Samsung patents granted on 20 October 2015

241 US patents granted on 20 October 2015 and assigned to Samsung

1 D741,556 Nozzle for dishwasher
2 D741,518 LED bulb
3 D741,517 LED bulb
4 D741,401 Printer
5 D741,395 Flash for camera
6 D741,393 Camera
7 D741,367 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
8 D741,359 Portable electronic device with an animated graphical user interface
9 D741,358 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
10 D741,357 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
11 D741,356 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
12 D741,339 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
13 D741,337 PC
14 D741,320 All-in-one computer
15 D741,319 Tablet computer
16 D741,315 Portable computer
17 D741,314 Telephone cradle
18 D741,313 Telephone cradle
19 D741,312 Cover for mobile phone
20 D741,311 Cover for mobile phone
21 D741,309 Case for electronic device
22 D741,303 Stand for TV receiver
23 D741,287 Earphone
24 D741,277 Television receiver
25 D741,276 Television receiver
26 D741,140 Handle for home appliance
27 9,167,711 Mobile apparatus
28 9,167,697 Display panel and bonding apparatus for manufacturing the same
29 9,167,677 Method of aging X-ray generator having carbon nanotube electron emitter
30 9,167,673 Method for controlling a plurality of street lamps
31 9,167,663 Display apparatus and method of repairing the same
32 9,167,657 Organic light emitting device
33 9,167,636 Variable lighting apparatus
34 9,167,615 Apparatus and method of connecting service, according to user intention
35 9,167,613 Method and apparatus for supporting connectivity of peer-to-peer (P2P) communication in mobile communication system
36 9,167,608 Access point and method for connecting wireless communication
37 9,167,606 Network connection control method and apparatus of mobile terminal
38 9,167,597 Methods and apparatus for transmission of uplink sounding reference signals in a communication system with large number of antennas
39 9,167,585 Transmission mode and feedback designs to support MTC type devices in LTE
40 9,167,580 Method and apparatus for transmission of physical channel in DwPTS
41 9,167,572 Method of reference signaling resource allocation for control channel transmission in wireless communication system
42 9,167,569 Method and apparatus for allocating resources of a control channel in a mobile communication system using orthogonal frequency division multiplexing
43 9,167,568 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving control information in a wireless communication system
44 9,167,527 Apparatus and method for reducing power consumption in portable terminal
45 9,167,524 Assistant method and system for retrieving wireless signals for mobile devices
46 9,167,523 Method and apparatus for consuming low power by terminal in mobile communication system
47 9,167,510 Method and apparatus for blindly detecting a common search space and a UE specific search space
48 9,167,507 Cell reselection method and mobile terminal using the same
49 9,167,483 In-device coexistence interference report control method and apparatus of network in mobile communication system
50 9,167,440 Mobile terminal device for positioning system based on magnetic field map and method thereof
51 9,167,416 Method for reporting capability information and dual mode user equipment adapted thereto
52 9,167,349 Method and apparatus for reproducing multi-channel sound using cable/wireless device
53 9,167,324 Speaker module for portable terminal
54 9,167,284 Digital broadcasting transmission/reception system utilizing mull packet and TRS code to improve receiving performance and signal processing method thereof
55 9,167,283 Method and system for preventing data loss in switching data transmission mode
56 9,167,238 3D display apparatus for use in synchronization with 3D glasses and 3D display method thereof
57 9,167,237 Method and apparatus for providing 3-dimensional image
58 9,167,230 Image sensor for simultaneously obtaining color image and depth image, method of operating the image sensor, and image processing system including the image sensor
59 9,167,222 Method and apparatus for providing and processing 3D image
60 9,167,203 Method and apparatus for video call in communication system
61 9,167,199 Image input apparatus with high-speed, high-quality still image successive capturing capability and still image successive capturing method using the same
62 9,167,164 Metadata associated with frames in a moving image
63 9,167,163 Digital image processing apparatus that displays first content, generates second content based on an input signal, and generates third content related to the second content, and method of controlling the same
64 9,167,156 Photographing apparatus for photographing panoramic image and method thereof
65 9,167,150 Apparatus and method for processing image in mobile terminal having camera
66 9,167,146 Method of receiving connection information from mobile communication device, computer-readable storage medium having recorded thereon the method, and digital image-capturing apparatus
67 9,167,132 System and method of estimating motion of image using block sampling
68 9,167,116 Image forming apparatus for controlling an image forming job input in an offline state and controlling method thereof
