Samsung patents granted on 24 February 2015

184 US patents granted on 24 February 2015 and assigned to Samsung

1 D723,231 Handle for vacuum cleaner
2 D723,230 Vacuum cleaner
3 D723,173 Mobile medical ultrasound device
4 D723,088 Digital camera
5 D723,087 Digital camera
6 D723,083 Digital camera
7 D723,082 Camera
8 D723,073 Name tag for refrigerator container
9 D723,072 Hanger
10 D723,051 Portable electronic device displaying graphical user interface
11 D723,050 TV receiver displaying GI and GUI
12 D723,044 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
13 D723,041 Cover for electronic device
14 D723,038 Flip cover for mobile terminal
15 D723,030 Portable electronic device
16 D723,029 Computer integrated with a monitor
17 D723,024 Supporter for portable terminal
18 D723,015 Mobile phone
19 D723,013 Mobile phone
20 D723,012 Stand for TV receiver
21 D723,010 Audio speaker
22 D723,008 Remote controller
23 D723,007 Remote controller
24 D723,004 Speaker
25 D723,003 Speaker
26 D722,988 TV receiver
27 D722,987 TV receiver
28 D722,985 Set-top box
29 D722,979 Electrical contact device
30 D722,953 Battery for digital camera
31 D722,816 Oven
32 8,966,641 Method and apparatus for ensuring security of remote user interface session using out-of-band communication
33 8,966,562 Apparatus and method for selecting a QoS in a portable communication system
34 8,966,546 Method and apparatus for reproducing content through integrated channel management
35 8,966,535 Broadcast receiving device and method for searching channels thereof
36 8,966,532 Display apparatus and method for scheduling broadcast using the same
37 8,966,511 Computer system and method for preventing dynamic-link library injection attack
38 8,966,387 Method and apparatus for managing icon in portable terminal
39 8,966,338 Cyclic redundancy check code generating circuit, semiconductor memory device, and method of driving semiconductor memory device
40 8,966,241 Apparatus and method for sending encrypted data to conditional access module over common interface, conditional access module and system thereof
41 8,966,156 Memory device, memory system and mapping information recovering method
42 8,966,146 Data processing method and data processing unit using the same
43 8,966,142 Method and apparatus for inputting/outputting virtual operating system from removable storage device on a host using virtualization technique
44 8,966,013 Unified device management method and system
45 8,965,951 Method and apparatus for providing/receiving web-based service of plurality of service providers
46 8,965,844 Apparatuses and methods for sharing contents
47 8,965,764 Electronic apparatus and voice recognition method for the same
48 8,965,729 Apparatus and method for recognizing motion
49 8,965,452 Method for realizing user interface using camera and mobile communication terminal for the same
50 8,965,400 Apparatus and method for displaying a position of mobile terminal
51 8,965,372 Method and system to handle a signaling connection release process in a wireless communication system
52 8,965,369 Method and apparatus for providing communication service in small-sized communication area
53 8,965,346 Apparatus for transmitting media using social intimacy and method thereof
54 8,965,344 Method and apparatus for multipoint call service in mobile terminal
55 8,965,235 Image forming apparatus and method of controlling power thereof
56 8,965,224 Fixing unit controlling apparatus and image forming apparatus including the same
57 8,965,218 Method of visible light communication using illuminance sensor and mobile communication terminal for the same
58 8,965,215 Display apparatus and control method thereof
59 8,965,189 Camera module
60 8,965,002 Apparatus and method for enhancing audio quality using non-uniform configuration of microphones
61 8,965,001 Mic rubber apparatus for portable electric device
62 8,964,978 Method and apparatus for efficiently fixing transformed part of content
63 8,964,840 Determining intra prediction mode of image coding unit and image decoding unit
64 8,964,836 Method and apparatus for spatial predictive encoding and/or decoding of video data
65 8,964,793 Method and apparatus of configuring downlink timing and transmitting random access response in mobile communication system using carrier aggregation
66 8,964,761 Domain name system, medium, and method updating server address information
67 8,964,689 Method and apparatus for operating multi-band and multi-cell
68 8,964,682 Method and apparatus for transmission and reception of data streams in digital video broadcasting systems
69 8,964,681 Method and apparatus for user scheduling in multi-user multiple input multiple output (MIMO) communication system
70 8,964,676 Method and apparatus for transmitting system information in a mobile communication system
