Samsung patents granted on 24 April 2012

122 US patents granted on 24 April 2012 and assigned to Samsung

1 D658,177 Keyboard for portable mobile communication terminal
2 D658,176 Monitor
3 D658,173 Terminal for portable mobile communication
4 D658,148 Mobile phone
5 D658,146 Mobile phone
6 D658,145 Mobile phone
7 8,166,504 Method and apparatus for processing content in home network using TV channels
8 8,166,367 Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding channel in a communication system using low-density parity-check codes
9 8,166,285 Method and system for booting and automatically updating software, and recovering from update error, and computer readable recording medium storing method
10 8,166,272 Method and apparatus for allocation of buffer
11 8,166,238 Method, device, and system for preventing refresh starvation in shared memory bank
12 8,166,234 Method of fabricating systems including heat-sensitive memory devices
13 8,166,230 Memory systems and methods of initializing the same
14 8,166,224 Apparatus and method for docking of mobile device supporting docking station
15 8,166,159 Creating dynamic signatures for virtual locations
16 8,166,154 Method for streaming multimedia content
17 8,166,052 Situation recognition for recommendation using merge-split approach
18 8,165,871 Encoding method and apparatus for efficiently encoding sinusoidal signal whose magnitude is less than masking value according to psychoacoustic model and decoding method and apparatus for decoding encoded sinusoidal signal
19 8,165,866 Emulation system
20 8,165,717 Method, medium, and apparatus for correcting pose of moving robot
21 8,165,645 Mobile communication terminal case and method of manufacturing the same
22 8,165,637 Multiple input multiple output (mimo) antenna system adaptable for environmental multiplicity
23 8,165,622 Method and apparatus for setting telephony mode of mobile terminal
24 8,165,613 Method and apparatus for transmitting data using information on communication environment
25 8,165,602 System and method for providing location based services in a mobile communication system
26 8,165,595 System and method for multi-stage antenna training of beamforming vectors
27 8,165,593 Method and apparatus for allocating radio resources in a wireless communication system
28 8,165,588 Frame structures, method and apparatus for resource allocation in wireless communications system based on full duplex replay
29 8,165,582 Reducing occurrence of user equipment registration expiry during calls
30 8,165,547 Apparatus and method for acquiring synchronization to support multi-frequency in mobile communication terminal
31 8,165,535 Systems, methods and apparatuses for complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) antenna switches using switched resonators
32 8,165,533 Apparatus and method for beamforming based on generalized eigen-analysis in multiple input multiple output wireless communication system
33 8,165,526 Apparatus and method for connecting wireless devices
34 8,165,521 Apparatus and method for selecting relay mode of relay station in multihop relay broadband wireless communication system
35 8,165,506 Image forming apparatus and developer container therefor
36 8,165,504 Toner cartridge guide unit having toner cartridge lifting unit and image forming apparatus having the same
37 8,165,462 Shake correction module for photographing apparatus and photographing apparatus including the same
38 8,165,421 Method and apparatus for image processing by using stored image
39 8,165,419 Histogram stretching apparatus and histogram stretching method for enhancing contrast of image
40 8,165,412 Method for decoding binary image at high speed
41 8,165,411 Method of and apparatus for encoding/decoding data
42 8,165,356 Apparatus and method for determining the acceptability of a fingerprint image to be analyzed
43 8,165,320 Audio/video device having a volume control function for external audio reproduction unit by using volume control buttons of a remote controller and volume control method therefor
44 8,165,250 Automatic gain control device, signal receiving apparatus, and signal receiving method
45 8,165,245 Method and apparatus for controlling transmission power in a communication system
46 8,165,213 Frame conversion apparatus and method, and frame type detection apparatus and method
47 8,165,207 Method of effectively predicting multi-layer based video frame, and video coding method and apparatus using the same
48 8,165,195 Method of and apparatus for video intraprediction encoding/decoding
49 8,165,190 Apparatus and method for sample rate conversion in a software defined radio communication system
50 8,165,106 Apparatus and method for detecting a ranging signal in a wireless communication system
51 8,165,105 Apparatus and method for cell searching in wireless communication system
52 8,165,089 Handoff method between heterogeneous networks and system thereof
53 8,165,079 System and method for connection identifier synchronization in a communication system
54 8,165,075 Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving feedback information in mobile telecommunication using multiple input multiple output
55 8,165,069 Fast uplink ranging system and method in mobile communication system
56 8,165,053 Method for supporting MBMS service transmission in LTE system
57 8,165,050 System and method for use of a short beacon in a wireless communication network
