Samsung patents granted on 24 March 2015

229 US patents granted on 24 March 2015 and assigned to Samsung

1 D725,333 Home appliance
2 D725,325 Tray for dishwasher
3 D725,185 Printer
4 D725,184 Printer
5 D725,173 Digital camera
6 D725,161 Decorative panel
7 D725,160 Panels
8 D725,159 Decorative panel
9 D725,158 Refrigerator
10 D725,142 Display screen or portion thereof with animated graphical user interface
11 D725,132 Display screen or portion thereof with a graphical user interface
12 D725,121 Television stand
13 D725,108 Display monitor
14 D725,107 Display monitor
15 D725,089 Portable terminal
16 D725,088 Wireless access point
17 D725,087 Stand for TV receiver
18 D725,080 Remote controller
19 D725,070 Mobile phone
20 D725,068 Watch phone
21 D725,067 Mobile terminal
22 D725,066 Portable terminal
23 D725,065 Portable terminal
24 D725,064 TV receiver
25 D725,063 Stand for TV receiver
26 D725,062 TV receiver
27 D725,061 Television receiver
28 D725,059 Television receiver
29 D725,058 Television receiver
30 D725,057 Monitor
31 D724,940 Box
32 D724,888 Gas range oven
33 D724,887 Oven
34 8,990,931 System-on-a-chip malicious code detection apparatus for a mobile device
35 8,990,890 Enabling presence information access and authorization for home network telephony
36 8,990,841 Optical disc drive
37 8,990,792 Method for constructing dynamic call graph of application
38 8,990,688 Proactive user interface including evolving agent
39 8,990,667 Error check and correction circuit, method, and memory device
40 8,990,666 Decoder, method of operating the same, and apparatuses including the same
41 8,990,652 Method and apparatus for controlling iterative decoding in a turbo decoder
42 8,990,609 Cipher-controlling method, network system and terminal for supporting the same, and method of operating terminal
43 8,990,579 Mobile communication terminal having password notify function and method for notifying password in mobile communication terminal
44 8,990,575 Apparatus and method for electronic signature verification
45 8,990,535 Method for operating memory controller, and memory system including the same
46 8,990,483 Nonvolatile memory device, memory system, and program method therof
47 8,990,481 Method of operating nonvolatile memory devices storing randomized data generated by copyback operation
48 8,990,462 Storage device, computing system including the same and data transferring method thereof
49 8,990,403 Method and apparatus for recommending content
50 8,990,231 Cooperation-based method of managing, displaying, and updating DNA sequence data
51 8,990,086 Recognition confidence measuring by lexical distance between candidates
52 8,990,075 Method, apparatus, and medium for bandwidth extension encoding and decoding
53 8,990,046 Method and portable terminal for estimating step length of pedestrian
54 8,990,042 Real-time motion recognition system and method
55 8,990,013 Method and apparatus for displaying search item in portable terminals
56 8,990,009 System, method, and apparatus for minimizing power consumption in a portable device capable of receiving satellite navigational system signals
57 8,989,937 Emergency steering system and controlling method of the same
58 8,989,919 Server, vehicle control system, and vehicle control method thereof
59 8,989,788 Method and apparatus for uplink power control in wireless communication system
60 8,989,777 Location service providing system and method for providing triggered location request service
61 8,989,770 Method and apparatus for estimating displacement of a user terminal
62 8,989,756 Method and apparatus for transmitting downlink control information for resource allocation in a wireless communication system
63 8,989,711 Apparatus and method for registration of mobile station to compact base station using RFID in a broadband wireless communication system
64 8,989,702 Device and method for controlling charging in a mobile communication system
65 8,989,689 Apparatus and method for preventing occurrence of electromagnetic interference in portable terminal
66 8,989,676 Apparatus and method for transmission power control and dynamic frequency selection during movement of base station
67 8,989,662 Method and apparatus for automatic bluetooth connection in a mobile communication terminal
68 8,989,650 Printing medium alignment device with rollers attached and image forming apparatus having the same
69 8,989,529 Printed circuit board for optical waveguides and method of manufacturing same
