Samsung patents granted on 22 August 2006

62 US patents granted on 22 August 2006 and assigned to Samsung

1 D527,150 Washing machine
2 D527,045 Laser printer
3 D527,017 MP3 player
4 D527,016 MP3 player
5 D527,003 LCD monitor
6 D527,000 Personal digital assistant
7 D526,984 Cellular phone
8 D526,981 Complex image player
9 D526,980 Complex image player
10 D526,979 Blu-ray player
11 7,096,400 Adaptive hybrid automatic repeat request method and apparatus
12 7,096,334 Device to selectively protect a reproduction of a disk, method of selectively protecting reproduction of the disk, and recording medium for the method
13 7,096,293 Dynamic bus arbitration method and bus arbiter
14 7,096,020 System and method for implementing a handoff using a multiparty service in a mobile communication system
15 7,096,008 Service method in a mobile terminal
16 7,095,973 Image fixing device of image forming apparatus
17 7,095,950 Apparatus and method for processing video-ID signal
18 7,095,810 Practical M-ary demodulator and method of operation for use in a CDMA wireless network base station
19 7,095,809 Practical M-ary demodulator using hard decision circuit and method of operation for use in a CDMA wireless network base station
20 7,095,769 Semiconductor laser diode with higher-order mode absorption layers
21 7,095,703 Apparatus and method for recording mark
22 7,095,686 Defocus error signal detection apparatus having phase comparators and a matrix circuit for an optical recording/reproduction system
23 7,095,670 Semiconductor memory having variable memory size and method for refreshing the same
24 7,095,665 Sense amplifier driver and semiconductor device comprising the same
25 7,095,633 Power supply system of display apparatus and control method thereof
26 7,095,595 Hard disk drive comprising flexible printed circuit with damping material
27 7,095,576 Method and apparatus for controlling a write current in a hard disk drive
28 7,095,572 Lens holder apparatus of camera lens module
29 7,095,571 Lens system and portable device employing the same
30 7,095,552 Raman optical fiber amplifier using erbium doped fiber
31 7,095,551 Wavelength converter for generating wavelength tunable laser optical source in itself
32 7,095,460 Thin film transistor array substrate using low dielectric insulating layer and method of fabricating the same
33 7,095,447 OSD (on screen display) cursor display method and cursor image display apparatus
34 7,095,445 Method of detecting motion in an interlaced video sequence based on logical operation on linearly scaled motion information and motion detection apparatus
35 7,095,393 Liquid crystal display and a driving method thereof
36 7,095,391 Low power LCD
37 7,095,299 Fabrication method of multiple band surface acoustic wave devices
38 7,095,298 Film bulk acoustic resonator having supports and manufacturing method therefore
39 7,095,204 Startup control method of brushless DC motor
40 7,095,174 Plasma display panel having improved efficiency
41 7,095,173 Plasma display panel having discharging portions with increasing areas
42 7,095,042 Electrode structure, semiconductor light-emitting device having the same and method of manufacturing the same
43 7,095,041 High-efficiency light emitting diode
44 7,095,036 Electron beam lithography apparatus using a patterned emitter and method of fabricating the patterned emitter
45 7,094,998 Heating cooker
46 7,094,980 Scroll key having a function selecting switch
47 7,094,712 High performance MIS capacitor with HfO.sub.2 dielectric
48 7,094,694 Semiconductor device having MOS varactor and methods for fabricating the same
49 7,094,660 Method of manufacturing trench capacitor utilizing stabilizing member to support adjacent storage electrodes
50 7,094,646 Flash memory device having a split gate and method of manufacturing the same
51 7,094,615 Method of controlling probe tip sanding in semiconductor device testing equipment
52 7,094,510 Organophotoreceptor with a charge transport material having two (9-fluorenylidene)malononitrile groups
53 7,094,134 Off-line tool for breaking in multiple pad conditioning disks used in a chemical mechanical polishing system
54 7,094,122 Light emitting device and manufacturing method thereof and display used this light emitting device
55 7,093,988 Bi-directional optical transceiver module with double caps and method of improving the efficiency and the reliability of same
56 7,093,830 Paper feeding device for inkjet printer
57 7,093,688 Structure for preventing the generation of standing waves and a method for implementing the same
58 7,093,604 Dishwasher with heater and method of controlling the same
59 7,093,592 Steam oven
60 7,093,467 Washing machine having detergent supply apparatus
61 7,093,374 Clothes dryer and method of controlling the same
62 7,093,346 Conning motor hub surface method for hard disk drives