Samsung patents granted on 21 August 2012

108 US patents granted on 21 August 2012 and assigned to Samsung

1 RE43,591 Method and apparatus for printing accessed data over a network using a virtual machine applet
2 D665,828 Refrigerator
3 D665,765 Electronic device
4 8,250,592 Optical disk apparatus
5 8,250,493 User interface method, medium, and apparatus with gesture-recognition
6 8,250,403 Solid state disk device and related data storing and reading methods
7 8,250,289 Phase-change random access memory and method of setting boot block therein
8 8,250,222 Method and apparatus for integrating communication sessions supporting audio and video between entities
9 8,250,199 Method and system for handling a dynamic host configuration protocol internet protocol version 4 address release
10 8,250,193 Method and apparatus for providing remote device with service of universal plug and play network
11 8,250,128 Apparatus and methods for autonomous testing of random number generators
12 8,249,863 Method and apparatus for estimating spectral information of audio signal
13 8,249,808 Method and apparatus for setting destination in navigation terminal
14 8,249,657 Apparatus and method for allocating preamble index to self configurable base station in a broadband wireless communication system
15 8,249,632 Method for generating downlink frame, and method for searching cell
16 8,249,608 Apparatus and method for allocating resources in a mobile communication system
17 8,249,605 Systems and methods for optimizing the topology of a bluetooth scatternet for social networking
18 8,249,587 Roaming service method in a mobile broadcasting system, and system thereof
19 8,249,536 Apparatus and method for removing transmission leakage signal
20 8,249,530 Apparatus and method for power amplification in wireless communication system
21 8,249,522 Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving control message in wireless communication system
22 8,249,513 System and method for training different types of directional antennas that adapts the training sequence length to the number of antennas
23 8,249,511 Downlink wireless transmission schemes with inter-cell interference mitigation
24 8,249,478 Fusing unit to fuse developing agent on a print medium, image forming apparatus, and method of controlling the same
25 8,249,419 Method for generating additional information for guaranteeing seamless playback between data streams, recording medium storing the information, and recording, editing and/or playback apparatus using the same
26 8,249,406 Laser system
27 8,249,403 Optical wiring board and manufacturing method thereof
28 8,249,390 Method for taking panorama mosaic photograph with a portable terminal
29 8,249,376 Apparatus and method of restoring an image
30 8,249,253 Semiconductor integrated circuit having encrypter/decrypter function for protecting input/output data transmitted on internal bus
31 8,249,200 Method and apparatus of binarizing input signal, disc driver and recording medium
32 8,249,194 Apparatus and method for canceling direct current (DC) offset in broadband wireless access communication system
33 8,249,154 Method and apparatus for encoding/decoding image based on intra prediction
34 8,249,091 Power headroom reporting method and device for wireless communication system
35 8,249,040 Device and method for exchanging frame messages of different lengths in CDMA communication system
36 8,249,036 Apparatus and method for multicast and broadcast service in broadband wireless access system
37 8,249,035 Method and system for enhanced parameter negotiation in EVDO communication systems
38 8,249,032 System and method for managing communication in a wireless communication network
39 8,248,992 Method and apparatus for providing home network device service to an external device through web service
40 8,248,991 Method for receiving broadcast service using broadcast zone identifier in a mobile communication system
41 8,248,987 Apparatus and method for ACK channel transmission in wireless relay communication system
42 8,248,976 Power control and scheduling method in consideration of interference levels between neighbor sectors in communication system
43 8,248,901 Information recording medium, apparatus for recording and/or reproducing data on and/or from information recording medium, method of recording and/or reproducing data on and/or from information recording medium, and computer-readable recording medium storing program for executing the method
44 8,248,871 Redundancy circuits and semiconductor memory devices
45 8,248,860 Memory device using a variable resistive element
46 8,248,858 Flash memory device and systems and reading methods thereof
