Samsung patents granted on 22 September 2015

182 US patents granted on 22 September 2015 and assigned to Samsung

1 D739,455 Camera
2 D739,454 Digital camera
3 D739,453 Digital camera
4 D739,434 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
5 D739,433 TV receiver display with animated GUI
6 D739,431 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
7 D739,428 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
8 D739,427 Display screen or portion thereof with generated image
9 D739,422 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
10 D739,416 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
11 D739,414 Digital camera with a graphical user interface
12 D739,413 Portable electronic device with GUI
13 D739,412 Portable electronic device with GUI
14 D739,408 Cover for electronic device
15 D739,403 Tablet PC
16 D739,402 Tablet PC
17 D739,395 Cover for mobile phone
18 D739,384 Remote controller
19 D739,383 Circuit board for electronic device
20 D739,379 Headset
21 D739,378 Headphone
22 D739,368 Mobile phone
23 D739,182 Food container
24 9,144,119 Organic light emitting display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
25 9,144,093 Method and apparatus for connecting wireless network in a digital device
26 9,144,092 Apparatus and method for detecting emergency status in wireless communication system
27 9,144,065 Communication support for low capability devices
28 9,144,063 Multiplexing large payloads of control information from user equipments
29 9,144,039 Power headroom report method and apparatus for mobile communication system supporting carrier aggregation
30 9,144,038 Method and apparatus for calculating power headroom in carrier aggregation mobile communication system
31 9,144,032 Controlling the radiation pattern of a mobile terminal according to a posture of the mobile terminal
32 9,144,014 Method for operating portable terminal to reduce power during support of communication service and portable terminal supporting the same
33 9,144,012 Method and system of MIMO and beamforming transmitter and receiver architecture
34 9,144,005 Method, system and mobile device for call switching service
35 9,143,917 Bluetooth communication method and terminal adopting same
36 9,143,890 Network, master, hub and method for providing a bluetooth infrastructure
37 9,143,800 Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding image
38 9,143,791 Method and apparatus for processing video frame by using difference between pixel values
39 9,143,765 Three dimensional image display
40 9,143,686 Photographing apparatus, motion estimating apparatus, image compensating method, motion estimating method, and computer-readable recording medium
41 9,143,684 Digital photographing apparatus, method of controlling the same, and computer-readable storage medium
42 9,143,680 Event-based image processing apparatus and method
43 9,143,678 Apparatus and method for processing light field data using a mask with an attenuation pattern
44 9,143,641 Method for scanning data and electronic device thereof
45 9,143,613 Apparatus and method for sharing information through presence service in a communication network
46 9,143,604 Personalized service method using user history in mobile terminal and system using the method
47 9,143,527 Apparatus and method preventing overflow of pending interest table in name based network system
48 9,143,372 Communication system with receiver optimization mechanism and method of operation thereof
49 9,143,345 System and method for providing phone related services to devices using UPnP on a home network
50 9,143,343 Method and apparatus for providing GUI
51 9,143,334 Method and apparatus for transmitting group message in unicast network
52 9,143,275 Methods and apparatus to identify the accessibility of femto-base stations in communication systems
53 9,143,257 Method and apparatus for transmitting signal
54 9,143,256 Method and apparatus for transmitting signal
55 9,143,211 Multiple antenna transmission with per-antenna power constraints
56 9,143,201 Data receiver for near field communication and wireless communication system including the same
57 9,143,169 Physical broadcast channel (PBCH) transmission for reliable detection of antenna configuration
58 9,143,006 Electric power supply apparatus of electric apparatus
59 9,143,002 Wireless electric power receiver for wirelessly regulating electric power using switch
60 9,142,997 Wireless power transmission system, and method and apparatus for allocating communication channel and transmitting power in wireless power transmission system
61 9,142,996 Portable device and wireless power charging system for portable device
62 9,142,826 Battery pack
63 9,142,823 Rechargeable battery and module of the same
64 9,142,822 Core pack manufacturing apparatus
65 9,142,814 Rechargeable battery
66 9,142,813 Secondary battery
67 9,142,812 Battery pack
68 9,142,810 Rechargeable battery
69 9,142,809 Battery module
