Samsung patents granted on 24 May 2011

91 US patents granted on 24 May 2011 and assigned to Samsung

1 D638,416 Net book
2 D638,250 Microwave oven
3 7,949,928 Semiconductor memory device and data error detection and correction method of the same
4 7,949,927 Error correction method and apparatus for predetermined error patterns
5 7,949,924 Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving high speed shared control channel in wideband wireless communication system
6 7,949,884 Apparatus and method for managing power-saving mode of portable terminal
7 7,949,819 Flash memory device and method of changing block size in the same using address shifting
8 7,949,750 Apparatus and method for controlling access in P2P network
9 7,949,678 System and method for facilitating access to audio/visual content on an electronic device
10 7,949,510 Distributed simultaneous simulation
11 7,949,360 Method and apparatus for adaptively allocating transmission power for beam-forming combined with OSTBCs in a distributed wireless communication system
12 7,949,292 Hinge apparatus for cover of image forming apparatus
13 7,949,286 Development cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus using the same
14 7,949,285 Image forming apparatus and power transmission device thereof
15 7,949,193 Apparatus and method for compressing three-dimensional stereoscopic images
16 7,949,136 Security circuit having an electrical fuse ROM
17 7,949,046 Signal compressing system
18 7,949,045 Signal compressing system
19 7,949,034 Apparatus and method for estimating uplink frequency offset in wireless communication system
20 7,948,947 Handoff method in FMIPv6 for seamless TCP packet transmissions
21 7,948,946 Method for providing multicast service according to handoff of source node in mobile internet protocol communication system
22 7,948,941 Method and apparatus for allocating communication resources using virtual circuit switching in a wireless communication system and method for transmitting and receiving data in a mobile station using the same
23 7,948,940 Method and apparatus for selecting frequency layer for connected mode UE in an MBMS mobile communication system
24 7,948,924 Apparatus for optionally supporting time division duplex and frequency division duplex in a wireless communication system
25 7,948,908 Apparatus and method for encoding and decoding in a mobile communication system
26 7,948,847 Apparatus and method to write/reproduce data to/from optical disc
27 7,948,846 Method and apparatus for managing disc defect using temporary DFL and temporary DDS including drive and disc information, and disc with temporary DFL and temporary DDS
28 7,948,801 Nonvolatile memory device with expanded trimming operations
29 7,948,794 Nonvolatile memory device using variable resistive element
30 7,948,785 Semiconductor devices having sense amplifiers and electronic systems employing the same
31 7,948,777 Switching mode power supply and a method of operating the power supply in a power save mode
32 7,948,768 Tape circuit substrate with reduced size of base film
33 7,948,743 Bezal support for flat panel display device
34 7,948,707 Magnetic recording medium, method of recording servo pattern on magnetic recording medium, and magnetic head
35 7,948,700 Bit patterned medium
36 7,948,649 Image-forming apparatus and executed-job-storing method thereof
37 7,948,597 Liquid crystal display panel for liquid crystal display
38 7,948,594 Method of manufacturing display apparatus comprising forming an opaque material layer having first and second thicknesses on a transparent conductive layer
39 7,948,592 Display device for increasing viewing angle
40 7,948,588 Thin film transistor array panel comprising first and second reflective electrodes
41 7,948,578 Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same
42 7,948,577 Stereoscopic display device
43 7,948,575 Liquid crystal display device having particular polarizing filter in housing
44 7,948,573 Back-light assembly and liquid crystal display including the same
45 7,948,572 Hollow mold for receiving liquid crystal panel and diffuser plate and liquid crystal display including hollow mold
46 7,948,568 Display substrate and method for repairing a defective pixel of the display substrate
47 7,948,563 Apparatus and method for automatically adjusting luminance
48 7,948,561 Video playback apparatus and method for controlling the same
49 7,948,555 Camera module and electronic apparatus having the same
50 7,948,475 Key control apparatus of a portable terminal
51 7,948,418 Digital-to-analog conversion circuit and column driver including the same
52 7,948,328 Oscillator generating normal clock signal
53 7,948,300 Negative supply voltage generating circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit having the same
54 7,948,272 Input buffer for detecting an input signal
55 7,948,263 Power gating circuit and integrated circuit including same
56 7,948,249 Semiconductor chip having a crack test circuit and method of testing a crack of a semiconductor chip using the same
57 7,948,181 Plasma display panel and plasma display device including the plasma display panel
58 7,948,177 Flat panel display device with protective layer structure and method of making the same
59 7,948,176 Flat panel display device and method thereof
60 7,948,174 Panel for multi-panel display and method of manufacture
61 7,948,173 Organic light emitting diode display and method of manufacturing the same
62 7,948,168 Organic light emitting display and method of manufacturing the same
63 7,948,167 Organic light emitting device and manufacturing method thereof
64 7,948,166 Organic light emitting display apparatus
65 7,948,161 Display device
66 7,948,149 Stator and piezo ultrasonic motor including the same
67 7,948,089 Chip stack package and method of fabricating the same
68 7,948,024 Multi-layered, vertically stacked non-volatile memory device and method of fabrication
69 7,948,019 Nonvolatile memory devices and methods of operating the same
70 7,947,986 Thin film transistor substrate and manufacturing method thereof
71 7,947,985 Thin film transistor array substrate and manufacturing method thereof
72 7,947,973 Organic light-emitting device
73 7,947,915 Keypad assembly
74 7,947,909 Substrate panel
75 7,947,906 Printed circuit board and manufacturing method thereof
76 7,947,896 Method for modifying surface of counter electrode and surface-modified counter electrode
77 7,947,590 Method of manufacturing a non-volatile memory device
78 7,947,558 Electromechanical memory devices and methods of manufacturing the same
79 7,947,540 Multi-level semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
80 7,947,539 Thin film transistor array panel for a display device and a method of manufacturing the same
81 7,947,530 Method of manufacturing wafer level package including coating and removing resin over the dicing lines
82 7,947,519 Top emission organic light emitting diode display using auxiliary electrode to prevent voltage drop of upper electrode and method of fabricating the same
83 7,947,409 Metallic separator for fuel cell and fuel cell including the same
84 7,947,402 Fuel cell system capable of supplying and receiving power and method of operating the same
85 7,947,390 Reinforced pouch type secondary battery
86 7,947,196 Ion exchangeable mixture and method of producing the same
87 7,946,772 Monitoring camera
88 7,946,724 Surface light source using white light emitting diodes and liquid crystal display backlight unit having the same
89 7,946,669 Aligning apparatus
90 7,946,575 Medium feeding unit and image forming apparatus having the same
91 7,946,304 Dish washing machine having sump with drainage channel to remove wash water