Samsung patents granted on 23 March 2010

102 US patents granted on 23 March 2010 and assigned to Samsung

1 RE41,166 Method of driving surface discharge plasma display panel
2 D612,390 Cellular phone with a graphic user interface
3 D612,384 Dongle
4 D612,362 MP3 player
5 D612,358 Mobile phone
6 D612,350 Mobile phone
7 D612,349 Portable phone
8 7,685,643 System and method for managing multimedia contents in intranet
9 7,685,625 Image reproducing apparatus for channel map updating and method thereof
10 7,685,446 Dynamic voltage scaling method of CPU using workload estimator and computer readable medium storing the method
11 7,685,397 Apparatus and method for managing stacks in virtual machine
12 7,685,232 Method for anonymous collaborative filtering using matrix factorization
13 7,684,986 Method, medium, and apparatus recognizing speech considering similarity between the lengths of phonemes
14 7,684,942 Battery management system and driving method thereof
15 7,684,941 Battery management system and driving method thereof
16 7,684,828 Mobile terminal and method for outputting image
17 7,684,662 AD converter using photonic crystal
18 7,684,631 Method and apparatus for predicting discrete cosine transform coefficients
19 7,684,560 Earset
20 7,684,490 Signal compressing system
21 7,684,486 Method for motion compensated interpolation using overlapped block motion estimation and frame-rate converter using the method
22 7,684,454 High power vertical cavity surface emitting laser
23 7,684,439 Apparatus and method for transmitting data in a communication system
24 7,684,435 Base station system for mobile communication
25 7,684,397 Symmetric network address translation system using STUN technique and method for implementing the same
26 7,684,379 OFDMA system and method for controlling frequency offsets of subscribers in uplink communication
27 7,684,367 Apparatus and method for transmitting data using multi-round contention avoidance
28 7,684,359 Method for compensating sampling frequency offset in OFDM communication system and OFDM signal receiving apparatus for compensating sampling frequency offset
29 7,684,358 Method for providing interactive data service in a mobile communication system
30 7,684,343 Data transmission method for wireless network
31 7,684,279 Semiconductor memory device including distributed data input/output lines
32 7,684,275 Semiconductor memory devices having memory cell arrays with shortened bitlines
33 7,684,250 Flash memory device with reduced coupling effect among cells and method of driving the same
34 7,684,246 Flash memory device having pump with multiple output voltages
35 7,684,241 Flash memory devices having multi-page copyback functionality and related block replacement methods
36 7,684,240 Flash memory device having bit lines decoded in irregular sequence
37 7,684,239 Flash memory device for over-sampling read and interfacing method thereof
38 7,684,238 Methods of programming multi-bit flash memory devices and related devices
39 7,684,236 Semiconductor device using magnetic domain wall movement
40 7,684,233 Multi-bit magnetic memory device using spin-polarized current and methods of manufacturing and operating the same
41 7,684,204 Circuit board for mounting multilayer chip capacitor and circuit board apparatus including the multilayer chip capacitor
42 7,683,987 Thin film transistor array panel and liquid crystal display including the panel
43 7,683,982 Active reflective polarizer, liquid crystal display employing the same and method for the same
44 7,683,981 Light emitting diode substrate, method of manufacturing the same, and liquid crystal display device using the same
45 7,683,971 Image conversion apparatus to perform motion compensation and method thereof
46 7,683,959 Method of taking an image with multiple photographing modes and digital photographing apparatus using the method
47 7,683,898 Highly efficient LCD driving voltage generating circuit and method thereof
48 7,683,897 Data driver capable of an offset compensation and display apparatus having the same
49 7,683,876 Time division driving method and source driver for flat panel display
50 7,683,864 LED driving apparatus with temperature compensation function
51 7,683,846 Receiver system for ultra wideband
52 7,683,841 Antenna device
53 7,683,747 MEMS RF-switch using semiconductor
54 7,683,726 Quadrature-phase voltage controlled oscillator
55 7,683,584 Power source switching apparatus and method thereof
56 7,683,545 Plasma display panel comprising common barrier rib between non-discharge areas
57 7,683,544 Plasma display panel having buffer areas along the periphery of display area
58 7,683,526 Plasma display apparatus with glass filter having plurality of dot parts
59 7,683,476 Semiconductor package film having reinforcing member and related display module
60 7,683,471 Display driver integrated circuit device, film, and module
61 7,683,470 LED package
62 7,683,422 Non-volatile memory devices with wraparound-shaped floating gate electrodes and methods of forming same
63 7,683,421 NAND-type flash memory devices including selection transistors with an anti-punchthrough impurity region and methods of fabricating the same
64 7,683,405 MOS transistors having recesses with elevated source/drain regions
65 7,683,404 Stacked memory and method for forming the same
66 7,683,389 Nitride-based semiconductor light emitting diode
67 7,683,385 Facet extraction LED and method for manufacturing the same
68 7,683,382 Organic light emitting diode display
69 7,683,373 Thin film transistor and method of fabricating the same
70 7,683,371 Display panel and method for manufacturing the same
71 7,683,366 Organic thin film transistor providing smoother movement of holes between electrodes and semiconductor layer and flat panel display device including the same
72 7,682,976 Methods of forming a phase-change material layer pattern, methods of manufacturing a phase-change memory device and related slurry compositions
73 7,682,973 Method of forming a carbon nanotube structure and method of manufacturing field emission device using the method of forming a carbon nanotube structure
74 7,682,950 Method of manufacturing laterally crystallized semiconductor layer and method of manufacturing thin film transistor using the same method
75 7,682,906 Method of manufacturing a non-volatile memory device
76 7,682,893 Method and apparatus for providing an instrument playing service
77 7,682,888 Methods of forming NMOS/PMOS transistors with source/drains including strained materials
78 7,682,886 Flat panel display and manufacturing method of flat panel display
79 7,682,882 Method of manufacturing ZnO-based thin film transistor
80 7,682,881 Thin film transistor substrate and method of manufacturing the same
81 7,682,852 Method of manufacturing semiconductor laser device including light shield plate
82 7,682,851 Organic light emitting display and manufacturing method thereof
83 7,682,778 Methods of forming contact plugs in semiconductor devices
84 7,682,758 Reflection mask for EUV photolithography and method of fabricating the reflection mask
85 7,682,735 Pouch type lithium secondary battery and method of fabricating the same
86 7,682,732 Secondary battery module having protrusions on a barrier rib
87 7,682,652 Surface treatment method, circuit lines formation method, circuit lines formation apparatus, and printed circuit board formed thereby
88 7,682,587 Fuel cell reformer
89 7,682,450 Stacked semiconductor device and related method
90 7,682,449 Heterostructure semiconductor nanowires and method for producing the same
91 7,682,412 Multi-cyclone dust collection apparatus
92 7,682,314 Blood pressure meter using viscoelasticity of cuff and mobile terminal having the same
93 7,682,211 Flat panel display with improved anode adhesion
94 7,682,199 Connector
95 7,682,064 Backlight assembly and display apparatus having the same
96 7,682,061 Display device with reflective surface for reflecting light to edges of display area
97 7,682,001 Piezoelectric actuator inkjet head and method of forming the same
98 7,681,989 Piezoelectric actuator for an ink-jet printhead and method of forming the same
99 7,681,968 Ink level detecting apparatus of an ink-jet printer
100 7,681,878 Paper feeding unit and image forming apparatus having the same
101 7,681,877 Paper supply apparatus with brake lever controlled lifter for a printing device
102 7,681,458 Apparatus, method, and medium for adaptively setting reference sensing boundary of touch sensor