Samsung patents granted on 21 April 2009

112 US patents granted on 21 April 2009 and assigned to Samsung

1 D590,807 Portable phone
2 D590,804 Mobile phone
3 D590,796 Portable phone
4 D590,795 Portable phone
5 D590,794 Mobile phone
6 D590,793 Mobile phone
7 7,523,382 Apparatus and method for generating and decoding forward error correction codes having variable rate in a high-rate wireless data communication system
8 7,523,328 Computer power control
9 7,523,325 Power control system and method, and main and auxiliary devices applied to the same
10 7,523,274 Data storage device and method using heterogeneous nonvolatile memory
11 7,523,039 Method for encoding digital audio using advanced psychoacoustic model and apparatus thereof
12 7,522,946 Hinge apparatus for mobile communication terminals
13 7,522,944 Portable communication apparatus
14 7,522,933 Bluetooth system capable of communicating on scatternet and communicating method thereof
15 7,522,932 Method and system for deleting floor in PoC system
16 7,522,912 Device and method for downloading character image from website in wireless terminal
17 7,522,820 Data storage medium in which multiple bitstreams are recorded, apparatus and method for recording the multiple bitstreams, and apparatus and method for reproducing the multiple bitstreams
18 7,522,819 Data storage medium in which multiple bitstreams are recorded, apparatus and method for recording the multiple bitstreams, and apparatus and method for reproducing the multiple bitstreams
19 7,522,818 Data storage medium in which multiple bitstreams are recorded, apparatus and method for recording the multiple bitstreams, and apparatus and method for reproducing the multple bitstreams
20 7,522,781 Method and apparatus for image processing based on a mapping function
21 7,522,649 Submount of a multi-beam laser diode module
22 7,522,637 Dynamic resource allocation method for an OFDMA system
23 7,522,570 System and method for provisioning service flows in broadband wireless access communication
24 7,522,567 Router supporting network mobility over nested mobile network and a method for tunneling thereof
25 7,522,553 System and method for updating a sleep ID of a mobile station in a BWA communication system
26 7,522,547 Method for transmitting FATIM in mobile ad hoc network and medium access control protocol layer module therefor
27 7,522,538 System-on-chip establishing paths between routers and method therefor
28 7,522,505 Optical memory device
29 7,522,500 Method of recording and/or reproducing data with respect to multi-layer information storage medium having optimal power control areas
30 7,522,497 Apparatus for reproducing data from information storage medium having multiple storage layers with optimal power control (OPC) areas and buffer areas
31 7,522,496 Method of obtaining optimal recording condition with respect to information storage medium having multiple storage layers with optical power control areas
32 7,522,492 Circuit and method for detecting address in pre-groove (ADIP) signal in wobble detection system of optical disc apparatus
33 7,522,490 Apparatus for assigning spare areas for defect management and apparatus for handling fragmented ECC blocks
34 7,522,449 Phase change memory device and related programming method
35 7,522,447 Magnetic memory devices and methods of forming the same
36 7,522,446 Heating MRAM cells to ease state switching
37 7,522,440 Data input and data output control device and method
38 7,522,378 Magnetic head for perpendicular magnetic writing
39 7,522,351 Lens driving device
40 7,522,345 Method of fabricating liquid lens using electrowetting and liquid lens fabricated thereby
41 7,522,340 Highly efficient 2D/3D switchable display apparatus
42 7,522,331 Spatial optic modulating system with speckle reduction and method thereof
43 7,522,305 Image printing apparatus and a white line compensation method therefor
44 7,522,240 Liquid crystal display having improved retardation film
45 7,522,239 Liquid crystal display
46 7,522,230 Display device
47 7,522,226 Liquid crystal display
48 7,522,220 Dual-channel adaptive 2D noise reduction for video signals
49 7,522,160 Signal converting circuit for driving a shift register and display apparatus having the same
50 7,522,145 Liquid crystal display apparatus
51 7,522,143 Liquid crystal display device
52 7,522,138 Display device with reduced flickering
53 7,522,137 Liquid crystal display device and method of field sequential driving mode
54 7,522,133 Light emitting panel and light emitting display
55 7,522,131 Electron emission display (EED) device with variable expression range of gray level
56 7,522,119 Multiband antenna with removed coupling
57 7,522,106 Antenna having extended operation frequency bandwidth