71 8,964,662 Method and system for managing a body area network using a coordinator device
72 8,964,624 Apparatus and method for buffering packets in a multi-hop relay system supporting hop-by-hop retransmission
73 8,964,613 Communication method of a transmission apparatus and a reception apparatus
74 8,964,488 Non-volatile memory device using variable resistance element with an improved write performance
75 8,964,487 Semiconductor memory device
76 8,964,481 Nonvolatile memory device and sub-block managing method thereof
77 8,964,476 Non-volatile memory devices, operating methods thereof and memory systems including the same
78 8,964,468 Data storage system having multi-bit memory device and operating method thereof
79 8,964,408 Electromagnetic interference absorber, display device and electronic device having the same
80 8,964,377 Electronic device having slide-tilt operation
81 8,964,355 Multilayer ceramic capacitor and manufacturing method thereof
82 8,964,354 Multi-layered ceramic electronic component and method of manufacturing the same
83 8,964,353 Multilayer ceramic electronic component
84 8,964,330 Disk drive device
85 8,964,275 Display apparatus and method for manufacturing the same
86 8,964,260 Method of controlling scan speed of scanner including automatic document feeder and scanner performing the same
87 8,964,248 Image forming apparatus and method for color registration adjustment
88 8,964,193 Print controlling terminal apparatus, image forming apparatus, print controlling method of controlling terminal apparatus, and image forming method of image forming apparatus
89 8,964,173 Maskless exposure apparatus and spot beam position measurement method using the same
90 8,964,141 Thin film transistor, method of manufacturing the same, and display device having thin film transistor
91 8,964,140 Liquid crystal display
92 8,964,138 Glass apparatus for watching polarized image
93 8,964,122 Method and system for controlling function of display device using remote controller
94 8,964,066 Apparatus and method for generating image including multiple people
95 8,964,057 Apparatus and method for selective pixel binning
96 8,964,049 Image-capturing apparatus with asymmetric vibration element
97 8,964,044 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
98 8,964,015 System and method for checking state of rotator
99 8,964,012 Display panel having a polarizing layer and display apparatus having the same
100 8,964,011 Device and method for displaying video
101 8,963,996 Communication of stereoscopic three-dimensional (3D) video information including an uncompressed eye view video frames
102 8,963,994 Apparatus and method for transmitting stereoscopic image data
103 8,963,965 Method for generating data for driving a display panel, data driving circuit for performing the same and display device having the data driving circuit
104 8,963,945 System and method for generating RGB primary for wide gamut, and color encoding system using RGB primary
105 8,963,920 Image processing apparatus and method
106 8,963,909 Data driving method for driving display panel, data driving circuit for performing the same, and display apparatus having the data driving circuit
107 8,963,876 Touch sensing system and driving method thereof
108 8,963,848 Touch screen panel
109 8,963,833 Method and apparatus for controlling flexible display in portable terminal
110 8,963,827 Display apparatus having a micro-shutter and method of driving the same
111 8,963,822 Display apparatus
112 8,963,821 Scan driving device and repair method thereof
113 8,963,818 Display panel and display apparatus having the same
114 8,963,815 Organic light-emitting display device
115 8,963,814 Organic light emitting display device and method of driving the same
116 8,963,798 Display controller, method for operating the display controller, and display system having the display controller
117 8,963,783 Antenna device of a mobile terminal
118 8,963,654 Dual input, dual output BAWR filtering apparatus including a ladder-bridge-ladder configuration
119 8,963,640 Amplifier for output buffer and signal processing apparatus using the same
120 8,963,580 Logic device and method of operating the same
121 8,963,564 Salinity measuring apparatus
122 8,963,506 Battery management system and method of estimating battery state of charge
123 8,963,499 Battery pack, method of controlling the same, and energy storage system including the battery pack
124 8,963,467 Motor driving device and method of controlling the same
125 8,963,459 Method and apparatus for driving alternating-current motor
126 8,963,448 Output buffer circuit, devices including the same, and operating method of the output buffer circuit
127 8,963,443 Method of driving a light source, light source apparatus for performing the method and display apparatus having the light source apparatus
