Samsung patents granted on 24 July 2012

169 US patents granted on 24 July 2012 and assigned to Samsung

1 D664,316 Vacuum cleaner
2 D664,315 Vacuum cleaner
3 D664,176 Camcorder
4 D664,151 Mobile terminal with graphical user interface
5 D664,130 LTE terminal
6 D664,122 Speaker
7 8,230,454 Motor device
8 8,230,407 Apparatus and method for accelerating Java translation
9 8,230,342 Method, medium, and apparatus for deleting data and method, medium, and apparatus for restoring deletion data
10 8,230,340 Method and apparatus for displaying content list
11 8,230,334 Webpage presentation method for mobile phone
12 8,230,303 Memory system and data processing method thereof
13 8,230,295 Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving data in a communication system using low density parity check code
14 8,230,288 Data transmission apparatus and method for applying an appropriate coding rate
15 8,230,287 Image data test unit, image apparatus having the same, and method of testing image data using the same
16 8,230,234 Semiconductor memory devices that are resistant to power attacks and methods of operating semiconductor memory devices that are resistant to power attacks
17 8,230,180 Shared memory burst communications
18 8,230,166 Apparatus and method for processing data of flash memory
19 8,230,157 Memory device and method of multi-bit programming
20 8,230,140 Latency control circuit and method using queuing design method
21 8,230,003 XDM system and method for implementing XML document management function by using position description of XML document
22 8,229,935 Photo recommendation method using mood of music and system thereof
23 8,229,619 Method of constructing artificial mark for autonomous driving, apparatus and method of determining position of intelligent system using artificial mark and intelligent system employing the same
24 8,229,583 Apparatus and method of setting received broadcasting sound source data as functional sound of mobile phone
25 8,229,525 Semi-automatic sliding device for a portable terminal and portable terminal having the same
26 8,229,522 Folder-type portable communication device having flexible display unit
27 8,229,521 Head set device having a rotatable speaker housing
28 8,229,449 Method and system for allocating subcarrier frequency resources for a relay enhanced cellular communication system
29 8,229,448 Apparatus and method for adaptive channel quality feedback in a multicarrier wireless network
30 8,229,445 Apparatus and method for determining fractional frequency reuse region by using broadcast reference signal in broadband wireless communication system
31 8,229,435 Apparatus and method for scheduling in wireless communication system
32 8,229,374 Apparatus and method for controlling transmit power in human body communication system
33 8,229,345 Digital broadcast receiving apparatus and method thereof
34 8,229,327 Image forming apparatus and velocity control method of rotating body thereof
35 8,229,321 Image forming apparatus including grounded conductive member
36 8,229,316 Image forming apparatus and belt cleaning unit thereof
37 8,229,313 Image forming apparatus and method to detect toner thereof
38 8,229,308 Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
39 8,229,292 Auto focus adjusting apparatus and camera system
40 8,229,272 Video apparatus capable of changing video output mode of external video apparatus according to video input mode of the video apparatus and control method thereof
41 8,229,270 Method and apparatus for compensating audio/video synchronization
42 8,229,241 System and method for immersion enhancement based on adaptive immersion enhancement prediction
43 8,229,235 Hybrid image data processing system and method
44 8,229,233 Method and apparatus for estimating and compensating spatiotemporal motion of image
45 8,229,231 Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding image
46 8,229,220 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
47 8,229,205 Pattern matching method in manufacturing semiconductor memory devices
48 8,229,129 Method, medium, and apparatus for extracting target sound from mixed sound
49 8,229,121 Method of tracing device keys for broadcast encryption
50 8,229,111 Security circuit using at least two finite state machine units and methods using the same
51 8,229,089 Method and apparatus for controlling output level of voice signal during video telephony
52 8,229,053 Low-jitter spread-spectrum clock generator
53 8,229,052 Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving secondary synchronization channel in a broadband wireless communication system
54 8,228,999 Method and apparatus for reproduction of image frame in image receiving system
55 8,228,989 Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding based on inter prediction
56 8,228,985 Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding based on intra prediction
57 8,228,981 Encoding and decoding multi-view video while accommodating absent or unreliable camera parameters
58 8,228,938 Method and apparatus for preventing a miss-detection of duplicated packets and an out-of-sequence delivery to the higher layer in unacknowledged mode operation
