Samsung patents granted on 25 October 2011

217 US patents granted on 25 October 2011 and assigned to Samsung

1 D647,675 Brush for vacuum cleaner
2 D647,501 Mobile phone
3 D647,500 Mobile phone
4 8,046,816 Digital broadcast receiver and upgrading method thereof
5 8,046,815 Optical network for bi-directional wireless communication
6 8,046,709 Apparatus for providing multiple screens and method of dynamically configuring multiple screens
7 8,046,706 Apparatus for providing multiple screens and method of dynamically configuring multiple screens
8 8,046,690 Display apparatus and control method thereof
9 8,046,668 Method and apparatus for code block segmentation in a mobile communication system
10 8,046,665 Memory device employing dual clocking for generating systematic code and method thereof
11 8,046,654 Image data test unit, image apparatus having the same, and method of testing image data using the same
12 8,046,634 Integrated circuit card with condition detector
13 8,046,622 Dynamically scaling apparatus for a system on chip power voltage
14 8,046,598 Device and method for controlling supply voltage/frequency using information of process variation
15 8,046,595 Method of controlling operating clock frequency of hard disk drive, recording medium, and hard disk drive
16 8,046,594 Electronic device and electronic device system
17 8,046,525 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device with advanced multi-page program operation
18 8,046,523 Flash memory management system and apparatus
19 8,046,502 Device of identifying host protocol and smart card including the same
20 8,046,475 Portable communication terminal apparatus, communication system and network address setting method thereof
21 8,046,454 Identifying and recommending potential communication states based on patterns of use
22 8,046,431 IP address assignment method and apparatus for providing IP service in a ZIGBEE network system
23 8,046,398 Method and apparatus for modulating symbols in an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing system and transmission apparatus using the same
24 8,046,351 Method and system for selecting search engines for accessing information
25 8,046,344 Method for automatically searching for information and video apparatus using the same
26 8,046,302 Digital rights management method and system for content copyright protection
27 8,046,235 Apparatus and method of encoding audio data and apparatus and method of decoding encoded audio data
28 8,046,234 Method and apparatus for encoding/decoding audio data with scalability
29 8,046,215 Method and apparatus to detect voice activity by adding a random signal
30 8,046,056 Body fat measurement apparatus and method of operating the apparatus
31 8,046,034 Sliding-type portable terminal
32 8,046,028 Mobile station transmitting feedback signals
33 8,046,025 Dual mode mobile handset and call processing method thereof
34 8,046,008 Method for transmitting and recording schedule using short message service
35 8,045,991 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving common channel in a cellular wireless communication system supporting scalable bandwidth
36 8,045,989 Method and apparatus for reducing the number of times of measurements for cell reselection in mobile communication terminal
37 8,045,985 Apparatus and method for providing voice service without discontinuance in mobile communication system
38 8,045,978 Apparatus and method for managing tool kit menu of portable terminal in roaming condition
39 8,045,934 Support plate and mobile communication terminal having the same
40 8,045,924 Apparatus and method for scheduling users in a mobile communication system
41 8,045,921 Audio delivery system and method for mobile phone
42 8,045,918 Proxy mobile station using assignable mobile identifier to access a wireless network
43 8,045,913 Fastening device for optional tray of an image forming apparatus, an optional tray, and an image forming apparatus
44 8,045,910 Light absorption device, fixing unit comprising the light absorption device and image forming apparatus comprising the fixing unit
45 8,045,890 Multi-pass type image forming apparatus
46 8,045,878 Device for fusing toner on print medium
47 8,045,867 Apparatus and method to supply developer
48 8,045,864 Method and apparatus for processing signals of photo-detector in visible light communication system
49 8,045,824 Wavelet transformation-based image encoder, decoder and method for generating thumbnail image
50 8,045,817 Method for improving image quality, and image signal processing apparatus and AV device using the same
51 8,045,816 Image quantization method and apparatus with color distortion removing quantization matrix
52 8,045,813 Image encoding and decoding method and apparatus using motion compensation filtering
53 8,045,793 Stereo matching system and stereo matching method using the same