58 7,522,031 Apparatus and method for controlling alarm by motion recognition in a portable terminal
59 7,522,009 Oscillation stabilization circuit
60 7,521,988 Voltage booster for semiconductor device and semiconductor memory device using same
61 7,521,957 Impedance controller for semiconductor device
62 7,521,868 Plasma display panel
63 7,521,857 Organic electro luminescent display and method for fabricating the same
64 7,521,853 Shadow mask for cathode ray tube
65 7,521,848 Plasma display apparatus
66 7,521,831 Ultra-slim spindle motor
67 7,521,810 Chip stack package and manufacturing method thereof
68 7,521,804 Semiconductor device preventing electrical short and method of manufacturing the same
69 7,521,788 Semiconductor module with conductive element between chip packages
70 7,521,767 MOS transistor in a semiconductor device
71 7,521,766 Transistor and method of forming the same
72 7,521,753 Integrated circuit devices having active regions with expanded effective widths
73 7,521,750 Semiconductor device having multi-bit nonvolatile memory cell and methods of fabricating the same
74 7,521,746 Ferroelectric random access memories (FRAMS) having lower electrodes respectively self-aligned to node conductive layer patterns and methods of forming the same
75 7,521,742 Complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) image sensor
76 7,521,717 Thin film transistor, flat panel display device, and method of fabricating the same
77 7,521,715 Node contact structures in semiconductor devices
78 7,521,706 Phase change memory devices with contact surface area to a phase changeable material defined by a sidewall of an electrode hole and methods of forming the same
79 7,521,704 Memory device using multi-layer with a graded resistance change
80 7,521,698 Apparatus and method for interlocking a power supply to ion implantation equipment, method and apparatus for generating an interlocking signal, method and apparatus for interrupting an ion implantation process, and an interlocking system
81 7,521,694 Ion source section for ion implantation equipment
82 7,521,661 Driving an image sensor with reduced area and high image quality
83 7,521,659 Driving an image sensor with reduced area and high image quality
84 7,521,657 Assembly having wafer with image sensor chips, a photo-sensitive adhesive pattern and plate thereof and method of manufacturing the same
85 7,521,525 Blue luminescent polymer and organoelectroluminescent device using the same
86 7,521,375 Method of forming an oxinitride layer
87 7,521,357 Methods of forming metal wiring in semiconductor devices using etch stop layers
88 7,521,348 Method of fabricating semiconductor device having fine contact holes
89 7,521,333 Methods of fabricating trench isolation structures having varying depth
90 7,521,331 High dielectric film and related method of manufacture
91 7,521,329 Semiconductor light emitting diode having textured structure and method of manufacturing the same
92 7,521,316 Methods of forming gate structures for semiconductor devices
93 7,521,301 Methods for fabricating integrated circuit field effect transistors including channel-containing fin having regions of high and low doping concentrations
94 7,521,289 Package having dummy package substrate and method of fabricating the same
95 7,521,281 Methods of forming phase-changeable memory devices
96 7,521,269 Single-crystal nitride-based semiconductor substrate and method of manufacturing high-quality nitride-based light emitting device by using the same
97 7,521,246 Cell lysis by heating-cooling process through endothermic reaction
98 7,521,162 Organophotoreceptor with a charge transport material having two epoxidated-carbazolyl groups
99 7,521,156 Photo mask and method of correcting the transmissivity of a photo mask
100 7,521,151 Rechargeable lithium battery with specific surface roughness of positive electrode and/or negative electrode
101 7,521,150 Secondary battery including resin cavity side covering
102 7,521,148 Cap assembly and secondary battery utilizing the same
103 7,521,130 Organic electroluminescent display device having superior characteristics at high temperature
104 7,520,998 Method of fabricating micro actuator having media stage
105 7,520,915 Method of preparing nano scale nickel powders by wet reducing process
106 7,520,758 Refrigerator
107 7,520,685 Security camera
108 7,520,656 Backlight assembly and display device having the same
109 7,520,441 Chip card with simultaneous contact and contact-less operations
110 7,520,438 Method of multi-interfacing between smart card and memory card, and multi-interface card
111 7,520,436 Slide module for slide type portable terminal and cover apparatus for external type card mounted thereto
112 7,520,068 Apparatus and method for drying semiconductor substrates