70 9,142,808 Organic light-emitting display device and method of manufacturing the same
71 9,142,804 Organic light-emitting device including barrier layer and method of manufacturing the same
72 9,142,799 Light emitting structure having sub-pixel regions, organic light emitting layers, and a blocking member for emitting different color lights, display device including a light emitting structure and method of manufacturing a display device including a light emitting structure
73 9,142,795 Organic light-emitting diode
74 9,142,793 Organic light emitting diode display
75 9,142,790 PhotoSensor and photodiode therefor
76 9,142,780 Display device and method for manufacturing the same
77 9,142,758 Method and system for providing a magnetic junction configured for precessional switching using a bias structure
78 9,142,757 Magnetic memory devices
79 9,142,737 Light emitting device surrounded by reflection wall and covered with fluorescent film
80 9,142,730 Method of manufacturing semiconductor light emitting device
81 9,142,724 Nitride-based semiconductor light-emitting device
82 9,142,722 Semiconductor light emitting device and illumination apparatus including the same
83 9,142,721 Semiconductor light emitting device and manufacturing method of the same
84 9,142,704 Photosensor, display device including the same, and driving method thereof
85 9,142,682 Thin film transistor and manufacturing method thereof
86 9,142,680 Thin film transistor array panel having improved aperture ratio and method of manufacturing same
87 9,142,639 Graphene electronic devices and methods of manufacturing the same
88 9,142,635 Graphene electronic device and method of fabricating the same
89 9,142,610 Semiconductor device including supporters on a lower electrode thereof and method of fabricating the same
90 9,142,603 Organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display and method of manufacturing the same
91 9,142,602 Display device having anisotropic conductive film and manufacturing method thereof
92 9,142,601 Organic light emitting display
93 9,142,600 Organic light-emitting display device
94 9,142,597 Organic light emitting diode display
95 9,142,577 Photodetector and image sensor including the same
96 9,142,563 Three dimensional semiconductor memory devices and methods of fabricating the same
97 9,142,558 Semiconductor device having supporter and method of forming the same
98 9,142,536 Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
99 9,142,499 Lead pin for package substrate
100 9,142,498 Semiconductor devices having stacked solder bumps with intervening metal layers to provide electrical interconnections
101 9,142,490 Integrated circuit device having through-silicon-via structure and method of manufacturing the integrated circuit device
102 9,142,489 Semiconductor devices including a non-planar conductive pattern, and methods of forming semiconductor devices including a non-planar conductive pattern
103 9,142,478 Semiconductor package stack having a heat slug
104 9,142,461 Methods of fabricating semiconductor devices
105 9,142,455 Method of fabricating semiconductor device
106 9,142,415 Deposition apparatus, method of forming thin film using the deposition apparatus, and method of manufacturing organic light emitting display apparatus using the deposition apparatus
107 9,142,405 Thin film transistor, method of manufacturing active layers of the thin film transistor, and display device
108 9,142,317 Embedded memory device and memory controller including the same
109 9,142,313 Memory system and programming method thereof
110 9,142,297 Nonvolatile memory device and method of driving the same
111 9,142,294 Nonvolatile resistive memory device and writing method
112 9,142,277 Semiconductor memory device having discriminary read and write operations according to temperature
113 9,142,265 Semiconductor memory device
114 9,142,258 Information storage medium storing a plurality of titles, reproducing apparatus and method thereof
115 9,142,243 Optical pickup and optical information storage system including the same
116 9,142,189 Backlight unit and display device including the same
117 9,142,180 Display apparatus for adjusting a gray value of an image signal
118 9,142,174 Method of driving a display panel and a display apparatus for performing the method
119 9,142,171 Display device and method of driving thereof
120 9,142,163 Organic light emitting display device
121 9,142,162 Flexible display apparatus that adjusts image size and resolution according to folding thereof
122 9,142,155 Display device, signal converter for the display device, and method of operating the display device
123 9,142,153 Two side display device and manufacturing method thereof
124 9,141,854 Method and apparatus for generating structure of table included in image
125 9,141,828 Mobile device management apparatus and method based on security policies and management server for mobile device management
126 9,141,775 Mashup service support method and apparatus
