Samsung patents granted on 25 March 2014

151 US patents granted on 25 March 2014 and assigned to Samsung

1 D701,659 Clothes dryer
2 D701,656 Washing machine
3 D701,563 Multifunction printer
4 D701,557 Glasses
5 D701,556 Glasses for watching 3D image
6 D701,553 Flash for digital camera
7 D701,539 Refrigerator
8 D701,534 Display screen portion with icon
9 D701,533 Display screen portion with icon
10 D701,525 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
11 D701,524 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
12 D701,523 Display screen with graphical user interface
13 D701,522 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
14 D701,521 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
15 D701,520 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
16 D701,513 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
17 D701,512 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
18 D701,499 TV receiver
19 D701,415 Electric oven
20 8,683,594 Data storage devices including integrated anti-virus circuits and method of operating the same
21 8,683,507 Method and apparatus for reproducing moving image according to parental level in user apparatus
22 8,683,500 Optical disc drive including guide shaft supporting structure
23 8,683,499 Disc loading structure and optical disc drive employing the same
24 8,683,497 Network device driver system having communication function and method of operating the system
25 8,683,385 Mobile terminal and method of displaying menu thereof
26 8,683,382 Display apparatus and control method thereof
27 8,683,284 Receiving apparatus and method
28 8,683,273 Method and system for notifying error information in a network
29 8,683,238 Mobile system on chip (SoC) and a mobile terminal including the mobile SoC
30 8,683,187 Method and apparatus for booting hibernation in a portable terminal
31 8,683,078 Method and system for quality of service control for remote access to universal plug and play
32 8,683,015 Method and apparatus for providing content in mobile terminal
33 8,682,657 Apparatus and method for improving communication sound quality in mobile terminal
34 8,682,488 Humanoid robot and walking control method thereof
35 8,682,419 Circuit and method for compensating for an electrode motion artifact
36 8,682,404 Sliding module for sliding type portable communication device
37 8,682,396 Vibration module for portable terminal
38 8,682,361 Home network control apparatus, home network service system using home network control apparatus and control method thereof
39 8,682,359 Device and method for managing base station and terminal
40 8,682,354 Method and apparatus for positioning mobile terminal’s location
41 8,682,339 Method and apparatus for sending and receiving broadcast service in a digital broadcasting system
42 8,682,330 Method and apparatus for performing handover in a wireless communication system
43 8,682,306 Emoticon input method for mobile terminal
44 8,682,248 Method and system for reproducing contents, and computer-readable recording medium thereof
45 8,682,219 Compact image forming apparatus having pivotally attached scanning unit
46 8,682,188 Image forming apparatus with developing units having different voltage levels
47 8,682,166 Subcarrier multiplexing type optical communication method and passive optical network using the same
48 8,682,110 Method and apparatus for converting resolution of block based image
49 8,682,109 Method and system of reconstructing super-resolution image
50 8,682,024 Apparatus for and method of processing image data
51 8,681,940 Apparatus and method for X-ray detecting
52 8,681,912 Method and apparatus for estimating channel using phase compensation in wireless communication system
53 8,681,901 Apparatus and method for detecting signal in a spatial multiplexing multiple input multiple output communication system
54 8,681,879 Method and apparatus for displaying video data
55 8,681,840 Transceivers having loopback switches and methods of calibrating carrier leakage thereof
56 8,681,831 Light outputting device and light scanning unit having the same
57 8,681,766 Resource remapping and regrouping in a wireless communication system
58 8,681,765 Method and apparatus of controlling access mode for communication system using shared or unlicensed band
59 8,681,755 Method and apparatus for generating data frame in wireless personal area network
60 8,681,743 Apparatus and method for selecting frame structure in multihop relay broadband wireless access communication system
61 8,681,732 Method of changing frequency assignment status in broadband wireless access system
62 8,681,726 Method and apparatus of allocating uplink feedback channel for feeding back data corresponding to an enhanced-physical downlink control channel (E-PDCCH)
63 8,681,714 Apparatus and method for improving hybrid automatic repeat request combining gain in a broadband wireless communication system
64 8,681,675 Communication method of a terminal and an access point for multi-user transmission opportunity (TXOP) power saving
65 8,681,672 Method for transitioning radio resource control state of user equipment to idle state, system therefor, and the same user equipment
66 8,681,625 Method and apparatus for controlling rate of voice service in a mobile communication system supporting voice service via packet network
67 8,681,545 Methods of programming semiconductor memory devices
68 8,681,543 Nonvolatile memory device and related method of programming
69 8,681,542 Magnetic memory devices and methods of operating the same
70 8,681,504 Display apparatus
71 8,681,497 Board coolant jacket jig system and method of separating board coolant jacket
72 8,681,475 Mounting structure of circuit board having multi-layered ceramic capacitor thereon
73 8,681,453 Disk driving apparatus having improved quality
74 8,681,435 Macro lens system and pickup device including the same
75 8,681,374 Image forming apparatus and auto color registration method thereof
76 8,681,373 Image forming apparatus and image forming method thereof to print alternative images at an interval during a print job
77 8,681,353 Method and apparatus of processing wireless printing based on wireless LAN
78 8,681,266 Image pickup apparatus, flash apparatus usable with image pickup apparatus, and control method of image pickup apparatus
79 8,681,251 Image data processing method, image sensor and image data processing system using the method
80 8,681,245 Digital photographing apparatus, and method for providing bokeh effects
