Samsung patents granted on 23 November 2010

115 US patents granted on 23 November 2010 and assigned to Samsung

1 D627,939 Dishwasher
2 D627,938 Dishwasher
3 D627,937 Dishwasher
4 D627,776 Electronic book
5 D627,773 Net book
6 D627,593 Oven
7 7,840,978 Device and method for updating function in digital broadcasting signal receiver
8 7,840,972 Optical disc device and method of controlling the same
9 7,840,926 Layout schemes and methods of power gating transistor switches, semiconductor devices including the power gating transistor switches, and power gating methods of the semiconductor devices
10 7,840,917 Method of correcting a design pattern for an integrated circuit and an apparatus for performing the same
11 7,840,909 Portable computing apparatus and processing method using the same
12 7,840,866 Digital broadcasting transmission apparatus and robust stream coding method thereof
13 7,840,831 Methods of reducing skew between multiphase signals and related phase correction circuits
14 7,840,762 Multi-path accessible semiconductor memory device having mailbox areas and mailbox access control method thereof
15 7,840,739 UPNP control point and method of handling UPNP control request
16 7,840,613 Method for providing audio rendition and storage medium recording the same thereon
17 7,840,491 Method and apparatus for extending license of content in portable device
18 7,840,406 Method for providing an electronic dictionary in wireless terminal and wireless terminal implementing the same
19 7,840,369 Apparatus and method for correcting bias of gyroscope mounted on mobile robot
20 7,840,339 Traffic information display method and apparatus
21 7,840,241 Sliding module for portable terminal
22 7,840,187 System and method for dynamic frequency selection based on spectrum etiquette
23 7,840,171 Developing unit having support units to minimize deformation from heat and pressure, and image forming apparatus having the same
24 7,840,164 Scanning unit, manufacturing method thereof and image forming apparatus
25 7,840,096 Directional interpolation method and video encoding/decoding apparatus and method using the directional interpolation method
26 7,840,083 Method of encoding flag, method of decoding flag, and apparatus thereof
27 7,839,939 Method of transmitting information with the help of chaotic signals
28 7,839,929 Method and apparatus for predecoding hybrid bitstream
29 7,839,841 Apparatus and method for providing VoIP service based on IP multimedia subsystem
30 7,839,827 Method for determining handoff in a mobile communication system, and system supporting the same
31 7,839,823 Apparatus and method for transmitting a control channel message in a mobile communication system
32 7,839,820 Mobile station and method for implementing variable bandwidth service on demand
33 7,839,813 Method and apparatus for reordering received packets in mobile telecommunication system
34 7,839,808 Apparatus and method for eliminating noise contained within usable frequency band of a mobile communication terminal
35 7,839,761 Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving map information in a communication system
36 7,839,754 Optical head and optical disk device
37 7,839,717 Semiconductor device with reduced standby failures
38 7,839,698 Semiconductor memory device of controlling bit line sense amplifier
39 7,839,694 Nonvolatile memory devices and data reading methods
40 7,839,691 Bias circuits and methods for enhanced reliability of flash memory device
41 7,839,688 Flash memory device with improved programming operation voltages
42 7,839,680 Electrically erasable programmable read-only memory (EEPROM) cell and methods for forming and reading the same
43 7,839,586 Lens driving module
44 7,839,572 Laminated lens package and method of fabricating the same
45 7,839,525 Apparatus, system and method of providing internet print service via home network
46 7,839,479 Thin film transistor array substrate comprising a first insulating layer completely covering the dummy testing pad, display using the same, and fabrication method thereof
47 7,839,468 White phosphor, light emission device including the same, and liquid crystal display device including the light emission device as backlight unit
48 7,839,465 Liquid crystal display with backlight unit, mold frame and coverless bezel in a frame shape surrounding and directly contacting outer side surface of mold frame
49 7,839,464 Display apparatus with cooling means
50 7,839,463 Thin film diode panel and manufacturing method of the same
51 7,839,460 Thin film transistor array panel for liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing the same
52 7,839,459 Flat panel display device including electrostatic discharge prevention units
53 7,839,438 CMOS image sensor having small size optical black area
54 7,839,396 Display device
55 7,839,392 Sensing circuit and display device having the same
56 7,839,376 Time control circuit for backlight inverter
57 7,839,375 Modifying image signals for display device
58 7,839,371 Liquid crystal display device, method of driving the same, and method of manufacturing the same
59 7,839,369 Liquid crystal display having cutout arranged at pixel electrode with specific position from cutout arranged at common electrode, and driving method thereof
