Samsung patents granted on 23 April 2013

127 US patents granted on 23 April 2013 and assigned to Samsung

1 RE44,168 Optical recording medium with different wobble characteristics between the user data area and the lead-out area
2 RE44,166 Thin film transistor panel for liquid crystal display
3 D680,550 Portion of a display screen with graphical user interface
4 D680,539 Adapter
5 D680,533 Tablet computer
6 D680,511 Mobile communication terminal
7 D680,508 TV receiver
8 8,429,679 Method and system for handling framework shutdown in a network
9 8,429,644 Image forming apparatus, and web application installing method
10 8,429,608 Method and apparatus for providing implicit variability rules for component model and architecture design
11 8,429,607 Method and apparatus for managing variability points
12 8,429,571 Method of etch proximity correction and method of creating photomask layout using the same
13 8,429,555 Apparatus and method of providing items based on scrolling
14 8,429,515 Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving control information in multiple input multiple output system
15 8,429,509 Apparatus and method for determining reliability of decoded data in communication system
16 8,429,485 Method and apparatus for detecting free page and a method and apparatus for decoding error correction code using the method and apparatus for detecting free page
17 8,429,469 Method and apparatus for remotely verifying memory integrity of a device
18 8,429,461 Apparatus and method for diagnosing cablecard-related status and performing proper processing according to diagnosis result in opencable system, opencable host, and opencable reception apparatus
19 8,429,414 Apparatus and method of generating and detecting prevention and control data for verifying validity of data
20 8,429,358 Method and data storage device for processing commands
21 8,429,327 Mapping apparatus and method for non-volatile memory supporting different cell types
22 8,429,309 Method and system for providing input in home network using UPnP
23 8,428,958 Apparatus and method of encoding and decoding signals
24 8,428,666 Wireless headset and multipoint pairing method for the same
25 8,428,650 Reconfigurable base station using mobile station RF ASIC
26 8,428,608 Method and system for resource allocation in relay enhanced cellular systems
27 8,428,603 Paging method in area where macro ASN and femto ASN are linked in mobile network, and system therefor
28 8,428,555 Securing quality of service (QoS) according to type of wireless local area network (WLAN) service
29 8,428,469 Visible light communication method and apparatus
30 8,428,433 Storage medium storing multimedia data for reproduction of AV data and programming function, and reproducing apparatus and method thereof
31 8,428,432 Information storage medium storing text-based subtitle, and apparatus and method for processing text-based subtitle
32 8,428,388 Image generating apparatus and method for emphasizing edge based on image characteristics
33 8,428,377 Device and method of processing image data to be displayed on a display device
34 8,428,343 VOXEL map generator and method thereof
35 8,428,288 Ear jack for detecting earphone plug
36 8,428,281 Small hearing aid
37 8,428,256 Method and apparatus for efficiently fixing transformed part of content
38 8,428,199 Transmitter and receiver for frequency domain equalization
39 8,428,177 Method and apparatus for multiple input multiple output (MIMO) transmit beamforming
40 8,428,170 Method for transmitting multi-antenna superimposed symbol and apparatus using the same
41 8,428,028 Method and apparatus for fast and efficient handover at link layer of wireless LAN
42 8,427,982 Method and circuit for controlling reception path of multi-standby terminal
43 8,427,973 Cognitive radio communication apparatus and radio access technology selection method of cognitive radio communication apparatus
44 8,427,931 Recording/reproducing medium and method
45 8,427,898 Method and apparatus for performing multi-block access operation in nonvolatile memory device
46 8,427,893 Redundancy memory cell access circuit and semiconductor memory device including the same
47 8,427,881 Semiconductor memory device and programming method thereof
48 8,427,878 Non-volatile memory devices, operating methods thereof and memory systems including the same
49 8,427,872 Nonvolatile memory device and system performing repair operation for defective memory cell
50 8,427,871 Nonvolatile memory device, memory system incorporating same, and method of operating same
51 8,427,870 Nonvolatile memory device, method, system including the same, and operating method thereof
52 8,427,855 Semiconductor nanocrystal composite
53 8,427,841 Electronic device
54 8,427,795 Pad interface circuit and method of improving reliability of the pad interface circuit
55 8,427,779 Disk drive device with bearing with improved impact resistance
56 8,427,778 Disk drive device provided with fluid dynamic bearing
57 8,427,777 Disk drive device provided with lubricant-filled fluid dynamic bearing
58 8,427,768 Optical filter for compensating for color shift provided in front of a display panel of a display device and display device having the same
59 8,427,765 Large caliber standard lens
60 8,427,755 Fluidic lens and method of manufacturing the same
61 8,427,712 Exposure apparatuses and methods to compress exposure data