54 8,045,792 Method and apparatus for controlling dynamic depth of stereo-view or multi-view sequence images
55 8,045,787 System for analyzing mask topography and method of forming image using the system
56 8,045,722 Method of and apparatus for controlling sound field through array speaker
57 8,045,709 Digital broadcasting conditional access terminal and method
58 8,045,667 Deserializer and data recovery method
59 8,045,665 Method of transmitting/playing multimedia data over wireless network and wireless device using the method
60 8,045,663 Circuit and method for removing skew in data transmitting/receiving system
61 8,045,655 Apparatus and method for signal detection in a cognitive radio-based wireless communication system
62 8,045,648 Amplitude-shift-keying (ASK) radio-frequency (RF) signal decoding device and method thereof
63 8,045,639 Method for transmitting data in a MIMO communication system
64 8,045,635 Inter-symbol interference cancellation method for orthogonal frequency division multiple access system
65 8,045,625 Encoding and decoding method to control a direct current (DC) component, and data processing apparatus performing the same
66 8,045,621 Image coding and decoding method and apparatus considering human visual characteristics
67 8,045,619 Motion estimation apparatus and method
68 8,045,606 Bidirectional equalizer with improved equalization efficiency using viterbi decoder information and equalization method using the bidirectional equalizer
69 8,045,596 Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving a signal in a communication system
70 8,045,588 Method and apparatus for providing and receiving three-dimensional digital contents
71 8,045,587 Apparatus for reconstructing control message, apparatus for restoring control message, method of reconstructing control message, and method of restoring control message
72 8,045,556 Apparatus and method for sending multicast packet in mobile digital broadcast system
73 8,045,523 Method and apparatus for performing media independent handover
74 8,045,521 System and method for inter-working in a multi protocol revision based evolution data only/evolution data optimized (EVDO) communication systems
75 8,045,517 Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving data in a communication system using multiple frequency bands
76 8,045,514 Transmitting frames in wireless local area network (WLAN)
77 8,045,513 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving downlink control information in a mobile communication system supporting uplink packet data
78 8,045,511 Method and apparatus for collaborative sensing based on an allowed error range of a sensor in a wireless sensor node
79 8,045,507 Method and apparatus for processing uplink data by DRX-mode terminal in mobile telecommunication system
80 8,045,497 Method of allocating wireless resource for space division multiple access communication and wireless resource allocation system of enabling the method
81 8,045,495 Apparatus and method for resource allocation for multicast data in broadband wireless access system
82 8,045,468 Apparatus and method of displaying power line communication channel information
83 8,045,451 Apparatus and method for channel estimation in a mobile communication system
84 8,045,406 Latency circuit using division method related to CAS latency and semiconductor memory device
85 8,045,405 Memory system, memory device and command protocol
86 8,045,404 Semiconductor memory device capable of preventing damage to a bitline during a data masking operation
87 8,045,387 Nonvolatile memory device and program method with improved pass voltage window
88 8,045,385 Methods of operating nonvolatile memory devices to inhibit parasitic charge accumulation therein
89 8,045,383 Non-volatile memory devices including dummy word lines and related structures and methods
90 8,045,382 Flash memory devices and erasing methods thereof
91 8,045,380 Flash memory device and program method of flash memory device using different voltages
92 8,045,376 Flash memory device with multi level cell and burst access method therein
93 8,045,371 Magnetic storage device having a buffer track and storage tracks, and method of operating the same
94 8,045,363 Variable resistance memory devices including arrays of different sizes
95 8,045,342 Plasma display device
96 8,045,331 Printed circuit board, method of fabricating the same, and electronic apparatus employing the same
97 8,045,318 Tunable capacitor using electrowetting phenomenon
98 8,045,281 Method of setting write factor in hard disk drive and hard disk drive using the same
99 8,045,275 Zoom lens and image pickup device having the same
100 8,045,270 Optical sheet and a tiled display including the same
101 8,045,241 Scanner color correction device and control method thereof
102 8,045,199 Method and system to share an image forming apparatus among a plurality of hosts
