Samsung patents granted on 22 June 2010

74 US patents granted on 22 June 2010 and assigned to Samsung

1 D618,249 Video display image for mobile phone
2 D618,238 External hard-disk
3 D618,198 Mobile phone
4 D618,197 Mobile phone
5 D618,196 Mobile phone
6 D618,194 Portable telephone
7 7,743,312 Method for puncturing low density parity check code
8 7,743,207 Hard disk drive data object
9 7,743,088 Synchronization identifier generating method and apparatus for synchronizing digital contents
10 7,743,042 Apparatus and method for providing remote user interface service
11 7,742,782 Device and method for processing system-related events in a portable terminal
12 7,742,766 Mobile node for discovering neighbor networks in heterogeneous network environment and network discovery method
13 7,742,717 Developing device, memory unit thereof, and image forming apparatus
14 7,742,711 Fixing device usable with an image forming apparatus
15 7,742,656 Observation system to display mask area capable of masking privacy zone and method to display mask area
16 7,742,628 Apparatus and method for recognizing spatial writing and recording medium storing the method
17 7,742,540 Method and device for data processing in a wireless mobile terminal
18 7,742,527 Signal compressing system
19 7,742,522 Signal compressing system
20 7,742,471 Methods and systems for routing packets with a hardware forwarding engine and a software forwarding engine
21 7,742,391 Apparatus and method for estimating frequency offset
22 7,742,375 Method of recording information to and reproducing information from an optical information storage medium
23 7,742,368 Near field light generating device and heat assisted magnetic recording head with the same
24 7,742,341 Semiconductor memory device and related programming method
25 7,742,334 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device for writing multivalued data
26 7,742,319 Transformer having resonant inductance
27 7,742,288 Display device
28 7,742,251 Timing insensitive method and apparatus for spectral analysis in a disk recording system
29 7,742,240 Subminiature imaging optical system
30 7,742,216 Electro-chromic display device and method of manufacturing the same
31 7,742,130 Color filter plate and thin film transistor plate for liquid crystal display, and methods for fabricating the plates
32 7,742,123 Color-filterless LCD
33 7,742,118 Thin film transistor array panel and manufacturing method thereof
34 7,742,117 Liquid crystal display panel
35 7,742,116 Display panel and method of manufacturing the same
36 7,742,107 Display apparatus and method for controlling the same
37 7,742,105 On screen display apparatus and method for displaying menu thereon
38 7,742,104 Display apparatus and control method thereof
39 7,742,066 Organic light emitting diode display and driving method thereof
40 7,742,041 Liquid crystal display with touch sensing using variable capacitor sensor and photosensor
41 7,742,029 Display device and control method thereof
42 7,742,025 Display apparatus and driving method thereof
43 7,742,021 Organic electroluminescent display and demultiplexer
44 7,741,955 Anti-collision method and system using optimized binary search tree
45 7,741,915 Power amplification apparatus in communication system
46 7,741,893 Dual mode clock generator
47 7,741,890 Method and apparatus for generating multi-phase signals
48 7,741,880 Data receiver and data receiving method
49 7,741,810 Portable terminal with cradle
50 7,741,774 Backlight module including at least one luminescence element, and method of fabricating the same
51 7,741,690 Photoelectric conversion device and photodetector apparatus having the same
52 7,741,673 Floating body memory and method of fabricating the same
53 7,741,669 Nonvolatile memory cells employing a transition metal oxide layers as a data storage material layer and methods of manufacturing the same
54 7,741,644 Semiconductor device having stacked transistors
55 7,741,641 TFT substrate and display device having the same
56 7,741,640 Top-emission organic light-emitting display device
57 7,741,631 Phase-changeable memory devices including phase-changeable materials on silicon nitride layers
58 7,741,222 Etch stop structure and method of manufacture, and semiconductor device and method of manufacture
59 7,741,174 Methods of forming pad structures and related methods of manufacturing recessed channel transistors that include such pad structures
60 7,741,143 Image sensor having 3-dimensional transfer transistor and its method of manufacture
61 7,741,135 Method of manufacturing light emitting display
62 7,741,105 Biomolecule chip and fabrication method thereof
63 7,740,823 Method of growing III group nitride single crystal and III group nitride single crystal manufactured by using the same
64 7,740,811 Hydrogen generator having double burners and method of operating the same
65 7,740,738 Inductively coupled antenna and plasma processing apparatus using the same
66 7,740,669 Reformer for fuel cell system, fabrication method therefor, and fuel cell system comprising the same
67 7,740,667 Method of fabricating an electrode plate for rechargeable battery
68 7,740,515 Flat panel display and method of fabricating the same
69 7,740,454 Thermal actuation pump
70 7,740,366 Two-sided illumination LED lens and LED module and LED two-sided illumination system using the same
71 7,740,364 Backlight unit and liquid crystal display device employing the same
72 7,740,360 Image display apparatus
73 7,740,336 Array type multi-pass inkjet printer and operating method thereof
74 7,739,890 Washing and/or drying machine having a damper connecting structure including a reinforcing portion