Samsung patents granted on 24 January 2006

24 US patents granted on 24 January 2006 and assigned to Samsung

1 6,990,617 Semiconductor memory device and test method of the same
2 6,990,543 Memory module with improved data bus performance
3 6,990,479 Communication system and method of non-intrusive performance data polling
4 6,990,426 Diagnostic method and apparatus using light
5 6,990,310 Fusing roller device for electrophotographic image forming apparatus
6 6,990,295 Method and apparatus for monitoring WDM optical signal
7 6,990,233 Apparatus and method for extracting object based on feature matching between segmented regions in images
8 6,990,149 Circuit and method for full search block matching
9 6,990,148 Apparatus for and method of transforming scanning format
10 6,990,134 GaN series surface-emitting laser diode having spacer for effective diffusion of holes between P-type electrode and active layer, and method for manufacturing the same
11 6,989,951 Disk writer and writing method thereof
12 6,989,932 Method of manufacturing micro-lens
13 6,989,876 Four color liquid crystal display and panel therefor
14 6,989,664 RF power sensor for measuring an RF signal power using capacitance
15 6,989,598 Thin film electrode for forming ohmic contact in light emitting diodes and laser diodes using nickel-based solid solution for manufacturing high performance gallium nitride-based optical devices, and method for fabricating the same
16 6,989,342 Catalyst for polymerization and copolymerization of ethylene
17 6,989,338 Method for forming a multi-layered structure of a semiconductor device and methods for forming a capacitor and a gate insulation layer using the multi-layered structure
18 6,989,313 Metal-insulator-metal capacitor and method for manufacturing the same
19 6,989,288 Organic EL display device having organic soluble derivative layer
20 6,989,231 Method of forming fine patterns using silicon oxide layer
21 6,989,130 Method and automated fluidic system for detecting protein in biological sample
22 6,989,102 Alginate gel based adsorbents for heavy metal removal
23 6,988,316 Process for manufacturing a fluid jetting apparatus
24 D513,740 Portable telephone