Samsung patents granted on 24 August 2010

125 US patents granted on 24 August 2010 and assigned to Samsung

1 RE41,564 Video signal converting apparatus and a display device having the same
2 D622,456 Clothes dryer
3 D622,268 Notebook computer
4 D622,264 Earset
5 D622,255 Cellular phone
6 D622,254 Mobile phone
7 D622,252 Mobile phone
8 D622,251 Mobile phone
9 D622,250 Mobile phone
10 D622,249 Mobile phone
11 D622,248 Mobile phone
12 D622,247 Mobile phone
13 D622,246 Cellular phone
14 D622,245 Mobile phone
15 D622,242 Mobile phone
16 D622,235 TV set
17 7,784,073 Information storage medium including device-aspect-ratio information, method and apparatus therefor
18 7,783,989 Apparatus and method for managing layout of a window
19 7,783,975 Content display system for sharing content between display apparatuses
20 7,783,944 Semiconductor memory device and method thereof
21 7,783,941 Memory devices with error detection using read/write comparisons
22 7,783,851 Methods of reusing log blocks in non-volatile memories and related non-volatile memory devices
23 7,783,775 Providing multimedia content continuously for multiple users so as to accommodate movement to one or more different audience locations
24 7,783,367 Apparatus and method for operating macro command and inputting macro command
25 7,783,329 Method and system for controlling sleep mode to save power in a wireless mesh network
26 7,783,314 System and method for providing PTT service according to user state
27 7,783,236 Developing unit having developer feeding plate and image forming apparatus having the same
28 7,783,230 Transfer unit, image forming apparatus having the same, and method thereof
29 7,783,229 Detachable developer having development unit supported at three positions
30 7,783,224 Image forming apparatus to adjust a supplied charge to improve printing quality and image forming method thereof
31 7,783,200 Method and apparatus for constant bit rate data transmission in an optical burst switching network
32 7,783,198 Passive optical network
33 7,783,192 Picture image providing method and picture-taking device using the method
34 7,783,181 Shake correction module for photographing apparatus
35 7,783,153 Method and apparatus for reproducing multimedia data
36 7,783,083 Apparatus and method for detecting occluded face and apparatus and method for discriminating illegal user using the same
37 7,782,989 Apparatus and method for acquiring frame timing in communication system
38 7,782,977 Automatic gain control apparatus and method in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing
39 7,782,973 Apparatus and method for transporting/receiving data in a CDMA mobile communication system
40 7,782,966 Demodulator of base station in orthogonal frequency division multiple access
41 7,782,956 Signal compressing system
42 7,782,928 Method and apparatus for self-calibration in a mobile transceiver
43 7,782,874 Apparatus and method for route summarization and distribution in a massively parallel router
44 7,782,836 Method and system for transmission of different types of information in wireless communication
45 7,782,816 Apparatus and method for supporting handover in a broadband wireless access communication system
46 7,782,810 Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving packet data symbol in a mobile communication system
47 7,782,799 Join message load control system and method in network using PIM-SSM
48 7,782,785 Method and apparatus for optimizing a queue based cross layer in a wireless ad-hoc network
49 7,782,779 Apparatus and method for transmitting a multimedia data stream
50 7,782,768 Wireless network apparatus and method for controlling transmission rate using the same
51 7,782,749 Method for mapping physical downlink control channel to resources and apparatus for transmitting/receiving the mapped physical downlink control channel in a wireless communication system
52 7,782,740 Optical disc having small access units and address information modulation method therefor
53 7,782,734 Optical pickup which is compatible with multiple types of media
54 7,782,701 Power gating circuit, system on chip circuit including the same and power gating method
55 7,782,693 Semiconductor memory device and operation control method thereof
56 7,782,688 Semiconductor memory device and test method thereof
57 7,782,683 Multi-port memory device for buffering between hosts and non-volatile memory devices
58 7,782,680 Flash memory device having a verify data buffer capable of being employed as a program data buffer, and a method thereof
59 7,782,666 Apparatus and method of multi-bit programming
60 7,782,663 Data storage device using magnetic domain wall movement and method of operating the data storage device
61 7,782,634 Switched-mode power supply and power supplying method thereof
62 7,782,608 Docking system and portable computer having the same
63 7,782,563 Hard disk drive adapted to detect free-fall and perform emergency parking of read/write head prior to impact
64 7,782,499 Image scanning apparatus with preview function and method therefor
65 7,782,425 OCB mode liquid crystal display and a driving method of the same
66 7,782,424 Color filter substrate, display panel having the same, and method for manufacturing the same
