Samsung patents granted on 20 October 2009

120 US patents granted on 20 October 2009 and assigned to Samsung

1 D602,513 Projector
2 D602,477 Wireless headset
3 D602,476 Wireless headset
4 D602,464 Cellular phone
5 D602,461 Mobile phone
6 D602,460 Mobile phone
7 7,607,161 Cable receiver
8 7,607,143 Tray mechanism for disk drive and disk drive using the same
9 7,607,116 Method and apparatus for verifying system-on-chip model
10 7,607,055 Semiconductor memory device and method of testing the same
11 7,607,013 Method and apparatus for access authentication in wireless mobile communication system
12 7,606,982 Multi-path accessible semiconductor memory device having data transmission mode between ports
13 7,606,970 Hybrid disk drive and method of controlling data therein
14 7,606,708 Apparatus, method, and medium for generating grammar network for use in speech recognition and dialogue speech recognition
15 7,606,661 Method and system for determining place for appointment using navigation system
16 7,606,605 Two-way folder-type terminal
17 7,606,600 Method of connecting a mobile terminal including a bluetooth module and a bluetooth access point
18 7,606,564 Apparatus and method for call using hot-key
19 7,606,540 Apparatus and method for using ambient RF power in a portable terminal
20 7,606,517 Image forming apparatus having a power controlling device that controls power supplied to developers
21 7,606,513 Image-forming apparatus including a device to attach and detach a transfer roller from a main body frame thereof
22 7,606,432 Apparatus and method for providing thumbnail image data on a mobile terminal
23 7,606,428 Schema and style sheet for DIBR data
24 7,606,416 Landmark detection apparatus and method for intelligent system
25 7,606,412 Method and apparatus for generating user preference data regarding color characteristic of image and method and apparatus for converting image color preference using the method and apparatus
26 7,606,386 Vibration actuator
27 7,606,365 Encryption/decryption system and key scheduler with variable key length
28 7,606,338 Analog correlator for very high speed data communication
29 7,606,336 Viterbi decoder using circulation type decoding units connected in parallel
30 7,606,320 Apparatus and method for space-frequency block coding/decoding in a communication system
31 7,606,300 Apparatus and method for setting tap coefficient of adaptive equalizer
32 7,606,299 Apparatus and method for estimating a carrier-to-interference-and-noise ratio in a communication system
33 7,606,281 Method of producing multi-wavelength semiconductor laser device
34 7,606,280 Method of producing multi-wavelength semiconductor laser device
35 7,606,212 Method and apparatus for setting gain factors for dedicated physical channels in a mobile telecommunications system
36 7,606,211 Method of determining transmission rate of control response frame for acknowledging data receipt in wireless LAN
37 7,606,182 Cooperative relay transmission method for a wireless communication system
38 7,606,135 Optical recording/reproducing apparatus capable of recording/reproducing information onto/from various types of optical recording media of different recording densities and different thicknesses
39 7,606,131 Recording control and space area management apparatus and method for recording additional data on a rewritable optical medium
40 7,606,125 Method of and drive for recording medium defect management, and defect managed recording medium
41 7,606,110 Memory module, memory unit, and hub with non-periodic clock and methods of using the same
42 7,606,099 Semiconductor memory device controlling output voltage level of high voltage generator according to temperature variation
43 7,606,090 Redundancy program circuit and methods thereof
44 7,606,087 Semiconductor memory device and over driving method thereof
45 7,606,064 Method for reducing a reset current for resetting a portion of a phase change material in a memory cell of a phase change memory device and the phase change memory device
46 7,606,054 Cache hit logic of cache memory and processor chip having the same
47 7,606,046 Semiconductor device and method for mitigating electrostatic discharge (ESD)
48 7,606,041 Apparatus and method for battery pack circuit board crack prevention
49 7,606,035 Heat sink and memory module using the same
50 7,606,022 Battery, battery mounting apparatus and electronic device
51 7,606,005 Connection structure for actuator and flexible printed circuit of hard disk drive
52 7,605,994 Multiple sinusoidal seek servo system for reducing seek acoustics and seek time in hard disk drives
53 7,605,956 Multi-function machine having jam removing apparatus and jam removing method thereof
54 7,605,944 Method of creating a plurality of images by single scanning and apparatus using the same
55 7,605,938 System and method for printing out image data and text data
56 7,605,906 Patterning systems using photomasks including shadowing elements therein
57 7,605,886 Vertically aligned mode liquid crystal display with differentiated B cell gap
58 7,605,884 Liquid crystal display
59 7,605,881 Liquid crystal display apparatus and control method thereof
60 7,605,875 Thin film transistor array panel for a liquid crystal display and a method for manufacturing the same
