Samsung patents granted on 21 March 2006

71 US patents granted on 21 March 2006 and assigned to Samsung

1 7,017,010 Integrated circuit memory device supporting an N bit prefetch scheme and a 2N burst length
2 7,016,926 Low power CSD linear phase FIR filter architecture using vertical common subexpression and filter design method therefor
3 7,016,692 Technique to facilitate location determination of wireless data calls
4 7,016,658 Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving data according to channel condition in a CDMA mobile communication system with antenna array
5 7,016,639 Apparatus to collect used toner in a laser printer
6 7,016,618 Method of detecting lifespan of transfer roller and electrophotographic image forming apparatus employing the method
7 7,016,584 Photonic bandgap optical fiber
8 7,016,578 Interior optical cable having a plurality of tight cables
9 7,016,558 Integrated optical device and fabricating method thereof
10 7,016,491 Telephone with cantilever beam type cradle and handset cradled thereon
11 7,016,487 Digital echo cancellation device
12 7,016,380 Multi-beam laser scanning unit
13 7,016,377 Home network system in asymmetric digital subscriber line system
14 7,016,323 Apparatus and method for transmitting forward link data to a handoff mobile station in a CDMA communication system
15 7,016,291 Optical recording and pickup head for digital versatile disc compatible with read-writable compact disc by adopting flat plate lens having staircase type diffraction grating structure
16 7,016,278 Apparatus and method for controlling recording speed of optical disc recording system
17 7,016,275 Optical recording medium on which data may be stored seamlessly and method for processing defective area within the medium
18 7,016,258 Semiconductor device having input/output sense amplifier for multiple sampling
19 7,016,257 Semiconductor memory device capable of generating variable clock signals according to modes of operation
20 7,016,248 Method and apparatus for controlling a high voltage generator in a wafer burn-in test
21 7,016,237 Data input circuit and method for synchronous semiconductor memory device
22 7,016,232 Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
23 7,016,142 Apparatus and method for removing mechanical resonance using adaptive notch filter
24 7,016,130 Method for recording and reproducing audio and video data in disk drive, and a readable medium therefor
25 7,016,106 Gain-controllable wideband optical fiber amplifier
26 7,016,006 Liquid crystal display
27 7,016,004 Liquid crystal display having wide viewing angle
28 7,015,980 Color temperature conversion apparatus in color display system and method thereof
29 7,015,974 OSD (on screen display) object display method and apparatus
30 7,015,973 Method and apparatus for generating coast signal for image processing
31 7,015,899 Method for inputting characters in portable device having limited display size and number of keys, and portable device using the same
32 7,015,890 Liquid crystal display apparatus and method for driving the same
33 7,015,884 Organic electroluminescent display, driving method and pixel circuit thereof
34 7,015,880 Address-while-display driving method for broadening margin of address voltage of plasma display panel
35 7,015,874 Antenna
36 7,015,747 Device for controlling a frequency response by scaling an impedance
37 7,015,739 Integrated circuit devices having duty cycle correction circuits that receive control signals over first and second separate paths and methods of operating the same
38 7,015,691 Weak-magnetic field sensor using printed circuit board technology and method of manufacturing the same
39 7,015,648 Plasma display panel driving method and apparatus capable of realizing reset stabilization
40 7,015,645 Plasma display panel having dummy barrier ribs
41 7,015,643 Plasma display panel
42 7,015,590 Reinforced solder bump structure and method for forming a reinforced solder bump
43 7,015,589 Semiconductor device having low-k dielectric film in pad region
44 7,015,560 Light-receiving device, method for manufacturing the same, and optoelectronic integrated circuit comprising the same
45 7,015,555 Magnetoresistive random access memory with high selectivity
46 7,015,549 Integrated circuit structures including epitaxial silicon layers that extend from an active region through an insulation layer to a substrate
47 7,015,548 Thin film transistor array panel including storage electrode
48 7,015,541 Memory cell including stacked gate sidewall patterns and method for fabricating same
49 7,015,512 High power flip chip LED
50 7,015,501 Substrate and organic electroluminescence device using the substrate
51 7,015,500 Memory device utilizing carbon nanotubes
52 7,015,440 Microwave oven and method of controlling the same
53 7,015,413 Plasma generation system having a refractor
54 7,015,144 Compositions including perhydro-polysilazane used in a semiconductor manufacturing process and methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices using the same
55 7,015,106 Double gate field effect transistor and method of manufacturing the same
56 7,015,094 Method of fabricating a ferromagnetic memory device
57 7,015,087 Gate-contact structure and method for forming the same
58 7,014,979 Organometallic precursor mixture for forming metal alloy pattern and method of forming metal alloy pattern using the same
59 7,014,973 Organosol including amphipathic copolymeric binder made with Soluble High Tg Monomer and liquid toners for electrophotographic applications
60 7,014,972 Gel organosol including amphipathic copolymeric binder having hydrogen bonding functionality and liquid toners for electrophotographic applications
61 7,014,968 Organophotoreceptor with charge transport material having a thiiranyl group
62 7,014,917 Siloxane-based resin and interlayer insulating film for a semiconductor device made using the same
63 7,014,715 Photoresist supply apparatus and method of controlling the operation thereof
64 7,014,671 Cyclone type dust collecting apparatus of vacuum cleaner
65 7,014,430 Cylinder assembly for compressors, compressor with the cylinder assembly, and apparatus having refrigerant circulation circuit including the compressor
66 7,014,324 Device for controlling projection lens shift in a projector
67 7,014,318 Light coupling device and image projection apparatus using the same
68 7,014,154 LCD monitor stand
69 7,013,961 End plate for heat exchangers, heat exchanger having the same, and manufacturing method thereof
70 7,013,657 Ice maker
71 RE39,025 Lens device including a light controlling mechanism and an optical pickup apparatus using a lens device