Samsung patents granted on 24 February 2009

107 US patents granted on 24 February 2009 and assigned to Samsung

1 D587,303 Toner cartridge
2 D587,282 DVD receiver
3 D587,281 DVD receiver
4 D587,277 Transitional video image display for portable phone
5 D587,237 Home theater
6 D587,234 Portable phone
7 D587,233 Cellular phone
8 D587,232 Portable phone
9 D587,231 Portable telephone
10 D587,230 Portable telephone
11 D587,229 Portable telephone
12 D587,228 Mobile phone
13 D587,224 Set top box
14 D587,223 Set top box
15 D587,191 Charger for mobile phone
16 D587,067 Oven handle
17 7,496,827 System and method for multi-mode multi-state path metric addressing
18 7,496,808 Parallel bit test circuit in semiconductor memory device and associated method
19 7,496,806 Method of and apparatus for managing disc defects using temporary defect management information (TDFL) and temporary defect management information (TDDS), and disc having the TDFL and TDDS
20 7,496,468 Apparatus for determining a number of data transmissions in sensor network and method using the same
21 7,496,422 Method for controlling a semiconductor processing apparatus
22 7,496,389 Sliding swing mechanism for portable apparatus
23 7,496,377 Memory device in mobile phone
24 7,496,264 Optical waveguide
25 7,496,238 Method and apparatus for retouching photographed image
26 7,496,227 Method of controlling digital image processing apparatus to effectively display histogram and digital image processing apparatus using the method
27 7,496,194 Sliding and swing apparatus for a portable apparatus
28 7,496,156 Receiver having digital timing recovery function
29 7,496,148 Data transmission/reception apparatus and method for achieving both multiplexing gain and diversity gain in a mobile communication system using space-time trellis code
30 7,496,079 Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving data in a CDMA mobile communication system
31 7,496,075 User equipment and method for controlling data rate thereof
32 7,496,028 Apparatus and method for minimizing PAPR in an OFDM communication system
33 7,496,016 Information storage medium and method of recording and/or reproducing with respect to the medium
34 7,496,013 Information storage medium
35 7,496,012 Information storage medium having storage layer with optical power control area, and recording apparatus to record data with respect to information storage medium
36 7,496,008 Apparatus for removing offset of phase locked loop circuit and method thereof
37 7,496,007 Apparatus for recording data on and/or reproducing data from optical disc
38 7,495,989 Portable data storage apparatus
39 7,495,984 Resistive memory devices including selected reference memory cells
40 7,495,975 Memory system including on-die termination unit having inductor
41 7,495,973 Circuit and method for controlling write recovery time in semiconductor memory device
42 7,495,968 Wired-or typed page buffer having cache function in a nonvolatile memory device and related method of programming
43 7,495,961 Sense amplifiers including multiple precharge circuits and associated memory devices
44 7,495,959 Nonvolatile memory device and method of reading information from the same
45 7,495,918 Plasma display device
46 7,495,893 Portable computer
47 7,495,826 Hybrid integrated optical communication module comprising silicon-rich silicon oxide optical amplifier, and method for fabricating same
48 7,495,814 Raster scanning-type display device using diffractive optical modulator
49 7,495,757 Semiconductor manufacturing apparatus and wafer processing method
50 7,495,737 Horizontal stripe liquid crystal display device
51 7,495,735 Liquid crystal display
52 7,495,732 Liquid crystal display panel having wide viewing angle
53 7,495,716 Flat panel display and method of manufacturing the same
54 7,495,715 Thin film transistor array panel
55 7,495,711 Apparatus and method of setting sound mode
56 7,495,698 Compact holder for memory storage device and digital image processing apparatus having the same
57 7,495,635 Plasma display device and driving method for plasma display panel
58 7,495,596 Multi-channel pipelined signal converter
59 7,495,587 Low power balance code using data bus inversion
60 7,495,586 Method and device to provide arithmetic decoding of scalable BSAC audio data
