Samsung patents granted on 24 January 2017

170 US patents granted on 24 January 2017 and assigned to Samsung

1 D777,308 Outlet for air conditioner
2 D777,235 Surveillance camera
3 D777,208 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
4 D777,207 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
5 D777,206 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
6 D777,204 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
7 D777,192 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
8 D777,185 Display screen or portion thereof with animated graphical user interface
9 D777,178 Display screen or portion thereof with animated graphical user interface
10 D777,161 Cover for an electronic communications device
11 D777,160 Cover for an electronic communications device
12 D777,159 Cover for an electronic communications device
13 D777,158 Cover for an electronic communications device
14 D777,157 Cover for an electronic communications device
15 D777,153 Mobile phone back plate
16 D777,141 Remote controller
17 D777,135 Telephone
18 D777,130 Portable electronic device
19 D777,128 Television receiver
20 D777,127 TV receiver
21 D777,103 Charger
22 D777,024 Bracket for fixing communication equipment
23 D777,009 Door handle for washing machine
24 D776,985 Food storage container for refrigerator
25 9,554,495 Electro-optic displays, and materials and methods for production thereof
26 9,554,467 Printed circuit board and semiconductor package
27 9,554,466 Printed circuit board and method of manufacturing the same
28 9,554,419 Pairing method and apparatus for ad-hoc connection in wireless communication terminal
29 9,554,369 Transmission of acknowledgement signals from a user equipment for orthogonal reception at multiple points
30 9,554,329 Apparatus and method for transmitting signal in wireless communication system
31 9,554,227 Method and apparatus for processing audio signal
32 9,554,157 Method and apparatus for coding video and method and apparatus for decoding video accompanied with arithmetic coding
33 9,554,155 Parameter update method for entropy coding and decoding of conversion coefficient level, and entropy coding device and entropy decoding device of conversion coefficient level using same
34 9,554,138 Method and apparatus for encoding video by using block merging, and method and apparatus for decoding video by using block merging
35 9,554,135 Method, medium, and system compressing and/or reconstructing image information with low complexity
36 9,554,127 Display apparatus, method for controlling the display apparatus, glasses and method for controlling the glasses
37 9,554,120 Apparatus and method for generating depth image using transition of light source
38 9,554,088 Mobile terminal, display apparatus and control method thereof
39 9,554,083 Methods for selecting resolution with minimum distortion value and devices performing the methods
40 9,554,073 Integrated circuit and image sensor comprising same
41 9,554,058 Method, apparatus, and system for generating high dynamic range image
42 9,554,053 Method and photographing apparatus for controlling function based on gesture of user
43 9,554,037 Electronic apparatus for making bokeh image and method thereof
44 9,554,024 Method of manufacturing an image sensor module
45 9,554,018 Image forming apparatus and controlling method thereof
46 9,554,013 Arithmetic memories, image sensors including the same, and methods of operating the arithmetic memories
47 9,553,981 Devices and methods of providing response message in the devices
48 9,553,972 Method and system for reproducing contents, and computer-readable recording medium thereof
49 9,553,962 Window member and display apparatus having the same
50 9,553,957 Transmitting apparatus, receiving apparatus and signal processing method thereof
51 9,553,940 System and method for controlling SIP-specific event notification according to preference of subscriber
52 9,553,814 Method and apparatus for controlling data flow by using proxy server
53 9,553,790 Terminal apparatus and method of controlling terminal apparatus
54 9,553,703 Method and apparatus for transmitting downlink hybrid automatic repeat request information in wireless communication system
55 9,553,648 Reporting of multiple processes for aperiodic channel state information
56 9,553,624 Card socket device and electronic apparatus including the same
57 9,553,613 Transmitter and puncturing method thereof
58 9,553,610 Transmitter, receiver, and signal processing method thereof
59 9,553,607 Transmitting apparatus, receiving apparatus, and signal processing method thereof
