Samsung patents granted on 26 February 2008

100 US patents granted on 26 February 2008 and assigned to Samsung

1 7,337,453 Actuator employing a bobbin incorporating a winding coil and a manufacturing method thereof
2 7,337,451 Disk drive for reducing noise
3 7,337,449 Disk drive for minimizing jamming during disk positioning
4 7,337,386 Digital transmitter/receiver system having a robust error correction coding/decoding device and error correction coding/decoding method thereof
5 7,337,337 Apparatus and method of reducing power consumption using power-save polling list
6 7,337,263 Method of varying recording density of data storage medium and disk drive using the method
7 7,337,254 Information processing system and method of controlling the same
8 7,337,217 Architecture for home network on world wide web
9 7,336,978 Mobile device having an overcurrent cutoff function
10 7,336,971 System for providing private mobile communication service separately from public mobile communication network and method of processing call using the same
11 7,336,965 Apparatus and method for reducing call set-up time for time-sensitive applications in a wireless network
12 7,336,953 System and method for determining handover at a base station request in a broadband wireless access communication system
13 7,336,951 System and method for performing handover in mobile communication system using paging procedure
14 7,336,916 Electrophotographic image forming apparatus
15 7,336,905 Bidirectional optical transceiver
16 7,336,881 Planar lightwave circuit and fabrication method thereof
17 7,336,875 Enhancement of optical and mechanical properties in a polymeric optical element by annealing under a compressed gas
18 7,336,838 Pixel-data selection device to provide motion compensation, and a method thereof
19 7,336,783 Cryptographic systems and methods supporting multiple modes
20 7,336,721 Digital frequency modulator
21 7,336,713 Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding data
22 7,336,707 Method and apparatus for detecting improper area for motion compensation in video signal
23 7,336,704 Method and circuit for updating a tap coefficient of a channel equalizer
24 7,336,703 Device and method for measuring a received signal power in a mobile communication system
25 7,336,702 Jitter detecting apparatus and phase locked loop using the detected jitter
26 7,336,686 Laser display apparatus
27 7,336,641 Method and apparatus for providing mutual time difference determination of base station signals in a cellular communication system
28 7,336,628 Signaling method for paging in a mobile communication system for high-speed packet data transmission
29 7,336,608 Method for adjusting a transmission rate to obtain the optimum transmission rate in a mobile ad hoc network environment
30 7,336,599 Apparatus and method for joint detection receiving irrespective of orthogonal code length in mobile communication system
31 7,336,588 Method of and apparatus for recording data on optical recording medium
32 7,336,578 Recording medium for storing version information for maintaining recording and/or reproducing compatibility, and method and apparatus for managing the same
33 7,336,574 Apparatus for detecting abnormal states of laser diode power in an optical disc recording/reproducing device
34 7,336,559 Delay-locked loop, integrated circuit having the same, and method of driving the same
35 7,336,558 Semiconductor memory device with reduced number of pads
36 7,336,554 Semiconductor memory device having a reduced number of pins
37 7,336,550 Semiconductor memory device with reduced multi-row address testing
38 7,336,549 Redundancy circuit and repair method for a semiconductor memory device
39 7,336,528 Advanced multi-bit magnetic random access memory device
40 7,336,518 Layout for equalizer and data line sense amplifier employed in a high speed memory device
41 7,336,480 Computer system
42 7,336,478 Monitor apparatus
43 7,336,476 Dielectric ceramic composition for low temperature sintering and multilayer ceramic capacitor using the same
44 7,336,439 Actuator having absorption filter and disk drive having the same
45 7,336,438 Write control method of hard disk drive, hard disk drive adapting the method and recording medium thereof
46 7,336,437 Apparatus, medium, and method for protecting a storage medium in a portable device