69 9,166,826 Transport stream generating device, transmitting device, receiving device, and a digital broadcast system having the same, and method thereof
70 9,166,767 Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving control information in a broadband wireless communication system using half frequency division duplex
71 9,166,757 Method and apparatus for transmitting SRS in LTE TDD system
72 9,166,756 Method and apparatus for transmitting SRS in LTE TDD system
73 9,166,751 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving control information in a wireless communication system
74 9,166,748 Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving the hybrid-ARQ ACK/NACK signal in mobile communication system
75 9,166,746 Operating method and apparatus according to data duplicate retransmission in mobile communication system
76 9,166,744 Apparatus and method for transmitting channel quality indicator and acknowledgement signals in SC-FDMA communication systems
77 9,166,737 Extension of physical downlink control channels in a communication system
78 9,166,705 Semiconductor apparatuses having optical connections between memory controller and memory module
79 9,166,668 Apparatus and method for adding burst of single-input multiple-output mode or collaborative spatial multiplexing mode to frame in spatial multiplexing system
80 9,166,567 Data-retained power-gating circuit and devices including the same
81 9,166,555 Phase shifter using bulk acoustic wave resonator
82 9,166,446 Method and apparatus for controlling wireless power transmission
83 9,166,414 Battery pack and method of controlling the same
84 9,166,263 Anode for lithium air battery and lithium air battery including the anode
85 9,166,260 Battery module
86 9,166,256 Rechargeable battery
87 9,166,253 Solid-state battery
88 9,166,245 Distributor and fuel cell module having the same
89 9,166,226 Positive electrode for lithium rechargeable battery and lithium rechargeable battery including the same
90 9,166,224 Lithium titanate, negative electrode including the lithium titanate, and secondary lithium battery containing the electrode
91 9,166,220 Negative active material for rechargeable lithium battery, method of preparing the same and rechargeable lithium battery including the same
92 9,166,217 Secondary battery
93 9,166,216 Rechargeable battery and module thereof
94 9,166,210 Case for secondary battery and method of manufacturing case
95 9,166,208 Rechargeable battery
96 9,166,205 Light-scattering substrate, method of manufacturing the same, organic light-emitting display device including the same, and method of manufacturing the organic light-emitting display device
97 9,166,203 Method of a fabricating display substrate and method of fabricating a display device using the same
98 9,166,201 Method for manufacturing organic light emitting diode display and method for manufacturing touch panel
99 9,166,200 Apparatus for manufacturing organic light emitting diode display and method for manufacturing organic light emitting diode display
100 9,166,199 Organic electroluminescence device
101 9,166,191 Display device, method of manufacturing the display device and carrier substrate for manufacturing display device
102 9,166,186 Methods of forming organic light emitting structures and methods of manufacturing organic light emitting display devices
103 9,166,168 Organic semiconductor polymer, organic thin film transistor, and electronic device
104 9,166,166 Deposition mask, method of manufacturing display apparatus by using the deposition mask, and display apparatus manufactured by the method
105 9,166,152 Diffusionless transformations in MTJ stacks
106 9,166,144 Magnetic devices having perpendicular magnetic tunnel junction
107 9,166,124 Light emitting device package and headlight for vehicle having the same
108 9,166,122 Light emitting device
109 9,166,120 LED device having improved luminous efficacy
110 9,166,109 Semiconductor light emitting element, and light emitting device having conductive vias of first electrode structure disposed below second pad electrode of second electrode structure
111 9,166,099 Graphene light-emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
112 9,166,098 Nitride semiconductor light emitting device
113 9,166,062 Field effect transistor using graphene
114 9,166,034 Semiconductor devices and methods of fabricating the same
115 9,166,012 Semiconductor memory devices including an air gap and methods of fabricating the same
116 9,165,996 Organic light emitting display device and manufacturing method thereof
117 9,165,993 Capacitor device, organic light emitting display apparatus including the capacitor device, and method of manufacturing the organic light emitting display apparatus
118 9,165,988 Organic light-emitting display apparatus having dual insulating parts
119 9,165,985 Organic light-emitting display device
120 9,165,983 Organic light emitting diode display
121 9,165,982 Optical films for reducing color shift and organic light-emitting display apparatuses employing the same
122 9,165,981 Organic light emitting display and method of manufacturing the same
123 9,165,980 Organic light-emitting device and of preparing the same
124 9,165,978 Light emitting apparatus and method for fabricating the same
125 9,165,974 Electronic devices including multiple semiconductor layers
