Samsung patents granted on 26 August 2014

185 US patents granted on 26 August 2014 and assigned to Samsung

1 D712,042 Cart for ultrasonic diagnostic equipment
2 D711,944 Ice tray for refrigerator
3 D711,943 Door shelf for refrigerator
4 D711,942 Refrigerator
5 D711,941 Refrigerator
6 D711,940 Refrigerator vessel module
7 D711,938 Refrigerator handle
8 D711,937 Refrigerator handle
9 D711,935 Refrigerator
10 D711,934 Refrigerator
11 D711,919 Handheld terminal display with icon
12 D711,918 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
13 D711,917 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
14 D711,882 Stylus pen
15 D711,873 Electronic device
16 D711,872 Electronic device
17 D711,856 Speaker
18 D711,855 Speaker
19 D711,726 Bracket for wall hanging a display device
20 8,819,730 Apparatus and method for non-network channel scanning in digital video broadcasting system
21 8,819,709 Disk loading apparatus for optical disk drive
22 8,819,694 System and method for embedded load balancing in a multifunction peripheral (MFP)
23 8,819,595 Method for executing user command according to spatial movement of user input device and image apparatus thereof
24 8,819,588 Display apparatus and method of displaying user interface thereof
25 8,819,575 Method and apparatus that display items according to a user gesture
26 8,819,572 Mobile terminal supporting detachable memory cards and detachable memory card management method thereof
27 8,819,552 Method of executing function on standby screen of mobile terminal
28 8,819,506 Target device providing debugging function and test system comprising the same
29 8,819,480 Display apparatus and method for updating micom code thereof
30 8,819,468 Image forming apparatus and method of controlling power consumption thereof
31 8,819,467 Image forming apparatus, system on chip unit and driving method thereof
32 8,819,462 Serial advanced technology attachment interfaces and methods for power management thereof
33 8,819,415 Method and device for authenticating personal network entity
34 8,819,403 Method and device for performing data synchronization of a snapshot image by selectively reloading data from nonvolatile to volatile memory after wakeup from hibernation
35 8,819,358 Data storage device, memory system, and computing system using nonvolatile memory device
36 8,819,336 Nonvolatile memory system and related method of preserving stored data during power interruption
37 8,819,325 Interface device and system including the same
38 8,819,322 System on chip comprising interconnector and control method thereof
39 8,819,315 Storage device with display unit and method of displaying information
40 8,819,310 System-on-chip and data arbitration method thereof
41 8,819,276 Apparatus, system, and method of processing printing operation on home network
42 8,819,193 Method of setting network, server apparatus using the method, and network system including the server apparatus
43 8,819,167 Apparatus and method for requesting and transferring contents
44 8,818,790 Syntactic analysis and hierarchical phrase model based machine translation system and method
45 8,818,724 Apparatus and method for generating sketch map information in portable terminal
46 8,818,555 Path planning apparatus of robot and method and computer-readable medium thereof
47 8,818,554 Event execution method and system for robot synchronized with mobile terminal
48 8,818,454 System and method for providing multi-screen service of mobile terminal
49 8,818,440 Apparatus and method for controlling power in distributed multiple input multiple output wireless communication system
50 8,818,391 Communication system with femtocells and an interference control method therefor
51 8,818,342 Target service apparatus and method based on device to device direct communication
52 8,818,323 Method for supporting an emergency call in a mobile communication system
53 8,818,298 High frequency switch
54 8,818,273 Method and apparatus for wireless communication using an acoustic signal
55 8,818,237 Image forming apparatus and structure for installing consumables thereof
56 8,818,203 Optical modulator with reduced size and optical transmitter including the same
57 8,818,181 Camera module, and position detector and position detection method used in the camera module
58 8,818,166 Method and apparatus for dividing and displaying contents
59 8,818,139 Method and apparatus for displaying images related to a selected target point on an electronic map based on azimuth and view angle information
60 8,818,126 Method and apparatus for block-based image denoising
61 8,818,118 Image encoding device and image processing device including the same
62 8,818,098 Apparatus and method for recognizing characters using a camera
63 8,818,089 Device and method of removing chromatic aberration in image
64 8,818,073 Display panel test apparatus and method of testing a display panel using the same
65 8,818,016 Apparatus for localization using image and range data and method thereof