59 8,228,909 Method of compressing and restoring IP packets transmitted through broadcast network
60 8,228,882 Method of determining transmission rate of control response frame for acknowledging data receipt in wireless LAN
61 8,228,881 System and method for providing location information
62 8,228,875 Method for processing handoff
63 8,228,873 Method of configuring and updating connection identifier in a broadband wireless access communication system
64 8,228,862 Method and system for reference signal pattern design
65 8,228,844 Control station and method for setting idle time for base station
66 8,228,841 Method and system for transmitting resource allocation information in a communication system
67 8,228,833 Method and apparatus for providing additional information on digital broadcasting program to IPTV in home network
68 8,228,827 Method and apparatus for detecting contention during random access procedure in a mobile communication system
69 8,228,810 Multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) communication method and system of enabling the method
70 8,228,785 Method for contention-free NPD periodic updating
71 8,228,770 Optical recording medium, recording/reproducing apparatus, and recording/reproducing method
72 8,228,755 Word line driving circuit and method
73 8,228,754 Routing access with minimized bus area in multi-port memory device
74 8,228,748 Semiconductor memory device having reduced power consumption during latency
75 8,228,738 NAND flash memory device having dummy memory cells and methods of operating same
76 8,228,736 Mobile system on chip (SoC) and mobile terminal using the mobile SoC, and method for refreshing a memory in the mobile SoC
77 8,228,720 Nonvolatile memory devices including variable resistive elements
78 8,228,711 Bi-directional resistive memory devices and related memory systems and methods of writing data
79 8,228,709 Resistance variable memory device and system
80 8,228,704 Stacked semiconductor chip package with shared DLL signal and method for fabricating stacked semiconductor chip package with shared DLL signal
81 8,228,610 Lens injection mold
82 8,228,574 Holographic data storage medium and apparatus and method for recording/reproducing holographic data to/from the same
83 8,228,567 Multi-functional device having scanner module and image scanning apparatus employing the scanner module
84 8,228,503 Apparatus for detecting particle
85 8,228,475 Liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing the same
86 8,228,465 White phosphor, light emission device including the same, and liquid crystal display device including the light emission device as backlight unit
87 8,228,460 Backlight assembly, liquid crystal display having the same and method of manufacturing the liquid crystal display
88 8,228,456 Liquid crystal display and driving method thereof
89 8,228,452 Liquid crystal display and thin film transistor array panel therefor
90 8,228,450 Liquid crystal display
91 8,228,441 Apparatus and method for receiving digital multimedia broadcasting without image discontinuity during channel switching
92 8,228,422 System and method for automatic exposure
93 8,228,419 Method of controlling digital photographing apparatus for out-focusing operation and digital photographing apparatus adopting the method
94 8,228,414 Real-size preview system in terminal having digital camera function and control method thereof
95 8,228,399 Camera and method and apparatus for providing photographing guide information
96 8,228,357 Generation of subpixel values and light source control values for digital image processing
97 8,228,344 Method for setting basic display screen in mobile terminal
98 8,228,340 Display apparatus and control method thereof
99 8,228,321 Apparatus for adjusting luminance, display device having the same and method of adjusting luminance
100 8,228,310 Touch sensitive display device and driving apparatus and method thereof
101 8,228,296 Portable information processsing apparatus
102 8,228,286 Display device having variable backlight and method driving the same
103 8,228,282 Gate driving circuit, display apparatus having the same, and method thereof
104 8,228,270 Display device and driving method thereof
105 8,228,089 Wafer test method and wafer test apparatus
106 8,228,069 Test apparatus for determining if adjacent contacts are short-circuited and semiconductor integrated circuit devices that include such test apparatus
107 8,228,057 Swivel portable terminal
108 8,228,033 Protective circuit board having groove and battery pack using the same
109 8,227,988 Material for forming barrier ribs, barrier ribs formed using the material and PDP comprising the barrier ribs
110 8,227,987 Protecting layer having magnesium oxide particles at its surface, method of preparing the same, and plasma display panel comprising the protecting layer
111 8,227,986 Film unit and plasma display panel having the same
112 8,227,979 Method of matching color in lighting applications
113 8,227,978 White organic light emitting device and color display apparatus employing the same
114 8,227,977 Structure for repairing a line defect of an organic light emitting display and a method of repairing the defect
