Samsung patents granted on 22 September 2009

96 US patents granted on 22 September 2009 and assigned to Samsung

1 D600,870 Handle for cleaner
2 D600,753 Warning sticker for extended battery of mobile electronic products
3 D600,744 Toner cartridge
4 D600,731 Camcorder
5 D600,673 Holder for an earphone wire
6 D600,672 MP3 player
7 D600,665 Portable phone
8 D600,664 Portable telephone
9 7,594,251 Apparatus and method of managing reception state of data in digital broadcasting system
10 7,594,190 Apparatus and method for user interfacing
11 7,594,161 Map decoding
12 7,594,160 Apparatus and method for receiving signal in a communication system
13 7,594,157 Memory system with backup circuit and programming method
14 7,594,153 Apparatus for controlling hybrid automatic repeat request (HARQ) in a mobile communication system
15 7,594,126 Processor system and method for reducing power consumption in idle mode
16 7,594,062 Method for changing data of a data block in a flash memory having a mapping area, a data area and an alternative area
17 7,594,045 Memory control apparatus for digital signal processing
18 7,593,937 Apparatus, medium, and method clustering audio files
19 7,593,847 Pitch detection method and apparatus
20 7,593,754 Receiving apparatus and receiving method of communication system with multiple antennas
21 7,593,732 System and method for supporting soft handover in a broadband wireless access communication system
22 7,593,731 System and method for performing a fast handover in a broadband wireless access communication system
23 7,593,728 Private wireless communication system and method for controlling mobile station using the same
24 7,593,690 Signal converter, RFID tag having signal converter, and method of driving RFID tag
25 7,593,683 Paper arranging device, and electrophotographic image forming apparatus with the same
26 7,593,672 Developer supplying apparatus and developing apparatus having the same
27 7,593,635 Digital imaging apparatus capable of creating panorama image and a creating method thereof
28 7,593,486 Apparatus and method for controlling transmission mode in a MIMO mobile communication system
29 7,593,474 Digital broadcast transmitting/receiving system having an improved receiving performance and signal processing method thereof
30 7,593,468 Method of interfacing a high speed signal
31 7,593,455 Terminal for performing wake-up with consumption of low power and wake-up method thereof
32 7,593,451 Apparatus and method for communicating packet data control channel in a mobile communication system
33 7,593,420 Method for allocating resources in a multicarrier system and transmission apparatus using the same
34 7,593,406 Multi-layered packet processing device
35 7,593,385 Wireless communication system capable of performing an optimized routing and method of measuring a magnitude of a network
36 7,593,375 Medium access control apparatus for use in a channel overlay network
37 7,593,338 Congestion control method and system for reducing a retransmission timeout count in a transmission control protocol
38 7,593,332 Apparatus and method for transmitting reverse packet data in mobile communication system
39 7,593,306 Diffraction element and optical pick-up apparatus having the same
40 7,593,301 Recording apparatus for generating write pulse control signals suitable for various types of optical recording media
41 7,593,295 Apparatus and method for compensating for defect of optical disc
42 7,593,282 Memory core with single contacts and semiconductor memory device having the same
43 7,593,266 Semiconductor memory device and method of verifying the same
44 7,593,261 EEPROM devices and methods of operating and fabricating the same
45 7,593,218 Supporting device for display apparatus and display apparatus having the same
46 7,593,215 Multi-layer ceramic capacitor and production method thereof
47 7,593,214 Array type multi-layer ceramic capacitor and production method thereof
48 7,593,199 Control signal generation circuit and battery management system using the same
49 7,593,180 HDD data read control apparatus, medium, and method
50 7,593,178 Method of reducing abrasion of disk by using dithering process and disk drive using the same
51 7,593,153 Electrowetting optical device and method of controlling voltage of the same
52 7,593,146 Image scanning device with cleaning unit
53 7,593,088 Liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing the same
54 7,593,087 Liquid crystal display device and portable display apparatus using the same
55 7,593,086 Flexible flat panel display
56 7,593,077 Display apparatus having innovative array substrate
57 7,593,073 Optical member, method of manufacturing the same and display device having the same
58 7,593,069 Liquid crystal display and method for driving same
59 7,593,059 Image conversion device and method
60 7,593,009 Apparatus and method for reconstructing three-dimensional graphics data
61 7,592,996 Multiprimary color display with dynamic gamut mapping
62 7,592,993 Source driver capable of controlling source line driving signals in a liquid crystal display device
63 7,592,986 Display device and driving method thereof
64 7,592,982 Light emitting panel and light emitting display
65 7,592,978 Plasma display panel driving method
66 7,592,977 Plasma display panel and method for processing pictures thereof
67 7,592,864 High-order low-pass filter circuit and method
68 7,592,850 Level shifter including boosting circuit
69 7,592,845 Input signal level detection apparatus and method
70 7,592,749 Plasma display device
71 7,592,709 Board on chip package and method of manufacturing the same
72 7,592,708 Package board, semiconductor package, and fabricating method thereof
73 7,592,687 Device and method for preventing an integrated circuit from malfunctioning due to surge voltage
74 7,592,686 Semiconductor device having a junction extended by a selective epitaxial growth (SEG) layer and method of fabricating the same
75 7,592,665 Non-volatile memory devices having floating gates
76 7,592,664 Nonvolatile memory structure and method of forming the same
77 7,592,663 Flash memory device utilizing nanocrystals embedded in polymer
78 7,592,635 Organic electroluminescent device
79 7,592,631 LED package frame and LED package having the same
80 7,592,629 Gallium nitride thin film on sapphire substrate having reduced bending deformation
81 7,592,625 Semiconductor transistor with multi-level transistor structure and method of fabricating the same
82 7,592,624 Organic light emitting display including a protruding insulating layer and method of fabricating the same
83 7,592,620 Active matrix organic light-emitting display device
84 7,592,618 Nanoparticle electroluminescence and method of manufacturing the same
85 7,592,540 Polymer electrolyte and dye-sensitized solar cell comprising the polymer electrolyte
86 7,592,227 Methods of manufacturing a semiconductor device
87 7,592,215 Semiconductor device having self-aligned contact hole and method of fabricating the same
88 7,592,206 Fuse region and method of fabricating the same
89 7,592,102 Electrolyte for lithium ion secondary battery and lithium ion secondary battery comprising the same
90 7,592,096 Lithium ion secondary battery
91 7,592,086 Polymer membrane, method of preparing the same, and fuel cell using the same
92 7,591,872 Method for producing silver nanoparticles and conductive ink
93 7,591,714 Wafer grinding and tape attaching apparatus and method
94 7,591,700 Method of manufacturing a field emission display and process of welding a metal grid to a pair of blackened-treated fixing elements
95 7,591,671 Connector for display device
96 7,591,568 Point light source, backlight assembly having the same and display apparatus having the same