70 8,989,487 Apparatus and method for combining images
71 8,989,484 Apparatus and method for generating high dynamic range image from which ghost blur is removed using multi-exposure fusion
72 8,989,480 Method, computer-readable medium and apparatus estimating disparity of three view images
73 8,989,373 Method for connecting an external apparatus and multimedia replaying apparatus using the same
74 8,989,312 Apparatus and method for MMSE channel estimation in consideration of offset compensation in wireless communication system
75 8,989,296 Operating method of wireless local area network station
76 8,989,285 Efficient MIMO precoding feedback scheme
77 8,989,274 Method and apparatus for encoding video and method and apparatus for decoding video, based on hierarchical structure of coding unit
78 8,989,266 Method and apparatus for encoding video, and method and apparatus for decoding video
79 8,989,233 Method and apparatus for multiplexing frequency hopping in a communication system
80 8,989,150 Apparatus and method for performing a handoff in a wireless communication system
81 8,989,093 Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving signal in a near field communication system
82 8,989,086 Methods and apparatus to support interference management in multi-tier wireless communication systems
83 8,989,073 Method and apparatus for performing carrier switching in a wireless communication system using multi-carriers
84 8,989,027 Device and method for controlling drive test in wireless communication system
85 8,988,964 Semiconductor memory device and refresh leveraging driving method thereof
86 8,988,962 Refresh circuit of a semiconductor memory device and refresh control method of the semiconductor memory device
87 8,988,950 Data loading circuit and semiconductor memory device comprising same
88 8,988,929 Nonvolatile memory device and related operating method
89 8,988,928 Operating method of a nonvolatile memory device
90 8,988,892 Substrate and electronic device including the substrate
91 8,988,853 Multilayer ceramic capacitor
92 8,988,820 Rotating device
93 8,988,790 Imaging lens
94 8,988,778 Color filter array using dichroic filter
95 8,988,758 Thermochromic window doped with dopant and method of manufacturing the same
96 8,988,708 Host device to monitor status of image forming apparatus and control method thereof
97 8,988,704 Image forming apparatus and input method thereof
98 8,988,703 Image forming system and program installation method thereof
99 8,988,649 Image display device using a diffractive lens wherein the diffractive lens comprises a first electrode array and a second electrode array and operates as a fresnel zone plate
100 8,988,645 Display devices
101 8,988,644 Liquid crystal display
102 8,988,642 Liquid crystal display devices and methods of manufacturing liquid crystal display devices
103 8,988,640 Display device and fabrication method of the same
104 8,988,627 Thin-film transistor substrate and method for manufacturing the same
105 8,988,622 Organic light emitting diode display and manufacturing method thereof
106 8,988,621 Array substrate and display panel having the same
107 8,988,615 Display apparatus controlled by motion and motion control method thereof
108 8,988,605 Display apparatus and control method thereof
109 8,988,598 Methods of controlling image sensors using modified rolling shutter methods to inhibit image over-saturation
110 8,988,577 Digital image processing apparatus and method for simultaneously displaying input image and setting information on display screen
111 8,988,555 Digital image signal processing apparatus and method for performing continuous photographing
112 8,988,551 Apparatus and method for detecting flicker in camera module
113 8,988,545 Digital photographing apparatus and method of controlling the same
114 8,988,536 Image processing circuit, method of operation thereof, and digital camera including same
115 8,988,535 Photographing control method and apparatus according to motion of digital photographing apparatus
116 8,988,534 Characterizing point checking region setting apparatus and method, and image stabilizing apparatus including the same
117 8,988,521 Method of measuring critical dimension of pattern and apparatus for performing the same
118 8,988,511 Photographable three-dimensional (3D) display apparatus
119 8,988,482 Apparatus and method for providing emotion expression service in mobile communication terminal
