Samsung patents granted on 22 May 2012

152 US patents granted on 22 May 2012 and assigned to Samsung

1 D660,532 Vacuum cleaner
2 D660,337 Digital camera
3 D660,325 Refrigerator
4 D660,319 Blu-ray.RTM. disk player
5 D660,310 Mobile terminal with a graphical user interface
6 D660,286 Speaker
7 D660,285 Speaker
8 D660,278 Mobile phone
9 D660,276 Mobile phone
10 D660,275 Mobile phone
11 D660,274 Mobile phone
12 D660,273 Mobile phone
13 D660,272 Mobile phone
14 D660,271 Mobile phone
15 8,185,763 Method of and apparatus for informing user about setting state of wake-on-LAN function
16 8,185,742 Device and method for providing video stream having integrity
17 8,185,728 System boot using NAND flash memory and method thereof
18 8,185,711 Memory module, a memory system including a memory controller and a memory module and methods thereof
19 8,185,670 Audio/visual (AV) device control method using personal information and AV device using the same
20 8,185,669 Signal output device of HDMI device and method thereof
21 8,185,596 Location-based communication method and system
22 8,185,588 System, apparatus, and method for mobile community service
23 8,185,427 Method and system for presenting user tasks for the control of electronic devices
24 8,185,397 Speech processing apparatus, medium, and method recognizing and responding to speech using entity information
25 8,185,324 Method of determining initial concentration of nucleic acid in sample using real-time amplification data
26 8,185,168 Handset with docking headset
27 8,185,167 Boss reinforcing apparatus in portable communication device
28 8,185,123 Method and apparatus for managing radio resources in mobile communication system
29 8,185,114 System and method for optimizing handover in mobile communication system
30 8,185,070 Broadcast system and channel setting method using center and searching frequencies
31 8,185,055 Apparatus for determining interference using cyclic prefix and method thereof
32 8,185,042 Apparatus and method of improving sound quality of FM radio in portable terminal
33 8,185,033 Photosensitive body unit and image forming apparatus having the same
34 8,185,028 Image forming apparatus and auto color registration method thereof
35 8,185,009 Image forming apparatus and method of controlling a fusing unit thereof
36 8,184,999 Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
37 8,184,942 Digital broadcast recorder and method for recording title using the same
38 8,184,899 Method of detecting a defect on an object
39 8,184,843 Method and apparatus for sound source localization using microphones
40 8,184,753 Apparatus and method for OFDM channel equalization
41 8,184,752 Apparatus and method for hybrid automatic repeat request (HARQ) in wireless communication system
42 8,184,742 RF receiver having timing offset recovery function and timing offset recovery method using thereof
43 8,184,725 Receiver and method for implementing timing synchronization in OFDM scheme
44 8,184,713 De-blocking filtering method of image data and de-blocking filter
45 8,184,695 Digital broadcasting transmitter, turbo stream processing method thereof, and digital broadcasting system having the same
46 8,184,688 Digital broadcasting reception apparatus and robust stream decoding method thereof
47 8,184,682 Precoding signaling in a MIMO wireless communication system
48 8,184,680 Data transceiver system and associated methods
49 8,184,622 Integrated internet telephony system and signaling method thereof
50 8,184,616 Changing codec information to provide voice over internet protocol (VoIP) terminal with coloring service
51 8,184,612 Method and apparatus for managing hyper frame number for ciphering/deciphering in mobile communication system
52 8,184,609 System and method for random access in a wireless communication system
53 8,184,606 Apparatus and method for monitoring base station signal in communication system having multiple antennas
54 8,184,593 Call switching system and method of connecting call therein
55 8,184,592 Method, medium, and system for searching crossover router and method, medium, and system for reserving resources in mobile network
56 8,184,589 Apparatus and method for controlling layer 3 handover of mobile node
57 8,184,588 Apparatus and method for performing fast handover
58 8,184,581 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving control information and packet data in downlink
59 8,184,565 Wireless communication apparatus having self sensing function
60 8,184,520 Optical pickup device having chromatic aberration correction lens
61 8,184,513 Recording/reproducing method, recording/reproducing apparatus, optical recording medium, and computer readable recording medium having recorded thereon program for the recording/reproducing method
62 8,184,495 Semiconductor memory device for controlling operation of delay-locked loop circuit
63 8,184,485 Semiconductor device having coupling elimination circuit
64 8,184,480 Multi-level nonvolatile memory device with reduced number of read voltages based on a cell address and method for operating the same
65 8,184,473 Nanowire memory device and method of manufacturing the same
66 8,184,471 DRAM having stacked capacitors of different capacitances
67 8,184,468 Nonvolatile memory devices using variable resistive elements
68 8,184,449 Electronic device having stack-type semiconductor package and method of forming the same
69 8,184,448 Bare chip embedded PCB
70 8,184,444 Electrode pad for mounting electronic component and structure for mounting electronic component
71 8,184,439 Semiconductor module
72 8,184,425 Multilayer capacitor
73 8,184,356 Micro thin-film structure, MEMS switch employing such a micro thin-film, and method of fabricating them
74 8,184,338 Image forming apparatus and method for controlling printing and auto color registration
