Samsung patents granted on 22 December 2015

131 US patents granted on 22 December 2015 and assigned to Samsung

1 9,220,162 Plasma generating apparatus and plasma generating method
2 9,220,092 Method and apparatus for transmitting control signal
3 9,220,089 Resource indexing for acknowledgement signals in response to receptions of multiple assignments
4 9,220,059 Electronic shelf label system and method of operating the same
5 9,220,055 Methods and apparatus for cell selection/reselection of a mobile terminal from a legacy network to an advanced network
6 9,219,996 Multicast traffic management
7 9,219,974 Method and apparatus for simultaneously controlling near sound field and far sound field
8 9,219,949 Display apparatus, interactive server, and method for providing response information
9 9,219,943 Broadcast receiving apparatus and control method thereof
10 9,219,935 Display apparatus, external peripheral device connectable thereto and image displaying method
11 9,219,931 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving service discovery information in multimedia transmission system and file structure for the same
12 9,219,918 Sample adaptive offset (SAO) adjustment method and apparatus and SAO adjustment determination method and apparatus
13 9,219,909 Three dimensional image display device having 2D and 3D modes and driving method thereof
14 9,219,871 Imaging device for phase difference detection
15 9,219,859 Camera assembly having a wide viewing angle and image acquisition method using the same
16 9,219,852 Method and system for creating, receiving and playing multiview images, and related mobile communication device
17 9,219,796 Method and apparatus for obtaining information of user equipment in communication system
18 9,219,759 Voice transmission technology selection
19 9,219,731 Method of managing user log-in to cloud-based application and image forming apparatus performing the method
20 9,219,714 ID-based encryption and signature method and terminal
21 9,219,608 Apparatus and method for sharing contents of Social Network Service in communication system
22 9,219,574 Apparatus and method for data transmission
23 9,219,527 Apparatus and method for selecting PICC in portable terminal
24 9,219,465 Bulk acoustic wave resonator
25 9,219,401 Vibrator and electronic device including the same
26 9,219,371 Apparatus and method for charging a battery pack
27 9,219,366 Energy storage device and method for decreasing rush current
28 9,219,330 Angle adjustable ear jack device
29 9,219,305 Built-in antenna for electronic device
30 9,219,288 Secondary battery
31 9,219,272 Secondary particle and lithium battery including secondary particle
32 9,219,268 Rechargeable secondary battery
33 9,219,267 Secondary battery
34 9,219,264 Separator for rechargeable lithium battery and rechargeable lithium battery including the same
35 9,219,263 Center pin for secondary battery and secondary battery having the same
36 9,219,261 Battery pack
37 9,219,259 Battery pack having a spacer disposed between battery cells
38 9,219,255 Organic layer deposition apparatus and method of manufacturing organic light-emitting display apparatus using the same
39 9,219,254 Method of forming nanocrystals and method of manufacturing an organic light-emitting display apparatus including a thin film having nanocrystals
40 9,219,251 Organic light emitting display apparatus
41 9,219,250 Optical film for reducing color shift and organic light-emitting display device employing the same
42 9,219,248 Organic electroluminescence display device
43 9,219,247 Organic light-emitting display device and method of manufacturing the same
44 9,219,245 Organic light emitting diode display and manufacturing method thereof
45 9,219,244 Organic light-emitting display apparatus and method of manufacturing organic light-emitting display apparatus
46 9,219,220 Ultrasonic transducer, ultrasonic probe, and ultrasound image diagnosis apparatus
47 9,219,192 Display apparatus and manufacturing method thereof
48 9,219,168 Non-volatile memory device and method of manufacturing the same
49 9,219,156 Display substrate and method of manufacturing the same
50 9,219,119 Semiconductor device with nanowires in different regions at different heights and fabricating method thereof
51 9,219,105 Organic light emitting diode display
52 9,219,104 Self-emissive display and manufacturing method thereof
53 9,219,103 Organic light emitting diode display
54 9,219,094 Backside illuminated image sensor
55 9,219,085 Thin film transistor display panel and manufacturing method thereof
56 9,219,072 Nonvolatile memory devices having a three dimensional structure utilizing strapping of a common source region and/or a well region
57 9,219,064 Semiconductor devices having a nanowire channel structure
58 9,219,035 Integrated circuit chips having vertically extended through-substrate vias therein
