Samsung patents granted on 25 January 2011

118 US patents granted on 25 January 2011 and assigned to Samsung

1 D631,621 Drum-type washing machine
2 D631,495 Camcorder
3 D631,473 Net book
4 D631,472 Notebook computer
5 D631,471 Notebook computer
6 D631,459 Mobile phone
7 D631,456 Mobile phone
8 D631,455 Mobile phone
9 D631,452 Mobile phone
10 D631,451 Mobile phone
11 D631,280 Oven
12 7,877,723 Method of arranging mask patterns and apparatus using the method
13 7,877,664 Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving signal in communication system
14 7,877,615 Semiconductor devices and scrambled data transmission methods thereof
15 7,877,535 Processor and interrupt handling method
16 7,877,514 System and method for time-constrained transmission of video in a communication system
17 7,877,469 Authentication and authorization for simple network management protocol (SNMP)
18 7,877,119 Mobile communications device with rotatable screen and qwerty keypad
19 7,877,109 Method and apparatus for controlling transmission power of cognitive radio environment
20 7,877,107 Method for transmitting message during PTT call service in mobile communication terminal
21 7,877,098 Method of determining cell reselection in mobile communication terminal and apparatus therefor
22 7,877,093 Method for compulsorily performing handover in broadband wireless communication system
23 7,877,077 Multi-band low noise amplifier and multi-band radio frequency receiver including the same
24 7,877,067 Method for selecting receiver mode of mobile terminal with two receivers
25 7,877,051 Fusing unit and image forming apparatus having the same
26 7,877,038 Image forming apparatus capable of reducing temperature difference of a photosensitive body
27 7,877,036 Power supply device and image forming apparatus having the same
28 7,877,018 Method and apparatus for correcting color imbalance of visible light in wavelength division parallel visible light communications
29 7,877,007 Omni-directional stereo camera and method of controlling thereof
30 7,876,979 Resolution-converting apparatus and method
31 7,876,976 Method and apparatus for resizing images using discrete cosine transform
32 7,876,954 Method and device for generating a disparity map from stereo images and stereo matching method and device therefor
33 7,876,953 Apparatus, method and medium displaying stereo image
34 7,876,933 Methods and apparatus for estimating orientation in an image
35 7,876,922 Speaker device for portable terminal
36 7,876,897 Data security in wireless network system
37 7,876,851 Apparatus and method for feeding back information on channel state for scheduling in multiple antenna system
38 7,876,848 Apparatus and method for transmitting a data stream in a wireless communication system with multiple antennas
39 7,876,828 Method, medium, and apparatus predicting direct mode motion of a multi-angle moving picture
40 7,876,791 Synchronizing apparatus and method in packet network
41 7,876,790 Apparatus and method for performing time synchronization using GPS information in communication system
42 7,876,750 Digital broadcasting system and data processing method thereof
43 7,876,734 System and method for transmitting/receiving signal in a communication system
44 7,876,733 Method and apparatus for communicating by use of relaying system in a cognitive radio technique
45 7,876,668 Optical recording medium with different wobble characteristics between the user data area and the lead-out area
46 7,876,656 Method and apparatus for managing defects in recording media, a computer readable medium including computer readable code for the same, and a defect managed recording medium obtained using the same method, apparatus, and computer readable medium
47 7,876,632 Semiconductor memory device and method for repairing the same
48 7,876,614 Multi-bit flash memory device and program and read methods thereof
49 7,876,613 Multi-bit flash memory devices having a single latch structure and related programming methods, systems and memory cards
50 7,876,609 Nonvolatile memory device and related methods of operation
51 7,876,591 Semiconductor memory device and method of forming a layout of the same
52 7,876,581 Power converter transformer for suppressing conduction EMI and power supply having its transformer
53 7,876,533 Stainless steel balancer having recess formed at a side surface, and head stack assembly with the same
54 7,876,519 Self-spinning disk bulk erasure for hard disk assembly
55 7,876,511 Subminiature imaging optical system
56 7,876,494 Electronic paper display device and method of manufacturing the same
57 7,876,479 Automatic document feeder and image forming apparatus having the same
58 7,876,415 Display substrate having a TFT liquid crystal display region surrounded by a seal region having a cell-gap compensating part with a dummy pattern formed from the same layer as a pixel electrode of the TFT
59 7,876,412 Thin film transistor array panel and method for manufacturing the same
60 7,876,402 Liquid crystal display device
