Samsung patents granted on 23 August 2011

139 US patents granted on 23 August 2011 and assigned to Samsung

1 8,006,246 Apparatus for forcibly terminating thread blocked on input/output operation and method for the same
2 8,006,202 Systems and methods for UV lithography
3 8,006,201 Method and system for generating thumbnails for video files
4 8,006,162 Method for padding and puncturing low density parity check code
5 8,006,161 Apparatus and method for receiving signal in a communication system using a low density parity check code
6 8,006,159 Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving broadcast data in a mobile communication system
7 8,006,158 Hybrid automatic repeat request method in a mobile communication system and transmission/reception method and apparatus using the same
8 8,006,085 License management system and method
9 8,006,084 Apparatus and method for managing plurality of certificates
10 8,006,078 Central processing unit having branch instruction verification unit for secure program execution
11 8,006,034 Information recording medium, recording and/or reproducing apparatus, and recording and/or reproducing method
12 8,005,882 System and method for determining application of adaptive filter
13 8,005,789 Method and apparatus for synchronizing multimedia content with device which supports multi-server environment
14 8,005,768 Multimedia file reproducing apparatus and method
15 8,005,758 Encryption/decryption method and apparatus for controlling content use based on license information
16 8,005,562 Process-parameter prognostic system for predicting shape of semiconductor structure, semiconductor fabrication apparatus having the system, and method of using the apparatus
17 8,005,480 Communication initialization method at medium access control layer in a cognitive radio wireless communication system
18 8,005,466 Real time reproduction method of file being received according to non real time transfer protocol and a video apparatus thereof
19 8,005,427 Apparatus and method for exchanging active profile in bluetooth communication system
20 8,005,421 Connecting apparatus, electronic apparatus and control method thereof
21 8,005,376 Image forming apparatus, cartridge and image forming method
22 8,005,366 Reconnection method in peripheral interface using visible light communication
23 8,005,225 Hierarchical threshold tree-based broadcast encryption method
24 8,005,220 RF communication system having a chaotic signal generator and method for generating chaotic signal
25 8,005,182 Apparatus and method of compensating for frequency offset in OFDMA system
26 8,005,170 Apparatus and method for detecting a signal in a communication system using multiple antennas
27 8,005,168 Communication apparatus using chaotic signal and method thereof
28 8,005,166 System for digital television broadcasting using modified 2/3 trellis coding
29 8,005,154 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving shared control channel message in a wireless communication system using orthogonal frequency division multiple access
30 8,005,142 Intraprediction encoding/decoding method and apparatus
31 8,005,137 Video coding and decoding method using weighted prediction and apparatus for the same
32 8,005,118 Method and apparatus for implementing secure clock in device having no internal power source
33 8,005,080 IPv6 address configuration method in wireless mobile network and apparatus therefor
34 8,005,071 Handling real-time transport protocol (RTP) media packets in voice over internet protocol (VoIP) terminal
35 8,005,044 Apparatus and method for transmitting service guide in broadband wireless access system
36 8,005,043 Method and apparatus for scheduling downlink packets in a mobile communication system
37 8,005,036 Apparatus and method for scheduling for collaborative spatial multiplexing in a broadband wireless communication system
38 8,005,031 Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving a signal in a wireless communication system
39 8,005,008 Method for supporting a network locating a target node
40 8,004,995 Method and apparatus for managing a cooperative diversity system
41 8,004,953 Optical pick-up and disc apparatus having the same
42 8,004,925 Variable resistive memory
43 8,004,911 Memory system, memory device, and output data strobe signal generating method
44 8,004,906 Nonvolatile memory device and method of operating and fabricating the same
45 8,004,898 Nonvolatile memory device, program method thereof, and memory system including the same
46 8,004,893 Integrated circuit memory devices having vertically arranged strings of memory cells therein and methods of operating same
47 8,004,891 Memory device and method of programming thereof
48 8,004,886 Apparatus and method of multi-bit programming
49 8,004,885 Three-dimensional memory device and driving method thereof
50 8,004,848 Stack module, card including the stack module, and system including the stack module
51 8,004,822 Multi-layer ceramic capacitor and production method thereof
52 8,004,787 Method and system for servo track write
53 8,004,771 Varifocal lens and method of manufacturing the same
54 8,004,745 Electronic paper display device and manufacturing method of the same
55 8,004,646 Reflective liquid crystal display and manufacturing method of the same
56 8,004,641 Color filter substrate and liquid crystal display panel including the same
57 8,004,636 Manufacturing thin film transistor array panels for flat panel displays
58 8,004,635 Display substrate, display panel having the same, and method of manufacturing the same
59 8,004,630 Liquid crystal display apparatus
60 8,004,627 Thin film transistor substrate
61 8,004,596 Apparatus for processing a digital image to automatically select a best image from a plurality of images and method of controlling the apparatus
62 8,004,586 Method and apparatus for reducing noise of image sensor
63 8,004,543 Image processing apparatus and control method thereof
64 8,004,508 Fixed control data generation circuit and display device driving IC having the same
65 8,004,486 Device for adjusting transmission signal level based on channel loading