126 9,165,966 CMOS image sensors including an isolation region adjacent a light-receiving region
127 9,165,941 Semiconductor memory devices and methods for fabricating the same
128 9,165,935 Semiconductor devices and methods for manufacturing the same
129 9,165,934 Semiconductor devices including insulating extension patterns between adjacent landing pads and methods of fabricating the same
130 9,165,916 Semiconductor package and method of fabricating the same
131 9,165,897 Semiconductor package having unified semiconductor chips
132 9,165,893 Semiconductor device including coupling conductive pattern
133 9,165,820 Integrated circuit devices including interconnections insulated by air gaps and methods of fabricating the same
134 9,165,817 Method of grinding substrate and method of manufacturing semiconductor light emitting device using the same
135 9,165,809 Side roller and substrate transport device including the same
136 9,165,759 Etching composition and method of manufacturing semiconductor device using the same
137 9,165,715 Multilayer ceramic capacitor with electrodes having lead-out parts and method of manufacturing the same
138 9,165,713 Multilayer ceramic electronic component and board for mounting the same
139 9,165,712 Multilayer ceramic electronic component and fabrication method thereof
140 9,165,708 Thin film coil and electronic device having the same
141 9,165,701 Resistance heating element and heating member and fusing device employing the same
142 9,165,679 Post package repairing method, method of preventing multiple activation of spare word lines, and semiconductor memory device including fuse programming circuit
143 9,165,673 Semiconductor memory device including sensing verification unit
144 9,165,672 Nonvolatile memory device comprising page buffer and operation method thereof
145 9,165,669 Memory system and method of driving memory system using zone voltages
146 9,165,660 Non-volatile memory devices and related operating methods
147 9,165,657 Operating method of memory system including NAND flash memory, variable resistance memory and controller
148 9,165,646 Resistive memory device including compensation resistive device and method of compensating resistance distribution
149 9,165,637 Volatile memory device and a memory controller
150 9,165,611 Wiring structures for three-dimensional semiconductor devices
151 9,165,602 Information storage medium storing multi-angle data and method and apparatus for reproducing the multi-angle data
152 9,165,529 Stereoscopic image display apparatus and a stereoscopic image display system having the same
153 9,165,528 Display systems for reducing power consumption and methods for driving the same
154 9,165,524 Display device and driving method thereof
155 9,165,518 Display device and driving method thereof
156 9,165,514 Display apparatus and backlight unit
157 9,165,506 Organic light emitting display device and method of driving an organic light emitting display device
158 9,165,504 Method of controlling a dimming operation and organic light emitting display device performing the same
159 9,165,500 Pixel circuit, organic light emitting display device, and method of driving the pixel circuit
160 9,165,498 Organic light emitting display and power supply for the same
161 9,165,492 Display apparatus, display driving apparatus, and method of driving the display apparatus
162 9,165,485 Display apparatus
163 9,165,404 Method, apparatus, and system for processing virtual world
164 9,165,367 Depth estimation system for two-dimensional images and method of operation thereof
165 9,165,354 Method of analyzing photolithography processes
166 9,165,349 Apparatus for generating diagnosis image, medical imaging system, and method for processing image
167 9,165,261 Apparatus and method for performing accounting in wireless communication system
168 9,165,211 Image processing apparatus and method
169 9,165,209 Apparatus and method for calculating cumulative histogram of image
170 9,165,132 Method of authenticating password and portable device thereof
171 9,165,037 Apparatus and method for analyzing user preference about domain using multi-dimensional, multi-layered context structure
172 9,164,974 Method and apparatus for providing an electronic book service in a mobile device
173 9,164,956 Vehicle control apparatus and method using private medical information, and mobile terminal
174 9,164,925 Method and apparatus for authorizing host to access portable storage device
175 9,164,919 Method and apparatus for inputting/outputting virtual operating system from removable storage device on a host using virtualization technique
176 9,164,909 Method for the use of process identifiers to invalidate cached data in environments that allow processes to migrate between physical machines
177 9,164,890 Storage device capable of increasing its life cycle and operating method thereof
178 9,164,889 Memory system to select program operation method and method thereof
179 9,164,884 Display controller and display device including the same
180 9,164,881 Method of determining deterioration state of memory device and memory system using the same
181 9,164,835 Operating method of controller controlling nonvolatile memory device and mapping pattern selecting method of selecting mapping pattern mapping polar coded code word with multi bit data of nonvolatile memory device
