Samsung patents granted on 20 November 2012

121 US patents granted on 20 November 2012 and assigned to Samsung

1 D671,217 X-ray machine
2 D671,216 X-ray machine
3 D671,150 Refrigerator
4 D671,120 Wireless keyboard
5 D671,111 Notebook computer
6 D671,096 Bluetooth dongle
7 8,316,461 Method for sharing rights objects between users
8 8,316,433 Method and system for preventing IPv6 packet forgery in IPv6-IPv4 network of DSTM environment
9 8,316,415 Security document printing system and method of controlling the same
10 8,316,412 Application execution method and apparatus
11 8,316,404 Multimedia playback control apparatus and method
12 8,316,397 Digital video broadcasting system, digital video broadcasting terminal, and method for providing file information in file download service
13 8,316,322 Method for editing playlist and multimedia reproducing apparatus employing the same
14 8,316,301 Apparatus, medium, and method segmenting video sequences based on topic
15 8,316,280 Error correcting device, method of error correction thereof, and memory device and data processing system including of the same
16 8,316,279 Method of estimating and correcting errors in memory cells
17 8,316,278 Memory system that detects bit errors due to read disturbance and methods thereof
18 8,316,270 Apparatus and method for supporting synchronous hybrid automatic repeat request in broadband wireless communication system
19 8,315,862 Audio signal quality enhancement apparatus and method
20 8,315,854 Method and apparatus for detecting pitch by using spectral auto-correlation
21 8,315,737 Apparatus for locating moving robot and method for the same
22 8,315,734 Robot and method and medium for localizing the same by using calculated covariance
23 8,315,665 Apparatus and method for operating multiple operating systems in multi-modem mobile communication terminal
24 8,315,625 Apparatus and method for selecting mobile communication system in a portable terminal
25 8,315,582 Apparatus and method for compensating for audio signal distortion in mobile terminal
26 8,315,556 Apparatus and method for bidirectional relaying in a relay wireless communication system
27 8,315,551 Image forming apparatus which prevents a guide member from interfering with the discharge of a recording media
28 8,315,549 Hinge apparatus for cover of image forming apparatus
29 8,315,547 Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
30 8,315,544 Image forming apparatus including developer contact media having nano-scale roughness
31 8,315,542 Power transmission apparatus and image forming apparatus having the same
32 8,315,540 Compact image forming apparatus having pivotally attached scanning unit
33 8,315,512 Method and apparatus for auto-focus control of digital camera
34 8,315,460 Method for recognizing text from image
35 8,315,438 Displaying images related to a selected target point on an electronic map based on azimuth and view angle information
36 8,315,386 Method and apparatus for performing VoIP-based communication using bio keys
37 8,315,346 Method for transmitting/receiving feedback information in a multi-antenna system supporting multiple users, and feedback system supporting the same
38 8,315,340 Beacon signal processing circuit, high-speed synchronization circuit and receiving terminal including the same
39 8,315,316 Digital broadcasting transmission/reception system utilizing mull packet and TRS code to improve receiving performance and signal processing method thereof
40 8,315,309 Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding an image by using consecutive motion estimation
41 8,315,304 Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding transform coefficients
42 8,315,257 Apparatus and method for transmitting voice packet in wireless communication network
43 8,315,239 Apparatus and method for allocating resource in broadband wireless communication system
44 8,315,232 Apparatus and method for displaying availability of wireless LAN
45 8,315,219 Method for supporting mobility of a mobile node in a multi-hop IP network and a network system therefor
46 8,315,218 Method for supporting route optimization in 6LoWPAN based MANEMO environment
47 8,315,208 Apparatus and method for detecting femto base station in wireless communication system
48 8,315,195 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving control channels by restricting a set of the control channels in a wireless communication system
49 8,315,194 Method and user equipment apparatus for radio resource management in a mobile communication system
50 8,315,192 Method and system for configuring a media access control header to reduce a header overhead
51 8,315,180 Apparatus and method for selecting relay station mode in wireless communication system
52 8,315,146 Adaptive writing method for high-density optical recording apparatus and circuit thereof
53 8,315,145 Adaptive writing method for high-density optical recording apparatus and circuit thereof
54 8,315,138 Adaptive writing method for high-density optical recording apparatus and circuit thereof
55 8,315,122 Multi-chip package semiconductor memory device providing active termination control
56 8,315,121 Internal power generating apparatus, multichannel memory including the same, and processing system employing the multichannel memory
