Samsung patents granted on 21 August 2007

66 US patents granted on 21 August 2007 and assigned to Samsung

1 D549,408 Cabinet for drum washer
2 D549,404 Dish washer
3 D549,207 Mobile phone
4 D549,206 Mobile phone
5 D549,203 Mobile phone
6 D549,202 Mobile phone
7 D549,201 Mobile phone
8 D549,200 Mobile phone
9 D549,198 Portable phone
10 7,260,754 Semiconductor device with speed binning test circuit and test method thereof
11 7,260,593 Device for determining the rank of a sample, an apparatus for determining the rank of a plurality of samples, and the rank ordered filter
12 7,260,405 Method for measuring and reporting channel quality in a broadband wireless access communication system
13 7,260,400 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving control message in wireless access communication system
14 7,260,366 Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving data using an antenna array in a mobile communication system
15 7,260,344 Liquid developing device
16 7,260,343 Gear assembly used with an image forming apparatus, an optical photoconductive (OPC) unit having the same, and a method of driving the gear assembly
17 7,260,272 Method and apparatus for noise reduction using discrete wavelet transform
18 7,260,146 Equalizing method and apparatus for single carrier system having an improved equalization performance
19 7,260,075 Fast duplicate address detection entity for managing information for fast duplicate address detection in distribution system and fast duplicate address detection method using the same
20 7,260,072 Data push service system and method using a heterogeneous network
21 7,260,040 Method and apparatus to display status of an optical recording and/or reproducing apparatus
22 7,260,038 Method of and drive for recording medium defect management, and defect managed recording medium
23 7,260,013 Power supply device in semiconductor memory
24 7,260,002 Methods and devices for preventing data stored in memory from being read out
25 7,259,994 Integrated circuit memory devices having data output ports that support extended read cycle time intervals
26 7,259,978 Semiconductor memory devices and signal line arrangements and related methods
27 7,259,958 Display apparatus having stress-diffusing means
28 7,259,938 Actuator latch for disk drive
29 7,259,824 Manufacturing method of liquid crystal display
30 7,259,810 Backlight assembly having particular lamp and reflecting plate arrangement and direct lighting type liquid crystal display apparatus
31 7,259,807 Method of manufacturing thin film transistor array panel and liquid crystal display
32 7,259,795 Method for selecting an audio language of a set-top box and medium including computer readable code controlling a computer to perform the same
33 7,259,756 Method and apparatus for selecting information in multi-dimensional space
34 7,259,742 Source driving circuit, display device and method of driving a source driver
35 7,259,733 Apparatus and method for driving plasma display panel
36 7,259,643 Tunable wideband bandpass filter, tunable multi-band bandpass filter using the same, and methods therefore
37 7,259,595 Circuit and method for detecting frequency of clock signal and latency signal generation circuit of semiconductor memory device with the circuit
38 7,259,592 Output drivers having adjustable swing widths during test mode operation
39 7,259,569 Calibration circuit and method thereof
40 7,259,517 Flat fluorescent lamp and liquid crystal display device having the same
41 7,259,513 Electroluminescent display device having surface treated organic layer and method of fabricating the same
42 7,259,447 Flip-chip type nitride semiconductor light emitting diode
43 7,259,430 Non-volatile memory device and method of manufacturing the same
44 7,259,423 Non-volatile memory device having dual gate
45 7,259,421 Non-volatile memory devices having trenches
46 7,259,419 Programmable memory device, integrated circuit including the programmable memory device, and method of fabricating same
47 7,259,399 Vertical GaN-based LED and method of manufacturing the same
48 7,259,392 Organic thin film transistor array panel and manufacturing method thereof
49 7,259,193 Liquid ink composition and method of producing a liquid ink composition
50 7,259,070 Semiconductor devices and methods for fabricating the same
51 7,259,069 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
52 7,259,068 Memory device with quantum dot and method for manufacturing the same
53 7,259,065 Method of forming trench in semiconductor device
54 7,259,035 Methods of forming thin-film transistor display devices
55 7,258,963 Photosensitive resin, photoresist composition having the photosensitive resin and method of forming a photoresist pattern by using the photoresist composition
56 7,258,951 Lithium secondary battery
57 7,258,931 Semiconductor wafers having asymmetric edge profiles that facilitate high yield processing by inhibiting particulate contamination
58 7,258,811 Wafer stage including electrostatic chuck and method for dechucking wafer using the wafer stage
59 7,258,808 High-power ball grid array package, heat spreader used in the BGA package and method for manufacturing the same
60 7,258,728 Apparatus and method for cleaning air
61 7,258,721 Carbon-containing nickel-particle powder and method for manufacturing the same
62 7,258,587 Method of forming phosphor film by using aerosol impact
63 7,258,494 Optical module for multi-wavelength
64 7,258,447 Image projection apparatus
65 7,258,433 Array inkjet head and inkjet image forming apparatus having the same
66 7,258,419 Ink jet printer with improved print head cleaning apparatus and method of operating the same