66 8,818,008 Display apparatus and control method thereof
67 8,817,997 Stereophonic sound output apparatus and early reflection generation method thereof
68 8,817,931 Apparatus and method for envelope detection
69 8,817,885 Method and apparatus for skipping pictures
70 8,817,877 Method and apparatus for encoding video in consideration of scanning order of coding units having hierarchical structure, and method and apparatus for decoding video in consideration of scanning order of coding units having hierarchical structure
71 8,817,872 Method and apparatus for encoding/decoding multi-layer video using weighted prediction
72 8,817,806 Method and apparatus for flow control between RLC and PDCP in a communication
73 8,817,770 TDM based cell search method for OFDM system
74 8,817,701 Method and system for self-enabling portable television band devices
75 8,817,680 Apparatus and method for controlling sleep cycle synchronization of sleep mode in wireless communication system
76 8,817,676 Method and system for station-to-station directional wireless communication
77 8,817,674 Apparatus and method for performing uplink communication by means of relay station in wireless communication system
78 8,817,673 Method and an apparatus for allocating an ACK/NACK channel
79 8,817,602 Method and apparatus for setting radio link of terminal in which multiple carriers are integrated in mobile communication system
80 8,817,582 Method of controlling an optical disc drive, and optical disc drive and optical information writing and/or reading system using the method
81 8,817,571 Semiconductor memory device and semiconductor memory system
82 8,817,567 Semiconductor memory device having low power mode and related method of operation
83 8,817,549 Integrated circuit memory device
84 8,817,545 Semiconductor memory devices, systems including non-volatile memory read threshold voltage determination
85 8,817,540 Nonvolatile memory device and program method thereof
86 8,817,508 Bidirectional inverter for new renewable energy storage system
87 8,817,500 Power supply apparatuses for preventing latch-up of charge pump and methods thereof
88 8,817,489 Structure for stacking printed board assemblies in electronic device and shielding electronic components mounted on the printed board assemblies
89 8,817,486 Semiconductor package having multi pitch ball land
90 8,817,451 Semiconductor devices and methods of manufacture thereof
91 8,817,429 Power converter, display device including power converter, system including display device, and method of driving display device
92 8,817,388 Imaging device
93 8,817,369 Three dimensional display device and method of controlling parallax barrier
94 8,817,355 Electrochromic device
95 8,817,353 MEMS shutter and display apparatus having the same
96 8,817,312 Control point, image forming apparatus, and method of controlling printing
97 8,817,293 Image forming apparatus to control a power supply, and method thereof
98 8,817,234 Optical device and exposure apparatus including the same
99 8,817,217 Display substrate and method for manufacturing the same
100 8,817,213 Liquid crystal display
101 8,817,212 Liquid crystal display panel
102 8,817,210 Flat panel display
103 8,817,207 Liquid crystal display with UV or blue light blocking filter
104 8,817,184 Point to multi-point clock-forwarded signaling for large displays
105 8,817,177 Method of controlling digital image processing apparatus, digital image processing apparatus applying the method, and communication system including the digital image processing apparatus
106 8,817,097 Apparatus for processing on-screen display and system for reprogramming camera module having the same
107 8,817,056 Liquid crystal display with dynamic backlight control
108 8,817,038 Display apparatus and method for driving the same
109 8,817,033 Method and apparatus for performing adaptive memory bank addressing
110 8,817,023 Method, medium, and system rendering 3D graphic objects with selective object extraction or culling
111 8,817,020 Image processing apparatus and image processing method thereof
112 8,817,010 Circuit for controlling data driver and display device including the same
113 8,817,008 Pixel and organic light emitting display device using the same
114 8,817,003 Power supply unit and organic light emitting display device using the same
115 8,816,998 Organic light emitting display
116 8,816,996 Barrier panel device for 3D image reproduction, and method of driving same
117 8,816,982 Method of manufacturing transparent circuit substrate for touch screen
118 8,816,955 Display apparatus and method for improving image quality thereof
119 8,816,954 Display apparatus
120 8,816,950 Timing controller and display apparatus having the same
121 8,816,944 Driving current output apparatus, method of manufacturing the same, display device and driving apparatus thereof
122 8,816,941 Display device and driving method thereof
123 8,816,774 Power amplifier system
124 8,816,728 Gate driving circuit and display apparatus having the same
