Samsung patents granted on 21 December 2010

67 US patents granted on 21 December 2010 and assigned to Samsung

1 D629,388 Speaker
2 7,856,648 Method for processing VOD data in mobile station
3 7,856,611 Reconfigurable interconnect for use in software-defined radio systems
4 7,856,592 Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving signal in a communication system
5 7,856,589 Apparatus and method for improving error correction capability using stuffing byte
6 7,856,515 Display apparatus to detect a connecting state of a cable
7 7,856,322 Method and apparatus for determining specificity of a candidate probe
8 7,856,251 Device and method for using a rotating key and controlling a display in a mobile terminal
9 7,856,250 Apparatus and method for managing SOHO BTS interference using antenna beam coverage based on pilot strength measurement messages
10 7,856,186 Image forming apparatus and power control method thereof
11 7,856,176 Method and apparatus for compensating hand-trembling of camera
12 7,856,174 Apparatus and method for image pickup
13 7,856,171 Method and apparatus for expressing amount of camera motion
14 7,856,043 Vertical external cavity surface emitting laser with pump beam reflector
15 7,856,031 Method and apparatus for guaranteeing fairness regarding access to medium among stations in WLAN
16 7,856,002 System and method for wireless communication having a device coordinator selection capability
17 7,855,985 Wireless network system and method of transmitting or receiving data over wireless network
18 7,855,970 Method for retransmission in mobile communication system
19 7,855,962 Method and apparatus for transmitting data rate control channel in a high rate packet data system using a plurality of forward channels and system thereof
20 7,855,926 Semiconductor memory device having local sense amplifier with on/off control
21 7,855,925 Inter-transmission multi memory chip, system including the same and associated method
22 7,855,908 Information storage devices using magnetic domain wall motion and methods of operating the same
23 7,855,895 Universal PCB and smart card using the same
24 7,855,828 Electrophoretic display device and method of manufacturing the same
25 7,855,767 Transflective liquid crystal display
26 7,855,758 Liquid crystal display device
27 7,855,757 Liquid crystal display, method of manufacturing the same, and method of repairing the same
28 7,855,747 Portable integrated device and a method of controlling power thereof
29 7,855,741 Apparatus and method for processing image
30 7,855,722 Liquid crystal display device and its driving method
31 7,855,721 Power saving control method and apparatus employing the same
32 7,855,703 Liquid crystal display and an information processing apparatus having the same
33 7,855,700 Organic light emitting display
34 7,855,687 Printed circuit board, display device having the same and a method thereof
35 7,855,684 Method and system for locating sensor node in sensor network using distance determining algorithm
36 7,855,600 Two-stage operational amplifier with class AB output stage
37 7,855,507 Organic light emitting display device and fabricating method of the same having organic light emitting diodes stacked in a double layer
38 7,855,505 Display device supplying a common voltage
39 7,855,503 Flat panel display and method of manufacturing the same
40 7,855,500 Electron emission device having a sealing member in contact with electrodes
41 7,855,499 Back light unit using an electron emission device and display including the same
42 7,855,496 Boron nitride nanotube paste composition, electron emission source including the same, electron emission device including the electron emission source, and backlight unit and electron emission display device including the electron emission device
43 7,855,441 Semiconductor card package and method of forming the same
44 7,855,431 Capacitor unit and method of forming the same
45 7,855,410 Semiconductor memory devices having a floating gate with a projecting portion and methods of forming semiconductor memory devices having a floating gate with a projecting portion
46 7,855,408 Semiconductor device having fine contacts
47 7,855,405 Thin film transistor and display panel having the same
48 7,855,149 Treatment method for surface of substrate, method of fabricating image sensor by using the treatment method, and image sensor fabricated by the same
49 7,855,145 Gap filling method and method for forming semiconductor memory device using the same
50 7,855,144 Method of forming metal lines and bumps for semiconductor devices
51 7,855,142 Methods of forming dual-damascene metal interconnect structures using multi-layer hard masks
52 7,855,126 Methods of fabricating a semiconductor device using a cyclic selective epitaxial growth technique and semiconductor devices formed using the same
53 7,855,121 Method of forming organic thin film and method of manufacturing semiconductor device using the same
54 7,855,120 Methods for forming resistors including multiple layers for integrated circuit devices
55 7,855,117 Method of forming a thin layer and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
56 7,855,069 Method and apparatus for the rapid disruption of cells or viruses using micro magnetic beads and laser
57 7,855,038 Mask patterns for semiconductor device fabrication and related methods and structures
58 7,855,037 Photomask having a test pattern that includes separate features for different printed critical dimensions to correlate magnitude and direction of defocus
59 7,855,034 Reflecting mask, apparatus for fixing the reflecting mask and method of fixing the reflecting mask
60 7,855,014 Secondary battery
61 7,854,999 Organoelectroluminescent compound and organoelectroluminescent device employing the same
62 7,854,913 Mesoporous carbon, method of preparing the same, and fuel cell using the carbon
63 7,854,782 Vacuum cleaner
64 7,854,779 Dust separating apparatus for vacuum cleaner
65 7,854,684 Wearable device
66 7,854,493 Method of manufacturing inkjet printhead and inkjet printhead manufactured using the method
67 7,854,039 Handle assembly rotatable in all directions and cleaner having the same