62 8,427,691 Image forming apparatus which changes addresses that are used when data is read from and written to memories of articles of consumption and method of controlling the image forming apparatus
63 8,427,630 Semiconductor manufacturing apparatus
64 8,427,623 Thin film transistor substrate including disconnection prevention member
65 8,427,621 Liquid crystal display
66 8,427,618 Thin film transistor array panel for liquid crystal display
67 8,427,606 Liquid crystal display comprising a reflective polarizing layer including a plurality of microfibers each having an anisotropic refractive index and longitudinally extending in the same direction
68 8,427,602 Backlight unit providing polarized light and display apparatus employing the same
69 8,427,594 Liquid crystal display
70 8,427,579 Frame rate conversion apparatus and method for ultra definition image
71 8,427,563 Image sensor with multiple types of color filters
72 8,427,548 Apparatus and method for capturing digital images
73 8,427,467 Display device and control method of the same
74 8,427,459 Driving circuit and display device with first and second pairs of amplifiers
75 8,427,436 Touch sensor using capacitance detection and liquid crystal display having the same
76 8,427,435 Touch screen apparatus
77 8,427,430 Apparatus for and method of controlling digital image processing apparatus
78 8,427,422 Input device and method for protecting input information from exposure
79 8,427,406 Organic light emitting display and driving method thereof
80 8,427,403 Demultiplexer, display apparatus using the same, and display panel thereof
81 8,427,399 Organic light emitting display device including signal processor for modifying image data and driving method thereof
82 8,427,247 Oscillators and methods of operating the same
83 8,427,246 Oscillators and methods of manufacturing and operating the same
84 8,427,195 Digital signal generator and automatic test equipment having the same
85 8,427,068 Reference signal generator and PWM control circuit for LCD backlight
86 8,427,047 Organic light emitting device
87 8,427,016 Linear vibrator
88 8,426,959 Semiconductor package and method of manufacturing the same
89 8,426,956 Semiconductor package structure having plural packages in a stacked arrangement
90 8,426,951 Multi-chip package having frame interposer
91 8,426,943 Semiconductor device having e-fuse structure and method of fabricating the same
92 8,426,939 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing of the same
93 8,426,938 Image sensor and method of fabricating the same
94 8,426,926 Semiconductor devices having field effect transistors with epitaxial patterns in recessed regions
95 8,426,916 Semiconductor integrated circuit devices having different thickness silicon-germanium layers
96 8,426,907 Nonvolatile memory devices including multiple charge trapping layers
97 8,426,901 Semiconductor devices having a support structure for an active layer pattern
98 8,426,880 Semiconductor light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
99 8,426,863 Thin film transistor; method of manufacturing same; and organic light emitting device including the thin film transistor
100 8,426,854 Display device
101 8,426,852 Transistors and electronic apparatuses including same
102 8,426,840 Nonvolatile memory cells having phase changeable patterns therein for data storage
103 8,426,837 Resistive memory device and method of manufacturing the same
104 8,426,738 Flexible PCB of spindle motor
105 8,426,550 Polyamic acid, polyimide, manufacturing method thereof, and polyimide film
106 8,426,308 Method of forming through silicon via of semiconductor device using low-k dielectric material
107 8,426,304 Methods of manufacturing a vertical type semiconductor device
108 8,426,301 Three-dimensional nonvolatile memory devices having sub-divided active bars and methods of manufacturing such devices
109 8,426,299 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
110 8,426,274 Method of forming recess and method of manufacturing semiconductor device having the same
111 8,426,272 Non-volatile memory devices including shared bit lines and methods of fabricating the same
112 8,426,252 Wafer level package having a stress relief spacer and manufacturing method thereof
113 8,426,228 Thin-film transistor substrate, method of manufacturing same and display apparatus having same
114 8,426,097 Electrophotographic toner and method of preparing the same
115 8,426,086 Mask and method of manufacturing array substrate using the same
116 8,426,081 Polybenzoxazine-based compound, electrolyte membrane including the same, and fuel cell employing the electrolyte membrane
117 8,426,055 Apparatus for storing energy and method for manufacturing the same
118 8,425,989 Photoalignment material and method of manufacturing display substrate using the same
119 8,425,853 Plasma generation method and apparatus
120 8,425,803 Nanocrystal doped matrixes
121 8,425,363 Robot joint driving apparatus and robot having the same
122 8,425,104 Backlight assembly and display apparatus having the same
123 8,424,942 Industrial gripper with multiple degrees of freedom
124 8,424,487 Roll-to-roll patterning apparatus and patterning system having the same
125 8,424,450 Cooking apparatus
126 8,424,163 Snap hinge device for folding-type portable terminal
127 8,424,151 Vacuum cleaner having safety apparatus of auxiliary brush assembly