Samsung patents granted on 23 July 2013

153 US patents granted on 23 July 2013 and assigned to Samsung

1 D686,666 Transfer film
2 D686,665 Transfer film
3 D686,620 Pen for portable electronic device
4 D686,615 Monitor
5 D686,590 Mobile terminal
6 8,495,729 System for and method of authenticating device and user in home network
7 8,495,685 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving multi-stream signals in wireless transmitter/receiver system environment
8 8,495,677 Broadcasting receiving apparatus and control method thereof
9 8,495,673 Method and apparatus for providing and using content advisory information on internet contents
10 8,495,599 Apparatus and method for power saving
11 8,495,493 Image forming apparatus and enlargement display method of target area thereof
12 8,495,476 System and method for coding and interleaving for short frame support in visible light communication
13 8,495,459 Channel-encoding/decoding apparatus and method using low-density parity-check codes
14 8,495,450 System and method for structured LDPC code family with fixed code length and no puncturing
15 8,495,437 Semiconductor memory device
16 8,495,401 Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
17 8,495,345 Computing apparatus and method of handling interrupt
18 8,495,303 Processor and computer system with buffer memory
19 8,495,283 Nonvolatile memory device, memory system comprising nonvolatile memory device, and wear leveling method for nonvolatile memory device
20 8,495,280 Flash memory system and designing method of flash translation layer thereof
21 8,495,229 Method of defending against battery exhaustion attack and wireless communication device and recording medium using the method
22 8,495,187 Apparatus and method for coordinately managing media content
23 8,495,116 Circuit and method converting boolean and arithmetic masks
24 8,494,982 Emotion model, apparatus, and method for adaptively modifying personality features of emotion model
25 8,494,768 Navigation system, method and database using mobile devices
26 8,494,584 Apparatus and method for providing SIM application toolkit in mobile communication system
27 8,494,578 Method for display of dual standby portable terminal and apparatus thereof
28 8,494,532 Method to filter unauthorized mobile devices in code division multiple access networks
29 8,494,497 Method for transmitting a haptic function in a mobile communication system
30 8,494,487 Method and apparatus for authenticating mobile terminal on handover
31 8,494,438 Method and system for sharing service guide or service guide fragments in mobile broadcast system
32 8,494,422 Transfer belt driving controller and electrophotographic image forming apparatus having the same
33 8,494,405 Image forming apparatus having cleaning blade and method of controlling the same
34 8,494,403 Developing device and image forming apparatus using the same
35 8,494,397 Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
36 8,494,390 Phase detecting device, phase control device including the phase detecting device, and fuser control device including the phase control device
37 8,494,382 Switching mode power supplying apparatus, fusing apparatus to prevent a flicker phenomenon from occurring, and image forming apparatus including the same
38 8,494,379 Image forming apparatus with toner cartridge authentication
39 8,494,356 Compact pop-up camera flashes
40 8,494,353 Image stabilizer
41 8,494,306 Method and an apparatus for creating a combined image
42 8,494,296 Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding image by using rotational transform
43 8,494,294 Apparatus and method for multilayer picture encoding/decoding
44 8,494,186 Sound plate and electronic device employing the same
45 8,494,164 Method for connecting wireless communications, wireless communications terminal and wireless communications system
46 8,494,131 Apparatus and method for data communication
47 8,494,088 Transmitting/receiving apparatus and method thereof in codebook based multiple antenna system
48 8,494,074 Multiple-input multiple-output communication system using explicit feedback
49 8,494,057 Video encoding apparatus and method
50 8,494,055 Apparatus and method for frame interpolation based on accurate motion estimation
51 8,494,048 Signal adaptive filtering method, signal adaptive filter and computer readable medium for storing program therefor
52 8,493,973 Method of and apparatus for transmitting digital broadcasting signal in advanced-VSB (A-VSB) system in which transport packet without adaptation field is provided at fixed location in data field slices
53 8,493,954 Method and apparatus for reducing digital to analog conversion (DAC) bits in frequency division multiple access (FDMA) system
54 8,493,929 Handover method and apparatus employed by mobile node to reduce latency in internet protocol configuration
55 8,493,921 Method and apparatus for resource allocation in wireless communication system
56 8,493,904 Method and apparatus for supporting short messaging service of mobile station during idle mode in wireless communication system
57 8,493,899 Apparatus and method for controlling sleep mode entry in broadband wireless communication system
58 8,493,831 Compatible optical pickup and optical recording and/or reproducing apparatus employing the same
59 8,493,813 Row decoder circuit
60 8,493,799 Semiconductor memory device, semiconductor memory module and semiconductor memory system including the semiconductor memory device
61 8,493,795 Voltage stabilization device and semiconductor device including the same, and voltage generation method
62 8,493,793 Nonvolatile memory device and erasure method thereof
63 8,493,789 Nonvolatile memory devices, channel boosting methods thereof, programming methods thereof, and memory systems including the same
64 8,493,785 Page-buffer and non-volatile semiconductor memory including page buffer
65 8,493,784 Semiconductor memory device and related method of programming
66 8,493,782 Memory device and program method thereof
67 8,493,769 Memory devices including decoders having different transistor channel dimensions and related devices
68 8,493,758 Method and apparatus for generating current command value for tracking maximum power point in solar energy generating system
69 8,493,730 Portable terminal
70 8,493,709 Method of forming capacitor structure
71 8,493,706 Semiconductor module and data memory module having the same
72 8,493,685 Base assembly for motor and hard disk drive including the same
73 8,493,638 Scanner and image forming apparatus having the same