81 8,681,244 Image processing method using blurring and photographing apparatus using the same
82 8,681,236 Apparatus and method for reducing shutter lag of a digital camera
83 8,681,235 Apparatus for processing digital image signal that obtains still image at desired point in time and method of controlling the apparatus
84 8,681,200 Video telephony apparatus and method for mobile terminal
85 8,681,199 Method of providing video-call service using general voice-call terminal and private branch exchange for performing the method
86 8,681,186 Data driver and organic light emitting display having the same
87 8,681,183 Apparatus and method for driving a display panel and display apparatus having the apparatus
88 8,681,174 High density multi-view image display system and method with active sub-pixel rendering
89 8,681,165 Image rotation method and apparatus
90 8,681,150 Method, medium, and system with 3 dimensional object modeling using multiple view points
91 8,681,142 Scan driver and flat panel display apparatus including the same
92 8,681,139 Display device and method of driving the same
93 8,681,135 Photo sensor and organic light emitting display using the same
94 8,681,133 Display driver integrated circuit which stores output mode of driving circuit control signal in non-volatile memory and method of outputting the driving circuit control signal
95 8,681,107 Organic light emitting display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
96 8,681,094 Display apparatus and method for controlling display apparatus
97 8,681,088 Light source module, method for driving the light source module, display device having the light source module
98 8,681,083 Display device
99 8,681,067 Antenna apparatus having device carrier with magnetodielectric material
100 8,680,930 Oscillator, oscillator implementations and method of generating an osciallating signal
101 8,680,883 Time dependent dielectric breakdown (TDDB) test structure of semiconductor device and method of performing TDDB test using the same
102 8,680,877 Touch sensing apparatus and method for detecting approach
103 8,680,875 System and method for analyzing timing of semiconductor chip
104 8,680,786 Method and apparatus for common use of power supply and display apparatus using the same
105 8,680,767 Flat panel display apparatus, mother substrate for flat panel display apparatuses, method of manufacturing the flat panel display apparatus, and method of manufacturing the mother substrate
106 8,680,714 Smart cards
107 8,680,685 Semiconductor package and method for fabricating the same
108 8,680,667 Semiconductor devices, package substrates, semiconductor packages, package stack structures, and electronic systems having functionally asymmetric conductive elements
109 8,680,638 Stack-type image sensor
110 8,680,605 Stacked memory devices and method of manufacturing the same
111 8,680,602 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
112 8,680,588 Field effect transistor with buried gate pattern
113 8,680,585 Light emitting diode package and method of manufacturing the same
114 8,680,550 Wavelength-converting light emitting diode (LED) chip and LED device equipped with chip
115 8,680,539 Foldable organic light emitting diode display
116 8,680,531 Thin film transistor and display device using the same and method for manufacturing the same
117 8,680,527 Photomask and thin-film transistor fabricated using the photomask
118 8,680,524 Method of arranging pads in semiconductor device, semiconductor memory device using the method, and processing system having mounted therein the semiconductor memory device
119 8,680,514 Electric energy generator
120 8,680,513 Organic light emitting diode display
121 8,680,500 Phase change memory devices having buried metal silicide patterns
122 8,680,497 Superhydrophobic electromagnetic field shielding material and method of preparing the same
123 8,680,404 Printed circuit board including via pad with concavo-convex patterns and method of manufacturing the same
124 8,680,402 Multi-layer flexible printed circuit board for electronic device
125 8,680,309 Metal organic precursor, a method of preparing the same, and a method of forming a conductive metal film or pattern
126 8,679,984 Method of manufacturing electric device, array of electric devices, and manufacturing method therefor
127 8,679,976 Method of manufacturing graphene by using germanium layer
128 8,679,951 Graphene-layered structure, method of preparing the same, and transparent electrode and transistor including graphene-layered structure
129 8,679,949 Silicon nanowire comprising high density metal nanoclusters and method of preparing the same
130 8,679,935 Methods of fabricating a semiconductor device having metallic storage nodes
131 8,679,920 Semiconductor devices having stacked structures and a layer formed thereon tapered in direction opposite of a tapering of the stacked structures and methods of fabricating the same
132 8,679,910 Methods of fabricating devices including source/drain region with abrupt junction profile
133 8,679,872 Light emitting device package and manufacturing method thereof
134 8,679,865 Resin application apparatus, optical property correction apparatus and method, and method for manufacturing LED package
135 8,679,705 Electrode for fuel cell and fuel cell employing the electrode
136 8,679,699 Membrane electrode assembly for fuel cell and fuel cell employing the same
137 8,679,675 Battery including a member configured to prevent a short circuit
138 8,679,673 Cap assembly, can, and secondary battery employing the same
139 8,679,657 Battery pack
140 8,679,648 Heterocyclic compound and organic light-emitting diode including the same
141 8,679,626 Carbon fiber including carbon fiber core coated with dielectric film, and fiber-based light emitting device including the carbon fiber
142 8,679,376 Dichroic dye for use in polarizing film, polarizing film, and display device including the polarizing film
143 8,679,362 Nickel-zinc-copper based ferrite composition, and multilayered chip device using the same
144 8,679,020 Ultrasound system and method of forming ultrasound image
145 8,678,838 Socket and display apparatus having the same
146 8,678,636 Light guide plate for backlight and manufacturing method therefor
147 8,678,552 Nozzle plate and method of manufacturing the same
148 8,677,786 Soft water forming device and washing machine including the same
149 8,677,778 Refrigerator
150 8,677,618 Method of manufacturing substrate using a carrier
151 8,677,614 Device mounting method determining touching between device and board