47 8,248,853 Methods of programming non-volatile flash memory devices by applying a higher voltage level to a selected word line than to a word line neighboring the selected word line
48 8,248,852 Nonvolatile memory devices operable using negative bias voltages and related methods of operation
49 8,248,844 Phase-change memory device
50 8,248,842 Memory cell array biasing method and a semiconductor memory device
51 8,248,821 Flat panel display device
52 8,248,752 Multilayer ceramic capacitor
53 8,248,683 Variable light transmittance window
54 8,248,662 Image forming apparatus and method thereof
55 8,248,622 Method of forming characters for microprint and image forming apparatus using the same
56 8,248,566 Liquid crystal display
57 8,248,557 Display apparatus
58 8,248,550 Liquid crystal display device
59 8,248,482 Digital camera personalization
60 8,248,453 Call control system and method for mobile communication
61 8,248,452 Communication method and network display apparatus using the same
62 8,248,432 Display apparatus and method of image enhancement thereof
63 8,248,399 Driving-voltage generation apparatus and liquid crystal display having the same
64 8,248,357 Pixel driving circuit and a display device having the same
65 8,248,349 Liquid crystal display having endurance against electrostatic discharge
66 8,248,346 Liquid crystal display and driving method thereof
67 8,248,284 Analog-to-digital converters, and image sensors and image processing devices having the same
68 8,248,132 Oscillation signal generator for compensating for I/Q mismatch and communication system including the same
69 8,248,093 Circuit board having bypass pad
70 8,248,089 Apparatus for testing a semiconductor device
71 8,248,066 Hall integrated circuit with adjustable hysteresis
72 8,247,993 Apparatus for driving multi-light emitting devices
73 8,247,982 Method of driving a light source, light source assembly for performing the method, and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
74 8,247,980 LED driving circuit and light emitting diode array device
75 8,247,968 Electroluminescence display device having electrode power supply line
76 8,247,949 Surface acoustic wave sensor device and method of controlling liquid using the same
77 8,247,880 Magnetic memory device and method of fabricating the same
78 8,247,859 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
79 8,247,856 Semiconductor device including a capacitor electrically connected to a vertical pillar transistor
80 8,247,826 Light emitting display device
81 8,247,819 Organic light emitting diode display and method of manufacturing the same
82 8,247,816 Thin film transistor array panel
83 8,247,815 Thin film transistor, and display apparatus having the same
84 8,247,809 Organic light emitting diode display
85 8,247,808 Organic light emitting lighting apparatus
86 8,247,797 Field-effect transistor and sensor based on the same
87 8,247,795 Interfused nanocrystals and method of preparing the same
88 8,247,790 White light emitting device
89 8,247,788 Nonvolatile memory device
90 8,247,316 Method for fabricating a transistor including a polysilicon layer formed using two annealing processes
91 8,247,304 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device having capacitor under bit line structure
92 8,247,291 Methods of forming fine patterns in integrated circuit devices and methods of manufacturing integrated circuit devices including the same
93 8,247,286 Semiconductor device having transistor and method of manufacturing the same
94 8,247,274 Organic light-emitting display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
95 8,247,266 Thin film transistor, method of manufacturing the same, and flat panel display device having the same
96 8,247,251 Method of fabricating light-emitting element
97 8,247,162 Methods of forming a pattern using photoresist compositions
98 8,247,134 Fuel cell and fuel cell system with the same
99 8,247,132 Heat recovery apparatus and fuel cell having the same
100 8,247,107 Battery pack
101 8,247,090 Heterocyclic compound and organic electroluminescent device comprising the same
102 8,247,073 Core-shell nanocrystal comprising a non-semiconductor buffer layer, method for preparing the same and electronic device comprising the same
103 8,246,912 Optical detecting apparatus for a bio-chip
104 8,246,894 Flexible substrate, method of manufacturing display substrate, and method of manufacturing display panel
105 8,246,187 Display device using diffusive light guide plate
106 8,246,178 Focus control device for beam projector
107 8,246,135 Headchip and head for array type inkjet printer
108 8,245,902 Wire bonding apparatus and method using the same