Samsung patents granted on 23 December 2014

116 US patents granted on 23 December 2014 and assigned to Samsung

1 D719,987 Tray
2 D719,986 Tray
3 D719,976 Portable audio device
4 D719,975 Portable audio device
5 D719,940 Electronic device
6 D719,938 Stand for television receiver
7 D719,926 Semiconductor device
8 8,918,852 Method of authentication user using server and image forming apparatus using the method
9 8,918,826 Method of searching internet and video receiving apparatus to use the same
10 8,918,810 Apparatus and method for providing available codec information
11 8,918,697 Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving a quasi-cyclic low density parity check code in a multimedia communication system
12 8,918,640 Apparatus and method for using secure removable media (SRM) in digital rights management
13 8,918,635 Apparatus and method for access control of content in distributed environment network
14 8,918,629 Method and apparatus for controlling operation of booting video image reproducing apparatus
15 8,918,580 Storage device with buffer memory including non-volatile RAM and volatile RAM
16 8,918,324 Method for decoding an audio signal based on coding mode and context flag
17 8,918,276 Apparatus and method for integrated positioning
18 8,918,224 Power management apparatus, power management system including the power management apparatus, and method for controlling the power management system
19 8,918,132 Apparatus and method for preventing excessive signaling overhead while a group communication is performed in a broadband wireless access system
20 8,918,131 Apparatus and method for transmitting data and apparatus and method for receiving data of multi-carrier communication system
21 8,918,123 Method and apparatus for reducing standby power
22 8,918,119 Apparatus and method for providing map service using global positioning service in a mobile terminal
23 8,918,063 System for transmitting/receiving multi-band radio frequency signal using dual input, dual output filter
24 8,918,009 Image forming apparatus having a window open-closing shutter
25 8,917,906 Method and apparatus for motion recognition
26 8,917,873 Method and apparatus for reducing TDMA noise in mobile communication terminal
27 8,917,801 Method of demodulating MDCM signal using hard decision and method of demodulating MDCM signal using soft decision
28 8,917,775 Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding multi-view video data
29 8,917,743 Method and system for enhanced contention avoidance in multi-user multiple-input-multiple-output wireless networks
30 8,917,707 Techniques for channel state information feedback in wireless communication system
31 8,917,706 Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving access information of broadcast service in a broadcasting system, and system thereof
32 8,917,684 Method and apparatus for supporting multiple frequency bands efficiently in mobile communication system
33 8,917,677 Systems and methods for bundling resource blocks in a wireless communication system
34 8,917,675 System and method for multiple contention access periods
35 8,917,666 Wireless network using network coding, and method of adaptively adjusting buffering time in wireless network
36 8,917,664 Method and apparatus for deactivating secondary carriers in mobile communication system using carrier aggregation
37 8,917,657 Method and system for generating and reading an automatic repeat request (ARQ) status feedback message
38 8,917,655 Method and apparatus for allowing device supporting multiple PHY communication mode to communicate with device in wireless personal area network
39 8,917,565 Solid state disk controller apparatus
40 8,917,564 Three-dimensional semiconductor memory device having compensating data skewing according to interlayer timing delay and method of de-skewing data therein
41 8,917,558 Nonvolatile memory devices, operating methods thereof and memory systems including the same
42 8,917,556 Nonvolatile memory device having 3D memory cell array and read method
43 8,917,535 Variable resistance memory device and related method of operation
44 8,917,516 Flexible display device and method of manufacturing the same
45 8,917,490 Multilayered ceramic capacitor having dual layer-electrode structure
46 8,917,460 Fixed focus lens system
47 8,917,440 Active optical device using phase change material
48 8,917,377 Active lenses, stereoscopic image display apparatuses including active lenses and methods of operating the same
49 8,917,359 Power supply for television and television including the same
50 8,917,353 Shutter control system and image apparatus including the same
51 8,917,345 Multi-display digital image processing apparatus using external display apparatus for simultaneous display of slide show at different speeds, with related method and computer readable recording medium
52 8,917,343 Digital photographing apparatus and control method thereof
53 8,917,333 Digital image processing apparatus, digital image processing method, and recording medium storing the digital image processing method
54 8,917,331 Digital photographing apparatus and method of controlling the same
