Samsung patents granted on 25 December 2007

75 US patents granted on 25 December 2007 and assigned to Samsung

1 RE39,962 Method and apparatus for controlling power consumption in a tilt correcting coil
2 D558,318 Air conditioner
3 D558,262 Portable mobile printer
4 D558,261 Printer
5 D558,247 Digital camcorder
6 D558,218 Display with graphic user interface
7 D558,217 Display with graphic user interface
8 D558,216 Graphic user interface for a MP3 player
9 D558,201 LCD monitor
10 D558,193 Charging holder for portable phone
11 D558,178 Portable telephone
12 D558,177 Mobile phone
13 D558,176 Cellular phone
14 D558,175 Portable phone
15 D558,174 Cellular phone
16 D558,172 Portable phone
17 D558,171 Mobile phone
18 D558,169 Portable phone
19 D558,168 Portable phone
20 D558,167 Portable phone
21 D558,164 Television receiver
22 D558,156 Light-emitting diode
23 7,313,801 Disk-chucking device of disk drive
24 7,313,752 Apparatus and method for coding/decoding block low density parity check code in a mobile communication system
25 7,313,715 Memory system having stub bus configuration
26 7,313,632 Apparatus for converting internet protocal address, and communication method using the same
27 7,313,396 Registering mobile station in private mobile network cooperating with public land mobile network (PLMN)
28 7,313,330 Redundant apparatus and method for gigabit ethernet passive optical network system and frame format thereof
29 7,313,212 Shift register having low power consumption and method of operation thereof
30 7,313,126 Control system and multiple access method in wireless communication system
31 7,313,119 System and method for supporting mobility of mobile node using regional anchor point in future internet
32 7,313,116 Method of performing inter-RAT measurement for a handover from NB-TDD to GSM
33 7,313,112 Apparatus and method for interworking CDMA2000 networks and wireless local area networks
34 7,313,085 Method for creating symmetric-identical preamble and method for synchronizing symbol and frequency of orthogonal frequency division multiplexed signals by using symmetric-identical preamble
35 7,313,078 Method of and apparatus for recording data on optical recording medium
36 7,313,076 Method of setting optimum recording power in optical recording apparatus
37 7,313,066 Write once disc allowing management of data area, method of managing the data area, and method for reproducing data from write once disc
38 7,313,064 Optical disk recording and reproducing apparatus and method for determining optimal power thereof
39 7,313,046 Semiconductor memory devices in which the number of memory banks to be refreshed may be changed and methods of operating the same
40 7,313,036 Memory device having open bit line architecture for improving repairability and method of repairing the same
41 7,313,020 Multi-level nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method for reading the same
42 7,313,011 Ferroelectric memory devices having a plate line control circuit
43 7,312,948 Cassette tape ejecting apparatus, and magnetic recording/reproducing apparatus having the same
44 7,312,929 Variable focus liquid lens with reduced driving voltage
45 7,312,839 Light guiding plate, liquid crystal display device using the same, and method for displaying pictures thereof
46 7,312,772 Controlling the brightness of image display device
47 7,312,768 Panel driving method and apparatus for representing gradation using address-sustain mixed interval
48 7,312,728 Data modulating method and apparatus, data demodulating method and apparatus, and code arranging method
49 7,312,660 Differential amplifier and active load for the same
50 7,312,655 Apparatus and method for controlling bias adaptation bias of a high power amplifier
51 7,312,634 Exclusive-or and/or exclusive-nor circuits including output switches and related methods
52 7,312,577 Design for plasma display panel resulting in improved light emission efficiency
53 7,312,576 High efficiency plasma display panel (PDP) provided with electrodes within laminated dielectric barrier ribs
54 7,312,575 Plasma display panel
55 7,312,574 Plasma display panel having display electrode terminals located on the same side, and plasma display device incorporating the same
56 7,312,569 Flat panel display apparatus
57 7,312,559 Stator and ceramic tube type ultrasonic motor using the same
58 7,312,489 Memory cell having bar-shaped storage node contact plugs and methods of fabricating same
59 7,312,470 Thin film transistor array panel and method for fabricating the same
60 7,312,445 Pyramid-shaped near field probe using surface plasmon wave
61 7,312,426 Cooking apparatus
62 7,312,150 Method of forming cobalt disilicide layer and method of manufacturing semiconductor device using the same
63 7,312,144 Unitary interconnection structures integral with a dielectric layer and fabrication methods thereof
64 7,312,143 Wafer level chip scale package having a gap and method for manufacturing the same
65 7,312,130 Methods of forming capacitor structures including L-shaped cavities
66 7,312,121 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor memory device
67 7,312,117 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
68 7,312,110 Methods of fabricating semiconductor devices having thin film transistors
69 7,312,091 Methods for forming a ferroelectric layer and capacitor and FRAM using the same
70 7,312,001 Non-aqueous electrolytic solution and lithium battery employing the same
71 7,311,857 Etching composition, method of preparing the same, method of etching an oxide film, and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
72 7,311,450 Color optical link using transparently jacketed plastic optical fiber and method for achieving the same
73 7,311,438 Agitator, image forming apparatus having the same and method for agitating
74 7,311,369 Apparatus and method for correcting white line of ink-jet printer
75 7,311,109 Method for cleaning a processing chamber and method for manufacturing a semiconductor device