58 8,165,047 Apparatus and method for forward link outer loop rate control using hybrid automatic repeat request in mobile communication systems
59 8,165,029 Method of parallel detection for ethernet protocol
60 8,164,999 Optical disc apparatus and method for determining information recording layer in optical disc
61 8,164,994 Apparatus for generating tracking signal
62 8,164,954 Flash memory device and program method thereof
63 8,164,952 Nonvolatile memory device and related method of programming
64 8,164,880 Dielectric ceramic composition and multilayer ceramic capacitor having the same
65 8,164,820 Display device
66 8,164,784 Apparatus and method for setting printing options using preview image
67 8,164,763 Image forming apparatus
68 8,164,730 Liquid crystal display
69 8,164,708 Light guide plate, and backlight assembly and liquid crystal display having the same
70 8,164,702 Display substrate, method of manufacturing the display substrate and display device having the display substrate
71 8,164,699 Display panel and method thereof
72 8,164,698 Liquid crystal display panel and method of manufacturing the same
73 8,164,696 Apparatus and method of displaying an image
74 8,164,675 Apparatus and method for removing moire pattern of digital imaging device
75 8,164,661 Method and apparatus for eliminating defective pixels and noise
76 8,164,644 Method and apparatus for generating media signal by using state information
77 8,164,586 Thin film transistor array panel and liquid crystal display including the panel
78 8,164,580 Input apparatus and method using optical masking
79 8,164,572 Image forming apparatus and method of displaying multilingual keyboard using the same
80 8,164,564 Liquid crystal display and method of controlling the same
81 8,164,562 Display device and driving method thereof
82 8,164,559 Gate driving circuit including a controller for controlling a threshold voltage and display device including the same
83 8,164,545 Organic electro-luminescent display device and method of manufacturing the same
84 8,164,525 MIMO antenna and communication device using the same
85 8,164,489 Key scanning circuit
86 8,164,466 Apparatus and method for detecting a communication abnormality in a multi-type air conditioner
87 8,164,408 Planar transformer
88 8,164,257 Organic light emitting display and method of fabricating the same
89 8,164,255 Inorganic light emitting display with field emission layer
90 8,164,252 Organic light emitting diode display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
91 8,164,246 Light emission device and display device using the same as light source
92 8,164,185 Semiconductor device, reticle used in fabricating method for the same and fabrication method thereof
93 8,164,152 Liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing the same
94 8,164,138 Recessed channel transistor
95 8,164,134 Semiconductor device
96 8,164,130 Nonvolatile memory device comprising one switching device and one resistant material and method of manufacturing the same
97 8,164,127 Image sensor including a pixel cell having an epitaxial layer, system having the same, and method of forming a pixel cell
98 8,164,126 CMOS image sensors including backside illumination structure
99 8,164,119 Semiconductor device including conductive lines with fine line width and method of fabricating the same
100 8,164,097 Thin film transistor array panel and manufacturing method thereof
101 8,164,096 Organic light emitting diode flat panel display device having uniform electrical characteristics and method of manufacturing the same
102 8,164,080 Diode structures and resistive random access memory devices having the same
103 8,164,079 Phase change memory
104 8,164,006 Electromagnetic bandgap structure and printed circuit board
105 8,163,639 Photo diode and method for manufacturing the same
106 8,163,616 Methods of manufacturing nonvolatile memory devices
107 8,163,608 Methods of fabricating nonvolatile memory devices
108 8,163,579 Method of manufacturing substrate for forming device, and method of manufacturing nitride-based semiconductor laser diode
109 8,163,569 Magnetic memory devices and methods of forming the same
110 8,163,463 Photoresist composition, method of forming pattern using the photoresist composition and inkjet print head
111 8,163,444 Mask for crystallizing a semiconductor layer and method of crystallizing a semiconductor layer using the same
112 8,163,426 Polysiloxane-based compound for electrolyte of lithium secondary battery, organic electrolyte solution including the polysiloxane-based compound, and lithium battery using the solution
113 8,163,202 (Oxy) nitride phosphor, white light-emitting device including the (oxy) nitride phosphor, method of preparing phosphor, and nitride phosphor prepared by the method
114 8,163,095 Composition for stripping and stripping method
115 8,162,674 Backlight assembly and display device having the same
116 8,162,549 Optical assembly and photographing apparatus including the same
117 8,162,501 Display device having high brightness uniformity at positions close to light source
118 8,162,471 Image forming element and manufacturing method thereof
119 8,162,440 Inkjet printhead and method of manufacturing the same
120 8,162,421 Refrigerator
121 8,161,798 Density sensing device and fuel cell system with it
122 8,161,634 Method of fabricating a printed circuit board