182 9,164,834 Semiconductor memory devices, memory systems including the same and method of writing data in the same
183 9,164,817 Mobile communication terminal to provide widget expansion function using message communication, and operation method of the mobile communication terminal
184 9,164,769 Analyzing data flow graph to detect data for copying from central register file to local register file used in different execution modes in reconfigurable processing array
185 9,164,757 Image forming apparatus, tracking apparatus, managing apparatus and method of updating firmware of image forming apparatus
186 9,164,745 Method and apparatus for auto installing application into different terminals
187 9,164,732 Multiplication method and modular multiplier using redundant form recoding
188 9,164,718 Output device and method for output without an output driver
189 9,164,703 Solid state drive interface controller and method selectively activating and deactivating interfaces and allocating storage capacity to the interfaces
190 9,164,697 Method and architecture for highly scalable data storage
191 9,164,682 Nonvolatile storage device and operating system (OS) image program method thereof
192 9,164,677 Systems and methods for DMA controller for checking the status of metadata prior to or simultaneously when transferring data to host
193 9,164,615 Display device integrated with touch screen panel and driving method thereof
194 9,164,613 Touch display substrate and touch display panel having the same
195 9,164,612 Flexible touch display panel
196 9,164,608 Apparatus and method for adjusting touch sensitivity in mobile terminal
197 9,164,597 Electronic pen device
198 9,164,593 Apparatus and method for detecting and handling flexion states of flexible display
199 9,164,562 Data storage device for forcibly discharging residual voltage, method operating the same, and data processing system including the same
200 9,164,529 High voltage power supply and method of outputting plus/minus high-voltage in image forming apparatuses
201 9,164,509 Mobile robot and method of localization and mapping of the same
202 9,164,389 Patterning method using electron beam and exposure system configured to perform the same
203 9,164,382 Photorefractive composite, spatial light modulator, and hologram display device using the same
204 9,164,344 Liquid crystal display device and method of repairing bad pixels therein
205 9,164,339 Display apparatus
206 9,164,335 Display panel and method of manufacturing the same
207 9,164,332 Display device
208 9,164,329 Liquid crystal display
209 9,164,327 Liquid crystal display device and method for manufacturing thereof
210 9,164,320 Light emitting unit with high light spreading angle, backlight assembly having the same, and display apparatus
211 9,164,318 Backlight assembly and display apparatus having the same
212 9,164,312 Polarizing adhesive element, method of manufacturing the same and display apparatus having the same
213 9,164,286 Display apparatus and method of displaying three dimensional image using the same
214 9,164,285 Three-dimensional image display apparatus
215 9,164,278 Micro-optical switching device, image display apparatus including micro-optical switching device, and method of manufacturing micro-optical switching device
216 9,164,276 Micro optical switching device, image display apparatus including micro optical switching device, and method of manufacturing micro optical switching device
217 9,164,211 Display apparatus capable of controlling light transmittance
218 9,164,171 Method of ultrasonic beamforming and apparatus therefor
219 9,164,145 Apparatus and method for testing semiconductor device
220 9,164,139 Memory device and memory system including the same
221 9,164,127 Contactor and semiconductor test apparatus comprising the same
222 9,164,124 Apparatus and method for controlling automatic gain of inertial sensor
223 9,164,091 Centrifugal micro-fluidic device and method for detecting analytes from liquid specimen
224 9,163,998 Infrared detector
225 9,163,994 Electronic mirror and method for displaying image using the same
226 9,163,929 Tomographic image generation apparatus having modulation and correction device and method of operating the same
227 9,163,870 Refrigerator
228 9,163,822 Light source assembly
229 9,163,805 LED lens and LED module for two-sided lighting, and LED two-sided lighting apparatus using same
230 9,163,709 Gantry apparatus
231 9,163,347 Door lock control apparatus and method of washing
232 9,163,345 Drum washing machine
233 9,163,306 Patterning slit sheet frame assembly
234 9,163,206 Culture apparatus and method of replacing culture medium
235 9,163,163 Multilayer film, method for manufacture thereof and articles including the same
236 9,163,118 Poly(amide-imide) block copolymer, article including same, and display device including the article
237 9,163,004 Organic light-emitting device
238 9,162,907 Ion exchanger, method of manufacturing the same, and ion exchange filter device and electro-deionization device including the same
239 9,162,899 BaX type Zeolite granule and process for preparing the same
240 9,161,739 Beamforming method, beamforming apparatus, and medical imaging system performing the beamforming method
241 9,161,730 Apparatus for detecting X-ray, method of manufacturing the same, and method of repairing the same