120 8,988,472 Scan driving device and driving method thereof
121 8,988,470 Luminance correction system for organic light emitting display devices
122 8,988,464 System and method for multi-layered augmented reality
123 8,988,459 Method and apparatus for operating a display unit of a mobile device
124 8,988,451 Display apparatus and image correction method of the same
125 8,988,438 Motion capture apparatus and method
126 8,988,429 Apparatus and method for generating depth information
127 8,988,417 Rendering system and method based on weighted value of sub-pixel region
128 8,988,412 Driving method of a display device
129 8,988,410 Display device and method of operating the same
130 8,988,407 Gate driving circuit and display apparatus having the same
131 8,988,406 Scan driver and organic light emitting display using the scan driver
132 8,988,403 Display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
133 8,988,401 Display device and method of driving the same
134 8,988,360 Method and apparatus for detecting a touch position, and touchscreen display apparatus having the same
135 8,988,353 Mobile device and method for editing pages used for a home screen
136 8,988,346 Electronic chalkboard system, control method thereof, and pointing device
137 8,988,342 Display apparatus, remote controlling apparatus and control method thereof
138 8,988,335 Display device and driving method thereof
139 8,988,323 Organic light emitting display and control signal generating circuit of organic light emitting display
140 8,988,321 Organic light emitting display device including a plurality of scan driving circuits for driving scan signals corresponding to image signals and black image signals and method of driving the same
141 8,988,286 Multi-band antenna for portable terminal with radiators on opposite surfaces of substrate
142 8,988,271 Electronic apparatus, control method thereof, remote control apparatus, and control method thereof
143 8,988,243 System and method for transmitting messages related to operations of electronic devices
144 8,988,242 Flat panel display device and method for manufacturing thereof
145 8,988,202 Method and apparatus for processing virtual world
146 8,988,194 Method and system for controlling electronic device using external device
147 8,988,136 Hybrid charge pump and method for operating the same, power management IC comprising the pump
148 8,988,135 Semiconductor device and body bias method thereof
149 8,988,115 Electronic device and method for controlling temperature thereof
150 8,988,101 Method for operating memory device and apparatuses performing the method
151 8,988,044 Battery pack
152 8,987,989 Organic light-emitting display device and input pad thereof
153 8,987,942 Wireless power transmitter and method that transmits resonance power using multiple bands
154 8,987,907 Semiconductor device
155 8,987,904 Substrate of semiconductor package and method of fabricating semiconductor package using the same
156 8,987,888 Semiconductor package and semiconductor package module having the same
157 8,987,869 Integrated circuit devices including through-silicon-vias having integral contact pads
158 8,987,867 Wafer and method of manufacturing the same
159 8,987,864 Array type chip resistor and method of manufacturing thereof
160 8,987,860 Semiconductor device
161 8,987,850 Magnetic memory devices having a uniform perpendicular nonmagnetic rich antisotropy enhanced pattern
162 8,987,836 Field effect transistor having fin base and at lease one fin protruding from fin base
163 8,987,832 Nonvolatile memory including memory cell array having three-dimensional structure
164 8,987,826 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
165 8,987,811 Semiconductor devices including a vertical channel transistor and methods of fabricating the same
166 8,987,805 Vertical type semiconductor devices including oxidation target layers
167 8,987,803 Three dimensional semiconductor memory devices and methods of manufacturing the same
168 8,987,798 Magnetic tunneling junction devices, memories, memory systems, and electronic devices
169 8,987,797 Nonvolatile memory device and method of forming the same
170 8,987,773 Organic light emitting diode display
171 8,987,767 Light emitting device having improved light extraction efficiency
172 8,987,758 Barrier film composite and display apparatus including the barrier film composite