103 8,045,128 Backlight unit and display device having the same
104 8,045,118 Liquid crystal display
105 8,045,112 Display device and method of manufacturing the same
106 8,045,105 Thin film transistor array panel and manufacturing method thereof
107 8,045,102 Polarizer, method of fabricating the same and liquid crystal display having the same
108 8,045,100 Optical sheet and display apparatus having the same
109 8,045,084 Display device wherein a first redundancy conductive pattern is formed where the signal line crosses the repair line and manufacturing method thereof
110 8,045,083 Liquid crystal display
111 8,045,080 Thin film transistor array panel and a method for manufacturing the same
112 8,045,079 Display device
113 8,045,075 Liquid crystal display device and method of repairing bad pixels therein
114 8,045,070 Electronic display device
115 8,045,064 Contrast control apparatus and method
116 8,045,061 Method and apparatus for removing color noise of image signal
117 8,045,059 Gain control circuit and method of controlling gain
118 8,045,057 Synchronization detector of video signal processor and synchronization selector including the synchronization detector
119 8,045,056 Information storage medium containing subtitles and processing apparatus therefor
120 8,045,055 Information storage medium containing subtitles and processing apparatus therefor
121 8,045,053 Video image deinterlacing apparatus and methods of performing video image deinterlacing
122 8,044,978 Image display apparatus and high quality image providing method thereof
123 8,044,977 Data driver circuits for a display in which a data current is generated responsive to the selection of a subset of a plurality of reference currents based on a gamma signal and methods of operating the same
124 8,044,975 Apparatus and method for providing wallpaper
125 8,044,948 Liquid crystal display and driving method thereof
126 8,044,939 Mobile terminal having digital broadcast reception capability and PIP display control method
127 8,044,937 Text input method and mobile terminal therefor
128 8,044,933 Method and device for controlling display according to tilt of mobile terminal using geomagnetic sensor
129 8,044,932 Method of controlling pointer in mobile terminal having pointing device
130 8,044,918 Back light apparatus and control method thereof
131 8,044,916 Shift register and organic light emitting display having the same
132 8,044,914 Method of compensating for kick-back voltage and liquid crystal display using the same
133 8,044,912 Semiconductor device including correction parameter generator and method of generating correction parameters
134 8,044,911 Source driving circuit and liquid crystal display apparatus including the same
135 8,044,908 Liquid crystal display device and method of driving the same
136 8,044,890 Plasma display device and driving method thereof
137 8,044,885 Driving device of plasma display panel and method
138 8,044,881 Stereoscopic display device and driving method thereof
139 8,044,878 Signal receiving apparatus, display apparatus and control method thereof
140 8,044,799 Apparatus and method for preventing loss of portable terminal
141 8,044,759 Overlapping compact multiple transformers
142 8,044,750 Nano-resonator including beam with composite structure
143 8,044,696 Delay circuit having long delay time and semiconductor device comprising the same
144 8,044,683 Logic circuit capable of level shifting
145 8,044,680 Semiconductor memory device and on-die termination circuit
146 8,044,586 Organic light emitting display device
147 8,044,584 Organic electroluminescent device and method for manufacturing the same
148 8,044,581 Inorganic electroluminescence device
149 8,044,577 Full-color electroluminescent display device with multiple emission layers and method of fabricating the same
150 8,044,576 Organic light emitting display and method of fabricating the same
151 8,044,573 Organic light emitting display and method of manufacturing the same
152 8,044,566 Fluorescent mixture for fluorescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, backlight assembly having the same and display device having the same
153 8,044,554 Ultrasonic motor and manufacturing method of the same
154 8,044,540 Systems and methods for a SPDT switch or SPMT switch with transformer
155 8,044,506 Thermal-emitting memory module, thermal-emitting module socket, and computer system
156 8,044,490 Semiconductor device including fuse
157 8,044,469 Semiconductor device and associated methods
158 8,044,453 Non-volatile memory device with a charge trapping layer
159 8,044,451 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device having notched gate MOSFET
160 8,044,438 Liquid crystal display and substrate thereof
161 8,044,405 Thin film transistor substrate and manufacturing method thereof
162 8,044,404 Display apparatus and manufacturing method thereof