67 7,782,422 Liquid crystal display device utilizing fluorescent members illuminated by blue light to produce red, green, blue and white pixel regions
68 7,782,419 Backlight unit and liquid crystal display device having the same
69 7,782,395 Apparatus and method for mounting a photographing device
70 7,782,373 Apparatus and method for displaying pictures in a mobile terminal
71 7,782,300 Portable computer
72 7,782,279 Organic light emitting diode display device and driving method thereof
73 7,782,277 Display device having demultiplexer
74 7,782,276 Scan driving circuit and organic light emitting display using the same
75 7,782,275 Organic light emitting display and driving method thereof
76 7,782,238 Asymmetric PWM signal generator, method thereof, and data processing apparatus including the same
77 7,782,165 Wire-stacked transformer
78 7,781,969 Plasma display device and front filter
79 7,781,968 Plasma display panel
80 7,781,966 Electroluminescent display
81 7,781,952 Green phosphor for plasma display panel and plasma display panel including phosphor layer formed of the green phosphor
82 7,781,851 Semiconductor device having reduced die-warpage and method of manufacturing the same
83 7,781,849 Semiconductor devices and methods of fabricating the same
84 7,781,819 Semiconductor devices having a contact plug and fabrication methods thereof
85 7,781,788 Light emitting device package having a transparent cover
86 7,781,784 Display apparatus with color pixels
87 7,781,778 Semiconductor light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same employing nanowires and a phosphor film
88 7,781,774 Thin film transistor array panel
89 7,781,765 Mask for crystallizing polysilicon and a method for forming thin film transistor using the mask
90 7,781,763 Composition for forming passivation layer and organic thin film transistor comprising the passivation layer
91 7,781,759 Display device and method for manufacturing the same
92 7,781,731 Method and apparatus for qualitatively analyzing high-molecular additives in metal plating solution
93 7,781,714 Projection display adopting line type light modulator including a scroll unit
94 7,781,579 Cyclopentaphenanthrene-based compound and organic electroluminescent device using the same
95 7,781,346 Methods of forming patterns and capacitors for semiconductor devices using the same
96 7,781,345 Method of manufacturing imprint substrate and imprinting method
97 7,781,330 Method of fabricating a semiconductor device comprising high and low density patterned contacts
98 7,781,322 Nickel alloy salicide transistor structure and method for manufacturing same
99 7,781,304 Semiconductor device having trench isolation region and methods of fabricating the same
100 7,781,302 Methods of fabricating semiconductor devices having isolation regions formed from annealed oxygen ion implanted regions
101 7,781,290 Complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) devices including a thin-body channel and dual gate dielectric layers and methods of manufacturing the same
102 7,781,287 Methods of manufacturing vertical channel semiconductor devices
103 7,781,285 Semiconductor device having vertical transistor and method of fabricating the same
104 7,781,282 Shared contact structure, semiconductor device and method of fabricating the semiconductor device
105 7,781,281 Method of fabricating self-aligned contact pad using chemical mechanical polishing process
106 7,781,276 Methods of forming CMOS integrated circuits that utilize insulating layers with high stress characteristics to improve NMOS and PMOS transistor carrier mobilities
107 7,781,268 Array substrate and display panel
108 7,781,248 Method of manufacturing nitride semiconductor light emitting device and nitride semiconductor light emitting device manufactured using the method
109 7,781,246 Method of manufacturing vertical light emitting device
110 7,781,243 Method of manufacturing display substrate, method of patterning inorganic layer and method of manufacturing display device using the same
111 7,781,234 Semiconductor process evaluation methods including variable ion implanting conditions
112 7,781,167 Molecular detection methods using molecular detection chips including a metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor
113 7,781,153 Polymer resin composition, related method for forming a pattern, and related method for fabricating a capacitor
114 7,781,105 Organic electrolytic solution and lithium battery employing the same
115 7,781,103 Negative active material for lithium secondary battery and negative electrode and lithium secondary battery comprising same
116 7,781,095 Rechargeable battery having current collecting plates coupled with uncoated regions of electrodes
117 7,781,092 Secondary battery and method of manufacturing same
118 7,781,032 Method for depositing a thin film
119 7,780,758 Method of preparing metal nanocrystal
120 7,780,752 Cyclone dust-separating apparatus of vacuum cleaner
121 7,780,748 Thin type micro reforming apparatus
122 7,780,493 Method of manufacturing flat panel display device
123 7,780,426 Rotary compressor defining gaps of different sizes
124 7,780,270 Heating structure with a passivation layer and inkjet printhead including the heating structure
125 7,779,504 Cleaner system