75 8,184,320 Printing control apparatus to control printing operation, printing control system, and methods thereof
76 8,184,315 Method and apparatus of providing devices with history information on image forming jobs
77 8,184,314 Image forming apparatus and a communication method with trays thereof
78 8,184,256 Display panel and method for manufacturing the same
79 8,184,251 Thin film transistor array and method of manufacturing the same
80 8,184,243 Liquid crystal display and manufacturing method thereof
81 8,184,242 Liquid crystal display
82 8,184,228 Display device and method of compensating for pressure changes thereof
83 8,184,222 Display apparatus and method thereof
84 8,184,220 Liquid crystal display, thin film transistor substrate and method thereof
85 8,184,197 Focus detecting apparatus and image pick-up apparatus having the same
86 8,184,182 Image processing apparatus and method
87 8,184,165 Apparatus and method for running dual cameras in a portable terminal
88 8,184,127 Apparatus for and method of generating graphic data, and information recording medium
89 8,184,111 Driver for a display having a frequency detection unit
90 8,184,103 Mobile terminal having moving keypad
91 8,184,089 Backlight level selection for display devices
92 8,184,085 Liquid crystal display and method for driving the same
93 8,184,083 Source driver in liquid crystal display device, output buffer included in the source driver, and method of operating the output buffer
94 8,184,080 Liquid crystal display and driving method thereof
95 8,184,079 Display device having reduced flicker
96 8,184,074 Active matrix organic light emitting display
97 8,184,066 Computer system and control method thereof
98 8,183,928 CMOS power amplifier and temperature compensation circuit thereof
99 8,183,919 Power amplifier
100 8,183,916 Non-inverting amplifier and voltage supply circuit including the same
101 8,183,908 High frequency switching circuit for reducing insertion loss and restricting variations in harmonic levels
102 8,183,895 Clock dividing circuit
103 8,183,884 Output driving device in semiconductor device
104 8,183,831 Battery pack
105 8,183,786 Liquid crystal display and method of driving the same
106 8,183,773 Plasma display panel with auxiliary discharge space and method of manufacturing the same
107 8,183,771 Organic light emitting diode and method of fabricating the same
108 8,183,768 Organic light emitting display apparatus having pixels with increased aperture ratio
109 8,183,763 Organic light emitting display and method of fabricating the same
110 8,183,755 Flat panel display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
111 8,183,725 Motor and recording disc driving device
112 8,183,673 Through-silicon via structures providing reduced solder spreading and methods of fabricating the same
113 8,183,663 Crack resistant circuit under pad structure and method of manufacturing the same
114 8,183,634 Stack-type semiconductor device
115 8,183,613 Bipolar transistor for a memory array
116 8,183,601 Thin film transistor array panel for a liquid crystal display
117 8,183,598 Semiconductor device, semiconductor module, and electronic apparatus including process monitoring pattern overlapping with I/O pad
118 8,183,591 Light-emitting devices
119 8,183,583 LED package module
120 8,183,576 Light-emitting diodes including perpendicular-extending nano-rods
121 8,183,570 Thin film transistor array panel
122 8,183,562 Organic light emitting display apparatus
123 8,183,518 Touch panel driving circuit removing current due to heat of finger and touch panel comprising the same
124 8,183,473 Optimized power package for electrical device
125 8,183,468 Electromagnetic bandgap structure, printed circuit board comprising this and method thereof
126 8,183,303 Adhesive composition and adhesive film made therefrom
127 8,183,152 Method of fabricating semiconductor device
128 8,183,141 Methods of forming semiconductor devices
129 8,183,136 Method of forming insulating layer and method of manufacturing transistor using the same
130 8,183,113 Methods of forming recessed gate structures including blocking members, and methods of forming semiconductor devices having the recessed gate structures
131 8,183,097 Thin-film transistor substrate and method of manufacturing the same
132 8,183,069 Method of manufacturing organic light emitting display device
133 8,183,068 Nitride-based semiconductor light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
134 8,183,063 Organic light emitting device and method of fabricating the same
135 8,182,964 Electrode for fuel cell, membrane-electrode assembly for fuel cell, and fuel cell system including the same
136 8,182,947 Electrode assembly and lithium ion secondary battery having the same
137 8,182,904 Laminated ceramic package
138 8,182,750 Carbon monoxide treatment apparatus for fuel cell
139 8,182,633 Method of fabricating a flexible display device
140 8,182,304 Method of manufacturing an organic electroluminescent device having organic light-emitting transistors
141 8,182,301 Method of fabricating flat panel display having pad electrode
142 8,182,160 Lens barrier apparatus
143 8,182,131 Light guide plate and backlight unit having the same
144 8,182,106 Surface light source using white light emitting diodes and liquid crystal display backlight unit having the same
145 8,182,098 Projection optical system
146 8,182,094 Light source unit and image projection apparatus having the same
147 8,182,071 Thermal inkjet printhead and method of driving same
148 8,182,055 Damping unit and refrigerator having the same
149 8,182,010 Robot hand and humanoid robot having the same
150 8,181,552 Driving apparatus and robot having the same
151 8,181,492 Washing machine with steam generator
152 8,181,339 Method of manufacturing a printed circuit board