60 9,553,552 Diversity amp module and apparatus comprising the same
61 9,553,456 Power converter in resonance power transmission system, and resonance power transmission apparatus
62 9,553,342 Battery pack
63 9,553,340 Rechargeable battery module
64 9,553,339 Security architecture, battery and motor vehicle having a corresponding battery
65 9,553,307 Negative active material, negative electrode, and lithium battery
66 9,553,305 Anode active material, anode and lithium battery containing the same, and preparation method thereof
67 9,553,302 Electrode assemblage and rechargeable battery using the same
68 9,553,293 Rechargeable lithium battery
69 9,553,292 Rechargeable lithium battery and method of fabricating the same
70 9,553,289 Battery module
71 9,553,287 Battery pack
72 9,553,286 Battery pack for reducing damage from external static electricity
73 9,553,280 Organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display comprising flexible substrate, electronic device including the same, and method of manufacturing the OLED display
74 9,553,275 Flexible display panel and method of manufacturing the same
75 9,553,271 Compound and organic light-emitting device including the same
76 9,553,267 Method of manufacturing organic light-emitting device
77 9,553,235 Semiconductor light emitting device and manufacturing method thereof
78 9,553,234 Method of manufacturing nanostructure semiconductor light emitting device
79 9,553,203 Display panel
80 9,553,201 Thin film transistor, thin film transistor array panel, and manufacturing method of thin film transistor
81 9,553,197 Thin film transistor and display device including the same
82 9,553,192 Semiconductor devices having source/drain regions with strain-inducing layers and methods of manufacturing such semiconductor devices
83 9,553,190 Semiconductor devices including source/drain regions having multiple epitaxial patterns
84 9,553,141 Semiconductor device having supporter
85 9,553,138 Organic light-emitting diode display having a repair line
86 9,553,136 Organic light emitting diode display
87 9,553,134 Display device
88 9,553,119 Methods of forming an image sensor
89 9,553,105 Semiconductor devices including gate insulation layers on channel materials
90 9,553,101 Semiconductor device
91 9,553,098 Semiconductor devices including separate line patterns
92 9,553,094 Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
93 9,553,089 Semiconductor device
94 9,553,083 Apparatus for controlling heat flow
95 9,553,074 Semiconductor package having cascaded chip stack
96 9,553,069 Bonding apparatus and substrate manufacturing equipment including the same
97 9,553,027 Fine patterning methods and methods of fabricating semiconductor devices using the same
98 9,553,009 Substrate separation device and substrate separation system
99 9,552,998 Thin film transistor, method of manufacturing thin film transistor and flat panel display having the thin film transistor
100 9,552,896 Memory controller and method of reading data from nonvolatile memory by memory controller
101 9,552,891 Integrated driving apparatus including stages driving display panel
102 9,552,887 Semiconductor memory systems using regression analysis and read methods thereof
103 9,552,886 Memory system and method of driving memory system using zone voltages
104 9,552,884 Nonvolatile memory and erasing method thereof
105 9,552,879 Nonvolatile memory device having variable resistance memory cells and a method of resetting by initially performing pre-read or strong set operation
106 9,552,878 Resistive memory device and operating method
107 9,552,867 Semiconductor memory devices and memory systems including the same
108 9,552,820 Apparatus and method for processing multi-channel audio signal using space information
109 9,552,796 Degradation compensating pixel circuit and organic light emitting diode display device including the same
110 9,552,795 Image processing method and image processing device for performing the same
111 9,552,793 Data processing device, display device having the same, and gamut mapping method
112 9,552,791 Display driving circuit and a display device having the same
113 9,552,789 Scan driver and driving method thereof
114 9,552,783 Source driver and display device having the same
115 9,552,774 Organic light emitting display device including data distribution unit and driving method thereof
116 9,552,771 Display apparatus and method of controlling the same
117 9,552,770 Emission driver, organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display including the same, and electronic device