127 9,141,761 Apparatus and method for assisting user to maintain correct posture
128 9,141,751 Method of forming a pattern
129 9,141,657 Content delivery system with profile generation mechanism and method of operation thereof
130 9,141,579 Apparatus and method for routing data among multiple cores
131 9,141,574 Image forming apparatus and low power driving method thereof
132 9,141,498 Method for verification of reconfigurable processor
133 9,141,473 Parallel memory error detection and correction
134 9,141,467 Semiconductor memory system including Reed-Solomon low density parity check decoder and read method thereof
135 9,141,436 Apparatus and method for partition scheduling for a processor with cores
136 9,141,406 Method and system to provide a user interface with respect to a plurality of applications
137 9,141,395 Display apparatus, control method thereof, upgrade apparatus, and display system
138 9,141,283 Apparatus and method for inputting characters on touch screen of a terminal
139 9,141,282 Apparatus and method for changing input mode in portable terminal
140 9,141,248 Touch panel with electrode pattern including regular pentagons
141 9,141,238 Flexible touch screen panel having a flexible polarizing film including a polarizer, a phase difference compensating layer, and a transparent adhesive, and flexible display device including the same
142 9,141,233 Touch controlled display device
143 9,141,232 Touch screen panel and detecting method of touch position using the same
144 9,141,208 Method of segmenting multiple touches in touch sensing system
145 9,141,206 Apparatus and method for motion detection in portable terminal
146 9,141,189 Apparatus and method for controlling interface
147 9,141,144 Flexible display device with flexible touch screen panel
148 9,141,110 Robot cleaner, docking station, robot cleaner system including robot cleaner and docking station, and method of controlling robot cleaner
149 9,141,075 Image forming apparatus having pivotable upper body
150 9,141,029 Developing device and electrophotographic image forming apparatus having the same
151 9,141,001 Mask support frame and mask assembly having the same
152 9,140,964 Method and apparatus for operating projection mode in projection device
153 9,140,960 Apparatus for processing an image having detachable lens and a ring for setting photographing parameter values
154 9,140,954 Reflective type display device
155 9,140,948 Liquid crystal display panel having a light blocking electrode
156 9,140,944 Nanocrystal display including black matrix between common electrode and data line in boundary between pixel areas
157 9,140,939 Liquid crystal display and manufacturing method thereof
158 9,140,926 Semiconductor wire grid, display apparatus having the same, and method of manufacturing the display apparatus
159 9,140,917 Method of forming structure including micropattern, method of forming nanopattern, and method of manufacturing display panel for liquid crystal display
160 9,140,905 Vibration proof zoom lens and photographing apparatus having the same
161 9,140,902 Window for covering display device, method for manufacturing window, display device, and method for manufacturing display device
162 9,140,849 Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display having the same
163 9,140,845 Display device having improved illumination characteristics
164 9,140,842 Display device
165 9,140,840 Backlight assembly and display device
166 9,140,835 Display panel, color filter substrate, and method of manufacturing the same
167 9,140,790 Ultrasound system and method of forming ultrasound image
168 9,140,742 Method of measuring a silicon thin film, method of detecting defects in a silicon thin film, and silicon thin film defect detection device
169 9,140,729 Method and apparatus for providing estimated power consumption information of content
170 9,140,611 Infrared ray detector and method of detecting infrared rays by using the same
171 9,140,608 Device and method for processing image for substantially accurately reproduced color images from a camera
172 9,140,483 Refrigerator
173 9,140,463 Indoor unit with power supply and power detection capabilities and method thereof and air conditioning system having the same
174 9,139,948 Heat pump type clothes dryer with secondary blowing mechanism
175 9,139,945 Bearing housing, water tub for washing machine and manufacturing mold unit thereof
176 9,139,872 Method and apparatus for analyzing nucleic acid by compensating for crosstalk in polymerase chain reaction data and other data
177 9,139,852 Method and apparatus for pretreating biomass using internal heat
178 9,139,602 Fused ring compound and organic light-emitting device including the same
179 9,139,080 In-wheel actuator and in-wheel assembly comprising the same
180 9,139,001 Inkjet print head and method for manufacturing the same
181 9,138,941 Method of preparing porous metal oxide structure
182 9,138,117 Cleaning apparatus