61 7,495,507 Circuits for generating reference current and bias voltages, and bias circuit using the same
62 7,495,488 Phase-locked loop circuit, delay-locked loop circuit and method of tuning output frequencies of the same
63 7,495,472 Circuits/methods for electrically isolating fuses in integrated circuits
64 7,495,456 System and method of determining pulse properties of semiconductor device
65 7,495,412 Motor driving using discrete time oscillator
66 7,495,395 Plasma display panel with defined phosphor layer thicknesses
67 7,495,394 Plasma display panel provided with improved bus electrodes
68 7,495,388 Display device, and method of manufacturing the display device
69 7,495,387 Organic electroluminescent element and organic electroluminescent device including the same
70 7,495,385 Flat panel display
71 7,495,381 Grid electrode for electron emission device, and electron emission device including the same
72 7,495,380 Light emission device and display device using the light emission device as light source
73 7,495,377 Field emission display (FED) and method of manufacture thereof
74 7,495,317 Semiconductor package with ferrite shielding structure
75 7,495,315 Method and apparatus of fabricating a semiconductor device by back grinding and dicing
76 7,495,311 Semiconductor devices having a metal-insulator-metal capacitor and methods of forming the same
77 7,495,292 Integrated circuit devices having pad contact plugs in the cell array and peripheral circuit regions of the integrated circuit substrate
78 7,495,285 FinFETs and nonvolatile memory devices including FinFETs
79 7,495,284 Non-volatile memory devices with charge storage insulators and methods of fabricating such devices
80 7,495,281 Non-volatile memory device and methods of forming and operating the same
81 7,495,270 Plasma display panel
82 7,495,252 Organic thin film transistor, method of fabricating the same, and flat panel display having the organic thin film transistor
83 7,494,940 Post thermal treatment methods of forming high dielectric layers over interfacial layers in integrated circuit devices
84 7,494,934 Method of etching carbon-containing layer and method of fabricating semiconductor device
85 7,494,926 Method for forming highly conductive metal pattern on flexible substrate and EMI filter using metal pattern formed by the method
86 7,494,917 Method for forming an electrical interconnection providing improved surface morphology of tungsten
87 7,494,895 Method of fabricating a three-dimensional MOSFET employing a hard mask spacer
88 7,494,877 Methods of forming semiconductor devices including Fin structures
89 7,494,871 Semiconductor memory devices and methods for forming the same
90 7,494,868 Methods of fabricating flash memory devices having a sloped trench isolation structure
91 7,494,866 Semiconductor device and related method of manufacture
92 7,494,859 Semiconductor device having metal gate patterns and related method of manufacture
93 7,494,845 Method of forming a thin wafer stack for a wafer level package
94 7,494,844 Method for manufacturing substrate with cavity
95 7,494,761 Cyclodextrin derivative, photoresist composition including the cyclodextrin derivative and method of forming a pattern using the photoresist composition
96 7,494,754 Electrophotographic photoreceptor containing asymmetric naphthalenetetracarboxylic acid diimide derivatives and electrophotographic imaging apparatus employing the same
97 7,494,746 Electrolyte for rechargeable lithium battery, and rechargeable lithium battery including same
98 7,494,745 Organic electrolytic solution and lithium battery employing the same
99 7,494,523 Multi-cyclone dust separator
100 7,494,292 Image sensor module structure comprising wire bonding package and method of manufacturing the image sensor module structure
101 7,494,290 Camera with tripod mounting mechanism
102 7,494,242 Backlight assembly including a diffuser plate having indented portions and a reflective plate having lamp insertion portions
103 7,494,208 Inkjet printhead having a cantilever actuator
104 7,494,099 Wall mount usable with display apparatus
105 7,493,786 Method for implementing logical MAC in ethernet passive optical network system
106 7,493,713 Image sensor and related method of fabrication
107 7,493,689 Head assembly for chip mounter