Samsung patents granted on 21 October 2008

111 US patents granted on 21 October 2008 and assigned to Samsung

1 D579,035 Public service robot
2 D579,022 Image display for a mobile phone
3 D579,021 Image display for a mobile phone
4 D579,006 Wireless headset
5 D579,004 Charging Cradle for hands free ear set of portable phone
6 D579,003 Portable speaker
7 D578,990 Portable phone
8 D578,989 Portable telephone
9 D578,988 Portable phone
10 D578,987 Portable phone
11 D578,986 Portable phone
12 D578,985 Mobile phone
13 D578,984 Mobile phone
14 D578,983 Cellular phone
15 D578,982 Mobile phone
16 D578,981 Cellular phone
17 D578,980 Mobile phone
18 D578,978 Mobile phone
19 D578,977 Mobile phone
20 D578,976 Mobile phone
21 D578,823 Oven
22 7,441,256 Optical disk drive comprising dust removing apparatus
23 7,441,176 Method and apparatus for efficiently detecting and/or correcting address information of optical recording/reproducing apparatus
24 7,441,167 Memory module with parallel testing
25 7,441,056 Memory device capable of communicating with host at different speeds, and data communication system using the memory device
26 7,440,784 Portable communication apparatus
27 7,440,783 Dual axis hinge apparatus for portable terminal
28 7,440,782 Hinge device for a display for rotation type mobile phone
29 7,440,775 Method for controlling printer using portable terminal for mobile communication in home network system
30 7,440,773 Method for protecting user data in a personal digital assistant (PDA) telephone
31 7,440,759 System and method for dynamic channel allocation in a communication system using an orthogonal frequency division multiple access network
32 7,440,757 Handover method in a wireless communication system
33 7,440,679 Recording medium for storing information for still picture, recording and/or reproducing method and apparatus therefor
34 7,440,585 Autonomous vehicle and motion control therefor
35 7,440,576 Apparatus and method for reconstructing high frequency part of signal
36 7,440,553 Apparatus and method for checkpointing a half-call model in redundant call application nodes
37 7,440,516 Apparatus and method for receiving digital multimedia broadcasting in a wireless terminal
38 7,440,485 Apparatus and method for communicating packet data control channel in a mobile communication system
39 7,440,473 Apparatus and method for compressing a header of a packet
40 7,440,465 Home gateway for executing a function of a security protocol and a method thereof
41 7,440,460 Apparatus and method for forwarding mixed data packet types in a high-speed router
42 7,440,437 Method and apparatus for scheduling downlink channels in an orthogonal frequency division multiple access system and a system using the same
43 7,440,435 Divided MAC protocol structure, data transmission and reception method, and handover method and system using the structure in a wireless communication system
44 7,440,425 Apparatus and method for reducing paging channel loading for broadcast multicast services in a wireless network
45 7,440,424 Apparatus and method for detecting duplicate IP addresses in mobile ad hoc network environment
46 7,440,378 Information storage medium and method and apparatus for recording/reproducing data
47 7,440,373 Optical disk drive detecting disk surface deviation
48 7,440,368 Information storage medium
49 7,440,367 Land Pre-Pit data detection apparatus and method thereof
50 7,440,361 Optical pickup apparatus
51 7,440,352 Semiconductor memory device capable of selectively refreshing word lines
52 7,440,341 Semiconductor memory device having trimmed voltage generator and method of generating trimmed voltage in semiconductor memory device
53 7,440,340 Output buffer of a semiconductor memory device
54 7,440,320 Row decoder for preventing leakage current and semiconductor memory device including the same
55 7,440,308 Phase-change random access memory device and method of operating the same
56 7,440,302 Ferroelectric information storage device and method of writing/reading information
57 7,440,295 Switching mode power supply with active load detection function, and switching method thereof
58 7,440,223 Written-in repeatable run-out correction for hard disk drives
59 7,440,211 Apparatus and/or method of controlling timing of servo pulses and disk drive using the method
60 7,440,153 Backlight unit for flat panel display and flat panel display apparatus having the same
61 7,440,069 Display device and panel therefor
62 7,440,046 Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display having the same
63 7,440,040 Liquid crystal display device with storage electrode extension
64 7,440,031 Deinterlacing apparatus and method using detected judder
65 7,439,958 Computer system and method of controlling the same via a remote controller used as a mouse
66 7,439,942 Plasma display panel driving apparatus
67 7,439,939 Display device having multiple image display units
68 7,439,938 Multi-display apparatus having an optical path changing device
69 7,439,904 Ranging system and method thereof
70 7,439,886 Variable-length decoder, video decoder and image display system having the same, and variable-length decoding method
71 7,439,841 Multi-loop type transformer
72 7,439,826 Programmable surface acoustic wave filter
73 7,439,825 Integrated filter including FBAR and saw resonator and fabrication method therefor
74 7,439,811 Broadband low noise amplifier and RF signal amplification method of the same
75 7,439,797 Semiconductor device including a high voltage generation circuit and method of generating a high voltage
76 7,439,793 Charge pump circuits and methods for the same
77 7,439,792 High voltage generation circuit and semiconductor device having the same
78 7,439,775 Sense amplifier circuit and sense amplifier-based flip-flop having the same
79 7,439,772 Level shifting circuit and method reducing leakage current
80 7,439,770 Magnetic tunneling junction based logic circuits and methods of operating the same
81 7,439,692 Linear compressor and apparatus to control the same
82 7,439,674 Plasma display panel provided with discharge electrodes arranged within upper and lower barrier ribs assemblies
83 7,439,651 Resonator
84 7,439,604 Method of forming dual gate dielectric layer
85 7,439,596 Transistors for semiconductor device and methods of fabricating the same
86 7,439,593 Semiconductor device having silicide formed with blocking insulation layer
87 7,439,581 Transistors, semiconductor integrated circuit interconnections and methods of forming the same
88 7,439,574 Silicon/oxide/nitride/silicon nonvolatile memory with vertical channels
89 7,439,566 Semiconductor memory device having metal-insulator transition film resistor
90 7,439,197 Method of fabricating a capacitor
91 7,439,192 Method of forming a layer on a semiconductor substrate
92 7,439,176 Semiconductor device multilayer structure, fabrication method for the same, semiconductor device having the same, and semiconductor device fabrication method
93 7,439,150 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
94 7,439,129 Methods for fabricating ferroelectric memory devices
95 7,439,102 Semiconductor fuse box and method for fabricating the same
96 7,439,094 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor package
97 7,439,023 Method of isolating a nucleic acid using a material containing an amino group and a carboxyl group and positively charged at a first pH and a solid material for nucleic acid isolation used for the method
98 7,438,993 Electrolyte for lithium battery and lithium battery comprising same
99 7,438,766 Robot cleaner coordinates compensation method and a robot cleaner system using the same
100 7,438,765 Adjustable shielding plate for adjusting an etching area of a semiconductor wafer and related apparatus and methods
101 7,438,737 Vacuum cleaner
102 7,438,622 Fabrication method of carbon-fiber web structure type field emitter electrode
103 7,438,563 Connector for testing a semiconductor package
104 7,438,514 Wafer transfer system
105 7,438,459 Optical unit, backlight assembly having the same and display device having the same
106 7,438,421 Two-panel type projection system and projection method thereof
107 7,438,398 Ink cartridge and inkjet printer using the same
108 7,438,393 Ink-jet print head
109 7,438,056 Method for setting initial compensation value in sensor complex module
110 7,438,018 Confinement ring assembly of plasma processing apparatus
111 7,437,888 Refrigerator