Samsung patents granted on 24 June 2014

136 US patents granted on 24 June 2014 and assigned to Samsung

1 RE44,960 Battery unit, lithium polymer battery using the same, and method for manufacturing lithium polymer battery
2 RE44,957 Monitor control device and control method thereof
3 D707,733 Refrigerator
4 D707,683 Case for tablet PC
5 D707,643 Mobile phone
6 8,763,039 Program guide apparatus
7 8,763,034 Method and apparatus for reproducing network content
8 8,762,988 User terminal device for managing network device and method thereof
9 8,762,985 User terminal device and service providing method thereof
10 8,762,967 Program compiler, program installer, and program install method
11 8,762,901 Method for process proximity correction
12 8,762,848 Method and apparatus for generating moving picture clip and/or displaying content file list, and recording medium storing program for executing the method
13 8,762,844 Image display apparatus and method of controlling the same via progress bars
14 8,762,842 Information storage medium containing interactive graphics stream for change of AV data reproducing state, and reproducing method and apparatus thereof
15 8,762,721 Method for generating authorization key and method for negotiating authorization in communication system based on frequency overlay
16 8,762,716 Image forming apparatus
17 8,762,606 Signal processing apparatus and control method thereof
18 8,762,480 Client, brokerage server and method for providing cloud storage
19 8,762,465 Method for providing a content-sharing service, and device therefor
20 8,762,158 Decoding method and decoding apparatus therefor
21 8,762,144 Method and apparatus for voice activity detection
22 8,762,142 Multi-stage speech recognition apparatus and method
23 8,762,094 Method for calibrating frequency of g.sub.m-C filter and devices using the method
24 8,762,052 Method and terminal for providing a route in a navigation system using satellite image
25 8,761,939 Robot system and control method thereof
26 8,761,937 Walking robot and control method thereof
27 8,761,925 Robot and method of building map therefor
28 8,761,833 Apparatus and method for power saving using predictive polling in a portable terminal
29 8,761,825 Apparatus and method for power control of mobile base station of variable backbone capacity
30 8,761,780 Access point, mobile station for wireless communication system, and method for controlling the same
31 8,761,774 Method and system for transmitting/receiving neighbor base-station advertisement message in broadband wireless access system
32 8,761,747 Universal browser
33 8,761,724 Apparatus and method for displaying discount data in a mobile communication terminal
34 8,761,716 Device and method for processing emergency call in a portable terminal
35 8,761,714 System and method for providing an emergency service in a communication system
36 8,761,691 Method of providing user interface and mobile terminal using the same
37 8,761,680 Apparatus and method for measuring channel quality by using ranging signal in broadband wireless communication system
38 8,761,668 Method of performing operation related to other device via near field communication and apparatus therefor
39 8,761,635 Developing device and image forming apparatus having the same
40 8,761,615 Image forming apparatus, host device and print controlling method
41 8,761,595 Camera including mount for flash
42 8,761,569 Information storage medium storing multi angle data, and recording method and reproducing apparatus thereof
43 8,761,551 Optical flexible printed circuit board with optical waveguides and method manufacturing the same
44 8,761,529 Apparatus and method for parallel encoding and decoding image data based on correlation of macroblocks
45 8,761,514 Character recognition apparatus and method based on character orientation
46 8,761,503 Image encoding/decoding method and apparatus
47 8,761,485 Method and system of processing multi-energy X-ray images
48 8,761,313 Digital broadcasting transmission/reception devices capable of improving a receiving performance and signal processing method thereof
49 8,761,309 Precoding signaling in a MIMO wireless communication system
50 8,761,298 Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving signal in multiple input multiple output system
51 8,761,229 Method and apparatus for multiplexing frequency hopping in a communication system
52 8,761,226 Connection unit and laser oscillating apparatus having the same
53 8,761,130 Control and data signaling in SC-FDMA communication systems
54 8,761,087 Method and system for balancing reference signal powers across OFDM symbols
55 8,761,047 Random access method and apparatus of UE in mobile communication system
56 8,760,945 Memory devices, systems and methods employing command/address calibration
57 8,760,942 Resistive memory device capable of blocking a current flowing through a memory cell for fast quenching
58 8,760,919 Nonvolatile memory device and method of reading data in nonvolatile memory device
59 8,760,918 Memory system and method of accessing a semiconductor memory device
60 8,760,871 Display device including a thermal conductive sheet
61 8,760,810 Fluid dynamic bearing unit and disk drive device including the same
62 8,760,687 Image forming apparatus and document management method thereof
63 8,760,610 Array substrate and display panel having the same
64 8,760,607 Liquid crystal display panel and method of manufacturing the same
65 8,760,605 Display device and the method thereof
66 8,760,599 Display device and method for manufacturing the same
67 8,760,598 Thin film transistor array panel, liquid crystal display, method for repairing the same, color filter array panel and method for manufacturing the same
