Samsung patents granted on 25 September 2007

75 US patents granted on 25 September 2007 and assigned to Samsung

1 7,275,257 Remote controlled computer system and method of operating the same
2 7,275,205 Data modulation method and apparatus capable of suppressing DC component using parity information of synchronization codeword
3 7,275,198 Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving error detection information in a communication system
4 7,275,153 Booting and boot code update system using boot strapper code to select between a loader and a duplicate backup loader
5 7,274,948 Mobile communication terminal having detachable wireless display window, and operation method thereof
6 7,274,874 Idle-pattern output control circuit used in a Gigabit Ethernet-passive optical network
7 7,274,828 Method and apparatus for detecting and processing noisy edges in image detail enhancement
8 7,274,751 Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving signals using multiple antennas in mobile communication systems
9 7,274,745 Single-carrier receiver having a channel equalizer interacting with a Trellis decoder and a channel equalization method therefor
10 7,274,743 Methods for minimizing setup time by optimizing bit allocation in multi-channel communication system
11 7,274,682 Apparatus and method for assigning a supplemental channel in mobile communication system
12 7,274,651 Optical recording medium with different wobble characteristics between the user data area and the lead-out area
13 7,274,647 Method of and apparatus for recording data on optical recording medium
14 7,274,640 Apparatus and method for determining disc type
15 7,274,638 Information storage medium and method and apparatus for recording and/or reproducing data
16 7,274,614 Flash cell fuse circuit and method of fusing a flash cell
17 7,274,599 NOR flash memory device using bit scan method and related programming method
18 7,274,598 Nonvolatile integrated circuit memory devices having staged application of program voltages and methods for programming the same
19 7,274,586 Method for programming phase-change memory array to set state and circuit of a phase-change memory device
20 7,274,585 Methods of operating integrated circuit memory devices
21 7,274,584 Semiconductor memory device having wordline enable signal line and method of arranging the same
22 7,274,580 Content addressable memory device
23 7,274,559 Cover for reducing contamination in a plasma display device and plasma display device employing the cover
24 7,274,555 Stand for supporting a monitor main body
25 7,274,554 Battery pack locking apparatus for mobile communication terminals
26 7,274,532 Base member of disk drive having clock window to write servo track information
27 7,274,513 Off-axis projection optics and extreme ultraviolet lithography apparatus employing the same
28 7,274,471 Systems and methods for measuring distance of semiconductor patterns
29 7,274,455 Optical detection apparatus for multi-channel multi-color measurement and multi-channel sample analyzer employing the same
30 7,274,420 Method for manufacturing reflection-transmission type liquid crystal display device
31 7,274,359 Display device and circuit board therefor including interconnection for signal transmission
32 7,274,343 Plasma display panel and apparatus and method for driving the same
33 7,274,335 Antenna for slide-type wireless terminal device
34 7,274,317 Transmitter using vertical BJT
35 7,274,282 Transformer
36 7,274,263 Microstrip stabilized quantum well resonance-tunneling generator for millimeter and submillimeter wavelength range
37 7,274,259 Layout structure of signal driver
38 7,274,257 Variable gain wideband amplifier
39 7,274,196 Apparatus and method for testing electrical characteristics of semiconductor workpiece
40 7,274,185 Methods of generating internal clock signals from external clock signals and of measuring the frequency of external clock signals and related frequency measuring circuits and semiconductor memory devices
41 7,274,147 Magnetron
42 7,274,144 Plasma display panel provided with electrode pairs bordering each sidewall of barrier ribs members
43 7,274,139 Electron emission device with improved electron emission source structure
44 7,274,137 Electron emission device with emission controlling resistance layer
45 7,274,097 Semiconductor package including redistribution pattern and method of manufacturing the same
46 7,274,066 Semiconductor memory devices and methods of fabricating the same
47 7,274,051 Field effect transistor (FET) having wire channels and method of fabricating the same
48 7,274,037 Thin film transistor and display device using the same
49 7,274,036 Gate shorted to body thin film transistor, manufacturing method thereof, and display including the same
50 7,273,822 Methods and apparatus for forming thin films for semiconductor devices
51 7,273,807 Method for fabricating semiconductor device by forming damascene interconnections
52 7,273,783 Methods for reducing void formation in semiconductor devices
53 7,273,780 Semiconductor device having box-shaped cylindrical storage nodes and fabrication method thereof
54 7,273,772 Method for manufacturing thin film transistor array panel
55 7,273,682 Solid electrolyte, method for preparing the same, and battery using the same
56 7,273,679 Secondary battery
57 7,273,506 Cyclone dust collecting apparatus and vacuum cleaner using the same
58 7,273,379 Hybrid circuit board and display device having the same
59 7,273,291 Direct-illumination backlight apparatus having transparent plate acting as light guide plate
60 7,273,192 Cord-reel assembly for electronic devices
61 7,273,190 Magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus and method for braking a reel assembly
62 7,272,872 Vacuum cleaner with articulated suction port assembly
63 D551,700 Laser complex
64 D551,655 Speaker for home theater
65 D551,649 Cellular phone
66 D551,648 Mobile phone
67 D551,647 Mobile phone
68 D551,646 Mobile phone
69 D551,645 Mobile phone
70 D551,644 Mobile phone
71 D551,643 Mobile phone
72 D551,642 Mobile phone
73 D551,641 Portable phone
74 D551,636 Projection television
75 D551,632 Wireless remote controller for computer