118 9,552,766 Electroluminescence display device with light emission control and driving method thereof
119 9,552,765 Pixel, pixel driving method, and display device including the pixel
120 9,552,763 Data conversion unit and method of converting data
121 9,552,759 Display with gate lines in a diagonal direction
122 9,552,755 Method of displaying an image and display apparatus performing the method
123 9,552,754 Display method and device for optimizing screen brightness
124 9,552,671 Method for operating three-dimensional handler and terminal supporting the same
125 9,552,662 Method and apparatus for removing false intersection in ray tracing
126 9,552,644 Motion analysis method and apparatus
127 9,552,643 Method and apparatus for estimating position of part of object
128 9,552,642 Apparatus and method for tracking object using feature descriptor, and apparatus and method for removing garbage feature
129 9,552,640 Method of recognizing stairs in three dimensional data image
130 9,552,618 Method for domain shading, and devices operating the same
131 9,552,534 Apparatus for detecting afterimage candidate region and apparatus including the same for preventing afterimage
132 9,552,530 Method and system to detect objects in multimedia using non-textural information within segmented region
133 9,552,468 Image processing apparatus and control method thereof
134 9,552,364 Portable content player, content storage device, and method of synchronizing content state lists between portable content player and content storage device
135 9,552,314 Memory system having first and second memory devices and driving method thereof
136 9,552,256 Semiconductor memory device including non-volatile memory, cache memory, and computer system
137 9,552,230 Apparatus and method for allocating a task based on measured and estimated core usage
138 9,552,210 Volatile memory device and methods of operating and testing volatile memory device
139 9,552,154 Device and method for providing a user interface
140 9,552,153 Ultrasound apparatus and method of inputting information into the same
141 9,552,133 Display apparatus and control method thereof
142 9,552,122 Method for manufacturing touch screen panels using a dry etching apparatus
143 9,552,120 Touch screen panel and method for fabricating the same
144 9,552,113 Touch sensing display device for sensing different touches using one driving signal
145 9,552,096 Display device and manufacturing method thereof
146 9,552,092 Display device including touch sensor and manufacturing method thereof
147 9,552,063 Electronic device including transparent display and method of controlling the electronic device
148 9,552,057 Electronic apparatus and method for controlling the same
149 9,552,030 Power control device configured to protect internal circuits and display device including the same
150 9,552,019 Portable terminal having display buttons and method of inputting functions using display buttons
151 9,551,952 Image forming apparatus and method for controlling charging thereof
152 9,551,906 Liquid crystal display
153 9,551,905 Display device
154 9,551,897 Polarizing plate and optical display including the same
155 9,551,895 Liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing the same
156 9,551,893 Curved display apparatus and multi display apparatus having the same
157 9,551,861 Display device
158 9,551,771 Magnetic resonance image (MRI) apparatus and method for obtaining MRI image by modifying motion of subject
159 9,551,757 Measuring devices of remaining battery life and measuring methods thereof
160 9,551,653 Methods for monitoring semiconductor fabrication processes using polarized light
161 9,551,593 Method and apparatus for displaying power consumption
162 9,551,584 Apparatus and method for switching navigation mode between vehicle navigation mode and personal navigation mode in navigation device
163 9,551,539 Heat exchanger and manufacturing method thereof
164 9,551,498 Indoor unit of air conditioner and method of controlling the air conditioner
165 9,551,493 Oven
166 9,551,025 Nucleic acid structure complex including nucleic acids, Raman-active molecules, and metal particles, method of preparing the same, and method of detecting target material by using the nucleic acid structure complex
167 9,550,939 Red emitting nitride fluorescent material and white light emitting device using the same
168 9,550,923 Adhesive composition for polarizing plate, polarizing plate including the same and optical display including the same
169 9,550,423 Interlock switching circuit for protecting an electrical on-board power supply
170 9,549,660 Dishwasher