Samsung patents granted on 21 July 2009

102 US patents granted on 21 July 2009 and assigned to Samsung

1 D596,636 Card reader
2 D596,633 Notebook computer
3 D596,627 Subscriber in-house equipment for wireless broadband system
4 D596,625 Bluetooth earset
5 D596,609 Mobile phone
6 D596,608 Mobile phone
7 D596,607 Mobile phone
8 D596,606 Mobile phone
9 D596,605 Mobile phone
10 D596,603 Mobile phone
11 D596,602 Portable telephone
12 D596,599 Mobile phone
13 D596,561 Charger for headset
14 D596,560 Media cap design for a mobile charging station
15 7,565,599 Information storage medium on which drive data is recorded, and method of recording information on the information storage medium
16 7,565,530 Source device and method for controlling output to sink device according to each content
17 7,565,523 Apparatus and method for restoring master boot record infected with virus
18 7,565,260 Apparatus and method for setting a gyroscope zero point
19 7,565,182 Wireless cell phone
20 7,565,138 Method for managing service context for paging user equipment in a multimedia broadcast/multicast service
21 7,565,129 Super-regenerative receiver
22 7,565,121 Clock noise canceling circuit
23 7,565,103 Device for fusing toner on print medium
24 7,565,089 Fusing roller and fusing device using the same
25 7,565,012 Method and apparatus for generating electronic document by continuously photographing document in moving picture
26 7,564,971 Apparatus and method for performing Montgomery type modular multiplication
27 7,564,922 RF transmitter for efficiently compensating output power variation due to temperature and process
28 7,564,915 Apparatus and method for coding/decoding pseudo orthogonal space-time block code in a mobile communication system using multiple input multiple output scheme
29 7,564,909 Apparatus and method for detecting ranging signal in an orthogonal frequency division multiple access mobile communication system
30 7,564,877 Data multiplexing method, field programmable gate array, and optical network
31 7,564,860 Apparatus and method for workflow-based routing in a distributed architecture router
32 7,564,842 Methods and apparatuses for routing data in a personal area network
33 7,564,841 Apparatus and method for performing forwarding table searches using consecutive symbols tables
34 7,564,821 Apparatus and method for controlling a demultiplexer and a multiplexer used for rate matching in a mobile communication system
35 7,564,811 Method and apparatus for minimizing hand-off time using mobile node information
36 7,564,786 Multicast method in zigbee network
37 7,564,755 Method and apparatus for automatically controlling output of laser diode
38 7,564,749 Interface device for optical recording and/or reproducing apparatus
39 7,564,712 Flash memory device and writing method thereof
40 7,564,698 Plasma display device
41 7,564,680 Display apparatus and method of combining chassis base with boss
42 7,564,655 Actuator of hard disk drive having arm member with raised blade part
43 7,564,654 Actuator latch device for hard disk drive
44 7,564,644 Adaptive disturbance repressing method and apparatus, and disk drive apparatus using the same
45 7,564,608 Raster scanning-type display device using diffractive light modulator
46 7,564,573 Image forming apparatus
47 7,564,527 Liquid crystal display device
48 7,564,526 Liquid crystal display having wide viewing angle
49 7,564,523 Making LCD panel alignment layers and spacers
50 7,564,499 Illumination device for video presenter and video presenter having the same
51 7,564,463 Apparatus and method for changing colors of data and a background in a portable terminal
52 7,564,452 Organic electroluminescent display
53 7,564,448 Touch screen system and control method therefor capable of setting active regions
54 7,564,434 Light emitting diode driving circuit for backlight having constant current control function
55 7,564,428 Plasma display panel and method for driving the same
56 7,564,427 Driving method of plasma display panel and plasma display
57 7,564,413 Multi-band antenna and mobile communication terminal having the same
58 7,564,410 Dual radiating type inner antenna for mobile communication terminal
59 7,564,393 Digital to analog converter and method for digital to analog conversion
60 7,564,310 Amplifier for improving electrostatic discharge characteristic
61 7,564,298 Voltage reference circuit and current reference circuit using vertical bipolar junction transistor implemented by deep n-well CMOS process
62 7,564,219 Charging controller for performing constant current and voltage modes
63 7,564,194 Method for detecting lamp current and lamp driving circuit using the method for detecting the lamp current
64 7,564,188 Plasma display panel comprising a dielectric layer with a convex portion
65 7,564,187 Plasma display panel (PDP)
66 7,564,185 Organic electroluminescence display device and manufacturing method thereof
67 7,564,135 Semiconductor device having self-aligned contact and method of fabricating the same
68 7,564,134 Circuit wiring layout in semiconductor memory device and layout method
69 7,564,116 Printed circuit board with embedded capacitors therein and manufacturing process thereof
70 7,564,094 Non-volatile memory devices and methods of manufacturing the same
71 7,564,092 Flash memory device having a split gate
72 7,564,085 Mechanical memory device and method of manufacturing the same
73 7,564,084 Dual-gate dynamic random access memory device having vertical channel transistors and method of fabricating the same
74 7,564,060 Display device preventing short of driving voltage lines
75 7,564,042 Ion beam apparatus having plasma sheath controller
76 7,564,018 Image sensors with enhanced charge transmission characteristics
77 7,564,011 Microwave oven
78 7,563,699 Semiconductor devices having line type active regions and methods of fabricating the same
79 7,563,683 Transistor and method of fabricating the same
80 7,563,677 Recessed gate electrode and method of forming the same and semiconductor device having the recessed gate electrode and method of manufacturing the same
81 7,563,672 Methods of fabricating integrated circuit devices including metal-insulator-metal capacitors
82 7,563,660 Silicon film, crystalline film and method for manufacturing the same
83 7,563,659 Method of fabricating poly-crystalline silicon thin film and method of fabricating transistor using the same
84 7,563,656 Method of manufacturing display substrate having improved contact with pixel electrode
85 7,563,639 Phase-changeable memory device and method of manufacturing the same
86 7,563,547 Photomask and method of manufacturing the same
87 7,563,540 Cathode active material and lithium secondary battery using the same
88 7,563,530 Fuel amount control system for fuel cell
89 7,563,477 Method for fabricating organic electroluminescent display
90 7,563,417 Thin micro reforming apparatus with periphery inflow channel
91 7,563,298 Cyclone dirt separating apparatus and vacuum cleaner having the same
92 7,563,297 Multi-cyclone dust separating apparatus
93 7,563,104 Printed circuit board having connectors
94 7,563,041 Camera module with brightness adjustable LCD shutter in portable wireless terminal
95 7,562,986 Laser projection display
96 7,562,829 Multi-mode integrated circuit devices including mode detection and methods of operating the same
97 7,562,662 Cleaning solution and cleaning method of a semiconductor device
98 7,562,447 Method of manufacturing printed circuit board for fine circuit formation
99 7,562,446 Method for manufacturing substrate with cavity
100 7,562,438 Jig for assembling rotor
101 7,562,415 Driving control apparatus of rotary brush for use in vacuum cleaner
102 7,562,414 Dust sensing unit for use in vacuum cleaner