Flip chip type nitride semiconductor light emitting device
73 7,297,980 Flat panel display device with polycrystalline silicon thin film transistor
74 7,297,979 Thin film transistor array panel for a display
75 7,297,950 Transmission electron microscope specimen and method of manufacturing the same
76 7,297,905 Method and apparatus for maintaining a temperature in a chamber of a cooking device
77 7,297,751 Photocontrolled photochromic electroluminescent and electroconductive polymers for photonics
78 7,297,638 Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
79 7,297,620 Method of forming an oxide layer including increasing the temperature during oxidation
80 7,297,615 Si nanowire substrate, method of manufacturing the same, and method of manufacturing thin film transistor using the same
81 7,297,604 Semiconductor device having dual isolation structure and method of fabricating the same
82 7,297,600 Methods of forming fin field effect transistors using oxidation barrier layers
83 7,297,596 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having a switching function
84 7,297,591 Method for manufacturing capacitor of semiconductor device
85 7,297,584 Methods of fabricating semiconductor devices having a dual stress liner
86 7,297,466 Method of forming a photoresist pattern and method for patterning a layer using a photoresist
87 7,297,452 Photosensitive resin composition, thin film panel made with photosensitive composition, and method for manufacturing thin film panel
88 7,297,451 Black matrix, method for the preparation thereof, flat display device and electromagnetic interference filter employing the same
89 7,297,172 Cyclone dust collecting apparatus of vacuum cleaner
90 7,296,880 Ink-jet printer head having laminated protective layer and method of fabricating the same
91 7,296,790 Automatic document feeding apparatus
92 7,296,509 Bread maker
93 7,296,324 Vacuum cleaner brush assembly
94 7,296,322 Hose assembly for a cleaner and upright-type vacuum cleaner using the same