128 8,963,423 Barrier film composite, display apparatus including the barrier film composite, method of manufacturing barrier film composite, and method of manufacturing display apparatus including the barrier film composite
129 8,963,413 Device comprising an organic light emitting display
130 8,963,401 Vibration actuator
131 8,963,336 Semiconductor packages, methods of manufacturing the same, and semiconductor package structures including the same
132 8,963,332 Semiconductor device with dummy lines
133 8,963,325 Power device and power device module
134 8,963,308 Semiconductor packages including a plurality of upper semiconductor devices on a lower semiconductor device
135 8,963,284 Semiconductor devices having E-fuse structures and methods of fabricating the same
136 8,963,261 Capacitive transducer and methods of manufacturing and operating the same
137 8,963,252 Semiconductor device and method for forming the same
138 8,963,236 Data storage device and methods of manufacturing the same
139 8,963,231 Three dimensional semiconductor memory devices and methods of fabricating the same
140 8,963,227 Semiconductor devices having a diffusion barrier layer and methods of manufacturing the same
141 8,963,214 Thin film transistor, method of manufacturing the thin film transistor and organic light emitting display device have the thin film transistor
142 8,963,187 Wavelength-converting light emitting diode (LED) chip and LED device equipped with chip
143 8,963,175 Light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
144 8,963,154 Thin film transistor substrate and method of manufacturing the same
145 8,963,153 Thin film transistor and organic light emitting display device having the same
146 8,963,151 Nitride-based heterostructure field effect transistor having high efficiency
147 8,963,150 Semiconductor device having a test pad connected to an exposed pad
148 8,963,138 Organic light emitting display device and manufacturing method thereof
149 8,963,131 Electronic device
150 8,963,130 Transparent electrode and organic light emitting diode device including the transparent electrode and method of manufacturing the same
151 8,963,129 Organic light emitting display device
152 8,963,119 Semiconductor nanocrystal, method of manufacture thereof and articles including the same
153 8,963,096 X-ray detector including oxide semiconductor transistor
154 8,962,506 Dielectric composition and multilayer ceramic electronic component including the same
155 8,962,458 Methods of growing nitride semiconductors and methods of manufacturing nitride semiconductor substrates
156 8,962,455 Method of fabricating semiconductor device
157 8,962,444 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
158 8,962,438 Variable resistance memory device and method of forming the same
159 8,962,435 Method of forming semiconductor device having embedded strain-inducing pattern
160 8,962,422 Method of fabricating semiconductor devices
161 8,962,415 Methods of forming gates of semiconductor devices
162 8,962,360 Organic layer deposition apparatus and method of manufacturing organic light-emitting display device by using the organic layer deposition apparatus
163 8,962,357 Method for manufacturing organic light emitting diode display
164 8,962,193 Electrochemical cell with solid electrolyte having alumina edge portion
165 8,962,180 Rechargeable battery including overlapping first and second gaskets between terminal and cap plate
166 8,962,179 Secondary battery
167 8,962,178 Battery pack
168 8,962,177 Secondary battery
169 8,962,167 Secondary battery having an insulator with protrusions
170 8,962,137 Branched nanowire and method for fabrication of the same
171 8,962,107 Liquid crystal display device, method of manufacturing the same and alignment layer composition for the liquid crystal display device
172 8,962,106 Liquid crystal display device, alignment film, and methods for manufacturing the same
173 8,961,728 Film attaching apparatus and film attaching method using the same
174 8,961,692 Evaporating apparatus
175 8,961,419 Ultrasound diagnostic system with selective display of images based on viewing angle
176 8,960,984 Backlight unit including COB type light emitting diode module
177 8,960,934 Refrigerator and method of manufacturing the same
178 8,960,932 Light emitting device
179 8,960,864 Nozzle unit for printer and printer having the same
180 8,960,857 Inkjet print head and method of manufacturing the same
181 8,960,180 Solar cell cleaning device of an energy storage system and method of cleaning the solar cell
182 8,960,088 Gravure printing method
183 8,959,761 Method of manufacturing polymer electrode and polymer actuator employing the polymer electrode
184 8,959,688 Washing machine and control method thereof