163 8,044,401 Thin film transistor, method of fabricating the same, organic light emitting diode display device including the same and method of fabricating the same
164 8,044,398 Display substrate
165 8,044,392 Display device and method for manufacturing the same
166 8,044,371 Surface acoustic wave device and method for signal amplification of surface acoustic wave element
167 8,044,362 Array substrate for X-ray detector, method of manufacturing the same, X-ray detector having the same installed therein, and method of manufacturing X-ray detector
168 8,044,302 Printed circuit board having coplanar LC balance
169 8,044,290 Method and apparatus for reproducing first part of music data having plurality of repeated parts
170 8,044,289 Electronic music on hand portable and communication enabled devices
171 8,043,974 Semiconductor wet etchant and method of forming interconnection structure using the same
172 8,043,970 Slurry compositions for selectively polishing silicon nitride relative to silicon oxide, methods of polishing a silicon nitride layer and methods of manufacturing a semiconductor device using the same
173 8,043,960 Contact structure of semiconductor devices and method of fabricating the same
174 8,043,952 Method of forming aluminum oxide layer and method of manufacturing charge trap memory device using the same
175 8,043,942 Method for producing core-shell nanowires, nanowires produced by the method and nanowire device comprising the nanowires
176 8,043,927 Method of manufacturing a CMOS image sensor
177 8,043,926 Nonvolatile memory devices including oxygen-deficient metal oxide layers and methods of manufacturing the same
178 8,043,925 Method of forming capacitor of semiconductor memory device
179 8,043,924 Methods of forming phase-change memory units, and methods of manufacturing phase-change memory devices using the same
180 8,043,923 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
181 8,043,922 Method of fabricating semiconductor device
182 8,043,916 Method of fabricating semiconductor device having multiple gate insulating layer
183 8,043,914 Methods of fabricating flash memory devices comprising forming a silicide on exposed upper and side surfaces of a control gate
184 8,043,896 Semiconductor chip, method of manufacturing the semiconductor chip and semiconductor chip package including an inclined via hole
185 8,043,892 Semiconductor die package and integrated circuit package and fabricating method thereof
186 8,043,887 Thin film transistor, flat panel display including the thin film transistor, and method for manufacturing the thin film transistor and the flat panel display
187 8,043,876 Light emitting diode package and manufacturing method thereof
188 8,043,869 Magnetic memory device and method of fabricating the same
189 8,043,782 Toner for electrophotography
190 8,043,768 Liquid tank using fuel cell system and liquid level detection device
191 8,043,765 Fuel cell system comprising vapor-phase fuel supplying system
192 8,043,756 Electronic apparatus having fuel cell
193 8,043,751 Fuel cell system including fuel processor and managing method thereof
194 8,043,749 Electrolyte for lithium ion secondary battery and lithium ion secondary battery comprising the same
195 8,043,742 Secondary battery
196 8,043,737 Secondary battery and method with electrode tap positioned at short side portion of secondary battery can
197 8,043,735 Rechargeable battery, printed circuit board therefor, and method of fabricating the same
198 8,043,733 Bit patterned medium
199 8,043,726 Silanylamine-based compound and organic light emitting diode
200 8,043,653 Method of forming a dielectric film and plasma display panel using the dielectric film
201 8,043,595 Mesoporous carbon including heteroatom, manufacturing method thereof, and fuel cell using the mesoporous carbon
202 8,043,550 Manufacturing method of display device and mold therefor
203 8,043,529 Phosphor for white light-emitting device and white light-emitting device including the same
204 8,043,389 Fuel cell heat recovering reformer and system
205 8,043,226 Apparatus and method for simultaneously measuring bio signals
206 8,043,203 Method and device for tinnitus therapy
207 8,043,002 Body-temperature measuring device and body-temperature measuring system having the device
208 8,042,985 Display apparatus of portable terminal
209 8,042,963 Optical member, method of manufacturing the optical member and backlight assembly having the optical member
210 8,042,919 Piezoelectric inkjet printhead
211 8,042,801 Image forming apparatus
212 8,042,698 Flat display and flat display apparatus having the same
213 8,042,627 Walking robot
214 8,042,593 Semiconductor chip bonding apparatus
215 8,042,404 Stress detection circuit and semiconductor chip including same
216 8,042,259 Method of manufacturing a magnetic recording head
217 8,042,231 Portable terminal with hinge apparatus