68 8,760,597 Switching device of active display device and method of driving the switching device
69 8,760,596 Thin film transistor array panel and display device including the same, and manufacturing method thereof
70 8,760,588 Display apparatus having display driving unit on lower part
71 8,760,581 Signal processing apparatus and control method thereof
72 8,760,567 Photographing apparatus and method to reduce auto-focus time
73 8,760,565 Digital photographing apparatus and method for controlling the same based on user-specified depth of focus region
74 8,760,524 Method and apparatus for processing digital image
75 8,760,511 Monitoring camera, method of controlling the same, and recording medium storing program for executing the method
76 8,760,502 Method for improving 3 dimensional effect and reducing visual fatigue and apparatus enabling the same
77 8,760,486 Method for providing phone book using business card recognition in mobile communication terminal and mobile communication terminal using the method
78 8,760,479 Liquid crystal display
79 8,760,468 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
80 8,760,446 Image processing apparatus performing rendering using multiple viewpoints and method
81 8,760,443 Low-leakage gate lines driving circuit for display device
82 8,760,436 Mutual capacitive touch panel
83 8,760,431 Display apparatus
84 8,760,419 Touch substrate and method of manufacturing the same
85 8,760,410 Apparatus and method for improvement of usability of touch screen
86 8,760,405 Cover for portable terminal
87 8,760,379 Driving circuit for display panel having user selectable viewing angle, display having the same, and method for driving the display
88 8,760,365 Multi-display apparatus and method thereof
89 8,760,332 Digital-analog conversion apparatus and method
90 8,760,229 Switching amplifier and audio device
91 8,760,192 Programmable circuit including differential amplifier circuit
92 8,760,049 Light source module and method of manufacturing the same
93 8,760,006 Wireless power transmission/reception apparatus and method having communication function
94 8,759,986 Substrate structure and method of manufacturing the same
95 8,759,967 Semiconductor package and package on package having the same
96 8,759,959 Stacked semiconductor packages
97 8,759,958 Semiconductor package and method of manufacturing the same
98 8,759,945 Fuse structures, e-fuses comprising fuse structures, and semiconductor devices comprising e-fuses
99 8,759,936 Electronic devices and thermal image sensors that utilize embedded quantum dots
100 8,759,917 Thin-film transistor having etch stop multi-layer and method of manufacturing the same
101 8,759,900 Semiconductor memory devices
102 8,759,836 Thin film transistor array substrate, organic light-emitting display device including the same and method of manufacturing the thin film transistor array substrate
103 8,759,834 Display panel
104 8,759,833 Thin film transistor array panel and method of manufacturing the same
105 8,759,822 Organic light-emitting display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
106 8,759,798 Ion implantation system and ion implantation method using the same
107 8,759,763 Method and apparatus to measure step height of device using scanning electron microscope
108 8,759,421 Continuous process for preparing nanodispersions using an ultrasonic flow-through heat exchanger
109 8,759,224 Method of forming a pattern structure for a semiconductor device
110 8,759,221 Package substrates, semiconductor packages having the same, and methods of fabricating the semiconductor packages
111 8,759,199 Method of selectively growing semiconductor carbon nanotubes using light irradiation
112 8,759,189 Reprocessing method of a semiconductor device
113 8,759,183 Methods of forming semiconductor devices using electrolyzed sulfuric acid (ESA)
114 8,759,182 Manufacturing method for semiconductor device
115 8,759,147 Semiconductor packages and methods of fabricating the same
116 8,759,137 Methods of fabricating CMOS image sensors
117 8,759,133 Back panel for flat panel display apparatus, flat panel display apparatus comprising the same, and method of manufacturing the back panel
118 8,758,965 Apparatus and method for manufacturing color filter adsorbing toner nano particles by using electrostatic force
119 8,758,942 Cathode active material, and cathode and lithium including the same
120 8,758,930 Secondary battery having a short induction plate
121 8,758,929 Secondary battery
122 8,758,927 Secondary battery
123 8,758,923 Battery pack
124 8,758,864 Photosensitive semiconductor nanocrystals, photosensitive composition comprising semiconductor nanocrystals and method for forming semiconductor nanocrystal pattern using the same
125 8,758,525 Dishwasher and control method thereof
126 8,758,250 Ultrasound color Doppler imaging system and method for filtering clutter signal of the same
127 8,758,246 Ultrasound system with control panel adjustable in height through contact
128 8,758,073 Adhesive, display apparatus having the adhesive, method of manufacturing the display apparatus, and bonding apparatus using the adhesive
129 8,757,883 Disk drive device
130 8,757,861 Flat panel display device and method for manufacturing the same
131 8,757,833 Light emitting device package
132 8,757,134 Wafer dicing blade and wafer dicing apparatus including the same
133 8,757,088 Mask frame assembly
134 8,756,804 Method of manufacturing printed circuit board
135 8,756,762 Tilt angle switchable hinge assembly for portable electronic devices
136 8,756,751 Robot cleaner, maintenance station, and cleaning system having the same