61 7,876,396 Backlight assembly, display apparatus having the same and method for assembling the same
62 7,876,389 Display substrate and display device having the same
63 7,876,388 Array substrate capable of improving display quality
64 7,876,383 Digital broadcasting receiver to search channels in parallel and channel searching method thereof
65 7,876,356 Methods and systems for display color calibration using remote control
66 7,876,341 Subpixel layouts for high brightness displays and systems
67 7,876,338 Plasma display panel driving method and apparatus
68 7,876,317 Apparatus and method of producing 3D structural sketch and computer-readable recording medium on which compute program for executing the method is recorded
69 7,876,304 Thin film panel, driving device, and liquid crystal display having the same
70 7,876,303 Method and apparatus for driving data in liquid crystal display panel
71 7,876,286 Multi-display apparatus and method thereof
72 7,876,241 Data modulating method and apparatus, data demodulating method and apparatus, and code arranging method
73 7,876,136 Phase-locked-loop circuit having a pre-calibration function and method of pre-calibrating the same
74 7,876,049 Electrode-forming composition and plasma display panel manufactured using the same
75 7,876,048 Plasma display panel with reduced power consumption and enhanced luminance
76 7,876,047 Plasma display panel having electrodes covered by a dielectric layer having varying permittivites
77 7,876,046 Plasma display panel
78 7,876,042 Double-sided light emitting device
79 7,876,041 Organic light emitting display device
80 7,876,039 Flat panel display having pad electrode
81 7,876,038 Organic light emitting display
82 7,875,983 Semiconductor package
83 7,875,947 Filter, color filter array, method of manufacturing the color filter array, and image sensor
84 7,875,939 Semiconductor device including an ohmic layer
85 7,875,921 Non-volatile memory device for 2-bit operation and method of fabricating the same
86 7,875,920 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
87 7,875,895 Organic light emitting diode (OLED) display and method of manufacturing the same
88 7,875,889 Active matrix type organic electroluminescent display device and method of manufacturing the same
89 7,875,880 Light emitting display device having a dummy pixel and method for fabricating the same
90 7,875,877 Organic thin film transistor and flat panel display device having the same
91 7,875,828 Laser irradiation apparatus
92 7,875,717 Metallic compound and organic electroluminescence device comprising the same
93 7,875,569 Supported catalyst, method for preparing the same, cathode electrode comprising the same, and fuel cell comprising the cathode electrode
94 7,875,552 Methods of forming integrated circuit chips having vertically extended through-substrate vias therein and chips formed thereby
95 7,875,551 Methods of forming integrated circuit devices using contact hole spacers to improve contact isolation
96 7,875,525 Method of manufacturing stack-type capacitor and semiconductor memory device having the stack-type capacitor
97 7,875,497 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor package
98 7,875,491 CMOS image sensors and methods of manufacturing the same
99 7,875,488 Method of fabricating image sensor having inner lens
100 7,875,477 Manufacturing method of liquid crystal display
101 7,875,476 High power LED package and fabrication method thereof
102 7,875,475 Flat panel display and method of fabricating the same
103 7,875,416 Composition for forming photosensitive polymer complex and method of preparing photosensitive polymer complex containing silver nanoparticles using the composition
104 7,875,393 Organic electrolytic solution with surfactant and lithium battery employing the same
105 7,875,384 Secondary battery
106 7,875,383 Pouch type secondary battery
107 7,875,381 Rechargeable battery and its fabrication method
108 7,875,369 Heterocycle-containing organometallic complex and organic light emitting device including the same
109 7,875,367 Organoelectroluminescent compound and organoelectroluminescent device employing the same
110 7,875,340 Heat radiation substrate having metal core and method of manufacturing the same
111 7,875,326 Liquid crystal composition, liquid crystal display having the liquid crystal composition, and manufacturing method of the liquid crystal display
112 7,875,323 Method of manufacturing a substrate and method of crystal display panel having the same
113 7,875,308 Organic electroluminescent device using a mixture of high and low molecular light-emitting substances as a light-emitting substance
114 7,874,889 Printing bead spacers on flat panel display substrates
115 7,874,715 Light emitting diode back light unit
116 7,874,650 Piezo-electric type page width inkjet printhead and image forming apparatus having the same
117 7,874,530 Supporter usable with display apparatus
118 7,874,305 Microvalve having magnetic wax plug and flux control method using magnetic wax