173 8,987,751 Photodiode device based on wide bandgap material layer and back-side illumination (BSI) CMOS image sensor and solar cell including the photodiode device
174 8,987,742 Liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing the same
175 8,987,741 Thin film transistor array panel and the method for manufacturing thereof
176 8,987,733 Array substrate for flexible display device
177 8,987,725 Flat panel display device
178 8,987,723 Display device and method of manufacturing the same
179 8,987,719 Organic light emitting diode display
180 8,987,717 Organic light emitting diode display and method of fabricating the same
181 8,987,714 Organic light emitting diode display and method for manufacturing the same
182 8,987,709 Arylene containing polymer and organic light-emitting device including the same
183 8,987,694 Semiconductor devices having a vertical diode and methods of manufacturing the same
184 8,987,666 Apparatus and method for sensing temperature
185 8,987,586 Conductive paste and electronic device and solar cell including an electrode formed using the conductive paste
186 8,987,462 Compound and organic light-emitting device comprising the same
187 8,987,425 Pharmaceutical composition for preventing or treating cancer
188 8,987,120 Flat panel display device comprising polysilicon thin film transistor and method of manufacturing the same
189 8,987,118 Method of fabricating semiconductor device
190 8,987,111 Method of manufacturing a three dimensional array having buried word lines of different heights and widths
191 8,987,100 Method of fabricating fin-field effect transistors (finfets) having different fin widths
192 8,987,047 Thin film transistor, thin film transistor array panel including the same, and method of manufacturing the same
193 8,987,043 Organic light emitting diode display and method for manufacturing organic light emitting diode display
194 8,987,023 Light emitting device and manufacturing method thereof
195 8,987,022 Light-emitting device package and method of manufacturing the same
196 8,987,006 Method and system for providing a magnetic junction having an engineered barrier layer
197 8,986,986 Cell lysis device and methods of lysing cells or viruses
198 8,986,909 Imprinting device, method of fabricating the same, and method of patterning thin film using the same
199 8,986,904 Solid oxide fuel cell and manufacturing method thereof
200 8,986,889 Positive active material for lithium secondary battery and method of manufacturing same
201 8,986,886 Positive active material, method of preparing the same, and lithium battery including the positive active material
202 8,986,879 Pouch type rechargeable battery
203 8,986,878 Rechargeable battery including a resistance member
204 8,986,876 Cap assembly and secondary battery having the same
205 8,986,875 Battery pack
206 8,986,873 Battery pack
207 8,986,871 Electrode assembly and secondary battery having the same
208 8,986,868 Rechargeable battery
209 8,986,867 Battery pack with assembled light emitting portion
210 8,986,865 Battery unit and battery module having cooling structure
211 8,986,862 Redox flow battery
212 8,986,855 Heterocyclic compound and organic light-emitting device including the same
213 8,986,846 Thermosetting oligomer or polymer, thermosetting resin composition including the oligomer or polymer, and printed circuit board using the composition
214 8,986,844 Touch screen panel and method for manufacturing thereof
215 8,986,794 Vapor deposition apparatus and method of manufacturing organic light-emitting display apparatus
216 8,986,783 Method of forming thin film from multiple deposition sources
217 8,986,611 Sample analysis apparatus
218 8,986,574 Oxynitride-based phosphor and light emitting device including the same
219 8,986,566 Thermoelectric material, thermoelectric device using the same, and method of manufacturing thereof
220 8,986,555 Method of manufacturing printed circuit board having bump
221 8,986,554 Method of forming patterns
222 8,986,212 Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus
223 8,986,206 Health care apparatus and method
224 8,986,087 Structure for protecting radio frequency remote head
225 8,986,063 Method of aligning liquid crystals in a process of manufacturing liquid crystal display
226 8,985,853 Methods of calibrating X-ray detectors
227 8,985,851 X-ray detector
228 8,984,918 Washing machine, inner tub of washing machine and balancer connection and assembly method thereof
229 8,984,785 Display device with decorative filled groove