Samsung patents granted on 21 April 2015

185 US patents granted on 21 April 2015 and assigned to Samsung

1 D727,503 Computer tomography apparatus
2 D727,502 Wireless detector for X-ray device
3 D727,411 Toner cartridge for printer
4 D727,394 Camera
5 D727,378 Refrigerator dispenser
6 D727,377 Element for refrigerator
7 D727,376 Decorative panel
8 D727,359 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
9 D727,358 Display screen or portion thereof with transitional graphical user interface
10 D727,356 Display screen portion with icon
11 D727,355 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
12 D727,354 Display screen or portion thereof with animated graphical user interface
13 D727,344 Display screen portion with graphical user interface
14 D727,341 Display screen or portion thereof with transitional graphical user interface
15 D727,340 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
16 D727,339 Display screen or portion thereof with transitional graphical user interface
17 D727,320 All-in-one computer
18 D727,319 Wearable display device
19 D727,316 Electronic device
20 D727,315 Portable computer
21 D727,312 Portable computer
22 D727,304 Electronic device
23 D727,303 Mobile terminal
24 D727,302 Stand for TV receiver
25 D727,276 Mobile communication device
26 D727,260 Charger for an electronic device
27 D727,259 Wireless charger for an electronic device
28 D727,154 Tray for packaging box
29 D727,153 Tray for packaging box
30 D727,095 Tray for microwave oven
31 D727,094 Tray for microwave oven
32 9,015,845 Transit control for data
33 9,015,683 Method and apparatus for transforming program code
34 9,015,607 Virtual space providing apparatus and method
35 9,015,587 Home network device and method of receiving and transmitting sound information using the same
36 9,015,568 System and method for multi-stage time-division multiplexed LDPC decoder
37 9,015,506 Image forming apparatus and method for controlling the same
38 9,015,491 Method and apparatus for managing private data in multifunction peripheral
39 9,015,462 Display device and booting method thereof
40 9,015,459 Method of initializing operation of a memory system
41 9,015,451 Processor including a cache and a scratch pad memory and memory control method thereof
42 9,015,447 Memory system comprising translation lookaside buffer and translation information buffer and related method of operation
43 9,015,445 Method and system for manipulating data
44 9,015,403 Method for adjusting performance of a storage device and a semiconductor storage device therefor
45 9,015,389 Volatile memory device and memory controller
46 9,015,383 Method and apparatus for changing input type in input system using universal plug and play
47 9,015,347 Method and apparatus for transmitting a message as an image
48 9,015,344 Method, apparatus and system for managing private network remotely using session initiation protocol
49 9,015,329 Portable information apparatus that includes touch sensitive screen interface and wireless communication circuitry for selecting an output device on the touch sensitive screen and for wireless transmitting output stream to the selected output device
50 9,015,293 Method and apparatus for configuring ping interval in a portable terminal
51 9,015,273 Methods and devices for transmitting and receiving sequential content in a content centric network
52 9,015,189 Method and system for providing information using a supplementary device
53 9,015,077 Method and apparatus for efficiently encrypting/decrypting digital content according to broadcast encryption scheme
54 9,014,854 Robot and control method thereof
55 9,014,769 Cryocooler system and superconducting magnet apparatus having the same
56 9,014,733 Method and apparatus for beam allocation in wireless communication system
57 9,014,728 Method and apparatus for operating call function of portable terminal
58 9,014,707 Apparatus and method for hierarchical rate splitting in hierarchical cell communication system
59 9,014,701 Method and apparatus for communicating with base station based on speed of user equipment in mobile communication system
60 9,014,674 Apparatus and method for transmitting information in voicemail
61 9,014,672 Apparatus and method for e-mail polling in portable terminal
62 9,014,627 Near field communication (NFC) security apparatus and method
63 9,014,539 Image display system and display method thereof
64 9,014,503 Noise-reduction method and apparatus
65 9,014,455 X-ray imaging apparatus and X-ray image generating method
66 9,014,447 System and method for detection of lesions in three-dimensional digital medical image
67 9,014,310 Ultra-low power super-regenerative receiver and method thereof
68 9,014,272 Method and apparatus for generating interpolated frame between original frames
69 9,014,260 Method and apparatus for encoding images, and method and apparatus for decoding encoded images