60 7,839,366 Display device
61 7,839,361 Method of driving organic light emitting display
62 7,839,358 Apparatus and method for driving a plasma display panel
63 7,839,193 Duty cycle correction circuits including a transition generator circuit for generating transitions in a duty cycle corrected signal responsive to an input signal and a delayed version of the input signal and methods of operating the same
64 7,839,134 Method and apparatus for simultaneously detecting size and concentration of ionic material
65 7,839,126 Signal converting apparatus and signal conversion method providing adjusted error signal with modified swing range
66 7,839,096 Method of driving a lamp, lamp driving apparatus, and liquid crystal display device having the same
67 7,839,080 Organic light emitting device including photo responsive material and a method of fabricating the same
68 7,839,077 Organic light emitting display and method of fabricating the same
69 7,839,076 Organic electroluminescent device
70 7,838,992 Wafer level package having a stress relief spacer and manufacturing method thereof
71 7,838,966 Semiconductor devices including resistor elements comprising a bridge and base elements and related methods
72 7,838,929 Semiconductor devices having a recessed active edge
73 7,838,915 Semiconductor device having multi-gate structure and method of manufacturing the same
74 7,838,910 Memory devices including spacers of different materials
75 7,838,898 Light emitting diode module and display device having the same
76 7,838,886 Thin film transistor array panel
77 7,838,885 Thin film transistor, method of fabricating the thin film transistor, and display device including the thin film transistor
78 7,838,880 Flat panel display device
79 7,838,879 Array substrate having enhanced aperture ratio, method of manufacturing the same and display device having the same
80 7,838,872 Organic thin film transistor array panel
81 7,838,871 Organic field-effect transistor, flat panel display device including the same, and a method of manufacturing the organic field-effect transistor
82 7,838,863 Semiconductor devices having resistive memory elements
83 7,838,862 Phase random access memory with high density
84 7,838,790 Multifunctional handler system for electrical testing of semiconductor devices
85 7,838,785 Keypad assembly
86 7,838,756 Audio playback device having function for adjusting playback speed and a method thereof
87 7,838,438 Dielectric layer, method of manufacturing the dielectric layer and method of manufacturing capacitor using the same
88 7,838,422 Al-doped charge trap layer, non-volatile memory device and methods of fabricating the same
89 7,838,390 Methods of forming integrated circuit devices having ion-cured electrically insulating layers therein
90 7,838,372 Methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices and structures thereof
91 7,838,365 SONOS memory device having curved surface and method for fabricating the same
92 7,838,352 Thin film transistor and method for fabricating the same
93 7,838,327 Organic light-emitting device including transparent conducting oxide layer as cathode and method of manufacturing the same
94 7,838,326 Methods of fabricating semiconductor device including phase change layer
95 7,838,317 Vertical nitride semiconductor light emitting diode and method of manufacturing the same
96 7,838,315 Method of manufacturing vertical light emitting diode
97 7,838,314 Organic light emitting display and method of fabricating the same
98 7,838,300 Method of reducing temperature difference between a pair of substrates
99 7,838,162 Fuel cell system and method of computing fuel level
100 7,838,161 Reformer and fuel cell system using the same
101 7,838,159 Reformer for fuel cell, and fuel cell system including same
102 7,838,152 Conductive agent-positive active material composite for lithium secondary battery, method of preparing the same, and positive electrode and lithium secondary battery comprising the same
103 7,838,140 Stack and fuel cell system having the same
104 7,838,036 Method and apparatus for isolating and purifying nucleic acid using a single surface
105 7,837,968 Carbon nanosphere with at least one opening, method for preparing the same, carbon nanosphere-impregnated catalyst using the carbon nanosphere, and fuel cell using the catalyst
106 7,837,948 Phase transition type valve and method of manufacturing the same
107 7,837,943 Device and method for pre-treating and injecting liquid specimen
108 7,837,822 Laser induced thermal imaging apparatus and method of fabricating organic light emitting display using the same
109 7,837,530 Method of sealing an organic light emitting display by means of a glass frit seal assembly
110 7,837,528 Evaporation mask, method of fabricating organic electroluminescent device using the same, and organic electroluminescent device
111 7,837,477 Electrical interconnection devices incorporating Fedundant contact points for reducing capacitive stubs and improved signal integrity
112 7,836,912 Fuel cartridge coupler for fuel cell
113 7,836,709 Refrigerator, monitoring system having refrigerator and control method thereof
114 7,836,590 Manufacturing method for printed circuit board
115 7,836,546 Dust collecting unit for vacuum cleaner