61 7,605,870 Digital video signal processing apparatus and method for frame-based adaptive temporal and spatial Y/C separation
62 7,605,857 Methods of manufacturing microlenses, microlens arrays and image sensors
63 7,605,848 Method for color filter array interpolation using color correlation similarity and multi-direction edge information
64 7,605,838 Broadcast signal receiving apparatus and method of filtering noise signals
65 7,605,810 Demultiplexer and display device using the same
66 7,605,791 Liquid crystal display having feed-forward circuit
67 7,605,784 Flat panel display
68 7,605,780 Display apparatus and control method thereof
69 7,605,779 Panel driving method for sustain period and display panel using the same
70 7,605,769 Multi-ban U-slot antenna
71 7,605,765 Built-in antenna module for portable wireless terminal
72 7,605,760 Concurrent mode antenna system
73 7,605,759 Monopole antenna having matching function
74 7,605,729 Apparatus and method for converting analog signal into digital signal taking average value of analog signal for sample period
75 7,605,727 Method, medium and apparatus for quantization encoding and de-quantization decoding using trellis
76 7,605,643 Voltage generation circuit and method thereof
77 7,605,636 Power gating structure, semiconductor including the same and method of controlling a power gating
78 7,605,599 Organic electro luminescence display (OELD) to perform sheet unit test and testing method using the OELD
79 7,605,596 Probe card, apparatus and method for inspecting an object
80 7,605,562 Rechargeable battery module
81 7,605,539 Plasma display panel with reduced electrode defect rate
82 7,605,537 Plasma display panel having bus electrodes extending across areas of non-discharge regions
83 7,605,525 Plasma display panel assembly having a short circuit preventive unit
84 7,605,478 Semiconductor package and method of manufacturing the same
85 7,605,473 Nonvolatile memory devices
86 7,605,472 Interconnections having double capping layer and method for forming the same
87 7,605,459 Coreless substrate and manufacturing thereof
88 7,605,444 Fuse box reducing damage caused by laser blowing and cross talk
89 7,605,430 Nonvolatile memory devices having a fin shaped active region and methods of fabricating the same
90 7,605,416 Thin film translator array panel and a method for manufacturing the panel
91 7,605,409 Semiconductor device, method of manufacturing the same, sense amplifier and method of forming the same
92 7,605,404 Image pickup device and method of manufacturing the same
93 7,605,399 Thin film transistor
94 7,605,395 Thin film transistor substrate and method for fabricating the same
95 7,605,104 Glass composition for low temperature sintering, dielectric composition and multilayer ceramic capacitor using the same
96 7,605,094 Method of forming metal oxide using an atomic layer deposition process
97 7,605,091 Etchant for conductive materials and method of manufacturing a thin film transistor array panel using the same
98 7,605,087 Methods of forming semiconductor devices using di-block polymer layers
99 7,605,067 Method of manufacturing non-volatile memory device
100 7,605,035 Method of fabricating semiconductor device by exposing upper sidewalls of contact plug to form charge storage electrode
101 7,605,025 Methods of forming MOSFETS using crystalline sacrificial structures
102 7,605,022 Methods of manufacturing a three-dimensional semiconductor device and semiconductor devices fabricated thereby
103 7,605,014 Method of fabricating resistive probe having self-aligned metal shield
104 7,604,927 Methods of patterning using photomasks including shadowing elements therein and related systems
105 7,604,921 Black matrix composition, black matrix prepared using the same, method of forming a black matrix pattern using the same and method of manufacturing a color filter substrate using the same
106 7,604,918 Photosensitive polymer and photoresist composition having the same
107 7,604,917 Polymer, top coating layer, top coating composition and immersion lithography process using the same
108 7,604,911 Mask pattern for semiconductor device fabrication, method of forming the same, method for preparing coating, composition for fine pattern formation, and method of fabricating semiconductor device
109 7,604,907 Multi-exposure semiconductor fabrication mask sets and methods of fabricating such multi-exposure mask sets
110 7,604,902 Can type lithium ion secondary battery
111 7,604,891 Direct oxidation fuel cell
112 7,604,886 Polymer membrane for fuel cell, method of preparing the same, and stack for fuel cell and fuel cell system comprising the same
113 7,604,790 Method of removing carbonaceous impurities in carbon nanotubes
114 7,604,674 Dust separating apparatus
115 7,604,524 Method for manufacturing plasma display panel having barrier ribs
116 7,604,494 Lamp socket, light supply assembly having the same and display device having the same
117 7,604,473 Injection apparatus having a microwave generation part
118 7,604,316 Method and apparatus for compensating for malfunctioning nozzle and inkjet image forming apparatus using the same
119 7,604,206 Monitor improved in a tilting and combining structure
120 7,603,756 Method of forming piezoelectric actuator of inkjet head