125 8,816,655 Voltage regulator having soft starting function and method of controlling the same
126 8,816,601 System for manufacturing power supply unit and method for manufacturing supply unit, and flicker measurement apparatus
127 8,816,589 Light emitting diode driving apparatus
128 8,816,580 Organic light emitting display
129 8,816,579 Organic light-emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
130 8,816,515 Semiconductor module having sliding case and manufacturing method thereof
131 8,816,509 Semiconductor package including underfill layers
132 8,816,499 Electrical interconnections of semiconductor devices and methods for fabricating the same
133 8,816,440 Low noise and high performance LSI device
134 8,816,432 Semiconductor devices including a vertical channel transistor and methods of fabricating the same
135 8,816,418 Semiconductor memory devices and methods of fabricating the same
136 8,816,417 Semiconductor devices and methods of forming semiconductor devices
137 8,816,412 Image sensors having light shield patterns between an optical black region and an active pixel region
138 8,816,407 Semiconductor package
139 8,816,396 E-mode high electron mobility transistor and method of manufacturing the same
140 8,816,362 Organic light emitting display
141 8,816,344 Thin-film transistor and organic light-emitting display device including the same
142 8,816,343 Display panel
143 8,816,341 Organic electroluminescent display and method of manufacturing the same
144 8,816,331 Organic light-emitting display apparatus
145 8,816,330 Organic semiconductor composition, and transistor and electronic device including a polymer therefrom
146 8,816,243 Laser beam irradiation apparatus for substrate sealing and method of manufacturing organic light emitting display device using the same
147 8,816,216 Encapsulation substrate for organic light emitting diode display and method of manufacturing the encapsulation substrate
148 8,815,731 Semiconductor package and method of fabricating the same
149 8,815,702 Methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices having a support structure for an active layer pattern
150 8,815,697 Method of fabricating semiconductor device
151 8,815,688 Method of manufacturing power device
152 8,815,687 Methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices having spacers disposed on an inner sidewall of a contact hole formed in a layer of the semiconductor devices, and a contact plug disposed therein
153 8,815,681 Nonvolatile memory devices and methods of forming the same
154 8,815,676 Three dimensional semiconductor memory device and method of fabricating the same
155 8,815,673 Methods of forming MOSFET devices using nitrogen-injected oxide layers to form gate insulating layers having different thicknesses
156 8,815,672 Methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices
157 8,815,666 Power device and method for manufacturing the same
158 8,815,665 Methods of manufacturing the gallium nitride based semiconductor devices
159 8,815,663 Method of manufacturing thin film transistor, thin film transistor manufactured using the method, method of manufacturing organic light-emitting display apparatus, and organic light-emitting display apparatus manufactured using the method
160 8,815,620 Flexible organic light-emitting display device and method of manufacturing the same
161 8,815,616 Slit valve unit and film forming apparatus having the same
162 8,815,613 Method of manufacturing touch sensing panel
163 8,815,581 Method for proliferating stem cells by activating c-MET/HGF signaling and notch signaling
164 8,815,454 Lithium secondary battery
165 8,815,448 Negative active material and lithium battery
166 8,815,441 Secondary battery
167 8,815,439 Secondary battery pack
168 8,815,437 Rechargeable battery
169 8,815,434 Electrode assembly for secondary battery with wound and folded separator portions and secondary battery having the same
170 8,815,431 Battery module unit and battery module package
171 8,815,422 Battery pack
172 8,815,421 Printed circuit board and battery pack using the same
173 8,815,417 Heterocyclic compound and organic light-emitting device including the same
174 8,815,404 Protective film and encapsulation material comprising the same
175 8,815,346 Compliant and nonplanar nanostructure films
176 8,815,016 Heating unit and substrate processing apparatus having the same
177 8,815,015 Apparatus and method for fabricating organic light emitting diode display device
178 8,814,803 Portable device for measuring user’s biosignals and the method thereof
179 8,814,415 Light-emitting module and display device having the same
180 8,814,381 Omnidirectional light emitting device lamp
181 8,814,287 Refrigerator
182 8,814,241 Robot hand
183 8,813,363 Piezoelectric inkjet printhead and method of manufacturing the same
184 8,813,356 Method for manufacturing magnetic substrate and common mode filter
185 8,813,345 Method for manufacturing disk drive device