Samsung patents granted on 23 May 2006

55 US patents granted on 23 May 2006 and assigned to Samsung

1 7,051,144 Portable computer system and control method for reducing power consumption therein
2 7,051,132 Bus system and path decision method therefor
3 7,050,937 Performance measurement system
4 7,050,809 System and method for providing concurrent data transmissions in a wireless communication network
5 7,050,776 Mobile communication apparatus including transceiving multi-antennas and mobile communication method
6 7,050,750 Waste toner collecting apparatus using OPC drum
7 7,050,745 Two-component developer unit of electrophotographic image forming apparatus having lifting guide portion
8 7,050,732 Electrophotographic image-forming apparatus and charging voltage control method thereof
9 7,050,519 Device for detecting timing synchronization, method thereof, and communication device using the same
10 7,050,444 Modem and method of processing data
11 7,050,417 Channel coding/decoding apparatus and method for a CDMA mobile communication system
12 7,050,410 Apparatus and method for controlling a demultiplexer and a multiplexer used for rate matching in a mobile communication system
13 7,050,375 Apparatus for and method of generating optical recording pulse
14 7,050,334 Flash memory program control circuit and method for controlling bit line voltage level during programming operations
15 7,050,303 Semiconductor module with vertically mounted semiconductor chip packages
16 7,050,267 Head-gimbal assembly of hard disk drive
17 7,050,134 Tilted multi domain liquid crystal display
18 7,050,133 Panel for liquid crystal display
19 7,050,124 Mobile video system
20 7,050,083 Sub-scanning interval adjusting apparatus for multi-beam laser scanning unit
21 7,050,049 Display device and method of controlling the same
22 7,050,046 Device and method for recognizing characters input through a touch screen
23 7,050,013 Ultra-wideband planar antenna having frequency notch function
24 7,049,904 Seesaw-type MEMS switch and method for manufacturing the same
25 7,049,881 Internal voltage generating circuit
26 7,049,849 Signal transmission circuits that use multiple input signals to generate a respective transmit signal
27 7,049,785 Apparatus and method of controlling a stepper motor
28 7,049,739 Field emission device
29 7,049,648 Semiconductor memory device for reducing damage to interlevel dielectric layer and fabrication method thereof
30 7,049,631 Organic thin film transistor comprising buffer layer
31 7,049,568 Wall-mounted type microwave oven
32 7,049,567 Wall-mounted type microwave oven having an exhaust mechanism
33 7,049,550 Overheated steam oven
34 7,049,232 Methods for forming ruthenium films with .beta.-diketone containing ruthenium complexes and method for manufacturing metal-insulator-metal capacitor using the same
35 7,049,218 Method of fabricating local interconnection using selective epitaxial growth
36 7,049,203 Semiconductor device having a capacitor and method of fabricating same
37 7,049,197 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
38 7,049,161 Method of manufacturing substrate, method of manufacturing organic electroluminescent display device using the method, and organic electroluminescent display device
39 7,049,029 Nonaqueous electrolyte composition for improving overcharge safety and lithium battery using the same
40 7,048,780 Air purifier
41 7,048,612 Method of chemical mechanical polishing
42 7,048,381 Cylindrical lens array for scrolling colors, projection system using same, and scrolling method
43 7,048,380 Color switching projection apparatus with two liquid crystal panels
44 7,048,350 Color printing method and apparatus for an inkjet printer
45 7,048,219 Reel clutch of a tape recorder
46 7,047,793 Sensitive substance and surface acoustic wave gas sensor using the same
47 7,047,583 Washing machine and method of controlling the same
48 D521,511 LCD monitor
49 D521,484 Cellular phone
50 D521,483 Portable telephone
51 D521,482 Cellular phone
52 D521,479 Portable telephone
53 D521,478 Portable telephone
54 D521,477 Cellular phone
55 D521,459 Remote controller for electric home appliances