47 7,336,436 Head gimbal assemblies for very low flying height heads with optional micro-actuators in a hard disk drive
48 7,336,427 Inner zoom lens system
49 7,336,420 Diffractive optical element, illumination system comprising the same, and method of manufacturing semiconductor device using illumination system
50 7,336,326 Image displaying unit of a 3D image system having multi-viewpoints capable of displaying 2D and 3D images selectively
51 7,336,291 Thermal image forming apparatus
52 7,336,245 Display for using pulse width modulation to represent brightness and gray scales
53 7,336,237 Portable computer
54 7,336,144 Compact multilayer band-pass filter and method using interdigital capacitor
55 7,336,121 Negative voltage generator for a semiconductor memory device
56 7,336,101 Control circuit and method
57 7,336,034 Structure for connecting terminal parts of electrodes of plasma display panel and plasma display panel having the same
58 7,336,031 Organic light emitting display having auxiliary common electrode
59 7,336,028 Electron emission device having multi-layered gate electrode structure
60 7,336,017 Stack type surface acoustic wave package, and method for manufacturing the same
61 7,335,974 Multi stack packaging chip and method of manufacturing the same
62 7,335,957 Semiconductor memory integrated circuit and layout method of the same
63 7,335,923 Electroluminescence display device
64 7,335,919 Active matrix organic electroluminescent display device including organic thin film transistor and method of manufacturing the display device
65 7,335,917 Thin film transistor using a metal induced crystallization process and method for fabricating the same and active matrix flat panel display using the thin film transistor
66 7,335,916 Electrode structure, and semiconductor light-emitting device having the same
67 7,335,912 Organic light emitting display having improved via hole
68 7,335,844 Keypad assembly for electronic device
69 7,335,601 Method of processing an object and method of controlling processing apparatus to prevent contamination of the object
70 7,335,592 Wafer level package, multi-package stack, and method of manufacturing the same
71 7,335,590 Method of fabricating semiconductor device by forming diffusion barrier layer selectively and semiconductor device fabricated thereby
72 7,335,589 Method of forming contact via through multiple layers of dielectric material
73 7,335,560 Methods of forming a nonvolatile memory device having a local SONOS structure that uses spacers to adjust the overlap between a gate electrode and a charge trapping layer
74 7,335,550 Methods for forming semiconductor devices including thermal processing
75 7,335,541 Method for fabricating thin film transistor using the mask for forming polysilicon including slit patterns deviated from each other
76 7,335,524 Method of manufacturing a thin film transistor array panel
77 7,335,455 Method of forming an underlayer of a bi-layer resist film and method of fabricating a semiconductor device using the same
78 7,335,449 Masks each having a central main pattern region and a peripheral phantom pattern region with light-transmitting features in both pattern regions having the shame shape and pitch and methods of manufacturing the same
79 7,335,438 Bipolar plate and fuel cell including the same
80 7,335,436 Proton exchange membrane fuel cell stack
81 7,335,394 Substrate supporting frame
82 7,335,388 Bread maker and method of controlling the same
83 7,335,267 Heat treating apparatus having rotatable heating unit
84 7,335,242 Multi cyclone dust-collecting apparatus
85 7,335,241 Cyclone vessel dust collector and vacuum cleaner having the same
86 7,334,987 Fan assembly for vacuum cleaner
87 7,334,931 Backlight unit and method of manufacturing diffuser employed in the backlight unit
88 7,334,861 Inkjet image forming apparatus
89 7,334,765 Display apparatus
90 7,334,472 Apparatus and method for measuring quantity of physical exercise using acceleration sensor
91 7,334,335 Method of manufacturing a monolithic ink-jet printhead
92 7,334,296 Hinge device and portable terminal having the same
93 7,334,291 Suction brush assembly and a vacuum cleaner having the same
94 D563,065 Wheel for vacuum cleaner
95 D562,955 Air conditioner
96 D562,796 Mobile phone
97 D562,794 Mobile phone
98 D562,793 Mobile phone
99 D562,792 Mobile phone
100 D562,791 Mobile phone