70 9,014,259 Apparatus and method for sequentially parsing bitstreams based on removal of emulation prevention byte
71 9,014,257 Apparatus and method for wireless communications
72 9,014,103 Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving preamble of random access channel in a broadband wireless communication system
73 9,014,094 Main hub, sub hub, and sensor node communicating in wireless body area network (WBAN) including at least one sub hub, and communication method thereof
74 9,014,043 Reference signal measurement method and apparatus for use in wireless communication system including plural base stations with distributed antennas
75 9,014,039 Method and device for performing and controlling user equipment measurement in multiple carrier aggregated mobile communication system
76 9,014,019 Multi-user MIMO communication system and method using feedback information
77 9,014,001 Transmission node and reception node in content centric network, and communication method of transmission node and reception node
78 9,013,990 Communication apparatus and method of content router to control traffic transmission rate in content-centric network (CCN), and content router
79 9,013,965 Optical pickup device and optical disk drive including the same
80 9,013,944 Auxiliary power device and user system including the same
81 9,013,934 Method of operating a nonvolatile memory by reprogramming failed cells using a reinforced program pulse in an idle state and memory system thereof
82 9,013,921 Semiconductor memory device
83 9,013,858 Multilayer ceramic electronic component
84 9,013,779 Electrowetting display apparatus
85 9,013,771 Color temperature conversion method, medium, and apparatus converting a color temperature of a pixel based on brightness
86 9,013,712 Display apparatus
87 9,013,674 Exposure apparatus including the exposure head and control method thereof
88 9,013,665 Display device and manufacturing method thereof
89 9,013,658 Method of manufacturing reflective color filter
90 9,013,645 Polarizing panel and display device having the same
91 9,013,624 Image pickup apparatus having same exposure time among pixel groups and associated method and computer-readable medium
92 9,013,619 Camera with multi-function display
93 9,013,589 Digital image processing apparatus and digital image processing method capable of obtaining sensibility-based image
94 9,013,534 Apparatus and method for providing video telephony service in mobile communication terminal
95 9,013,519 Organic light emitting display and method of driving the same
96 9,013,518 Image display device and driving method with selective black data insertion
97 9,013,503 Image-data-converting device and display device including the same
98 9,013,495 Method and apparatus for rendering
99 9,013,482 Mesh generating apparatus, method and computer-readable medium, and image processing apparatus, method and computer-readable medium
100 9,013,479 Apparatus and method for tile-based rendering
101 9,013,478 Method and apparatus for displaying stereoscopic information related to ultrasound sectional plane of target object
102 9,013,476 Method and apparatus for displaying a 3D image in a mobile terminal
103 9,013,473 Graphic processing unit and method for decompressing data
104 9,013,468 Display device able to prevent an abnormal display caused by a soft fail and a method of driving the same
105 9,013,465 Organic light emitting display and driving method thereof
106 9,013,463 Organic light emitting display integrated with touch screen panel
107 9,013,461 Organic light emitting diode display
108 9,013,460 Display device and driving method thereof
109 9,013,456 Scan driver and driving method thereof
110 9,013,443 Touch panel and driving device for the same
111 9,013,433 Flexible display device and data displaying method thereof
112 9,013,432 Flexible display device and data displaying method thereof
113 9,013,431 Power-saving display device
114 9,013,393 Method of driving a light source, light source apparatus for performing the method and display apparatus having the light source apparatus
115 9,013,390 Gate driver with node stabilizer and display device including the same
116 9,013,381 Organic light emitting diode display comprising a dot that includes two blue pixels
117 9,013,380 Organic light emitting display and method of driving the same
118 9,013,379 Pulse generator and organic light emitting display using the same
119 9,013,375 Organic light-emitting display apparatus and method of driving the same
120 9,013,374 Pixel and organic light emitting display using the same
121 9,013,371 Display apparatus and control method thereof
122 9,013,370 Display system for meeting room and control method thereof
123 9,013,201 Method of testing an object and apparatus for performing the same
124 9,013,197 Chip on glass substrate and method for measuring connection resistance of the same