115 8,227,972 Display filter and plasma display panel including the same
116 8,227,957 Apparatus for generating electrical energy using electrically connected nanowire and active layer and method for manufacturing the same
117 8,227,946 Flat type vibration motor
118 8,227,919 Interconnection structure and electronic device employing the same
119 8,227,897 Integrated circuit resistive devices including multiple interconnected resistance layers
120 8,227,881 Solar cell and its method of manufacture
121 8,227,872 Heterojunction diode, method of manufacturing the same, and electronic device including the heterojunction diode
122 8,227,853 Semiconductor integrated circuit devices having conductive patterns that are electrically connected to junction regions
123 8,227,845 Organic light emitting display
124 8,227,816 Organic light emitting display device
125 8,227,804 Organic light-emitting display device
126 8,227,797 Transparent display apparatus
127 8,227,795 Organic thin film transistor, flat panel display apparatus having the same, and a method of manufacturing organic thin film transistor
128 8,227,715 Keypad assembly for mobile phone
129 8,227,712 Filter and display device having the same
130 8,227,704 Printed circuit board having electromagnetic bandgap structure
131 8,227,700 Chip having side protection terminal and package using the chip
132 8,227,685 Graphene sheet comprising an intercalation compound and process of preparing the same
133 8,227,357 Methods of fabricating silicon oxide layers using inorganic silicon precursors and methods of fabricating semiconductor devices including the same
134 8,227,354 Method of forming semiconductor device patterns
135 8,227,349 Method of forming a mask pattern, method of forming a minute pattern, and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device using the same
136 8,227,326 Laser crystallization of amorphous silicon layer
137 8,227,308 Method of fabricating semiconductor integrated circuit device
138 8,227,306 Multiple-layer non-volatile memory devices, memory systems employing such devices, and methods of fabrication thereof
139 8,227,303 Methods of manufacturing CMOS transistor
140 8,227,283 Top-emitting N-based light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
141 8,227,182 Methods of forming a photosensitive film
142 8,227,173 Method of manufacturing multi-layer circuit board
143 8,227,161 Electrophotographic toner and method of preparing the same
144 8,227,149 Masks and methods of forming the same
145 8,227,146 Cathode catalyst for fuel cell comprising platinum and selenium, membrane-electrode assembly for a fuel cell having the same, and fuel cell system having the same
146 8,227,138 Phosphorus containing benzoxazine-based monomer, polymer thereof, electrode for fuel cell including the polymer, electrolyte membrane for fuel cell including the polymer, and fuel cell using the electrode
147 8,227,137 Polymer membrane for fuel cell and method of preparing the same
148 8,227,132 Direct liquid feed fuel cell stack
149 8,227,125 Fuel cell system and fuel supply method thereof
150 8,227,114 Preparing method of negative active material for non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery and negative active material prepared thereby
151 8,227,111 Secondary battery having electrolyte sealing plug
152 8,227,110 Secondary battery
153 8,227,108 Polymer battery pack
154 8,227,100 Negative active material for lithium ion battery and lithium ion battery including the same
155 8,227,095 Organic compound and organic light emitting device containing the same
156 8,227,093 Cyclometalated transition metal complex and organic electroluminescence device using the same
157 8,227,092 Organic electroluminescent device
158 8,226,852 Method of forming phosphor film and method of manufacturing light emitting diode package incorporating the same
159 8,226,808 Method for manufacturing metal electrode having transition metallic coating layer and metal electrode manufactured thereby
160 8,226,759 Ink composition of inkjet recording and method thereof
161 8,226,736 Fuel processor having desulfurizer with sulfer sensor, fuel cell system including the fuel processor, and method of operating the fuel cell system
162 8,226,450 Method of manufacturing display device, display device therefrom and manufacturing apparatus therefor
163 8,226,448 Laser beam irradiation apparatus for substrate sealing, and method of manufacturing organic light emitting display device by using the laser beam irradiation apparatus
164 8,226,447 Uninterruptible power supply module unit
165 8,226,257 Backlight unit and display including the same
166 8,226,242 Projection display for displaying a color image by modulating a plurality of single beams according to image information
167 8,226,209 Inkjet printhead and method of manufacturing the same
168 8,226,196 Image forming apparatus, image forming method and computer readable medium recorded with a program executing the image forming method
169 8,226,191 Method of controlling nozzles of inkjet head and apparatus for measuring amounts of ink ejected from nozzles of inkjet head