Samsung patents granted on 26 August 2008

90 US patents granted on 26 August 2008 and assigned to Samsung

1 D575,883 Lamp for oven
2 D575,806 Refrigerator
3 D575,760 Portable telephone
4 D575,759 Cellular phone
5 D575,757 Portable phone
6 D575,756 Portable phone
7 D575,755 Portable telephone
8 D575,754 Cellular phone
9 D575,753 Portable phone
10 D575,575 Microwave oven
11 D575,574 Microwave oven
12 D575,573 Microwave oven
13 7,418,638 Semiconductor memory device and method for testing memory cells using several different test data patterns
14 7,418,555 Multiprocessor system and method to maintain cache coherence
15 7,418,535 Bus system and method of arbitrating the same
16 7,418,361 Method of correcting speed of encoder and apparatus therefor
17 7,418,270 Apparatus and method for optimal power allocation between data and voice in a 1xEV-DV wireless network
18 7,418,262 Mobile terminal for automatically managing country code and method for storing/finding phone number using the same
19 7,418,246 Physical layer unit for transmitting or receiving various signals, wireless LAN system including the same, and wireless LAN method using the wireless LAN system
20 7,418,221 Transfer unit used with image forming apparatus
21 7,418,219 Image forming apparatus including support member to maintain interval between eject tray and image reading device
22 7,418,204 Passive optical network system providing simultaneously both broadcasting service and data service
23 7,418,158 Method and apparatus for detecting film source using frequency transform
24 7,418,154 Methods of suppressing ringing artifact of decompressed images
25 7,418,059 Digital broadcast signal reproducing system and method
26 7,418,041 Transmitting/receiving apparatus and method for reducing PAPR in an OFDM mobile communication system
27 7,418,024 High power vertical external cavity surface emitting laser
28 7,417,998 Wireless network device and communication method using the wireless network device
29 7,417,997 Method for communication in coordinator-based wireless network and method for communication between coordinator-based wireless networks connected through backbone network
30 7,417,996 Method and apparatus for communication between coordinator-based wireless network and different type of network which are interconnected through a backbone network
31 7,417,964 Transmission apparatus and method for use in mobile communication system based on orthogonal frequency division multiplexing scheme
32 7,417,940 Apparatus for and method of controlling photo diode using digital potentiometer
33 7,417,936 Optical pickup reducing noise and polarization changer
34 7,417,934 Optical pickup
35 7,417,927 Method of and apparatus for managing disc defects using temporary defect management information (TDFL) and temporary defect management information (TDDS), and disc having the TDFL and TDDS
36 7,417,917 Column decoder of semiconductor memory device, and method of generating column selection line signal in semiconductor memory device
37 7,417,902 Input circuit for a memory device, and a memory device and memory system employing the input circuit
38 7,417,896 Flash memory device capable of reduced programming time
39 7,417,895 Nor flash memory and erase method thereof
40 7,417,887 Phase change memory device and method of driving word line thereof
41 7,417,874 Information processing apparatus having detachable front and rear covers
42 7,417,870 Multi-layer board with decoupling function
43 7,417,865 Semi-automatic sliding device for sliding-type portable terminal
44 7,417,863 Cooling device for folder type portable wireless terminal
45 7,417,859 Heat radiating assembly for plasma display apparatus and plasma display apparatus including the same
46 7,417,709 Method and apparatus for exposing semiconductor substrates
47 7,417,700 Optical sheet assembly and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
48 7,417,699 LCD display with mirror function having top reflective polarizer and reflective black matrix
49 7,417,694 Thin film transistor array panel and liquid crystal display including the panel
50 7,417,657 Thermal printer and printing method
51 7,417,653 Electrostatic latent image forming medium using optical shutter array and image forming apparatus having the same
52 7,417,648 Color flat panel display sub-pixel arrangements and layouts for sub-pixel rendering with split blue sub-pixels
53 7,417,616 Inverter for liquid crystal display
54 7,417,612 Liquid crystal display
55 7,417,603 Plasma display panel driving device and method
56 7,417,602 Plasma display panel and driving method thereof
57 7,417,601 Projector systems
58 7,417,544 Location tracking system and method
59 7,417,525 High efficiency inductor, method for manufacturing the inductor, and packaging structure using the inductor
60 7,417,512 Dual mode tuning digitally controlled crystal oscillator and operation method thereof
61 7,417,499 Gain controlled amplifier and cascoded gain controlled amplifier based on the same
62 7,417,497 PWM modulator and class-D amplifier having the same
63 7,417,471 Voltage comparator having hysteresis characteristics
64 7,417,458 Gate driving circuit and display apparatus having the same
65 7,417,422 Rotary manipulation type input apparatus
66 7,417,412 DC-DC converter utilizing a modified Schmitt trigger circuit and method of modulating a pulse width
67 7,417,404 Power recharger for use with robot cleaner
68 7,417,380 Electron emission device
69 7,417,374 Plasma display panel protective layer
70 7,417,302 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
71 7,417,286 Semiconductor integrated circuit devices having single crystalline thin film transistors and methods of fabricating the same
72 7,417,282 Vertical double-diffused metal oxide semiconductor (VDMOS) device incorporating reverse diode
73 7,417,271 Electrode structure having at least two oxide layers and non-volatile memory device having the same
74 7,417,264 Top-emitting nitride-based light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
75 7,417,261 Top-emission organic electroluminescent display
76 7,417,252 Flat panel display
77 7,417,246 Organic thin film transistor enhanced in charge carrier mobility by virtue of surface relief structure
78 7,417,215 Fabrication method and test method for light emitting display
79 7,417,172 Perfluoroalkyl vinyl ether compound, process for preparing copolymer by using the compound, and optical plastic materials comprising copolymer prepared by the process
80 7,416,997 Method of fabricating semiconductor device including removing impurities from silicon nitride layer
81 7,416,981 Method of forming metal layer used in the fabrication of semiconductor device
82 7,416,968 Methods of forming field effect transistors having metal silicide gate electrodes
83 7,416,924 Organic light emitting display with single crystalline silicon TFT and method of fabricating the same
84 7,416,904 Method for forming dielectric layer of capacitor
85 7,416,845 pH dependent ion exchange material, solid substrate having the material immobilized on its surface, and method of isolating a nucleic acid using the material or the solid substrate
86 7,416,796 Fuel cell with capacitor attached to the fuel cell separator plate
87 7,416,792 Full color organic electroluminescence display devices by thermal patterning using laser and method for manufacturing the same
88 7,416,705 Spotting device for manufacturing DNA microarray and spotting method using the same
89 7,416,675 Method of fabricating inkjet print heads
90 7,416,575 Cyclone dust collecting apparatus