125 9,013,188 Apparatus and method for sensing failure
126 9,013,172 Apparatus and method for detecting frequency
127 9,013,117 Method for driving color lamp and apparatus therefor
128 9,013,101 Display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
129 9,013,094 Organic light emitting display apparatus
130 9,013,068 Wireless power transmission apparatus using near field focusing
131 9,013,031 Semiconductor packages including heat diffusion vias and interconnection vias
132 9,012,994 Thin film transistor array panel and method for manufacturing the same
133 9,012,982 Recessed transistor and method of manufacturing the same
134 9,012,977 Semiconductor memory devices having selection transistors with nonuniform threshold voltage characteristics
135 9,012,974 Vertical memory devices and methods of manufacturing the same
136 9,012,950 Light emitting device package
137 9,012,941 Light emitting diode device, light emitting apparatus and method of manufacturing light emitting diode device
138 9,012,934 Method of forming semiconductor layer and semiconductor light emitting device
139 9,012,916 Organic light-emitting display apparatus
140 9,012,915 Organic light-emitting display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
141 9,012,909 Oxide semiconductor, oxide semiconductor thin film, and thin film transistor including the same
142 9,012,903 Organic light-emitting devices
143 9,012,893 Display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
144 9,012,890 Organic light-emitting display device and manufacturing method of the same
145 9,012,884 Semiconductor light-emitting devices including contact layers to form reflective electrodes
146 9,012,877 Semiconductor device including a diode and method of manufacturing the same
147 9,012,755 Method and apparatus for storing/searching for music
148 9,012,355 Adsorbent for carbon dioxide, method of preparing the same, and capture module for carbon dioxide including the same
149 9,012,326 Methods for patterning microelectronic devices using two sacrificial layers
150 9,012,321 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
151 9,012,320 Three-dimensional semiconductor memory devices and methods of fabricating the same
152 9,012,281 Semiconductor device fabrication methods
153 9,012,273 Method of manufacturing a flat panel display device
154 9,012,258 Method of manufacturing an organic light-emitting display apparatus using at least two deposition units
155 9,012,257 Vapor deposition apparatus and method, and method of manufacturing organic light emitting display apparatus
156 9,012,249 Organic light emitting diode display and method for manufacturing the same
157 9,012,107 Cathode catalyst for fuel cell, method of preparing same, and membrane-electrode assembly comprising same
158 9,012,082 Negative active material for a rechargeable lithium battery, a method of preparing the same, and a rechargeable lithium battery comprising the same
159 9,012,077 Positive electrode including a binder for rechargeable lithium battery and rechargeable lithium battery including the same
160 9,012,074 Electrode for lithium secondary battery and lithium secondary battery including same
161 9,012,070 Secondary battery
162 9,012,068 Battery cell and battery module using the same
163 9,012,065 Secondary battery and battery pack having the same
164 9,012,064 Current collecting plate and secondary battery including current collecting plate
165 9,012,063 Battery module
166 9,012,059 Secondary battery
167 9,012,053 Electrode assembly and rechargeable battery including the same
168 9,012,052 Battery pack including an adhesion sheet
169 9,012,050 Rechargeable battery
170 9,012,042 Condensed-cyclic compound, organic light-emitting device comprising the same, and flat panel display apparatus
171 9,011,987 Liquid crystal display
172 9,011,795 Valve unit, microfluidic device with the valve unit, and microfluidic substrate
173 9,011,713 Composite, method of manufacturing the composite, anode active material including the composite, anode including the anode active material, and lithium secondary battery including the anode
174 9,011,709 Electrolyte composition and energy storage device including the same
175 9,011,703 Method for manufacturing touch screen panel
176 9,011,335 Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and control method thereof
177 9,010,981 Display device having auxiliary display region
178 9,010,707 Wall mounting apparatus for display apparatus and display apparatus having the same
179 9,010,398 Carrier substrate removing apparatus, display apparatus manufacturing system, and method of manufacturing the display apparatus
180 9,010,155 Laser annealing apparatus
181 9,010,145 Refrigerator
182 9,010,144 Refrigerator
183 9,009,987 Clothing dryer and control method thereof
184 9,009,969 Refrigerator and handle assembly method thereof
185 9,009,950 Method for manufacturing high frequency inductor