66 8,004,480 Organic light emitting display
67 8,004,466 Antenna
68 8,004,429 Data compression/decompression apparatus and method
69 8,004,375 Resonator and bandpass filter having overlay electromagnetic bandgap (EBG) structure, and method of manufacturing the resonator
70 8,004,357 Method and apparatus for controlling high power amplifier in communication system
71 8,004,347 Internal supply voltage generator capable of reducing latch-up and semiconductor device having the same
72 8,004,328 AC-coupling phase interpolator and delay-locked loop using the same
73 8,004,311 Input/output circuit and integrated circuit apparatus including the same
74 8,004,249 Battery management system and method
75 8,004,241 Method and apparatus for displaying charging-state of battery of portable terminal
76 8,004,191 Plasma display panel
77 8,004,184 Electro-luminescent display device
78 8,004,181 Organic light emitting diode display
79 8,004,180 Organic light emitting display and its method of fabrication
80 8,004,178 Organic light emitting diode display with a power line in a non-pixel region
81 8,004,177 Conducting polymer composition and electronic device including layer obtained using the conducting polymer composition
82 8,004,176 Organic light emitting display having reduced manufacturing shorts and method of fabricating the same
83 8,004,091 Semiconductor package, method of fabricating the same, and semiconductor package mold
84 8,004,081 Semiconductor chip package and printed circuit board having through interconnections
85 8,004,025 Light sensing element, array substrate having the same and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
86 8,004,023 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
87 8,004,016 Thin film transistor substrate and fabricating method thereof
88 8,004,015 Semiconductor memory device having L-shaped cell blocks arranged in diagonal direction intersecting the horizontal and vertical directions
89 8,004,000 Polarized light emitting diode and method of forming the same
90 8,003,999 Organic light emitting device
91 8,003,992 Light emitting diode having a wire grid polarizer
92 8,003,988 Thin film transistor array panel and method for manufacturing the same
93 8,003,970 Phase-change random access memory and method of manufacturing the same
94 8,003,729 Organic insulator composition including a hydroxyl group-containing polymer, dielectric film and organic thin film transistor using the same
95 8,003,546 Method of growing silicon and method of manufacturing solar cell using the same
96 8,003,543 Method of forming a hard mask and method of forming a fine pattern of semiconductor device using the same
97 8,003,514 Methods of fabricating semiconductor devices including storage node landing pads separated from bit line contact plugs
98 8,003,487 Methods of manufacturing a semiconductor device using a layer suspended across a trench
99 8,003,481 Method for fabricating a capacitor
100 8,003,469 Method of manufacturing non-volatile semiconductor devices
101 8,003,464 Methods of manufacturing semiconductor device having recess channel array transistor
102 8,003,450 Thin film transistor, method of fabricating a thin film transistor and flat panel display device having the same
103 8,003,439 Board on chip package and manufacturing method thereof
104 8,003,429 Method of fabricating image sensor
105 8,003,424 Method for fabricating CMOS image sensor with pocket photodiode for minimizng image lag
106 8,003,419 Method of manufacturing light emitting device
107 8,003,414 Light emitting elements and methods of fabricating the same
108 8,003,322 Method of amplifying a target nucleic acid by rolling circle amplification
109 8,003,275 Monopolar membrane-electrode assembly
110 8,003,272 Fuel cell for microcapsule-type robot and microcapsule-type robot powered by the same
111 8,003,271 Heat exchanger for fuel cell
112 8,003,269 Fuel reforming apparatus and its method of driving and fuel cell system including the apparatus
113 8,003,252 Electrode for rechargeable lithium battery and rechargeable lithium battery including same
114 8,003,245 Battery module having improved cooling efficiency
115 8,003,221 Metallocenyl dendrimer, organic memory device using the same and fabrication method of the organic memory device
116 8,003,173 Method for forming a photoresist-laminated substrate, method for plating an insulating substrate, method for surface treating of a metal layer of a circuit board, and method for manufacturing a multi layer ceramic condenser using metal nanoparticles aerosol
117 8,003,163 Magnetic recording medium and method of manufacturing the same
118 8,003,162 Method of forming phase change layer using a germanium precursor and method of manufacturing phase change memory device using the same
119 8,003,010 Water-stable III-V semiconductor nanocrystal complexes and methods of making same
120 8,003,007 Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display using the same
121 8,002,600 Method for repairing defective line of organic light emitting display device
122 8,002,485 Guide apparatus for mounting and dismounting inner part and image forming device having the same
123 8,002,452 Light guide plate, display device having the same, and method thereof
124 8,002,451 Backlight assembly and display device having the same
125 8,002,443 LED array module
126 8,002,422 Backlight assembly having a diffuser supporting member and a lamp supporting member and display apparatus having the same
127 8,002,421 Light generating device, backlight assembly having the same, and display apparatus having the backlight assembly
128 8,002,412 Projection system employing semiconductor diode
129 8,002,392 Ink supply unit, print head assembly and image forming apparatus
130 8,002,391 Inkjet printhead having piezoelectric actuator and method of driving the piezoelectric actuator
131 8,001,811 Washing machine having water softening device
132 RE42,640 Display apparatus
133 D643,980 Vacuum cleaner
134 D643,874 Laser printer
135 D643,832 Headset controller
136 D643,827 Mobile phone
137 D643,821 Base for light emitting diode
138 D643,674 Portable range
139 D643,659 Remote controller holder