55 8,917,266 Timing controller and a display device including the same
56 8,917,260 Optical touch panels and methods of driving the same
57 8,917,258 Touch screen apparatus
58 8,917,250 Touch panel
59 8,917,248 Character recognition and character input apparatus using touch screen and method thereof
60 8,917,247 External device identification method and apparatus in a device including a touch spot, and computer-readable recording mediums having recorded thereon programs for executing the external device identification method in a device including a touch spot
61 8,917,230 Backlight assembly having current detection circuit and display apparatus having the same
62 8,917,229 Display device and method of driving the same
63 8,917,225 Pixel circuit, and organic light emitting display, and driving method thereof
64 8,917,208 System and method for efficient transmit and receive beamforming protocol with heterogeneous antenna configuration
65 8,917,192 Portable terminal having keypad
66 8,917,145 Amplifier circuit and operating method thereof
67 8,917,140 Apparatus and method for improving efficiency in power amplifier
68 8,917,138 Noise filtering circuit and operating method thereof
69 8,917,119 Output driving circuit capable of decreasing noise, and semiconductor memory device including the same
70 8,917,107 Circuit board having bypass pad
71 8,917,056 Charging apparatus for electric vehicle
72 8,917,025 Light emitting diode driving apparatus
73 8,917,019 Organic light emitting diode display, manufacturing method and manufacturing equipment thereof
74 8,917,009 Vibration generator and electronic device including the same
75 8,916,941 Semiconductor device having silicide on gate sidewalls in isolation regions
76 8,916,936 Transistor structure of a semiconductor device
77 8,916,926 Nonvolatile memory device and method of making the same
78 8,916,922 Vertical memory devices and methods of manufacturing the same
79 8,916,914 Field effect transistor having double transition metal dichalcogenide channels
80 8,916,911 Semiconductor devices having backside illuminated image sensors
81 8,916,892 Light-scattering substrate, method of manufacturing the same, organic light-emitting display device including the same, and method of manufacturing the organic light-emitting display device
82 8,916,878 Thin film transistor and organic light-emitting display apparatus
83 8,916,877 Thin film transistor, fabrication method thereof, and organic light emitting diode display having the same
84 8,916,875 Semiconductor packages
85 8,916,860 Organic light-emitting device comprising first electron transport layer comprising DMBI derivative
86 8,916,859 Pixel and organic light emitting display device having the same
87 8,916,855 Organic light-emitting display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
88 8,916,852 Organic light emitting display having a substrate support structure and fabricating method thereof
89 8,916,830 X-ray detector panel
90 8,916,797 Crystallization apparatus using sequential lateral solidification
91 8,916,770 Photoelectric conversion device
92 8,916,767 Solar cell and method of fabricating the same
93 8,916,732 Method for preparing chlorohydrins and method for preparing epichlorohydrin using chlorohydrins prepared thereby
94 8,916,460 Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
95 8,916,447 Method of fabricating semiconductor device
96 8,916,402 Semiconductor light emitting device including substrate having protection layers providing protection against chemicals and method for manufacturing the same
97 8,916,292 Positive electrode for lithium rechargeable battery and lithium rechargeable battery including the same and method of fabricating the lithium rechargeable battery
98 8,916,288 Lithium rechargeable battery and method of making the same
99 8,916,287 Rechargeable battery
100 8,916,286 Battery pack
101 8,916,280 Battery pack
102 8,916,278 Heat transfer member for battery pack
103 8,916,274 Organic light emitting device
104 8,916,237 Thin film deposition apparatus and method of depositing thin film
105 8,916,105 Multi-stack cure system and method of operating the same
106 8,916,018 Apparatus for fabricating organic light emitting display panel and method of fabricating organic light emitting display panel using the same
107 8,915,856 Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus with image filtering based on blood flow information
108 8,915,855 Ultrasound system and method for providing multiple plane images for a plurality of views
109 8,915,851 Ultrasound imaging apparatus and method of displaying ultrasound image
110 8,915,698 Turbofan of air conditioning system
111 8,915,605 Light source module and backlight unit having the same
112 8,915,419 Method for surface-treating printed circuit board and printed circuit board
113 8,915,367 Loading container for transporting glass substrate
114 8,915,213 Division mask and method of assembling mask frame assembly by using the same
115 8,915,212 Mask frame assembly for thin film deposition
116 8,914,941 Cyclone dust collecting apparatus and vacuum cleaner having the same