74 8,493,583 Image forming apparatus and method for controlling the same
75 8,493,575 Method of forming characters for microprint and image forming apparatus using the same
76 8,493,563 Overlay measurement apparatus and method
77 8,493,540 Display panel and method of manufacturing the same
78 8,493,530 Panel for controlling viewing angle and liquid crystal display having the same
79 8,493,525 Thin film transistor array panel, liquid crystal display, method for repairing the same, color filter array panel and method for manufacturing the same
80 8,493,524 Array substrate having a gate driving circuit with an improved output characteristic and a display apparatus having the same
81 8,493,523 Liquid crystal display with two sub-pixel regions and a storage capacitor
82 8,493,518 LCDS with integrated touch panels
83 8,493,506 Imaging device unit and imaging apparatus for removing dust from an optical device
84 8,493,455 Lens assembly alignment device for camera lens module
85 8,493,428 Apparatus and method for providing video telephony service in mobile communication terminal
86 8,493,417 Field sequential image display apparatus and method of driving the same
87 8,493,413 Apparatus and method for controlling terminal through motion recognition
88 8,493,375 Driving apparatus of display device
89 8,493,350 Touch panel using a light sensing method, method for detecting a touch location, and recording medium storing program to execute the method
90 8,493,343 Touch panel and noise reducing method therefor
91 8,493,342 Method and apparatus for displaying graphical user interface depending on a user’s contact pattern
92 8,493,333 Method of displaying information by using touch input in mobile terminal
93 8,493,329 Keypad assembly using optical shutter and light guide panel and portable terminal having the same
94 8,493,318 Method and apparatus for driving electrophoretic display
95 8,493,310 Liquid crystal display device having time controller and source driver that can reuse intellectual property blocks
96 8,493,292 Organic light emitting diode display and manufacturing method thereof
97 8,493,269 Magnetodielectric substrate and antenna apparatus using the same
98 8,493,266 Global positioning system (GPS) receiver and method of determining location of GPS receiver
99 8,493,169 Transformer and method of manufacturing the same
100 8,493,167 Transformer having the heat radiation function
101 8,493,116 Clock delay circuit and delay locked loop including the same
102 8,493,115 Phase locked loop circuit and system having the same
103 8,493,087 Probe card, and apparatus and method for testing semiconductor device using the probe card
104 8,493,069 Method and apparatus for displaying state of current consumption of a battery in portable terminal
105 8,493,020 Apparatus and method for charging and discharging photovoltaic PCS integrated battery
106 8,492,975 Organic light emitting diode display
107 8,492,974 Flat panel display device and method of manufacturing the same
108 8,492,969 Organic light emitting diode display and method of manufacturing the same
109 8,492,954 Ultrasonic sensor
110 8,492,938 Linear vibration device
111 8,492,912 Light emitting diode package
112 8,492,902 Multi-layer TSV insulation and methods of fabricating the same
113 8,492,863 Optical modulator
114 8,492,832 Semiconductor device
115 8,492,831 Vertical non-volatile memory device and method of fabricating the same
116 8,492,828 Vertical-type non-volatile memory devices
117 8,492,822 Method of manufacturing LC circuit and LC circuit
118 8,492,797 Vertical structure semiconductor memory devices and methods of manufacturing the same
119 8,492,770 Thin film transistor and method of manufacturing the same
120 8,492,765 Display device and method of fabricating the same
121 8,492,747 Transistor and flat panel display including thin film transistor
122 8,492,741 Resistive random access memory device and memory array including the same
123 8,492,643 Thermoelectric material, and thermoelectric element and thermoelectric module comprising same
124 8,492,642 System for controlling temperature of a secondary battery module
125 8,492,251 Method of forming a thin layer structure
126 8,492,223 Methods of manufacturing flash memory devices by selective removal of nitrogen atoms
127 8,492,190 Method for manufacturing display panel
128 8,492,157 Microfluidic device and hemoglobin measurement method using the same
129 8,492,126 Isolated polypeptide for increasing activity of polysaccharide hydrolase and methods of use
130 8,492,076 Method of manufacturing carbon nanotube device array
131 8,492,061 Electrophotographic toner and method of preparing the same
132 8,492,060 Method of forming toner image and electrophotographic image forming apparatus capable of realizing wide color gamut
133 8,492,058 Photolithography method including technique of determining distribution of energy of exposure light passing through slit of exposure apparatus
134 8,492,039 Fuel cell system and method of controlling the same
135 8,492,035 Polymer composition for rechargeable lithium battery, method of preparing same, and rechargeable lithium battery including same
136 8,492,026 Rechargeable battery
137 8,492,025 Pouch for battery and pouch type secondary battery
138 8,492,022 Rechargeable battery with buffer sheet between electrode assembly and battery case
139 8,492,014 Secondary battery
140 8,492,013 Protection circuit board for secondary battery and secondary battery using the same
141 8,492,012 Secondary battery having discrete circuit modules
142 8,491,982 Apparatus for manufacturing bonding structure, bonding structure and method of fabricating the same
143 8,491,956 Apparatus of encapsulating display panel and method of manufacturing organic light emitting display device using the same
144 8,491,955 Method of manufacturing electronic apparatus including plastic substrate, electronic apparatus manufactured using the method, and apparatus for use in the method
145 8,491,840 Microfluidic device, sample analyzing method using the same, and dilution ratio measuring method
146 8,491,489 System, medium, and method to conduce a user’s breathing
147 8,491,384 Multi-user discovery
148 8,491,314 Connecting tab and secondary battery having the same
149 8,491,142 Backlight assembly having fluorescent lamps and display device having the backlight assembly
150 8,491,073 Inkjet printing devices and methods of driving the same
151 8,490,655 Valve unit, microfluidic device having the same, and method of driving the valve unit
152 8,490,613 Oven range with gas filter
153 8,490,484 Apparatus for driving gyroscope sensor