59 9,218,977 Fabricating method of a semiconductor device
60 9,218,969 Method for reducing intermixing between films of a patterning process, patterning process, and device manufactured by the patterning process
61 9,218,910 Multilayer ceramic capacitor, manufacturing method of the same, and circuit board with multilayer ceramic capacitor mounted thereon
62 9,218,909 Multi-layered ceramic electronic component
63 9,218,908 Multilayer ceramic electronic component capable of reducing acoustic noise generated therein
64 9,218,898 Conductive paste and electronic device and solar cell including an electrode formed using the conductive paste
65 9,218,790 Liquid crystal display
66 9,218,776 Display device
67 9,218,765 Display device and driving method thereof
68 9,218,758 Display device and method of driving the same
69 9,218,659 Method and apparatus for obtaining a magnetic resonance spectrum of a voxel in a magnetic resonance image
70 9,218,654 Apparatus and method of recognizing an object, and apparatus and method of mounting a semiconductor chip
71 9,218,653 Method and apparatus for dynamic range enhancement of an image
72 9,218,593 Notification control method and electronic device for the same
73 9,218,547 Method and apparatus for recognizing characters
74 9,218,518 Method of operating contactless IC card reader, detection circuit of contactless IC card reader, contactless IC card reader and card system including the same
75 9,218,514 Apparatuses and method of switched-capacitor integrator
76 9,218,312 Memory device and memory system including the same
77 9,218,308 Apparatus and method for arbitrating bus
78 9,218,304 Method for intercepting input/output requests and responses
79 9,218,249 Electronic apparatus, method of restoring guid partition table (GPT) and computer-readable recording medium
80 9,218,159 Memory system generating random number and method generating random number
81 9,218,121 Apparatus and method recognizing touch gesture
82 9,218,092 Curved touch screen panel and method of manufacturing the same
83 9,218,074 Gate drive circuit and display device having the gate drive circuit
84 9,218,056 Eye tracking method and display apparatus using the same
85 9,218,052 Framework for voice controlling applications
86 9,217,967 Fusing device and method using induction heating and image forming apparaus including the fusing device
87 9,217,900 Liquid crystal display and manufacturing method thereof
88 9,217,899 Nanocrystal display
89 9,217,896 Liquid crystal displays
90 9,217,895 Display apparatus
91 9,217,894 Backlight assembly and display apparatus having the same
92 9,217,890 Touch screen panel and method for manufacturing the same
93 9,217,884 Tunable photonic crystal color filter and color image display apparatus including the same
94 9,217,858 Display substrate having sub pixel electrodes connected with thin film transistors, method of manufacturing the same, and display apparatus having the same
95 9,217,588 Magnetic cooling apparatus and control method thereof
96 9,217,578 Power device and safety control method thereof
97 9,217,216 Washing machine
98 9,217,215 Washing machine and washing water supply device
99 9,217,073 Transparent and flame retarding polyester resin composition and preparation method thereof
100 9,216,914 Water filter device and refrigerator having the same
101 9,216,652 Redox flow battery
102 9,216,287 Apparatus for measuring and treating dysphagia
103 9,216,007 Setting a sagittal view in an ultrasound system
104 9,215,916 Protective cover for supporting mobile terminal in dual direction and multi angle
105 RE45,826 Heater lamp control apparatus and method to detect an inputted AC voltage and providing a pulse signal to correspond thereto
106 D746,005 Robot cleaner
107 D746,003 Dishwasher
108 D745,917 Adapter for camera lens
109 D745,916 Lens for camera
110 D745,915 Camera
111 D745,914 Camera
112 D745,912 Camera
113 D745,908 Camera
114 D745,907 Camera
115 D745,906 Digital camera
116 D745,902 Shelf supporter for refrigerator
117 D745,901 Refrigerator handle
118 D745,894 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
119 D745,893 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
120 D745,892 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
121 D745,891 Display screen portion with icon
122 D745,890 Display screen portion with icon
123 D745,889 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
124 D745,888 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
125 D745,887 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
126 D745,886 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
127 D745,885 TV display screen with a transitional graphical user interface
128 D745,869 Electronic device
129 D745,868 Electronic device
130 D745,864 Stand for television
131 D745,854 Television receiver