57 8,315,120 Semiconductor memory device and method of driving the same
58 8,315,118 Precharge method of semiconductor memory device and semiconductor memory device using the same
59 8,315,105 Method of erasing in non-volatile memory device
60 8,315,103 Flash memory device and operating method for concurrently applying different bias voltages to dummy memory cells and regular memory cells during erasure
61 8,315,102 Multi-bit flash memory devices and methods of programming and erasing the same
62 8,315,070 Organic light emitting diode display
63 8,315,056 Heat-radiating substrate and method of manufacturing the same
64 8,315,051 Portable electronic device having interceptor for foreign substance
65 8,315,034 Multilayer chip capacitor with improved equivalent series resistance
66 8,314,974 Apparatus and method of dual sided image reading
67 8,314,963 Printing information service system and method based on RFID technology
68 8,314,920 Method of aligning an exposure apparatus, method of exposing a photoresist film using the same and exposure apparatus for performing the method of exposing a photoresist film
69 8,314,914 Liquid crystal display and exposure mask for manufacturing liquid crystal display
70 8,314,913 Liquid crystal display with subpixels having alternately disposed branches
71 8,314,910 Display substrate and display panel having the same
72 8,314,906 Phase delay element for transmissive and reflective type liquid crystal display
73 8,314,889 Video processing apparatus and video processing method
74 8,314,858 Imaging and recording apparatus controlling erasure of data in flash type memory
75 8,314,854 Apparatus and method for image recognition of facial areas in photographic images from a digital camera
76 8,314,845 Method and system for managing an imaging device by an electronic device located remotely to the imaging device
77 8,314,833 Method for displaying a multi-viewpoint image and display apparatus for performing the same
78 8,314,826 Image forming apparatus and method for correcting color registration error thereof
79 8,314,818 Light emitting device and driving method thereof
80 8,314,802 Display apparatus and control method thereof
81 8,314,788 Organic light emitting display device
82 8,314,785 Plasma display device
83 8,314,768 Backlight unit, display apparatus having the same and method of inspecting the same
84 8,314,763 Display device transferring data signal with clock
85 8,314,758 Display device
86 8,314,753 Plasma display device
87 8,314,720 Terminal and method for executing function using human body communication
88 8,314,589 Battery pack
89 8,314,582 Method of controlling motor in image reading apparatus
90 8,314,551 Organic light emitting display device and method of manufacturing thereof
91 8,314,539 Field electron emitter including nucleic acid-coated carbon nanotube and method of manufacturing the same
92 8,314,510 Method for selecting an electric power supply, a circuit and an apparatus thereof
93 8,314,465 Dielectric layer for semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
94 8,314,457 Non-volatile memory devices
95 8,314,428 Thin film transistor with LDD/offset structure
96 8,314,387 Scanning electron microscope
97 8,314,365 Electronic device having case capable of controlling colors and method of controlling colors thereof
98 8,314,341 Printed circuit board having electromagnetic bandgap structure
99 8,314,194 Gel electrolyte and dye-sensitized solar cell using the same
100 8,314,171 Coating solution for inkjet recording apparatus, ink set including the coating solution and ink composition, and ink jet recording apparatus including the ink set
101 8,314,036 Methods of forming fine patterns of semiconductor device
102 8,314,028 Slurry compositions and methods of polishing a layer using the slurry compositions
103 8,314,025 Method of forming semiconductor device having contact plug
104 8,314,003 Nonvolatile memory devices that use resistance materials and internal electrodes, and related methods and processing systems
105 8,313,993 Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
106 8,313,988 Method for manufacturing thin film transistor and liquid crystal by treating a surface layer
107 8,313,978 Organic semiconductor copolymers containing oligothiophene and n-type heteroaromatic units
108 8,313,972 Photodetector using nanoparticles
109 8,313,905 Detection oligomer and method for controlling quality of biochip using detection oligomer
110 8,313,874 Structure of solid oxide fuel cell
111 8,313,873 Polymer membrane for a fuel cell, a method of preparing the same, and a membrane-electrode assembly fuel cell system comprising the same
112 8,313,857 Pouch type lithium secondary battery
113 8,313,852 Lithium rechargeable battery
114 8,313,851 Lithium rechargeable battery
115 8,313,847 Information storage devices using magnetic domain wall movement
116 8,313,843 Light-emitting polymer composition and organic EL display device using the same
117 8,313,539 Method of fabricating an anode and a lithium battery
118 8,313,197 Pattern projecting apparatus, three dimensional imaging apparatus having the same, and varifocal liquid lens being used in the same
119 8,313,068 Lifting device for display apparatus
120 8,313,018 Mobile ticket virtual sensor for context detection
121 8,312,582 Washing machine and control method thereof